Run No. 1325              28th February 2010

Venue:                         The William IV

Beer:                            Greene King IPA Abbott

Location:                      Shenley

Hares:                          Windmill

Runners:                       13

Virgins:                          0

Visitors:                         0

Newies:                         0                                 

Hounds:                        2

Après Hashers:            0

Total:                            13

Membership:                Mourning Goose’s passing!



                The weather was lousy to say the least, as the few brave souls who braved it to get over to Shenley found the rain had eased off by the time the GM called the Circle.  Mr. X & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead both made their way out from the nice warm cosy bar, which the Landlady had generously allowed them to take shelter from the elements.

            The Hare was setting the Trail ‘live’ & Bus Stop appeared before the off to hand a map of the Trail to the GM!  (Surely RA would have been a better choice?-Ed)  She informed the Pack that Windmill was out there setting the Trail & that he had cut off part of it due to the weather conditions, which had now eased to just a cold wind.

            The first CHK by the entrance to the rear car park was already marked with an arrow to lead the Pack off south-easterly down London road.  It wasn’t far until the Trail led the small, but perfectly formed, Pack off down the side street of Harris lane, Gobbler, Thumper & his brother, with Sparky led the way, Mr. X & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead were just far enough behind the first 4 FRBs that they weren’t led down to the Bar CHK on the way out of the village.

            The Trail was picked up on the smaller street of Newcome road, Gobblers Kids were up there as the arrows were followed but suddenly they stopped in front of the RA to question what a painted arrow on the path meant, it turned out to be a utility company sign, no doubt BT will digging up the path soon!

As the Trail came around the corner of the L-shaped road My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead clocked a footpath off between two of the homes, he thought that another Bar CHK may lie ahead.  “On!” was called by Gobbler from further along the road, the RA suspected that the Trail could even come in back up the footpath that had just been passed by.

The Hash soon found themselves back out on London road, there arrows lead them on by a local school & then over the road just after the White Horse, Mr.X & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead went over to see what Ales were on in this ‘Free House’ disappointingly just the one!  Still, they were not going back so it didn’t really matter.

Gobbler, his offspring, My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead, Flip Top & Mr. X were all lured out over the open field as Paxo, still with map in hand started to make his way on to the footpath as well, Paxo was derided on the way back from finding it to be a False Trail!  That’s a shabby trick if ever there was!

Back to London road & the Hash headed further in the direction of Borehamwood, but not for long as a CHK was found opposite Pursley Farm.  A Footpath sign indicated that there was route through the farmyard but the way through the strange gate was unclear, it was less well marked inside the farmyard, but My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead picked it up to lead out to the open fields for real this time. 

The RA & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead followed the Dust out along a wide green strip of grass beside the ploughed field, they would soon run on to a Bar CHK & had to turn around to see Paxo leading the back markers along toward the farm track, the obvious route the two FRBs had thought about.

Paxo made sure that 2-1-2 Maureen wasn’t left behind as the rest of the Pack started off down the long stretch of uncapped farm track, there were plenty of large puddles that some tried to avoid, a pointless task once they had reached the end of the track.  Thumper & his brother weren’t bothered about trying to run around the puddles, some of the FRBs didn’t bother either as they followed the Dust across the footbridge over the fast flowing, deep stream that becomes the Catharine Bourne.

The farm track ceased & the Trail crossed a patch of waterlogged meadow, it was deep & cold as the Keenies waded through.  If 2-1-2 Maureen thought that she would get left behind by the FRBs, then the Hare would have other ideas, for Windmill had set the Trail to lead them off up where a footpath branches off up through a soaked crop field toward Big Pursley wood, a Bar CHK put pay to the Keenies getting away from the rest of the Pack!

The a;lowed T-B-T to catch up with the Pack, after his late start, & the Hash was back as one as the Trail continued across the water logged meadow, it was something a kin to being in a paddyfield for the Pack to go through.  Bus Stop also caught up with the Hash as they slowed up to follow the Dust on by a huge pile of fly-tipped rubbish at the corner of the field.

The Trail dropped down through a large gap in the hedgerow, a CHK was found on the side of the grassy embankment at the side of Mimms lane.  The lane being below the level of the surrounding fields meant that it was now like a river, as torrents of water washed down to the ford in the Catharine Bourne, there was no way that any of the Pack could pass through this without getting their feet wet!

Of course the Trail was picked up on the other side of the ford, My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead was first through, with Mr. X next to wade across, they soon slowed up, which may have made those behind think that it was a falsie, but far from it!  The first two across slowed to a walk as four riders on their horses came walking up toward them.  In order not to frighten the horses, hands were raised to indicate that “On!” had been found.

The Trail headed up Mimms lane to the west, the whole of the rain was covered in a fast lowing river of water from off of the fields so the Hare had placed the next CHK up on some slightly drier mud on the start of a bridleway beside the farm grounds.

