Run No. 1306               18th October 2009

Venue:                          Rising Sun

Beer:                             Rising Sun (Tring)

Location:                      Berkhamsted

Hares:                          My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead

Runners:                       20

Virgins:                         4

Visitors:                        0

Newies:                         0                                 

Hounds:                        4

Après Hashers:           0

Total:                            28

Membership:               Down by the Canal!


The Newies had plenty of time to be given a quick guide as to what to expect on the Trail, the markings were explained by Sparky, but he got them wrong & Mr. X had to correct the dodgy information!

The Grand Monkey called the RA to say that he had only just got in to bed after 06:00Hrs, so he wasn’t going to come out to play today!  My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead said that this was no excuse, he’ll be getting like Hyena & staying in to top up his bed-sores after an away weekend!

With allsorts of delays in the Pack getting to the Rising Sun, the Circle wasn’t called until 20 past the hour, that’s 20 whole minutes of drinking time wasted when the Pack’s return.  At least this week’s Newies were on time, in fact they were there before 11:00Hrs. 

No Eye Deer, Tiger Lilly & Kids were all present & correct in time, though Tiger Lilly wasn’t as excited as the RA was at the prospect of the Pub serving of 17 Ciders.  She was more interested in looking at the countryside & house for sale, seems there’s a clash in reasons for turning out on the Hash!

The Nutter mobile parked up on the other side of the Grand Union Canal, which surprised the RA & the Hare raiser as they looked out over the canal.  Psycho shouted out “Where’s the Pub?” so the RA pointed behind him to the large white building they were standing out front of!

Skip decided that he would cross over the canal by way nimbly tip toeing over the lock gates outside the Rising Sun, Psycho & Half Pint went back & drove around to somewhere a little nearer to the road bridge to the north!

What a happy bunch some of the Pack were this morning.  The Hare was getting anxious, he was moaning he wanted to get on with the Trail (17 Ciders at the end of the Trail!)!  Some of the Pack weren’t happy that they had to park miles away!  With all of the information given out, on the Website map links, weekly emails map links & the map in the Trash (though there wasn’t one for the previous week) it is still amazing that there are many who just can’t find the venue.  On the Multi-map links the red circle will be over the location of the Pub.

This weeks choice was marked with such a circle on the map links, & it was clearly told to the Pack the week before that there was no car park at the Rising Sun & Parking was limited in Berkhamsted at the best of times, but I suppose those chatting through the end of the RA’s Circle at the Swan would have missed the info on parking!  Short of getting a mini-bus & driving the Hash there & dropping them off on the door-step of the Pub, there’s not much they Hares can do!

Right, back to the day’s Trail.  Flip Top called to say that a load of the Pack were on their way down from the High street, they just had to run the gauntlet of getting by all of the Market stalls lining the High Street.  With Flip Top, Paul, Meredith & Six Pack’s arrival things were almost ready to get under way, Vernon was pleased to see Paul as he had cajoled him, Amanda, Ollie & Freddie in to turning out on the Hash. 

Gobbler asked the Hare if there would a chance of a grassy area at the start of the Trail, some thought that this was because he wanted a pee & they wondered why he didn’t use the Pub’s toilets like the girls had when the Landlord let them in.  It turns out that one of Gobblers dogs had been unwell after eating some kind of dead animal!  Mr. X decided he should finally called the Circle & carried out the GM’s duties with out fault.

The Newies were introduced to the Pack, so no one was lost, then the Hare was introduced & the usual chorus of booing soon started!  The Hare said that it was the usual markings & that there was only one real short cut, he reiterated that some of the Pack should take this!

The Pack were ushered away to the south, Dust was found along the canal tow-path but in places it had been kicked out, which was a bit unfair.  The Keenies were soon away to run beneath narrow bridge, a tall white footbridge over the canal but their Front Running was soon curtailed as they found a Bar CHK across the towpath!

The FRBs made their way back to see the Hare had laid an arrow down, the rest of the Pack were making their way out around to George street, running around the perimeter of a small playground & then on over the narrow white bridge.  On the crest of the footbridge were a lot of bunches of flowers, it looks as if it was the point at which someone had sadly committed suicide at.

