Run No. 1326              7th March 2010

Venue:                         The White Lion

Beer:                            Fullers

Location:                     Barnet

Hares:                          Windmill

Runners:                       36

Virgins:                         1

Visitors:                        0

Newies:                         0                                 

Hounds:                        2

Après Hashers:           0

Total:                            39

Membership:               Only one free TV license on this run?



                What a glorious day for a Run, a complete contrast from the previous week’s wet & cold experience.  The change in the weather saw a pretty good turn out for Windmill’s 75th Birthday Run.  Things were a little chilly to start with, as the Pack gathered at the White Lion, most stood in the sunny areas, like tortoises warming themselves to get ready for the day’s exercise!

The GM called the circle together & having welcomed everyone to the Hash, the Newies were asked to step forward to show themselves to the Hash, but since they were from Windmill’s Barnet running club there was little chance that they would be left behind on the Trail!

Windmill had already drawn out a set of markings at the far end of the car park & he showed the Newies what to look out for on the Trail, describing what each marking stood for, after this he added that there would be a couple of Held CHKs, a few numbered CHKs & a Champagne stop!  Having finished his pep-talk, the Hare added that they Pack should be wary of golf balls, which to some sounded like a red herring!  The Hash were then ushered out to the gate at the end of the car park & on to Christchurch lane, where an arrow directed the Pack down toward the local TA Centre.

The RA decided that he would take some photo’s the day, as well as Windmill’s official photographer of Sludge, so he stopped to get a shot of the Pack running away.  Being at the very back was rather fortunate for Mr. X as he avoided running this Falsie to the T before the TA Centre!  An about-turn brought the Pack out on to Hadley Grove, where Mr. X got a picture of the all now running toward him! 

The Trail came out to Hadley Grove, not far from Chez Windmill et Bus Stop & the first CHK was found there.  The earlier mention of things golfing mean that the Keenies were soon heading toward the footpath running along the edge of the Golf course, but arrows led the FRBs down Sunset view toward the St Albans road, but the Hare was up to more trickery & they soon returned to join the Pack on the footpath out to a CHK where it joins the footpath running across Old Fold Manor golf course to the St Albans road.

The Pack spilled out on to the edge of the Hadley Green near to Old Fold Manor Golf Club, “On!” was called up on the Hadley Green way path running back toward Christchurch road, the near by ditch was full to overflowing & glistened with its icy topping.  The Hare generously put in a Short Cut for the back markers, Psycho passed this by but was soon spotted cutting across the green as the FRBs came back on a loop along the edge of the Hadley Green road.

The Trail covered almost all of the length of the green, taking the pack over the wooden duck boards above the small watery ditches that feed the various ponds dotted about the end of the green, Sludge had short cutted across the green to get a picture of the Pack on their way toward him.  So, Mr. X took a picture of Sludge snapping the Hash. 

The Trail changed direction as it led up to the main Hadley Green road, & by the Windmill House sign post, arrows directed the Hash over to the triangle of green between the new & old Hadley Green roads, where the Dust led on by the largest of the duck ponds, which is home to swans & various water fowl.

No Eye Deer had no idea that this scenic green area existed on the edge of Barnet, if she was impressed by this then things got better as the Trail led around by St Mary the Virgin Church, this olde worlde bit of Barnet still has the old white gates from when it was a village & these were closed at night to keep the livestock in & safe from rustlers!

Sloppy Seconds was impressed by this quaint little area, but Sloppy, its not the type of place were they want ‘boy-racers’ driving up & down in their sports cars & showing off to the local girls!

The Pack passed through the open, ornate white gates either side of the road & headed around to Camlet way, there was a little confusion now as some of the Pack headed out over by the cricket pitch, no doubt attracted toward the sight of Sludge heading out that way?  He soon realised that as the official photographer, that he should be over the road by the School as the Champagne stop was parked up there!  Pepé le Pew, with Spillage, Puddles & Pebble Dash followed the Dust that the Hare had set to lead on a little diversion around the small bit of green where the War Memorial is situated.

The Pack gathered to enjoy a glass of bubbly, with Bus Stop acting as the hostess by St Martha’s Convent School.  What?  The Hash outside of a Convent with our reputation?  Some thought that they would mix the orange juice with the Champoo to make Buck’s fizzes!  Refreshed & full of little bubbles, the Hash were directed over to the start of Monken Hadley wood, just below the Cricket pitch.  This would be the last time that the rest of the Pack would see Flip Top with Winston & Lucy, he would go off in search of Dust & would find the Inn Trail on the other side of the common!

