Run No. 1308               1st November 2009

Venue:                          The Cricketers :- )

Beer:                            Four Real Ales

Location:                      Rebourn

Hares:                          Gobbler Paxo

Runners:                       8

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Newies:                         0                                 

Hounds:                        2

Après Hashers:           0

Total:                            10

Membership:                Drowned Rats!


The portents were not looking good, the Gods were not smiling as Hashers awoke to a tempest.  Mr. X, My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead & Hyena made their way back through the squally weather, from the previous night’s F.U.K. Full Moon excursion to Stony Stratford where Revolta had set a Trail that incorporated the brilliant Zombie Run.  This was a Pub crawl that those North American ‘Trick or Treaters’ would be proud of with the effort put in by the hundreds of participants!

The first ones to the Pub were those returning from Milton Keynes area, they took shelter beneath the eaves of one of the little porches by the two front windows.  As they looked around it soon became obvious to the early arrivals that there was no sign of the Hare, nor was there any Dust to be seen!  My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead ventured out in to the wind & rain for a quick scout around but nothing could be seen.

            The Grand Monkey arrived, he was followed by Windmill & they too joined the others sheltering under the eaves.  There was a lot of laughing as the RA said “Well done live Hare!” to Paxo, this was repeated to Fartin Martin when he arrived but it wasn’t taken as seriously.

Mr. X told Paxo that he had some flour to set a ‘Live Trail with, but when he returned with the bag there was about two handfuls of flour in it!  Paxo said that this was enough to get him to the High Street, where he could purchase a full bag & set a Trail.

Flip Top was late arriving at the venue, he must have been surprised to see five Hashers standing in the front of the Pub!  It was explained that the Trail was now being set ‘Live’ by the GM, he was going to be given a 10 minutes head-start before the rest would set off in pursuit!  The RA commented that he wouldn’t Take a dog out iN this weather!

Knowing the start of the Trail was along the bottom of the south common to pass the War Memorial & run down Fish street out on to the High Street, opposite what was the Saracen’s Head.  Windmill & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead led the way to follow the Dust up the High street.  A few locals looked on at the site of the soaked & slightly dishevelled looking Hash running up to an arrow directing them down a red brick walled alleyway, called the ‘Ruins’ that led out back to the common!

A CHK on the corner was soon dealt with & the Trail resumed along Lamb lane before disappearing down another alleyway, this came out between a couple of the shops on the High street & on to a CHK.  Fartin Martin, Hyena, Mr. X & Flip Top all missed the alleyway & carried on to the end of Lamb lane, where they heard Windmill’s calling back toward the High street.  Almost Siren like, Windmill’s whistling lured the stray Hashers on to the CHK, but via the High Street & not the nice dry alleyway!

At the CHK the Pack waited for Windmill to come back, as he had gone to try & retrieve the lost ones!  Some of the Keenies set off down the High Street but soon found that that was wrong, so an about turn was inn order to find the proper Trail leading up to the end of the High street & up the Dunstable road.

Now the Trail would lead out on to the Dunstable road out of Redbourn!  The Pack were slightly put off the scent as they obeyed an arrow to run up Linden road, where they found the route was stopped by a Bar CHK!  So, back to the main route & the RA kicked out the arrow to mark the way up the Dunstable road as he came back to it, Fartin Martin said “You’re hopeful!” to the RA as he didn’t expect any late comers to arrive on the Trail!

 On to a CHK by Black Horse lane from where Windmill led the way around the bend in the road & on to the only Held CHK of the Trail, the rest of the Pack found him taking shelter in a covered hollow between the conifers.  By now the RA had regretted wearing his Full Moon Nash Hash waterproof top out on the run, its short design may be completely waterproof but the cut channels the water to run down the front to soak his ‘crown jewels’!

The Pack set off in search of the Trail, & with the hope of the Run being really short they all headed back toward the common, they were duly caught out!  The Trail was cunningly hidden back from the CHK, on a footpath running behind one of the local schools & this led out to the football pitches behind where the calls of “On!” had been lost in the noise of the shouting soccer players!

The Trail led the Hash around the green space before taking them out by way of the car park & the main drive, back to the main route out of the Dunstable road!!!  On the way out, the Pack had to make their way between the cars leaving the grounds, Mr. X spotted that one driver had left his umbrella on top of his 4 x 4 & it was going to come flying off of the roof! 

The RA shouted to Hyena to stop the guy with the umbrella on his roof, but with his sloth like speed, Hyena had let the car get well past him in the time that he took to take any action!  Flip Top managed to stop the vehicle & the brolly was recovered from flying off & a possible broken windscreen was prevented!

The Pack passed by an old Mile stone, which read ‘25 miles to London’, to lead up to a CHK by some of the larger homes on the way out of town, the Trail was picked up almost immediately as it was on the least inviting of the choices of footpaths, compared to the choice across the road that leads out over the open fields. The one the Trail was down was a footpath almost hidden by the giant conifers lining the property to the right. 

Running down the narrow space that was being infringed by the overgrown conifers was something akin to running through a car wash!  The water on the bushy branches were soaked & so where the Pack as they forced their way up to emerge on to more football pitches, these were on a much larger open green space of what was Hillbury farm, still the rain lashed down.

The Dust led down the edge of the pitches behind the School playing fields, the RA was suddenly stopped in his tracks as he revived a call from Zing-a-long-a-max, who was lost & had parked up by the Hollybush Pub!  The RA sorted him out with where the Trail was heading & he told him he would catch up as it wasn’t going to be a long Trail, not since the rest where at the furthest point out by now!

The Trail continued to the end of the playing fields & a CHK was found on the footpath running along the edge of the adjacent crop field, no one expected the Tail to go any other way than back along the edge of the fenced off School playing fields & homeward!  The Hare did not disappoint as this was the way they would run.

The Trail followed the footpath until it became an alleyway out to Crouch Hall lane then on down Snatchup Road, there the Hare had finally finished toying with the Hash, after his early cleverly set Trail to run the pack back & forth using the alleyways on the high street & the road out of town.  Nope, it was now a fairly straight forward trot back via Lord’s Meadow to emerge out on to the common.

Once across the green, the pack of drowned rats took their fresh gear from the cars to change in the Pub, the Grand Monkey received loads of “Great Trail!” comments.  The nice pints made the day seem worth while, Zing-a-long-a-max arrived as they rest were congratulating the Hare on a damn fine Trail.  He soon disappeared, as he was intent to run the complete Trail & he arrived back just as the rest of the Pack were supping up to move on!  Ironically the rain stopped & the sun was out by the time the Hash set off!”

There were no Down-Downs, these will be awarded the next week, but the venue for the 25th Anniversary is now sorted after the RA asked Flip Top if he had heard from Mars bar.  Considering what Flip Tops does for a living in Comms, he’s the hardest man to track down or hear from! So put a date in your Diary for Fri 11- Sun 13th of June 2010