As Mr. X ran by Gobblers sick dog, Hyena warned the RA not to touch him as he hadn’t been well & Mr. X may catch it????  Mr. X said that he wasn’t in the habit of eating ‘road-kill’ that’s past it’s sell-by date!  If anyone should be affected by dog’s diseases it should be Hyenas!

No Eye Deer & Tiger Lily were now up at the front of the Pack with Hornby Dublo & Molly, as they led the way around by the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant to the end of the High Street.  The Dust took the Pack southward & away from Berkhamsted, as it passed by the Esso Petrol station Psycho commented to Tiger Lilly that it has a ‘Tiger Wash’ on its illuminated advertising board.  Not sure that you should put tigers through such a washing device as the one at the garage, but I am sure that they could make an exception for Grand Monkeys?

Any how, Gobbler with his two hounds was leading the way off down beside the Old Mill Pub.  Hyena was up with the FRBs as the trail took to the narrow rustic Bank Mill lane, which runs between the Canal & the River Bullbourne which is partly hidden down in the wooded bank. The Dust led on to a CHK by a bridge over the Grand Union Canal.  The RA & a few others were caught out as they continued southward, they were called back when the Dust was found off of a set of steps down from the side of the bridge & down to the canal side again.

The Trail continued away to the south, by now Tiger Lilly & Molly were running with the rest of the Pack as the Trail led on by a row of fisherman who looked as if they may have been partaking in a competition?  They must have been annoyed at the Pack running on by them as Sparky, Gobbler & Newie Mike all led the way on beneath the next bridge along the canal, they were quite away down toward the next line of fishermen when they found the Bar CHK!

Fortunately for most, they had only just made it to the bridge when the FRBs turned about, they soon scaled the steps beside the bridge & crossed over it to the opposite bank of the canal, there the Trail followed Bullbeggars lane around its S-Bend as it snaked its way across the Railway bridge, over the Euston Midlands line.

Ahead of the Hash lay a long trot up a lane, it wasn’t a steep incline that looked daunting, it was the sheer length of it.  The Hash made their way up to a CHK that had Flip Top & Gobbler going off in to an adjacent field, the RA asked the Hare if there was footpath around this point & he was told “No!”.

Skip called “On!” from further up the lane, the Pack was just starting to get a little spread out when the Trail came to another CHK, this time on the corner of part of Wood at Little Heath.  The FRBs held this until the majority were insight, they would go off in to the woodland while the SCBs would take advantage of the Official Short Cut to the west out along the edge of the farm field & then through Gutteridge wood.

The Keenies followed the path within the Little Heath wood as it made its way northward, though the RA noticed that none of the FRBs were that Keen to run down in to the deep dip & up the other steep bank, instead they all ran around the outside of if in order not to loose height. 

The Trail led the FRBs out to the lane out to the Common, the Hare had ran some of the FRBs out on a loop, Thumper, Psycho & No Eye Deer had stayed with him on a more direct path on Bullbeggars lane up to a footpath sign, which had just been spotted a little way up to the east, or was it the Pub like sign, with a Bull being tormented by four Bullbeggars on it, for ‘Bullbeggars’ house that caught the eye of the first FRBs on to the lane?  A Bullbeggar is a mischievous spirit often in child like form.

The Trail was picked up beside the large Bullbeggers house, most of the FRBs managed to get by an elderly chap out walking his old dog, Mr. X, No Eye Deer & Psycho weren’t so lucky & they were temporarily held up as the elderly gent & the Trail both took to the very narrow footpath hedged in on both sides by large fir hedges to run by the bowling green within Little Heath Park.

The last of the FRBs got by the old chap when he realised that someone was behind him, it would be a lot longer before he realised that his old dog had run off along way up the path as it trotted along playing with Gobblers two hounds!  Eventually the old dog was left trapped behind the gate before the path came out of the end of one bit of woodland & on to Hempstead lane.

