Run No. 1448                7th May 2012

Venue:                          The Rising Sun

Beer:                              4 Real Ales, 20 Ciders & an Irish Stout (according to the sign outside)

Location:                      Berkhamsted

Hare(s):                         My Lil’

Runners:                      21

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        6

Après                             0

Newies:                         0                        

Hounds:                       1

Total:                             28

Membership:               Ran around the seven Hills!


Hey Ho! It’s been a month since the last Hash the usual scribe attended, so there may be a lack of cohesion with up-coming Runs & the like, you can gather this by the number of calls to Mr X while he was overseas!

Normal service has returned, or has it?  Still here is the report on the last Herts Hash he attended.

Having travelled out to Berkhamsted, the Hare didn’t expect so many to follow suit but he was more than pleasantly surprised by the turnout, which pretty good but was also was boosted by some new faces!

Amongst the guests & Newies were Dead Animal & Foxy Lady (from Montreal, Canada, via Yorkshire, England – Don’t’ ask! – Ed)  There was also Peanut making his presence know, as well as a South African & an American from Noo Yoik!  The latter lives locally & had seen the Trail while walking by the previous day!  Another local, who has Hashed before also appeared, as the Rising Sun is her favourite Pub in the vicinity!

Anyhow, there were several calls from Hashers to the RA, they had a problem in trying to find somewhere to park up, it’s not he RA’s fault that this Pub doesn’t have a car park, not since it was built to serve the canal traffic in days before the horseless carriage ruled the world, & in those days most people worked locally!

The Pack circled up on the Lock the Pub sits beside, as they did a narrow boat was brought through which entertained those interested in all things to do with the Waterways.  The GM got the Run Number correct & after his welcome, the visitors & newbies made themselves known to the Pack by introducing themselves.

Finally the Hare was introduced.  He had little to say about the Trail & the Pack were encouraged to search from the CHK on the Lock No.55 outside of the Pub.  There were a few who thought that they knew better as they had already spotted Dust out on George Street, the narrow street of terraced houses behind the Rising Sun. 

The Keenies called “On!” as they led the way around the outer perimeter of the walled in, small playing area, on George street, they convinced the rest to halt their searching along the Grand Union towpath to come back & follow on.

            The Dust led on to a footpath on the narrow white footbridge of Little Bridge, once over to the other side of the Grand Union Canal a T was found, so it was a trot back around to the towpath for the likes of Sloppy Seconds, T-B-T OBE, Dead Animal, Peanut, Gobbler, the GM & the RA. 

This first Falsie wasn’t quite a waste of time for the RA, as on his way along the tow path & now at the back, he got to hear from Crispy Bush about a ‘gold’ ring that T-B-T OBE had purchased & unusually for gold, it left him with a green finger!

            The Trail ran along the tow path up to a bridge for Bank Mill road to cross the canal, at the CHK the family Gobbler had continued along the tow path under the bridge, a few more followed on this Falsie.  From here Pepé le Pew was searching up & around on Bank Mill lane toward the railway line, he was soon back & searching down the lane as it runs south-eastward but this too would be a Falsie!

The Trail would instead head in the opposite direction as the lane turns around the corner to come out on to London road, beside the Old Mill Pub.  The Dust ran by the front of the Pub with a large mill stone outside of it, before crossing over the main road through Berkhamsted, here the RA was at the front for the first time, he would only get to this heady position once more, later on during the Trail!

The Pack made their way up Lombardy Drive, this was the first of the long steep climbs up & out of the valley that Berko sits in, naturally the pace slowed as they made their way up to the to junction with Hillside Gardens, the Pack followed the route as the Trail twisted & turned left & then right on to Swing Gate Lane. 

A long steady climb up the hillside saw the Pack follow the Trail as the Swing Gate lane splits in to two, the Dust ran on the right-hand of the two parallel parts of the lane separated by a tree line, this would lead up beyond the end of the homes & on to a CHK by a wooded area at the top of the hill where the two split lanes joined up once more.

It was here that the junior member of the family Gobbler first dashed past those of more senior years, some of them like Peanut were taken by surprise as they didn’t hear him coming, this would happen several times on the Trail as his eagerness would lead him down several Falsies.

The Keenies were soon on to the Trail as it took to a footpath running over the edge of the green open space of Valet Lawn Recreation grounds, the Trail ran down through these playing fields beside the Thomas Coram School. 

As the Trail headed back toward the inhabited streets of Berko, the RA found a tennis ball, which he kicked along for a while before abandoning it for Henry, but unlike the Lofty’s previous hound, Mickey, he doesn’t seem to be transfixed on green fluffy balls!

