Run No. 1317              3rd January 2010

Venue:                        The de Havilland Sport & Social Club

Beer:                           Doom Bar

Location:                     Hatfield

Hares:                          Hyena

Runners:                      18

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Newies:                        0                                 

Hounds:                        1

Après Hashers:             1

Total:                            20

Membership:                Welcoming in the New Year!


            Now, everyone knew that this wasn’t going to be a long Trail as A) the Hare was Hyena & B) he was a survivor from the F.U.K. Full Moon weekend with Edinburgh Hashes for Hogmanay.  Mr. X & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead being the other two survivors from the over-indulgence North o’ the boarder!

            The Hare came up toward the early arrivals of Mr. X & Spotted Dick, he looked as if he was on his last legs as he crossed over the main road to meet them outside of the de Havilland Sports & Social.  The Hare claimed that it took him an hour to wander around setting the Trail that very morning, which was probably the reason he was walking like he did, like a shorter, plumper John Wayne suffering badly with the old Chalfonts!

            There were only a few Hashers present as the time came up to Eleven o‘clock, the RA said that he could do with a few more FRBs there to save him from doing all of the Checking out.  There was a sense of relief as Zing-a-long-a-max arrived, followed by Tess, now there were some others who could search out the Trail from the CHKs.

            Paxo had some lost property for the RA, this was a pair of gloves.  These were a soon snaffled up by Sludge & the RA, each trying them on.  The RA thought that these pair of sporty cycling gloves were ladies gloves as they were so tight on hid hand, the RA asked Pepé le Pew to sniff the middle finger of the one glove t check it wasn’t one of Michael Jackson’s with a soiled middle finger!  Luckily it wasn’t, but Sludge wasn’t going to take a chance, he gave the other glove to the RA, who would now run around with them on to keep his hands warm!

            After very little thought, it was deduced that the gloves were probably T-B-T’s as he cycled up to the Grand Monkey’s gaff for the left over run.  The RA asked the GM if he had managed to get through all of the left-overs of the left-over food?  Seems that Paxo has had his fill of sausage rolls for some time!

The GM was preparing to call the Circle together when a call from Kylie to find out whereabouts the venue is, seems he had followed his SatNav to completely the wrong part of Hatfield, after putting the correct Post Code in.  The RA laughed when he gave directions to come around by the Ramada Jarvis Comet Hotel & Kylie said & then where do I go when I get to the Airfield!  The RA thanked that he wasn’t having a heart attack at the Comet & Kylie was a mile down Hatfield Broadway at the Airfield!!

Pepé le pew & Pebbledash said it was the same as when they put a post code in their SatNav for one place in London & were taken to Buckingham Palace!!  Kylie wasn’t the only one to have problems as No Eye Deer phoned through to get directions as well.

The bain of the problem was the parking across the road from the venue, Pepé le Pew & Spotted Dick said that they park regularly in the University grounds & have never been clamped or fined, the Trash had stated that the security is normally pretty hot on non-university vehicles parked there.  Perhaps things have changed with the sports centre now being open to the public, but the RA wasn’t going to take a chance on that! 

No Eye Deer arrived with Porkie Pie & ARP, Kylie finally made it as well & the Pack could finally get the Circle called together, the Hare little to say about his Run, in fact it was just “It’s that way!”  & pointed the Hash off down Ellenbrook road.  The going was a bit tentative on the frosty pavement & the FRBs soon crossed over t the sunny side of the residential street.

Tess, Sludge, Zing-a-long-a-max, Sparky & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead led the way. The RA was following on with Sludge as the Trail le dup to the first CHK at the junction with Wilkins Green lane.  A couple of the FRBs started off up the lane & soon found Dust, but this would end in a T!

My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead had carried on along Ellenbrook lane & was calling “On!” up toward the former Hatfield to St Albans railway line, there the Trail was picked up form a CHK on the corner by the kids playing area, to lead along the ‘Alban way’ as it is now called. 

A Held CHK was found by the footpath crossing from Wilkins Green & over to the A414 running behind Sleapshyde farm.  Sludge was on hand to explain to Tess what a Held CHK was all about, after she had inadvertently gone off down the serpentine footpath down to the A141 & came back again, basically a Held CHK is just Regroup!  While the Keenies waited for No Eye Deer & ARP to catch up after their late start in getting changed after arriving.

No Eye Deer was panting a bit but this was due to the effort put in to run & catch up in the crisp air of the bright sunny morning.  She would have plenty of time to catch her breath as the Hash waited for Hyena to follow up the rear, this being his second time around it was going to take its toll on him!

Pepé le Pew & Mr. X looked at the cast metal Totem that is a sign post to indicate that the former railway line is now a part of the national cycleway.  Before the Hare finally came ambling in to sight, as Hyena neared the Pack he put on a wee spurt of running & so the RA called for the Pack to Check it out!

