Run No. 1451               27th May 2012

Venue:                          The Lordship Arms

Beer:                              Black Sheep & Gold

Location:                      Bennington

Hare(s):                         Zing-a-long-a-max

Runners:                      15

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Après                             0

Newies:                         0                        

Hounds:                        0

Total:                             15

Membership:               Suffering!


A beautiful sunny day!  Curate arrives fairly early to find My Lil’ resting on his laurels on a bench outside of the Pub, having biked it over from Welwyn  The rest of the Pack arrived in dribs & drabs, mainly as a result of two pubs having featured in previous ‘Future Runs’ column; the Lordship & the Bell.  Some problem with children.**  No comments about the whole Pack please!

            For the third week running we started late & when we did we were lethargic & lackadaisical (haven’t checked the spelling – answers on a postcard to……..)  But it was very hot on the Run.  Suspect westerly direction to start with & I think the Run was almost a figure of eight as the Hare brought us in an initial loop back past the Pub, through the houses & out in to the fields.

A number of Falsies had us pretty tired & looking for shortcuts a mile in to the R*n, the Hare also teased us twice coming within sight of the Pub before veering off in the opposite direction.  Eventually My Lil’ found this too much & was last seen at 12:15 pm following his nose direct to the Pub!

Zing-a-long-a-max rapidly consulted his map for short cuts before the Pack rebelled. Dehydrating rapidly under the noon sun.  Some took the quarter mile shortcut, others three quarters, whilst Sparky in all his glory, alone completed the full Trail – some 4 miles.  Hats off to him!

On a cooler day on excellent Trail set by the Hare.




Zing-a-long-a-max – for a fine Trail

Sparky -  for answering an ‘Are you?’ from behind

Spotted Dick – for parking too close to the Curate’s Fanny magnet in an empty car park

Ewok for Stripping off on the R*n

Pebbledash (aka Tulisa) – either watching, staring or filming porno or all three!

And Lastly Paxo – many congratulations on his 600th R*n

Oh no he wasn’t last – that was me (Sloppy Seconds) for being boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


** The so called problem with the Horrors was down to one of the Herts Hierarchy calling up the RA & others to tell them he had heard that Kids weren’t welcome in the Lordship, & if it was raining then the Horrors would be stuck outside!! This led to a lot of confusion with the altering of the venue from the Lordship to the Bell, & then subsequently back again in the end!

In truth, it turns out that the Lordship is not adverse to having Horrors in there, plus the weather was the hottest it has been all year!  So, a Down-Down for the JM then!