Psycho & No Eye Deer had managed to catch up with the rest of the FRBs as the Trail ran on through the scenic little village of Martins Pond at Potten End, which derives its name from the storage of pots & jars!  Mr. X & Gobbler discussed that the local Free House Pub had changed its name to Martins Pond a few years ago & they tried to recall its previous name of the Red Lion, No Eye Deer just though the village was very scenic!

The Trail ran down through the village & then took to a footpath back in to more woodland on the common, this crossed one part of Berkhamsted Golf Course & the ancient course of Grim’s Ditch, it would be the first of a couple excursions on the fairways.  Having crossed the second section of the Golf Course, the Trail came out to cross the Nettleden road & the next CHK, there were plenty of option to choose from as there was more expanse of woodland on either side of the road, Skip & Sparky found one false Trail to the east, the footpath that started adjacent to the one the RA searched.

It was down to Mr. X to pick up the Trail once more, more of the wooded common was cross, then another fairway to reach a stone memorial that was erected in memory of the Officer Training Corp who trained 12,000 Commissioned Officers on the common in the First World War, 2,000 gave there lives.

Newie Mike led the way as the Trail continued along down New road, A CHK was found by a set of steps up to another of the Golf Course’s holes, this one seemed to be isolated form the other two distinctive parts of the course.  The RA searched up the steep climb, while the others looked off on a footpath to the north, neither found any Dust & returned to the CHK where the Hare was seen to give a slight indication to carry on further down the lane.

Mr. X took the hint & found Dust leading a short way down to another CHK, by now he knew that he was at the start of a Farm Track that he had used a s a falsie on a Trail he once set there, so he ignored the footpath off to the south & descend the drive to Well Farm & a footpath directly back in to Berkhamsted.  He would find no Dust down there!

A long trudge back up to the lane meant the RA was now behind Psycho & No Eye Deer as they took to the steep path up by the end of the Golf Course, as the FRBs emerged from the trees they found the SCBs wandering along behind the small clubhouse. Psycho & No Eye Deer were particularly delighted with themselves in having ran most of the long Trail to meet up with the SCBs! 

The Pack was reunited as they Trail headed westward & out to the open hillside.  Ahead was a splendid vista over Berkhamsted, though the large white water tower did look like something Germanic from a Grimm Fairy Tale!

The Pack ran along the top of the ridge before the Trail turned to drop down the edge of the sheep field & lead out to New road, right behind Berkhamsted Castle.  Mr. X told Vernon & his sons that it was once an important safe stopping off point & he thought that William the Conqueror once stayed there (Which he did) & it was given to his half brother after the Saxons allegedly formally surrendered there, it passed through several Royal Household.

The Trail now simply followed the road back to cross under the railway, via the small archway, to lead back in to Berkhamsted, a short walk back up the tow path brought the Hash On Inn.  A small delay took place as the boys watched a canal boat passing through the Lock by the Boat Pub.

The Pack enjoyed the sunny weather & sat out side the front of the Rising Sun, by the Grand Union to watch the odd narrow boats go through Lock No.55.  The Ales were spot on, Psycho was straight on to the cider as the Pack relaxed & chatted.  There was a little bit of excitement as the Book reappeared after spend tow weeks on No Eye Deer’s dressing table.

The Hare was rewarded for setting a Trail that was run in an hour & 10 minutes, a miracle for him!  Gobbler was out for dragging his poorly hound out; Paul was called forward for calling the Curate to find out where the venue was, surely he is not a Luddite like My Lil’ Sperm  ‘ead & has access to the Interweb & utilized the Website?  Hornby Dublo was awarded his Hit for doing the Scoreboard at the annual Cricket Match

The four Newies of Mike, Vernon, Amanda, Ollie & Freddie were called out, just after Sparky was awarded a Down-Down for talking in the RA’s Circle, a punishment of a wishy-washy Beer seemed to cheer up the crowd!  Once the Newies had their ‘welcoming drinks’ for completing their first Herts Hash Trails, Skip was brought out for completing his 350th Trail & Meredith for her Decca Run.  The RA said that the Hash Haberdasher would be bringing a bum-bag for her Trail.

The Hardcore remained to enjoy a splendid ploughman’s lunch at the Rising Sun, then a couple of them started on the Ciders though by now not all 17 were available there were only 14 left!




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