Run No. 1436               19th February 2012

Venue:                           The Roundbush

Beer:                              GK IPA, Abbott, Hardy & Hansons

Location:                      Roundbush

Hare(s):                         Underfelt

Runners:                        14

Virgins:                           1

Visitors:                          0

Après                              0

Newies:                          0                        

Hounds:                         2

Total:                             17

Membership:               Round the Roundbush!


It was a bright, crisp, cold day for the Pack this morning, at least the early morning frost had been burnt off by the sunshine.  Upon his arrival, Sludge informed the RA that the GM wouldn’t be turning out for this Trail, but it seems that the GM managed to get a ‘last minute’ 12 hour pass & he arrived in a new four by four, was this an attempt to confuse the Pack as to his real identity as they parked out in the street?

No Eye Deer looked around the early arrivals & said that she was hoping for a few more girls to walk around with & chat to, since she has missed a couple of week’s running.  Some of the Pack remained in their vehicles until it was time for the GM to call the Circle together just after 11:00 hrs. 

This week saw Sophie introduced as a virgin Hasher, though Fliptop’s name was put forward by My Lil’ & Mr X!  Sophie had come along with Bend Over, there for his second Trail with H4.  After this the Hare was called forward to explain what, if anything, the Pack should be aware of out on the R*n.  In the end it really boiled down to the normal flour markings & a bit about lots of ‘Private property’ out around this area that apparently hindered the Hare in his planned route.

The Trail began with the Pack heading off down to Summerhouse lane, some, like the RA were aware of the first CHK being situated up to the left where the lane becomes Primrose lane, on its way up toward the main road back to Radlett, he had spotted this as Hyena had driven in from that way to the Pub.

From the CHK, the RA searched off on the long, wide farm track over toward Letchmore Heath, while Thumper & his brother began looking on the other footpath from the CHK, they were starting off through the spinney when calls of “On!” were heard coming from the RA.

The Pack now headed out over the flat farm land to the south of Roundbush, the muddy tract was slightly down hill, this slight gradient made sure that most ran this part & Hyena was the only one to walk this part of the Trail.  Mr X was soon caught up by Thumper & his brother, they would pass him as the Trail came up to Aldenham Grange on the edge of Letchmore Heath.

Sludge & T-B-T OBE also caught & passed by the RA as the Dust came out up to Grange lane, but not before the RA got to hear how T-B-T OBE is planning to have a new kitchen, Sludge too said that Flanders wants the same thing done, all in the worthy cause of domestic bliss!

Thumper was quickly on to the Trail as it came ran down on to Grange lane, passing by the black & white timbered village hall which has on its front the legend declaring it to be a War Memorial, Thumper led the way just as Philippa & Gobbler made it up to this quaint English village, complete with a great little Pub, the Three Horseshoes, the Dust led on by the green & the village duck pond opposite before reaching the next CHK by two footpath options out over the crop fields to the west.

Most of the Hash made their way out on the slippery, Shiggy surface as Bend Over, Gobbler, Philippa & Sophie, our newbie followed Dust out a long way southwest in to the field on what would turn out to be a Falsie!  T-B-T OBE & Sludge followed on but stopped abruptly & then were spotted cropping over the field to the other footpath option that runs by Bhaktivedanta Manor, the one George Harrison gave to the Hari Krishna sect in the 1970’s. 

Paxo had noticed the cropping out in this field & made sure the RA knew of it, but the RA had already noticed others who had committed this offence, notably Paxo who was cropping along the edge of the footpath as he chatted to No Eye Deer!

The Pack were all called back to the village, there Fliptop found that having earlier got behind with Lucy & Winston, he was now in a position to start looking for another option further down through the village ahead of everyone else. 

Sure enough Dust was found, but it was a fair way out of the village to the south before it was found.  A CHK was discovered by a footpath sign pointing to the east, Fliptop didn’t seem to like the look of the deep, wet shiggy created by farm vehicles turning in the enclosed field, but this would be the way the Trail would go.

Bend Over, Gobbler, Thumper & his Brother were all first to negotiate the shiggy tracts & make their way out to the opposite corner of the field.  Once through the kissing gate, the FRBs found the next CHK & from here there were several options shown on a Footpath marker post.

