Run No. 1449               14th May 2012

Venue:                          The White Lion!

Beer:                             Wet

Location:                      Barnet

Hare(s):                         That’s a good one!

Runners:                       Circa 20

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        5

Après                            ‘A nightmare’

Newies:                         0                        

Hounds:                       1 (or was there?)

Total:                             26

Membership:               Confused!


The Circle


The Curate eventually welcomed everybody to the run including and in particular Bus Stop; 5 visitors - one from Houston (I thought he said "Euston" first time around - not very good on accents) and one who had run there but lived locally and whose parents had apparently run with Herts Hash some years back; Bend over and his mate, and an Enfield hasher.


In between the evenings events the pack paid their respects to Windmill.


Before and after was a mitigating disaster the like of which has probably not occurred for some time but as I don't have time to expand on this, if you did miss the run you'll need to talk to somebody who was there to find out why. The down downs may-hold the clue.




Psycho and Skip - for not being the hare Visitors - for being visitors

Spermhead - for not knowing who the hare was lady whose name has erased from my hand

Paxo - for being the hare for 50th run (one with the dog -possibly)

Ketchup - for chasing the Hare on golf course

Me - pick anyone from 5


Run No. 1450               21st May 2012

Venue:                          The Tally Ho!

Beer:                             Several

Location:                      Barkway

Hare(s):                         Fliptop

Runners:                     12

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        2

Après                             2

Newies:                         0                        

Hounds:                        2

Total:                             18

Membership:                Excitable!


The Event


Curate arrived a bit stressed. Er' indoors having left no petrol in the car, he ignored the Sawbo

petrol station aiming to stop at Tesco outside Stortford. There they were qu'ing a mile so he carried on but worried about running out, then did a left at Hare street to Buntingford knowing it to have 2 petrol stations.

The first had a tanker delivering and another queue and the second although fine meant I was heading back towards Puckridge. Hence I arrived 'stressed' and barely on time.

A pleasant summer’s evening and a fine run which included two health checks with goodies provided. Always have trouble scribing the runs but basically the track started in a northerly direction then west, north, east, south, west and north back to where we had come from. Check it out on your GPS's but I think you will find it was more or less a circle.    

Don't remember any rape fields which do stand out at this time of year, so don't think there were any. Action point: Fliptop to confirm rape fields.


Paxo was a bit late arriving and caught up on trail.


One of the visitors was checking the Trail for use at a later date!  Tut! Tut!....

Forgot to introduce the visitors at the beginning so did so at the end, by which time it was a bit late. Action point: Membership forgotten visitors’ names as I write this - anyone knowing to confirm.


Farts and George were at the pub when we got back. Did anybody see them do the first check as

they signed the book?




Fliptop - for a fine Trail and goodies

Spermhead - for wearing a football shirt (Chelsea h'away strip)

Paxo & No Eye Dear - for stripping off together (I'll show you mine if ……………………..)

Cambridge visitor - for trail trawling

Farts - for being a pretty boy (metro man)