Mr. X, My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead & eventually Gobbler all went off up this route, a route that was one long tract of deep, cold, wet & smelly shiggy.  They went a hell of a way up this tree lined way before realising that this must have been where the Hare had second thoughts as to not taking that route as the going was so hard, thus cutting a chunk of his intended Trail off!

The trio slowly waded back through the shiggy to the lane as “On!” was called by T-B-T & Sparky, the Pack made their way up to the top of the plateau where a CHK was found by a footpath off to the right & this seemed the favourite choice, but this turned out to be Falsie.  This being found first meant that Mr. X & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead could catch up with the others now up ahead of them, the stand-in Hare of Paxo was playing things close to his chest & wasn’t going to give away where the Trail went!

Opposite the footpath was another gap in the hedgerow, but there was no sign of a footpath there & Flip Top was sure that some trespassing was about to occur!  As a few tentatively searched out on the edge of the brown field, the Hare came running up to join the rest of the Hash, he reassured that the doubting Thomas’s that the Trail was on the green strip running along the inside edge of the hedgerow, Flip Top now joined T-B-T, Sparky & Gobbler in running up this.

Windmill told the pack that he got absolutely soaked setting the Trail, but by the tie the Tail started the rain had ceased.  Never the less there was a chill wind in the air that cut through the Pack on the exposed higher parts of the Trail.

As Mr. X & My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead came back from searching on the lane, they joined the rest on the permissive path but stopped ijn their tracks when they saw the others up front turn around, Flip Top tried to convince them that it was a Falsie, but it was soon let slip that it was CHK with a 4 within it to turn those Keenies around.  There was some protestation from them, but they hadn’t far to go to the back of the Pack. The RA said it was lucky that Hyena wasn’t there!  Little did they know but Ketch Up was on his way around & he was just a wee dot down in the valley!

The Falsie back toward Big Pursley wood from the CHK was discovered first, before the real Trail was picked up once more on the lane, here it was a short trot to a footpath heading back down the valley in to edge of Shenley.  This looked to all intents & purposes to be a straight forward run down one field & then up a desire line across the common on the other side of the hedgerow in the bottom of the valley!

Huh! The Pack couldn’t see the swollen brook, down by the hedgerow, when the set off from the top of the hill, but they would soon wise up when they ran a fair way to reach the hedge.  Mr. X tried to leap the gushing stream in one go, but this failed & one foot went in, but being wet already it was a half-hearted effort. 

Others would try anything to not get their feet wet again, as the RA made his way to the top end of the common land, he was just about to disappear through the hedge when he heard a lot of laughing & screaming from the opposite end!  He looked around to see that T-B-T had gone for a Burton & fallen in the stream, this was manna from heaven for Mr. X!

The Trail came out of the common, there, on a tarmac footpath back to the houses a series of differing coloured footprints were found leading across the playground, each of the 26 had a letter of the alphabet in them, running in order.  A call of “On! On!” came from Sparky, who had just shot around the corner of an alley along the edge of the end house of a row over looking the common, as Mr. X set off in pursuit a woman enquired “What are you mad men doing running around all over the place?”

The RA explained to her that the Pack were on a paper-chase type of thing, & also that we weren’t all mad men, there were mad women & kids in the pack as well!  She wasn’t tempted by the offer to join the Pack back at the Pub later!  The Trail now cut through a series of alleyways to lead back out where My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead had his suspicions of a footpath off of New road at the start of the Trail.

Ketch Up caught Up after the Pack slowed to a walk, since they had found the On Inn on the way out to New road, now it was simple task of walking back up London road to the Pub.

The Pack settled in to the Bar, some of whom changed inside to get out of the bitter wind.  But Mr. X would get a txt message & went outside to make a call to Sooty in Essex.  He returned & got the Down-Downs ordered straight away, the Pack were soon out the back to hear the GM toast the Hash!

The Hare was rewarded for the Trail & T-B-T was out for his falling in the stream, for which he got the Hashit!  But then RA came to the bombshell of sad, sad news that I.E. had to make the decision of having to turn off Goose’s life support the day before.  The Whole of the Hash we told to take a drink & have a Down-Down in Gooses memory, there was one left for Goose himself, which disappeared as mysteriously as Santa’s drinks that are left out at Christmas eve!


   Andrew ‘Goose’ Greygoose


Almost everyone knew ‘Goose’ as ‘Goose’, an abbreviation of his rare surname, something he was very proud of.  He was just ‘Goose’ to the biking community, all of his friends, the villagers of Puckeridge & the regulars in the Crown & Falcon, & of course all those who were blessed to have met on the Hash.  He had Hashed in Thailand, Guildford & with Herts, before moving on to Essex.

He also turned out for the F.U.K. Full Moon, the last time most of us saw him, where he was looking well, having lost weight & he was in his usual chipper mood.  Mr.X, My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead, Hyena & TC all had a long chat & many laughs with him over several pints, in several Pubs that night.

He will be sorely missed & our thoughts are with IE & their families