There was a slight bit of confusion as the Dust was found but just as quickly it seemed to peter out, then in amongst the trees it was picked up once more.  The Newies, the Barnet R*nners & the Herts FRBs were soon running away along the northern edge of Monken Hadley wood, as the Dust led them on a merry dance around the trees & holly bushes.

From behind the RA a lot of commotion could be heard, with a considerable among of laughing coming from the GM, it seems that as Paxo was escorting his little flock of 2-1-2 Maureen, Rachel & a Newie around, the Champagne had gone to Hyena’s head & in turn his feet went from underneath him & he fell over, at least the leaf litter would have cushioned his blow!  The RA asked Hyena to recreate the pose on the ground but he was reluctant to do so for the camera, spoil-sport!

The Trail advanced through the wood, a CHK was found by the alleyway out to the homes of Parkgate avenue, seasoned Herts Hashers didn’t bother with this & searching in the wood.  Sludge was spotted shooting off on a short cut, or so he thought, in an attempt to get ahead of the Keenies & take more shots of them, but he just ended going through a lot of shiggy on a course that didn’t cut much off at all.

It was around here that the RA caught a large, long & nasty bramble on his leading leg & it flew around to rip the back of his calves as well as the front of one leg!  His running would come to a bit of an early stop!

Dust was picked up back through the wood to an open space, where the first Held CHK was found, the RA arrived just in time to hear one of the Newies question who was first to this stop!  If this was of interest to the RA but it soon became over shadowed by the fact that Gobbler was wearing ‘new shoes’ & boy did they dazzle those around him as they reflected the suns rays, it was enough to burn the retinas’ unsuspecting!  Gobbler claimed that he had worn these new Hash boots to break in today as he thought that being a run from Barnet that it would be a street run, the shiggy covering his shoes told a different story!

A group of Army Cadets were seen on the bridge over the Kings Cross line, by this was a CHK & My Lil’ went over the railway but it was a half hearted effort as he suspected it was a loop around by the fishing ponds & back, he didn’t get that far before he found a T!

Down by the main line at the bottom of the pitch & putt course, the Pack ran a long trot down beside the line only to find a Bar CHK, on the way back to find the Trail proper, Skip seemed to have a lot of local information as the Trail was picked up as it weaved its way around the holly bushes & brambles in the scrubby bit of land by the car park that he described as a “Dogging Spot” (is he stealing the GM’s thunder?)

The Pack made their way up by more cadets out & about doing their ‘Map & Compass’ or more likely GPS training these days, to follow the Dust up Bakers hill road & then off in to the edge of Hadley Common wood again.  Sludge took the easy route up the lane, he was not the only one to do this as it was noticed that My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead did the same in whimping out.  If Sludge hadn’t been dashing about trying to pre-empt the runners to get a picture of them in ‘Action’, he could have captured the moment when Rachel unceremoniously joined Hyena in the falling down league.

Rachel allowed a group of cadets to go by her, once they had moved off she set about catching the rest of the Pack but her steps to get going again soon resulted in her falling over & landing in deep, wet, cold shiggy!  Hyena must have had some psychic feeling about another faller on the Trail & he couldn’t be out done as his feet gave way & he went down for a second time!  This Hash had more fallers than the Grand National!

The Trail made its way up through to the drier edge of the wood, along by Bakers Hill lane toward Spike Milligan’s old home.  A couple of CHK points managed to throw most of the Pack off of the scent of the Trail, by leading a few of the Keenies back in to the depths of Hadley Common wood, the RA had other ideas & suspected that the Trail would head up to the ornate gate on the path in to the George fields.

When the Pack had regrouped at the second Held CHK Bus Stop handed out jelly babies while the Pack had a laugh at Rachel’s expense when they saw the mess she was in after falling over, the laughing didn’t subside as Hyena told that he had fallen over once more!  A few said that they were concerned for the Chinese having another earthquake!  The laugher continued as the Hare directed the Hash in the direction of the gate across the Hadleywood road.

Once safely across, the Pack soon saw the sight that had been obscured by the large oak tree, Pepé le Pew & Mr. X looked on to see that the red brick pillars for the gate had been attacked with what must have been a whole bag of flour, they questioned the Hare’s sanity when they saw the floury mess that had been thrown right up the tall red brick pillar?  Did the Hare have ‘an episode’ like the painter on TVs the Fast Show who started of painting vibrant pictures only to degenerate in to wanting to turn everything ‘black!’?

