Run Nos. 1301 & 1302  19th & 20th Sept 2009

Venue:                          Chez Mumblehead to the Queen’s Head :-)

Beer:                             Red Squirrel ;-)

Location:                       Little Hadham

Hares:                           Kylie & Mumblehead

Runners:                       10 & 15

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Newies:                         0                                 

Hounds:                        2

Après Hashers:           2

Total:                            12 & 17

Membership:                Searching for car keys!


The weather couldn’t have been finer for the weekend, there was some disappointment that the turnout was very low.  Perhaps the fact two weekends on the trot may have taken its toll on some not putting in an appearance, Hyena is now in Junior mode & said that he ‘may make Sunday’, which you can read as a no-show!

            Mark E Mark asked the RA if he was feeling alright, as he watched Mr. X open a can of Coke.  The reason the RA had the coke in the first place was that the barrel of Red Squirrel hadn’t been tapped yet!  This was soon remedied when the Hare (Kylie) returned & Paul found him a club-hammer for him to tap the spile in with.

            Mark E Mark began to make himself a cheese & onion roll, which was soon snaffled up by Lobby Lobster, the next roll was taken by Skip, then he made more for a precession of the rest of the Pack before he finally got to eat one of his own.

            The Hare informed most of the small Pack that he was going to take the bags up to Mumblehead’s car, which was parked at the Queen’s Head, Allen’s Green.  Kylie went on his merry, without taking Lobby Lobster, Psycho & Party Animal’s change of clothes!

            The Circle formed just as the Hare arrived back to park up his VW, with no Grand Monkey out to play this Trail it was down to Mark E Mark as the Joint Monkey to introduce the Pack to the Hash.  Mark E Mark had to have a rough guess at the Run number as the gathered Pack discussed what the second Run on Mersea Island & Ketch Up’s reinstated ‘End of year pre-hibernation Trail’ had bumped up to 1301ish!

            The Hare went through his Spiel, where he mentioned that the Trail was set (The lazy way) ‘Three & On!’ which received a slight chorus of booing.  Kylie went on to state the bleeding obvious that the Trail would be a long one, everyone knew that it was an A to B Run.  He warned that the Hash may encounter horses on the Trail, so no shouting should happen around these areas.

            Off the Hash went & Mr. X led the way toward the Nag’s Head Pub, mainly because he had alighted from the Bus down near there & he had seen the Trail running either side of the first CHK!  So, it was down by the small playing field, with rope slide & swings within, the first CHK was found by the corner of the playing field, opposite a footpath off over the fields to the west.

            Only My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead bothered to look over by the stile in the hedgerow, he didn’t get over it as Kobe couldn’t get through the wooden structure in the hawthorn.  Mr. X had carried on south bound toward the Pub, he was followed by Skip, Psycho, Party Animal & then My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead, all of whom were still not in running mode as it was too sultry out there in the sun.

            Mr. X & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead were the first two to start running, they would be on their own as they ran around the triple mower being loaded back on to a trailer, after the small playing field had been mown.  The Nag’s Head was a no-go for the Hash as a CHK was found by the dry ford opposite the Pub & from previous Trails around this neck of the woods the two Runners decided that they would head out toward the hills in the east.

            The Dust was found on the wide farm track out to the hills, things weren’t too bad to start with as they followed the Dust along the slow, steady incline.  As the two Runners made their way along the edge of the harrowed field, Mr. X said to My Lil’ Sperm’ead that they ought to look out over the freshly worked soil to the opposite hedgerow, where they knew there was a footpath within.  It was a shame they didn’t as they had a steep climb up on to a higher plateau, only to find it was a long Falsie up to a Bar CHK toward the east. 

            Having allowed the Tractor to pass by, the two runners ran in to Skip & Party Animal, who had decided to take up the gauntlet to do some running as well, it wouldn’t last long in Party Animal’s case!  On the way back down the hill, the FRBs could see the SCBs making their way over on the harrowed over footpath Mr. X had thought of looking on earlier!

            The Keenies of My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead & Mr. X soon got by Lobby Lobster, Mumblehead, Psycho, Paul, & Mark E Mark (with his bad back!) to run up the hedged-in footpath, now the lengthy Odyssey would begin in earnest for three of the Pack.