The Pack headed back on to the Back streets of Berko, the FRBs were caught out when the Trail ran out over Briar way.  Many seemed to miss the CHK & blindly followed Sludge, T-B-T OBE, Sloppy Seconds, Pepé le Pew, Gobbler, Philippa, Thumper & his brother as they headed straight on, they would eventually find a T to bring them back.

It was at the CHK that the RA had the advantage of being in the Hare’s company & he was privy to the fact that the Trail would descend the steps to the right that would lead behind the garages to reach Oak Drive, so for the final time on the Hash he led the way.

The Trail was now back in the lower levels of Berko, but not for long as the Dust would lead on over a main road to Beech Drive, at the point where this turns & becomes Three Close lane, a CHK was found, from here the Trail headed up a set of steps on a footpath running up beside the walled Victorian Rectory Road Cemetery.

It was another long, steep climb up to the plateau, once at the top the advantage of height was soon lost as the Trail came back down through the housing estate, where the streets are name after various types of birds, which led to an impromptu ornithology lesson.  The Pack moved on & entered one end of Butts Meadow Recreation grounds, halfway down in to this park the FRBs were stopped at a Held CHK!

Once Crispy Bush, Pebbledash, Lofty & others who were being shepparded by Paxo were all present & accounted for, the Hare allowed the FRBs to resume the search, from here Pepé le Pew was keen to get over to the crossing on the Kings road, this would prove to be correct, unlike the many other options that the likes of Gobbler & Family choose to search.

On to the Kings road, the Trail would lead back toward the centre of Berko, but just for short while as it would leave the easy route Inn, now the Hash would head out over Doctor’s Common road & again there would be a steady climb up hill, there must be as many hills in Berko as there are in Rome?

Having climbed up the another of the ‘Seven Hills of Berko’ the Pack made their way up through a fenced in footpath between the more expensive residential area of town, Mr X remembered the next footpath as this had been use on a F.U.K Full Moon Hash out to the Full Moon Pub on Hawridge Common, several years ago.

Finally the Keenies were caught out with a Bar CHK down one of these long alleyways that lead out of town, this meant that the Trail had turned for the last time & SCBS were directed down the hillside by the Hare to get a head of the FRBs for a brief moment of time.

The Hash were now heading back to the centre of Berko for real!  The descent down to London road was uneventful, but once down to the shopping area the Trail took to a route out behind the local ‘Supermarket’ & on to the edge of the Grand Union, the Hare’s plan to cross over by way of a footbridge to Canal Fields were scuppered as it was under repair, the alternative by the moored up narrow boats had some shiggy, the only real bit on the Trail.

As the RA walked along with Pebbledash & a couple of others, one of the party ‘Trod on a Goose’ as a loud (bottom) honk was heard, it was so loud that it scared some of the local waterfowl, Mr X took notice & this would be mentioned in the final Circle.

The alternative was to follow the tow path up to the bridge at the end of Lower Kings road, near to the area where a totem pole resides, not sure how many ‘Native Americans’ live here? The site used to be a timber yard that imported wood from the West coast of Canada.  As a gesture of friendship, the Canadian wood yard dispatched the locally crafted totem pole as a gift.

The Trail did an anticlockwise turn at the end of the bridge, this lead down the ramp & beneath the bridge & on to the tow path that runs by the Crystal Palace, on the opposite side of the canal is the old ‘Supply Store’ for the canal boats in a very picturesque area of what is known as the ‘Port of Berkhamsted’ according to the signs on the bridges, it is dedicated to the Francis Egerton, the 3rd Duke of Bridgewater, who was the father f the inland waterways & built the Grand Union Canal.  His monument can be seen up on nearby Ashridge common.

The final leg was to run under the bridge beside the Boat, before coming Inn by the Rising Sun!

            Unfortunately the American Chap & Sloppy Seconds didn’t hang around, but for those who enjoyed the Ales & Ciders a little later, they would join the Circle down in the side patio garden of the Pub.  Dead Animal gave the Pack a few songs to accompany the Down-Downs in a noisy, vibrant & sometime raucous Circle.

            After the Hare was rewarded his Down-Down for setting a Trail of around an hour, the clambering up the local hills made it seem longer than it was; the Guests including Foxy Lady, Dead Animal & Peanut were all awarded their Hits.  Pebbledash was out for trumping in the RA’s presence on the way Inn, while there was a naming as ‘Silent but Deadly’ was bestowed upon Thumper’s Brother.

After the amusing Circle, talk turned to The Great Hash Migration & InterHash, Philippa was amazed that the RA was going to be attending both of these by travelling to Africa & then on to Indonesia, she was surprised & sounded a little guilty as she only Hashes when Herts are in a certain post code within the county!