Run Nos. 1298 - 1299      12th Sept 2009

Venue:                                 Fen Farm Camp Site Mersea Island :-)

Beer:                                    Alsorts!

Location:                             Mersea

Hares:                                 Horror Sixpack assisted by Fliptop

Runners:                             18

Virgins:                               0

Visitors:                              0

Newies:                               0                                 

Hounds:                              2

Après Hashers:                 0

Total:                                 20

Membership:                    Picnicing!



Weather – Warm and Sunny (obviously the Curate has a better relationship with him (or her) upstairs than the RA???)

The happy campers who had variously arrived Friday night or Saturday morning were joined by Sparky who arrived at the last minute having driven down from Ipswich especially for the run.

The hares explained that the pack would need some money “for transport” as well as money for a protracted beer stop. He also said there would be options of a long trail or short cut or as the short cut was unsuitable for 3D and Rays push chair a short, short cut!

The trial set off from in front of the camp site toilet block. Two choices at the first check and the On was soon found by the FRB’s out of the site heading inland. A second check caught the FRB’s out with a false trail down a lane towards the nature reserve. My Little … complained it should have been a turn back as he didn’t have to go back to the check to find the correct trail.

A short way down the road to the next check where the hash headed into the country side. After a couple more checks the trail split long / short.. The long runners were to enjoy a click and a half round the sea wall with views across the river to the Army’s Fingringhoe ranges, (a past haunt of Paxo (Cpl Warwick) and Fliptop (Lt Clapp) or Cpl Jones and Capt Mainwaring as they are sometimes referred to now!)

Despite the long loop the FRB’s are waiting for the short trail to arrive and moaning about it – shame they’ll have to wait a bit longer whilst the Horrors have a quick fuel stop. (Sandwiches and juice). The held check is by the sea wall – a bored TBT decides to go for a paddle in the mud flats at the edge of the creek much to the amusement of the pack.

After the held check the trail is found leading out on to the Mersea Stone (the most easterly point on the island), where a beer stop check marked the landing area for the ferry to Brightlingsea. The hash had to wait a while for the ferry which gave TBT time for a proper swim to wash the mud off. Sixpack eventually plucked up enough courage to join TBT in the water.

A passing sea kayak with two paddlers and two dogs on board paddled by so TBT decided to swim out to them causing the dogs to jump into the sea to fight off the approaching white whale! Meanwhile the two people in the Kayak managed to capsize. TBT strikes again!

The ferry is a small craft that can only take a max of 12 passengers so it had to make a return trip to get the remaining hashers.

The hare was panicking a bit here as he has been unable to make contact with the beer stop pub in Brightlingsea to chck it was open. The Railway Tavern is a CAMRA recommended pub that is supposed to have its own micro brewery famed for its recommended Cockle and Winkle mild. Well it was open and had some good beers on but nothing brewed by themselves due, according to the pleasant young “new age” barmaid, to the warm summer weather causing the brew to go off.

She said come back in a couple of months when they might have started brewing again. Fliptop said he had been unable to phone them with the only published number for the pub not accepting incoming calls. She said the landlord liked it that way! The pub itself was a bit run down, Sis described the garden as Steptoe’s yard and the Horrors were warned to be careful when rooting around in the piles of junk looking for “treasures”.

The pack only had a limited amount of time in Brightingsea as they had to catch the last ferry back to Mersea, but they still managed to sink a several pints each and buy fish and chips!

The Inn trail continued round the sea wall via the nature reserve back to the site. The first ferry load of hashers (mainly Horrors and their wards), followed the trail successfully whilst the more experienced FRBs who came over on the second ferry managed to miss the trail at the last check, (the trail went back down to the beach via the “cliff”, (a 10’ high mud bank). The horrors and Fliptop from the advanced party decided to have a dip in the sea at the On Inn before heading back to camp.

Back at camp the party went off for showers etc. whilst various beers etc were cracked open and TBT attempted to finish off erecting his tent. Spermhead came up with a bottle of Sloe gin but it was nice but he had cheated and bought it from Sainsbury’s not made it himself, still it was nice mmhh! Unfortunately he put the cork back in saying he had to save some for the forthcoming FUKFM event.

The GM called the circle for a few down downs, hits all round for various misdemeanours from the assembled recidivists …… TBT for mud wallowing and then scaring the canoeists plus others including all the Horrors for inviting the adults along to their camp out.

BBQ’s were fired up and all manager of provender appeared to be shared, more burgers and sausages than we could eat, (Lucy and Winston licked their lips and looked forward to a good breakfast of left overs). ARP and Porky set to work hand making some Koffters with a generous helping of fresh chillies – fiery but tasty!

Much beer and wine was drunk until a) we were too pissed and full up, b) too tired, c) too cold to sit out any longer……….. and so to bed.


Run 1298, Same pack minus Sparky Weather still OK

Hare Fliptop.


Before the starting circle the pack gathered for photos (see 3D for some good snaps of the event) and after the first check the trail set off down to the beach. At the beach the FRB’s (all two or three of them) got well ahead of the pack as they headed along the sea wall to Coopers Holiday Park and a held check. The pack were now well spread out now with Sis and 3D herding most of the Horrors along the beach and mud flats as the tide was out, they were having a great time searching ion rock pools for crabs etc.

The hare let the FRB’s go off from the held check shortly to be followed by No Idea and smutty Sue (pebble Dash) who decided they wanted to do the long trail. This took them on a loop which went along the sea wall towards the Essex Adventure centre, and then inland on an over grown footpath which eventually lead the FRB’s back to meet up with the short cutters by East Mersea church.

The hare waited for the rest of the pack to catch up at the held check treating them all to a Costa Coffee before leading the short cutters up the lane to the church to rejoin the trail.

Then round the field by the manor house to the On Inn and the pub – the Dog and Pheasant where the adults (if you can call them that) sank a few pints of some nicely kept London Pride before returning to the camp site for more the final circle and decamping.

The Horrors were having such a great time on the beach / mud they doubled back to the campsite on the out trail

The Hashit went to Porky Pie for amusing the assembled pack Friday evening with his and ARP’s attempts to erect their tent. It was not a large tent but it took two Venture scouts at least 2 hours and a couple of phone calls to get it up (the tent that is!). They arrived at dusk but by the time they had finished it was pitch black and they had car headlights, torches, etc all on to help them match up the colour coded poles!!.

A great weekend was had by all I think?