            Having been caught out up on the high plateau to the east, My Lil’ Sperm ’ea & Mr. X were now weary of going off in search of Dust after being stung earlier.  Tentatively they set off to the east, hoping that the earlier Bar Check was put in to stop some FRBs from straying on to the path further on.  This turned out to be the case as Dust was found, while the two FRBs set off on a trot on the level path, some at the back wandered along with their minds wandering as they looked at the abundance of blackberries & Sloes in the hedgerow, Mumblehead’s thoughts were now on picking the crop of sloes for next years sloe gin!

            The Pack regrouped at a Held CHK on the convergence of a couple of footpaths, right next to a couple of Polo fields, where the Pack could watch a warm up session.  Eventually the Back Markers caught up & the Hare allowed the two Keenies to search again, unfortunately they both choose to look up the main path were it continues out to Hoecroft Lane, passing by the practise Polo pitch & the Cricket Club.

            Having run more than two & on, the two FRBs ran out of Dust & having reached the lane Mr. X had a quick look at the driveway to the Polo Club but could see nothing & on Hoecroft lane, so they soon turned back.  Mr. X noticed that there were several plastic packages of drinks bottles thrown in to the muddy remains of a pond in the hedgerow at the end of the Lane, it looked as if these had been nicked & the thieves had bottled it & lobbed them away.

            The Pack had made their way along the edge of the Polo field, where the game had started & the riders were trotting about the pitch.  The FRBs were now a long way behind, things were ‘Not so chukka’ as they headed off toward the Polo Club’s drive!!!  The Trail crossed straight over the drive to lead on through a grassy path cut in to the wilder stuff in a conservation area, it was a nice trot through by the benches, ponds & other horticultural sites.

            The Hare was surprised to see Mr. X come running up from behind the Pack, after his off Trail activities, he asked where My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead was?  He had missed the other FRB running passing by, Kylie will have to go to Specsavers!

            The Trail ran through a horse paddock before hitting the open fields, now the two FRBs were joined by Skip as he too ran off in search of the Trail.  The Dust led the Hash out toward Bury Green, there a little road work was needed to run by the new homes of ‘the Grove’ which looked like some kind of retirement village, then over the green on the edge of the tranquil hamlet.

            The trio were now recovering ground from a previous Kylie Marathon Trail, they ran on down by a Converted Farm House of Lower Farm that was set up for a Wedding, judging by the bottles of wine & champagne lined up in the barn windows!

            The track came out to the crossroads where a food & drink stop was once held, My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead said “I could do with a drink now!” when he realised where he was!  From the CHK there all three Falsies were searched, one by Skip, one by My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead & the other by the RA.  Having returned from the path down by a dried out ditch that is a tributary, the RA set off after My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead when he called “On!” he was soon coming back with Skip after being lured away by the bearded one! 

            More annoying for Mr. X was the fact that the Trail was picked up in the horse paddock, with sets of jumps in the long wild grass, now he came out over the opposite stile to come out on to the path he had searched down by the tributary, just beyond the three T’s to prevent anyone straying on to the correct route.

            Now the three FRBs would be led a merry dance as they headed southwestard on a path between a series of paddocks of wild grass, their problems began when they reached a CHK by a series of staggered paths off of the main one.

            All options were searched & none proved to be fruitful!  The FRBs were left bewildered by this, eventually the SCBs were led along by the Hare on a path that was not the one the Trail was on.  The SCBs made their way out through one field & then into the fallow paddock that the RA had searched twice earlier!

            Mr. X let the Hare know that he had searched the field two times before, Kylie said that he had stated at the pre-run Circle that the Trail would be found no further than two minutes from the CHK!  Yeah, right if you’re Usain Bolt!  Which reminds me, Usain Bolt reckons that he could hit 40 MPH running, which means if he hit a child at that speed, her chances of survival are not that good as if he was doing 30!

            The FRBs made their way by the rest of the Pack, & even with their earlier hindrances from the Hare they didn’t waver from searching for the Dust.  The Dust led on up by the side of Great Hadham Golf Club on a long trot to its far corner at Dane Bridge, a series of arrows led along the short way to the junction with end of Danebridge road.

            Skip, My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead & Mr. X followed the rest of the arrows as they led along the Danebridge road for about a quarter of a mile until it reached a CHK with three options, two to the left & one to the right.  The Right-hand option was immediately ignored & it was a choice of the two paths either side of a cottage to the southeast.