Windmill explained that he had hidden a bag of flour beneath the shrubbery on the other side of the gate, somehow this had been discovered & the result was the scared Dust had been wasted.  The RA said that it would probably make the local Barnet Press with headlines of “Anthrax attack in Barnet” or some unfounded headline!

The Trail led on between the two ornate gardens, one of which had a summer house complete with a dome, this is larger than some Hashers’ homes!  The path led out to the open green, the Keenies followed the Dust around the perimeter of the playing fields & down toward the club-house before coming back up the slope on a loop.  The SCBs cut across the top end of the pitches as the Hare marked the way to the point where the Trail ran down to disappear through the hedgerow, but there was a price to pay for this & that was they had to cross the sodden icy ground that had yet to fully melt beneath the rising sun!

Sludge was on hand again to take more action shots, & the RA was on hand to get in to the photo, again!  This was becoming a bit boring, especially as the RA was playing up to it by puling faces at this point.

Having descended down to the bottom of the valley, the Pack were taken back into the wooded strip along the ditch’s course, the shiggy looked like it would be fun to run through but a surprise was in store as it turned out to still be frozen solid!  After the hard shiggy the Pack had a clamber up a set of steps in the steep wooded bank, the Hare made sure that the Hash followed the Trail, after the path briefly made its way out to the common near the top of the hill, they were soon herded back on the narrow serpentine path as it weaved its way around the bushes & trees along the edge of the ridge.

The Pack came out in to the open at the top of the hill, from there was a commanding view of urban Barnet as it disappears out of sight in to the valley behind the tree line.  It was along here that Hyena got himself in to the bad books again, not quite being a sweary Mary but not far off it by spelling out a certain word, while a couple of Horrors were within earshot, he was chastised by Pebble Dash, & rightly so!

Now the FRBs knew that they were on their way Inn as the Dust led out to through the small enclosure up on the level, it was just a case of coming out to the Hadley Green road & cutting over the very end of the green to pick up the last part on Christchurch lane to come back in at the back of the White Lion’s car park.  The returning Keenies found Flip Top was already changed & in the Bar!

The Hash changed while listening to Flip Top try & come up with a half-hearted excuse for being AWOL on most of the Trail!  Most took no notice as they were more interested in Windmill pouring out free Ales for the Hash, which was very nice of him indeed!

The Circle saw a lot of Down-Downs, with the Hare getting the first Hit for setting the Trail of course it being his 75th birthday, he was joined by his son, Martin, for assisting him in setting the Trail, & Bus Stop for setting up the Champagne Stop.  The ‘Virgin’ was called forward, the RA said that he had never met one yet but he was going of the idea when he found out he was a bloke!  From a first time runner, the RA called My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead forward to receive a Down-Down for completing 900 Herts Runs! 

Thumper was out to collect his 10 Run bumbag (back-dated), while Gobbler was brought for his ‘New Shoes’, the old pair he had on now were less dazzling, the GM carried out the honours to see if a pint would fit in side Gobbler’s large item of footwear, of course it did as they looked like they would hold a half yard of ale!

Sloppy seconds was out as he was suffering from back-ache, something that no one would wish on a fellow Hasher, but the RA reckoned that the cause of the back ache was caused by Sloppy Second’s purchasing a ‘Fanny Magnet’ of a Mazda sports car, where the driver has to get down to just a few inches off of the ground to get in it!

Ketch Up & Princess were awarded their hits for being the late, late comers, Princess was a bit reluctant to step forward but the RA told her that she only had an orange juice so she would still get in to her Wedding dress in a few months time!

Hyena was out for falling over more times than Rachel, but it was the latter who would finally get her Hash name after many years of supporting Sludge (something he didn’t do for her out on the Trail) Mr. X did the honours with her being name Flanders & Swan, who, for those not as old as Windmill recorded a song about hippo’s wallowing in shiggy its called “Mud glorious Mud”

Finally the Duchess of Albania was summoned of the last Down-Down as she is ‘the only Aussie in history’ to become a naturalized Pomm!

The Hash went on to enjoy a splendid buffet, some thought that perhaps Hyena ought to go here for his next birthday as there was a lot of food left over?  Psycho had produced a splendid cake to celebrate Windmill’s Birthday with, though due to fire regulations it didn’t have a candle for every one of the 75 years on it!


A Collection in Goose’s memory


Over the next couple of Runs, we will be collecting any donations via the Hash & then sending off the money to the Colchester ITU Trust. Sis was put forward to collect the money in her absence.