Run No. 1446                23rd April 2012

Venue:                          The George & Dragon

Beer:                             GK IPA, Abbott

Location:                       Gravely

Hare(s):                         Sludge

Runners:                      14

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Aprčs                            0

Newies:                        0                        

Hounds:                        1

Total:                             15

Membership:                Honouring England’s Patron Saint!



There is an old kids song that goes ‘Rain, Rain go away, come again another day!’  Well, if anyone sang it, it didn’t work!  The precipitation was falling for most of the day & it wasn’t going to ease up for this Trail, even the RA couldn’t weave his usual magic.  Some of the pack changed in the car park when they arrived, like Porky Pie who had arrived straight from work, or the RA & My Lil’ who had come all the way from the Waggon & Horses next door!

Here was one exception to the public display of changing, & that was ARP who went into the Pub & changed in the Ladies, also in the Pub was our very own erstwhile GM who was the day’s Hare.  Sludge was in there as he hadn’t informed the Staff that we would be running from there, so he went into make our presence known.

The pre Trail Circle was held beneath the covered veranda for the smokers, Sludge got the run number correct, though he may have had a little help earlier on?  Anyhow, things were quite brief as the GM was also the Hare, a quick introduction of himself again & he went on to inform the Pack of what they could expect out there, then without further ado the Pack were ushered out of the car park & on to the main road through the village.

The Pack were made to run by the next Waggon & Horses, from there the Trail would head northward a short way before branching off to the northwest on a path up a drive, at the end of this was a CHK.  From here only My Lil’ went off in the wrong direction, heading off southward on a farm track parallel to the route of the road.  He was the only one to take to this option as the rest followed Fliptop, T-B-T OBE & Porky Pie off on the northerly option over to the end of the field & emerge out on to the Graveley lane, that heads off down toward the Great Wymondley.

Having made his way back from one Falsie, My Lil’ was about to embark on his second as he endeavoured to catch those heading away down to the bridge that supports the A1(M).  The Hare was lenient as he called them back & prevented them running too far.  The RA was now led by the Hare back to the main road out of Graveley, directly across at the T junction was a footpath, but having lost time waiting for gap in the Traffic the rest of the Pack caught the RA.  This would be the last time he would be at the front of the Hash!

My Lil’ caught up with the Hare & the RA as they waited up at the start of the apple orchard behind the hedgerow, he was told that they were waiting there for him to ‘check it out!’  My Lil’ duly obliged & set off down to the east as the trail drops down in to the valley, he picked up the Trail & was soon on by the short, stumpy apple trees of the ‘pick-your-own’ at Graveley Hall farm.  The Hall itself could be seen down to the south.

A CHK was found at a split in the clinker path, the Hare was cock-a-hoop when he saw that My Lil’ had picked up the False Trail heading north-eastward, Porky Pie even came back from the correct route as Fliptop, T-B-T OBE, Mark E Mark & Ketchup all followed on.

No Eye Deer wasn’t going to be fooled, she broke away from the Pack to lead what seemed like a rebellious alternative route but this would turn to be the correct choice.  No Eye Deer, ARP & Lofty followed on to lead the way down toward the St Mary’s Church, over to the west the grassy Airstrip was clearly visible, the bright orange windsock (Not the Essex Hasher!) stood out in the murky wet weather.

A CHK was found by a farm track heading away up to the northeast, again the Hare would be full of glee as the likes of Mark E Mark, T-B-T OBE, Fliptop & My Lil’ searched another Falsie, it was catching out the latter one that gave Sludge the most pleasure & he admitted that to the RA!

The Trail descended in to the quaint hamlet of Graveleybury, here the Hare warned Lofty that Henry should be back on a lead as the Pack would take to a short bit of road running as the narrow lane headed to the southeast, over in the distance the white carbuncle of the Lister Hospital could be seen looming high against the dark sky.

Right on the bend in the lane & the Trail would take to a footpath leading back to Graveley, it would be too much to presume that the Hare would be that kind on such an inhospitable night, & so it would prove to be as from the CHK to the T junction with another footpath.  The RA should have taken the option of short cutting on the path back beside the Cricket club & in t Gravely, but he soldiered on!

The Keenies were now heading away to the southeast on a long path, the first part of this was fairly well sheltered from the wind by a tall hedgerow but this would end & the Pack were left exposed to the elements before they came out to a CHK on the a path running by Ten Acre Plantation on the edge of Chesfield Park.

Mark E Mark was again caught out as he searched northward, the Joint Master fared better as he & a few others headed southward toward the north part of St Evenage, toward an area where the Hare does abide with Flanders in their abode.

The going was quite hard work now as the footpath was slippery with a wet clay top to a harder underneath, a couple out walking were amused to see the Pack slipping their way along & ploughing through the puddles that the two civilians had so delicately tried to tip-toe around. 

The Path came out to the top end of the St Evenage Suburbs, only Zing-a-long-max was tempted to look up to the west, the rest took to the path sheltered by a few thin bushes of a hedgerow, Dust was found as the route eventually came back out in to the open as it follows the edge of the field, this leads off behind the homes to descend toward the Corey’s Mill area of St Evenage.

From now on the RA would get further & further behind as the rest of the Pack became little dots in the murky distance, he arrived at the Held CHK on the edge of North road to just catch a glimpse of the Hare as he disappeared down the track beside St Evenage Rugby club.  A look at the CHK had the RA perplexed as there was an SC with an arrow pointing southward down North road, in a direction that would be away form the On Inn!  The RA isn’t that gullible!

The Trail ran down the gravel path running below the sports ground & passing by the edge of the Maximum security home behind the Lister Hospital.  Running in weather like this, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if the Pack hadn’t have been rounded up & had a section 135 MHA served on them!

Emerging out on the A602, right by the Sainsbury’s superstore, the Trail turned northward as it began dropping down into the underpass, avoiding going under the junction, then rising up with the tarmac path to the large roundabout for the A1 (M) junction 8 .

The Trail crossed over the B197, which leads back into Graveley, but it wouldn’t head back in that way as the faint arrows battered by the rain directed everyone over the main road to a track up in to the wooded area at the end of the peninsular of land between the A1 (M) & the Graveley road.

Rising up through the trees the track turned slightly to take a direct northerly route out of the wood & over the open fields to the south of Garveley.  The rain wasn’t even going to ease for the last part of the Trail, which would be over the exposed open area of farm land, even when the Trail reached the housing estate & the local school on Ashwell Common there was no let up.

The last part of the Trail would be to follow Ashwell close down the hillside to the dead end, where it passed through an alleyway to come out by the duckpond behind the Waggon & Horses.

Most of the Pack got changed beneath the shelter, which raise a few eye brows & then laughs from the diners of a St George’s day meal looking out of the windows.

The Pub was doing ‘specials’ of Pies, so several of the Pack ordered what could only be described as ‘a Pie & a half’ on a plateful of great food!  The RA waited for Mark E Mark, Ketchup, T-B-T OBE & Zing-a-long-a-max to finish off their feasts!

Once outside the GM toasted the Hash, then it was down to the RA.  The Hare was rewarded for a great Trail, after which he turned his attention to ARP & No Eye Deer as they had reached 100 & 150 Runs respectively, ARP received hers in a 100 Run glass ( a standard pint until her pewter vessel arrives)

The Hashit went to ARP, who was shocked & horrified that she was going to get this for going into the Pub to change before the Trail, Fliptop added that if she was like Sis & after having a couple of kids you soon stop worrying about being modest!