            Skip & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead chose the first footpath but they found this to be False, they were quickly returning to follow on behind the RA, who was now heading up the steep slope on the edge of an open field.  Once up the incline & on the plateau, some effort was put in to Run as the RA knew he was now on to the first Beer-stop as the Path headed toward Green Tye.

            Little did the FRBs know that while they were sweating away on the run on the path over to the charmingly named Grudd’s Farm, a CHK was thrown in to try & throw them off of the scent but Mr. X recognized the tree-lined path by the farm that runs in to Green Tye.  Mr. X was now far enough ahead that he had plenty of time to get Skip & Sperm ‘ead a Pint in at the Prince of Wales.

            The choice of Red Imp from the Cathedral Brewery, seemed to be a good one.  Mr. X correctly sussed that this was from Lincolnshire, as the Cathedral there has a famous stone Imp carved inside it.  The Lincoln City Football team are known as the Imps!

            The FRBs started upon their second pints outside in the glorious weather as the rest of the Hash came walking up to the Prince of Wales, the Pack enjoyed sitting outside the Pub & most were reluctant to move on when the Trail resumed.

            The Dust was found on the lane beside the Prince of Wales, at the dead end of the lane it turned to an uncapped track as it led in to the wooded area at the back.  With local knowledge now kicking in the two FRBs knew that they would have to head toward Buckler’s Hall farm, & so they followed the track to the south to pick up the Trail, but things didn’t go to plan as they were lured away by the sight of Dust & up to a Bar CHK on to the Brook lane track within the tree-line partitioning the harrowed fields.

            While the two FRBs made their way back to the footpath running along the edge of the field’s ditch on the most direct route to the farm, there a CHK was found & this was quickly dealt with as the Trail turned to lead down to the far end of Perry Green.  Meanwhile a few of the main Pack had been a little naughty & had manage to pilfer the Hare’s map & so they took a short cut, leaving just the Hare & the family Nutter to follow on behind the two FRBs!

Mr. X & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead head off down a single track lane to Old Park.  The Trail came to a CHK at the Farmyard, the choice of the path over to St Elizabeth’s School & home was ignore & they two of them headed off through the Farmyard but they found themselves on a Falsie.  Returning to a hedged-in footpath hey found Dust leading on a path out to the east & they started on the final leg of the Trail around the fields west of Allen’s Green, once over Fiddler’s brook it was a simple case of following the driveway to from Warrens to come out in to Allen’s Green.

            On their trudge up to the Queen’s head, the FRBs were surprised to see Lobby Lobster, Mumblehead, Paul, & Mark E Mark sitting outside the Pub, since they had taken a short cut!  But talk of how they managed to get ahead of the FRBs was soon parried as Mumblehead told the RA that Kylie had been asked by her if she could have her car keys so they could get change at the end of the Short Cut to the Pub?  The SCBs were shocked, after he had a fumble around his pockets, to hear him say that he had left them in his car back at Chez Mumblehead!

            The first course of Action was to go to the Bar & get a pint in before working out how to retrieve the keys!

Kylie thought that he had an answer to the problem of fetching the keys from Chez Mumblehead, he was going to call his brother to see if he could come & pick him up.  It wasn’t going to happen as he wasn’t available!

            Mark E Mark disappeared for a long time in the Bar, apparently he was talking to some old friends of his from the days when he resided in Much Hadham, but Paul told Lobby Lobster that he was chatting to a blonde in the Bar.  Lobby Lobster almost bit on this before she realised what he was saying, & she was told that he was trying to sort a lift out to get Mumblehead down to her home to pick up the Keys.

            When Mark E Mark eventually returned, he hadn’t been trying to get a lift at all so the Hash was back to square one!  So, Paul came to the rescue when he rang a local to come & pick Mumblehead up in his Range Rover.

            While waiting for Mumblehead to return, the weary runners enjoyed most of the choice of the six ales, the Whitstable Ales seemed the best of the bunch, though the standard of them all was excellent.  The Hash soon recognised the fact that Mumblehead must e making more cheese rolls, & sure enough when she returned she came back with a veritable feast of a picnic.

            The hungry hippo’s Hashers all got stuck in to the rolls, just as the Landlord came out in to the garden.  Most tried to hide there booty of the food, Mark E Mark was the exception as he sat there blatantly stuffing his face!  The rest waited for the Landlord return to the Bar, which was brief as he was back out to set up a wedding party in the marquee in the garden.

            In another brief window of eating opportunity, Psycho’s lemon drizzle cake went down a treat.  There would be more of her excellent cooking to sample when the Hash returned to base, this time it would be chocolate muffins!