The majority consensus was to continue along the former railway, this proved to be the correct choice when Dust was found further along to the west, but before the Trail reached the archway sculpture of metal leaves the Trail broke off on a footpath across a field of brassicas toward Sleepshyde.

The RA would now fall behind the FRBs as Windmill called him up on his mobile.  Windmill asked if it was a good run? & the RA replied that they were probably halfway around the Trail & hadn’t finished it yet!  It turns out that Windmill still had the Hash Book for the yearly audit of Hash Trails, as he wasn’t feeling well he had tried to drop it off for Skip to bring along, but Skip was still feeling unwell himself!

Never fear, the Book will return with Skip when he’s feeling better!  A CHK before Pub, saw Sludge, Sparky, Zing-a-long-a-max, Tess & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead find Dust leading diagonally back over the brassicas field to the far corner, by where the Alban way passes below the Smallford road, next to what was Smallford Junction station.  A T proved that they had been caught out again by the Hare, something that they aren’t used to!

The RA & Pepé le Pew laughed at the predicament of the FRBs across the field as they turned back toward Sleapshyde, Mr. X was now not unhappy to have been slowed up in his tracks by Windmill’s call & he began to run once again!  He & Pepé le Pew were straight through the gap in the hedgerow & in to Sleapshyde to pass by the Plough Pub, which unfortunately was not open yet.

            With no Beer stop available, the RA led the way up to the triangle in the heart of the old village & followed the fork off to the left, there Mr. X slowed up as he wanted to make sure that Tyler didn’t run by & out on to the  A414 a short way up ahead.  He passed the message back to Porkie Pie for Spotted to Dick to be aware of the dual carriageway ahead.

            Out on the edge of the main A414 North Orbital road, the Dust was found heading down to the east, but not that far as a Blob of Dust was discovered by the crossing to the footpath on the opposite side of the busy road, Porkie Pie ventured off & dodged the fast traffic whizzing by to start to searching on the footpath to Bullens Green, but by the time he was safely across Zing-a-long-a-max & Sparky had called “On!” from further down the edge of the A414 back to Hatfield.

            Those who had more than an inkling that the Trail would be now be a bit predictable after a very good start, having realised that they would be on the way back they slowed up, of course this was Mr. X & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead, who were still feeling the effects of the Train journey back from Hoggymanay up in Scotland!  Tess, Zing-a-long-max & Sparky carried on running along by the main road, Kylie was keeping up with them but when he realised that the Trail was going to turn to run along the Comet Way road back toward the Comet Hotel, he too slowed to a walk.

            The Trail came back in by following the litter strewn path along the side of the Comet Way, unfortunately the Hare missed out on taking the Hash back in down the steps & in through the back of Ellenbrook road, instead it continued on to the busy Comet roundabout & around in front of the Ramada Jarvis Comet Hotel, passing the bus stop to come Inn to where the cars were parked up.

            Tess couldn’t stay as she was heading off for a kid’s party, meanwhile the RA ushered another childish group over to the club house to find that they had to wait for a while as they needed Hyena to swipe his membership card to let the Pack in!! 

As the last of the Pack returned from a Trail that took the FRBs 35 minutes to run, Junior arrived on his bike but he declined to cycle around the Trail as the lure of the now open Bar was too great!  He must be after loosing his “I’ll try & make it to the next Herts Hash” award?  This didn’t stop a few from asking if he was next going to be seen at the Christmas Party?

            A few broached the subject of Hyena having food laid on, this was mainly that they didn’t want to sub him out like when he was ripped off at the Horse & Gloom on his Birthday.  Fortunately they weren’t doing any grub at the DHSS & the Pack could afford to have another Beer or two!  Perhaps that’s why Flip Top was absent?

The Down-Downs saw the Hare rewarded for what the RA described as the longest Trail of the Year, & no doubt it will be the shortest after next week’s Trail?  Spotted Dick was out for being on his own this first Hash if the New Year, since Custard had fallen over at an Orienteering event & was unable to make it, was she pushed?

            No one claimed the lost gloves, but No Eye Deer was surprised to see her Tupperware bowl have a half poured in to it for her ‘Lost Property’ Hit!  Porkie Pie was out as the RA had overheard ARP saying to him “You’re not going to win this war!”  So the looser down his hit! 

Hyena was back out for a half after it was revealed that he fell over the most on the frosty New Year, three times hit the deck in Edinburgh. 

The Hashit finally went to Zing-a-long-a-max for the lost property the RA found on the floor behind his chair, though Zing-a-long complained it fell on deaf ears & he donned both his day-glo Enfield T-shirt & the Hashit having blinded the Circle with his pale naked torso!