Gobbler & Bend Over chose the footpath running through a horse paddock, while Mr X looked at the unofficial looking path that runs along by the cedars lining the edge of the local fields of Letchmore Heath sports centre, it was Mr X who would pick up the Trail for the rest to follow on behind him.  The Dust ran behind the small pavilion & on to the other end of the sports field, by the time the RA had made it to the desire line running through a small copse by the end of row of homes, he had been caught up by Thumper & his brother.

The Trail now merged on to Common lane, here the Horrors had to have an eye kept on them as the Dust led up the narrow rustic lane below the level of the surrounding fields & there were a few cars about that morning.  Thumper was intrigued by one car passing by, no doubt because it was an American motor of a Pontiac.

The Dust led up a fair way before reaching a CHK by a footpath up on the top of the high embankment, its route follows the hedgerow back down the inside edge of the field, down toward Letchmore Heath.  Bend Over was off down that particular route, it doesn’t take long for him to make up the ground he had lost earlier, not since his stride is far longer than most!  He was soon at the end of the field & then disappeared out of sight through a gap in the far hedgerow.

Back at the gate & a few of the Hash had gathered there waiting for “On!” to be called, No Eye Deer was there & so was My Lil.  Philippa was more concerned about the Horrors, who with their unbounded enthusiasm were eager to search further up the lane for the Trail, meanwhile Mr X & Sophie were starting off after Bend Over as it looked as if he wasn’t going to come back from the path he was on, suddenly the Hare arrived at the CHK & began to call Bend Over back.

Seems that the Horrors were on to the right direction from when they first arrived at the CHK.  Some of the Pack had to wait a little while as there was a steady stream of cars all of a sudden passing by on the narrow lane, this delay meant unlike Gobbler, Sludge & T-B-T OBE, they would not be caught out at the next CHK by Fruit Farm & falling for a Falsie on the footpath which leads over to Little Kendal.

Now on the only other option from the CHK, the Trail was picked up once more as it led further along the lane until it comes around in to Battler’s Green.  There, opposite the Battler’s Green Farm shops, a CHK was found, again a few of the Keenies were caught out as it seemed far too early for the Trail to turn homeward toward Roundbush, but that’s the way the Trail would go.

At the end of the farm buildings, many of which are now shops & small businesses, the Trail was found once more.  In the distance to the west of Roundbush the tower of the Church at Aldenham could be seen prominently standing out, now the Pack had a simple trot over the open crop fields full of seedlings on a direct path back to Roundbush, this came through the spinney that the Horrors were keen to search at the start of the Trail.

On the way back in Gobbler caught up with the RA & the Hare, as they wandered back Inn, Gobbler explained the law on the ‘Right to roam’ but better still was once they had passed through the spinney the RA was told of a time he hired David Beckham (yes he of football fame) to do an advert!

This was manna from heaven for the RA as Gobbler did an impersonation of Mr Beckham, Mr X thought that he may as well have been talking to Alistair McGowan as it sounded just like Golden Balls was beside him!

The Pack were back at the On Inn by a quarter to twelve, except Hyena who was around 20 minutes after that.  The Trail wasn’t the longest but due to some good fortune & some FRBs who really put an effort in to the searching for Dust, the Pack got around well under the hour!

The RA said that he was unaccustomed to waiting outside of a Pub for it to open, all with a very false modesty!  Sludge immediately paid up & was off, he had important things to attend to, a new kitchen no doubt?  Paxo took this opportunity to show off the new bags, which for those who read the minutes of the meeting in the email had the wrong price, but at £20 they’re still good value.

The Pack all settled in to the Bar, some were still awaiting Hyena’s return before they could get changed, but eventually he arrived back & the Trashes could also be sorted out.  There the RA read out a text message for Skip, saying how he may be about he following week.

As the Pack enjoyed an Ale, plus a plethora of nuts, crisps, twiglets etc, Gobbler & Philippa went on to graphically describe a certain injury Gobbler suffered after being hit in the ‘Family Jewels’ while playing cricket.  Further details can be found at

The Down-Downs saw the Hare rewarded for a good Trail, ideal for your first Hash or if you have missed a couple & not feeling fit enough.  Paxo was in the Circle for his cropping & having the cheek to point out the other’s misdemeanours to the RA.  Hyena was next out for getting all the way to Liverpool street station on the way to Mr A’s 60th Birthday, only to give up & go home due to a few engineering works?  Sophie was in for her first Hash.

Finally Gobbler was out for his bragging about hiring David Beckham for an advert & his uncanny impersonation of Golden Balls!