            The Wedding Party arrived en masse, soon the kids were running amok & once the screeching became too much the Pack were all ready to set off back to base.  With one lot going back in Mumblehead’s motor, meanwhile the rest all clambered in to Kylie’s car, which Psycho had volunteered to drive!  Kylie wasn’t convinced that she should be behind the wheel of his precious car, but as the alternative was to walk back there was no alternative!

            Having reversed his car out so Psycho didn’t have to manoeuvre it out of the small car park.

The journey back through the dark narrow lanes as the Stig Psycho started off alright, but things almost took an alarming turn as they approached a bend where a combine was parked up in a field, with its array of lights blazing away & blinding on-coming traffic Psycho assumed that it was on the road & so she began to veer over to be on the right of it, which would have been fine if it were approaching Kylie’s car on the road but it wasn’t.

            Kylie wrenched at the steering wheel to correct the car’s trajectory away from the harvested field, then another little tug to avoid the now on-coming traffic to the left after a bit of over-steer!  The passengers wedged in the back were relieved when they finally pulled into Chez Mumblehead!

            If the snacks at the venue weren’t enough then there was a chilli to get through, the RA decided that he would save the Down-Downs for the morning, mainly to let Kylie sweat on how many he would receive if he did something wrong on the recovery Run.

            Now the Hash really should have made in-roads in to the barrel of Ale, but the bottle of commercially produced Sloe Gin My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead was cracked.  Lobby Lobster & Mumblehead weren’t going to have this competition against their home made Sloe Gin, there was little left by the time the morning came around.

            The next round of food was served, a very nice Chilli was accompanied with garlic bread (It’s the future!) baked spuds & lots of other condiments. 

The RA was the only one brave enough to have one of the dark coloured home-made pickled eggs, if this wasn’t enough he tried Paul’s extra ht chilli sauce, or he tried to as it wouldn’t come out of the clogged up end of the bottle, this was soon remedied when Mark E Mark stuck his oar in.  Oh Dear!  Mark E Mark removed the top of the bottle & washed it out, which was fine, but then he proceeded to pour loads of the chilli sauce on to Mr. X’s plate!  It took Mr. X a while to get through it all, as it is one of the hottest sauces he’s ever had & he’s tried quite a few.  Second helpings were in order!

The evening drifted away in to the usual nonsense while chatting away.  It was a sad scene as the Spirits took their toll, Skip nodded off in the armchair & Psycho said that ‘He’s just like this at home!” The Hash were now getting a little flaky & the usual wee hours finish was not on the cards.  Many retired just after midnight, the following morning’s Hare went off to his tent with Tupac, a running joke if you have seen the film ‘Ali G in da house’ ( Oh Tupac no! No Tupac! Ooh Tupac!)

Having endured one long Trail of the weekend, the last thing the Pack wanted was to hear that the Sunday Run Hare was heard to leave on his setting of the Trail a 07:45 & he wouldn’t return for a further two hours!  Psycho was now made to feel a little guilty for she had told Party Animal that after the long 7.5 miles covered the day before that she wouldn’t be out on another marathon Trail!  Wrong!

            The hosts did the Pack proud with the breakfast they supplied, Paul had to do the sausages & bacon so the veggies avoided cooking them.  Mr. X was the only one who took to the Chilli-Jelly, which was a crab-apple jam with chillies in, believe me its not as bad as it sounds.

            Having tucked in to the mountain of food, where were Fartin Martin & Hyena when you need them, as even Kylie was stumped at finishing the food.  As the time neared the start the Grand Monkey put in an appearance, as he Back Pack & Ewok arrived. 

Paxo then went down to the road to place H4 marking on the tarmac & then stand on guard duty to direct the likes of 2-1-2 Maureen in to the grounds of Chez Mumblehead, there was a sharp intake of breath & a pronounce sigh of relief as she swung her Citroen in beside Kylies Golf!

T-B-T also joined the ranks, too swell the numbers just a little more to a respectable 14, he arrived in time to help himself to a sausage sarnie!  Paul wasn’t going to take part in today’s Trail & after cooking half of the breakfast no one could blame him!

The Circle was called around 10 minutes past the hour, in the forlorn hope that a few more may turn up & help consume the barrel of Ale, otherwise it was going to be a long day for the rest who weren’t driving!  Mr. X, Kylie & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead had estimated that they had to imbibe another dozen pints at least!

The Hare told the Pack that the Trail was marked in Blue Dust, & that there were a couple of roads to watch out for while crossing them, he then went on to admit that it was a fairly long Trail!

The Trail started with the Hare directing the Hash northward along the road toward the crossroads with the busy A120.  Only Mr. X seemed to have the gumption to get up& start running as he followed the Dust around on to the A120 toward Bishops Stortford & up to a Bar CHK!

The RA wandered back down to the Traffic-light junction to see Skip & the Grand Monkey making their way over on to Albury road.  The Trail continued northward for a short way, a long wheel-based white Mercedes van stopped the Keenies briefly as they waited for it to finish its five point turn!

The Trail disappeared off down a track running between two of the properties on the road, the Dust led on out to a footpath running along the east edge of the horse paddocks behind the homes.  A woman stopped the RA to ask if the Pack were following the Blue Dust, he said that they were indeed doing just that.  She wished him & the Pack enjoy themselves on such a lovely sunny day at the start of what could be an ‘Indian Summer’!

Skip & Paxo found the first CHK where the footpath came to the end of the paddocks, by the corner of the open crop fields, while they looked off down the footpath to the east right by the CHK, the RA thought that the Hare may be trying to outdo the previous day’s one when it came to deceiving the FRBs.  Mr. X went back a bit on the Trail to a footpath they had passed a few yards earlier, he would be disappointed to find that he would be the only one to run the marked Falsie down by an ornate garden.

The Trail was found as it continued along the edge of the open farmland, running beside a dry ditch on a long trot up to a strip of woodland.  As the Trail veered slightly to the east the flour became distinctly faint, it soon became clear that someone had been around this part & destroyed the Trail & it had only been set a couple of hours earlier!

The Pack followed the scraped out bits of earth where flour had once been as the footpath headed over to a solitary cottage, as they approached the property an alarm went off & someone in the top floor closed an upper window, it all seemed very strange.

The Trail took to a down hill stage, but it was hardly run-able as the recently ploughed field was too lump & ankle turning.  Even T-B-T & Skip had given up their trot down in to the valley, they could be seen now at walking pace up ahead of the RA, who was just passing by Psycho & Party Animal.

The Dust led up the opposite side of the valley & out on to a lane, now the Hash had a little road work to do as the Trail followed the tarmac up & around to the top of the ridge near Albury Church.  The Hare realised that 2-1-2 Maureen (who, according to the new adverts, is now cheaper than the moustached two) Lobby Lobster, Mark E Mark & Mumblehead, Back Pack & Ewok were getting further behind, so he called for the next CHK to be held.

            As the FRBs bunched up at the CHK, they met a long string of Ramblers walking out over the ridge way, the Pack had a splendid vista overlooking Clapgate in the next valley along.  Eventually the Hare allowed the FRBs to begin searching once more, Skip decided to take the path the Ramblers had come from on the ridge but he was soon turned back as the RA’s choice of running on down the lane to Clapgate was the correct one.

            As the Trail approached the village, the Dust led off on to the footpath running along by a ditch along between the edge of the fields & the playing fields behind the homes of Clapgate, this route by the playground & village hall kept the Hash away from the Catherine wheel, a Pub that was last visited by Herts Hash a week before it burnt down!

The Trail came out on to the Little Hadam road, below Clapgate, it crossed the small pack bridge & the Dust led over to another footpath, this one ran on the south side of the ditch as it headed to the east.  A CHK was found by the corner of the large paddock of long grass, the RA headed out on the diagonal path by a set of horse jumps, but he would find no Dust out there.

T-B-T found the Dust on the fenced in footpath at the end of the paddock, so the RA found a suitable place to stand on a tuffet to get safely over the barbed-wire fence, he was assisted by T-B-T.  The two FRBs ran up along by the bramble hedgerow to find a large gap at the far corner of the field!  As if to sub salt into the wounds, the RA then could see the rest of the Pack being led diagonally across the lush grass on the path that he had searched earlier.

The Trail now led up in to north end of Upwick wood, it may have been cool in the shade of the tree canopy, but the Pack were confronted with a steep climb up within the wood.  The rutted track emerged out of the wood by a large fenced off paddock which belonged to what looked like a Stud at Green Farm.

The RA went astray at this point as he had turned to the south to search along the wide green strip by the paddock, he was soon called back as the Hare & the middle order had followed the Dust along to the east & up to a Held CHK at the northeast corner of the paddock.  Here the Pack were rewarded for the perseverance by the Hare, as he handed out two bags of jelly sweets.  Some thought that they needed the extra substance to keep their blood sugar up!

Eventually Mumblehead & the tail of the Pack came in to view, her & Lobby Lobster’s Trail had a slight diversion as they went to feed some windfall apples to someone else’s horses!  The Hare allowed the Hash to start searching once more &b only the RA seemed to be interested in running from this point on!

The sun was now beating down with some ferocity as the RA ran along the track on the east side of the paddock, with little shade the rest just ambled along as Mr. X called “On!” out on a long stretch up to the drive to the farm.  Now the Dust led out on to Upwick lane where the Trail again headed eastward out to Farm

At last a footpath was found that headed southward, the RA choose the right one at the CHK by  Upwick Hall & would now pull away form the rest of the Hash as he followed the track out in to the centre of the wide open fields, it was a long trot as the path began to head home.

A CHK was found halfway along the Hertfordshire way, Mr. X guessed correctly to take the right-hand option as the fork in the path & he followed it all the way on the second long stretch over to the very edge of Hadham Hall where he found a CHK behind the splendid buildings.  A group of workers were busy clearing some of the dead wood from out of the long strip of woodland behind the manor, T-B-T was so impressed at the site of the old he broke off to have a quick peek.

The RA once again found the correct route, as he embarked to head westward on the farm track behind the homes, the rest of the Pack could be seen as little dots in the distance at the far end of the field.

The Farm track snaked its way along down through a small industrial estate on the farm, then off through the grounds of St Mary’s Church.  Having ran through the picturesque Churchyard, the RA now followed the Dust on a footpath running straight down the hillside to Albury road, you can imagine how he felt when he ran on to a Bar CHK right near the end of the Run?

A couple out walking their dog found it amusing to watch him run back up the hill & on to the footpath running off at a tangent over the harrowed field to a footpath along the opposite edge!  The sight of Little Hadham nestling in the valley was an inspiration to Mr. X & he ran all the way back down by the On Inn on the steep embankment above the A120, to the traffic lights where he gave up.

On his wander back, he was asked by a group of boy racers, in half a dozen souped-up motors.  One of them asked which way was the best way to get to Hoddesdon, which surprised the RA as they were heading north!  So, they were out on the road to the A10 & the RA felt happy that he had done his ‘good deed for the day’ & completed another long Trail!

Back at Chez Mumblehead Mr. X had time to have grab a Beer, a shower & polish off a sausage left over form breakfast before T-B-T arrived as the other Runner on the Trail.  The RA was pleased to hear that he wasn’t the only one to fall foul of the Bar CHK at the end of the Trail, as T-B-T admitted he had done this too when he asked the RA if he had fallen for it!

The now knackered Hash returned, for another feed at the seemingly endless supply off food, a few more decided that they were brave enough to tackle the dark pickled eggs as well as Mr. X. 

Skip announced that Stand in Shit & Fire Ball were on their way, arriving late enough to conveniently avoid the long Trail, but in time to enjoy the nosh & Beer.

The GM called the Circle together, just after Mark E mark & Lobby Lobster had disappeared down to Wilkinsons!  The Circle saw the Hare rewarded for setting a long Trail, which some probably needed after the amount of Sloe Gin that they consumed the night before.  The previous day’s Hare, Kylie, was out for setting that Trail, it would not be the last time he would be invited in to the Circle!

            Psycho was in for telling Porkies to Party Animal that she wasn’t going to partake on another long Trail, also she asked the RA about what ‘Water-boarding’ was, he did explain it though he wondered why she asked him that question?  Party Animal was out for making it around the marathon recovery Run.  Kylie would make his next appearance for his leaving Mumblehead’s keys in his car on the previous Trail.

            Skip was out with My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead & the RA for being the only FRBs on the previous Trail, T-B-T was out for being one of the FRBs on the recovery Run & also falling for the Bar CHK at the end of the Trail.

            The host of Mumblehead was called in to for the hospitality shown, Mark E Mark & Lobby Lobster weren’t forgotten & they would receive their penance a little later on when they returned.  There was plenty of Ale left to consume, the GM filled a couple of bottles to take away, fortunately he was not alone as Skip & T-B-T did the same.

            By the time the Hash left, some at a very late hour there were only a dozen pints left!