Run No. 1453               11th June 2012

Venue:                          Admiral Byng

Beer:                             Adnams Broadside, Ruddles County, London Pride & Courage Directors

Location:                      Potters Bar

Hare(s):                         My Lil’

Runners:                      9

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        1 (Almost)

Après                             0

Newies:                         0                        

Hounds:                        0

Total:                             10 (ish)

Membership:               Two Good Trails!


                 Well what could you say after the previous week’s decent turn-out to celebrate her Maj’s 60 years on the throne?  ‘Lightweights, tarts, fair-weather Hashers were just a few of the names being mentioned as the few gathered outside of the Pub, taking shelter from the very light by standing under a lintel.  The lure of the Ale was too much to go inside for most, but it wasn’t for Fliptop, for he had arrived early to watch Man City play Arsenal England V France in the Euro Championship thingy tournament, if you are interested this turned out to be a draw!

Anyhow, as the few milled about outside of the  Admiral Byng, an attractive, young Harriette from Addis Ababa introduced herself as ‘Orgasm’ [You’re not likely to forget that name? – Ed]  She asked if we were starting from inside or outside f the Pub?  ‘Outside!’ was the affirmative answer.

Hyena aptly arrived on the slow Train from Hatfield, this gets in jest before the hour, so by the time he had got his gear stowed in the ‘Nutter Mobile’ it was gone the hour.  Sludge went to see where Orgasm was, but by this time she & her friend were being bought drinks by a group of well oiled, but seemingly happy England Supporters wearing strange red & white head bands.  They opted not to do the R*n.

Ketchup arrived & soon the Pack’s numbers had swollen to nine, which is not the lowest this year!  The Hare didn’t receive he usual booing he gets when the GM introduced him, after Sludge had got the R*n number correct! [How does he do it, Fliptop? – Ed] Instead the abusive calls & language about the Hare would be save for the last three quarters of the Trail!

The Trail began by taking the Pack back down toward the Station, crossing over at the pelican crossing, the sawdust led across the front of the shopping arcade.  The first CHK was found around a bin by the edge of Darkes lane, from here the RA went wrong, this left Sludge to go beyond the MacDognuts to find the Trail on the footpath running up beside the Railway line.

As the RA trotted along to catch up wit the GM, Ketchup was heard, & seen, talking away on his mobile! [Technology on the Hash!!! – Ed] He then began to make his way up the alleyway, up ahead of him he saw Skip standing looking at something on the other side of the wire fence, this turned out to be some very large mushrooms or toadstools, what ever these fungi were, they didn’t look appetising!

The Keenies made their way out of the alleyway & on to Mutton lane, the RA declared that he would have been happy just going back around the corner & having a quick pint in the Bridge House!  No such luck!  The Dust led a shirt way up Mutton lane, then it turned off on to Stafford Gate, the road the RA was searching toward from the very first CHK!  The trail headed eastward before cutting back through Albemarle avenue to come out on to Mutton lane once again.

A CHK was found by another alleyway, this one heading out behind Ottway walk & over toward the local cricket & tennis clubs, Sludge, Mr X, Fliptop & Skip all fell for a long Falsie up by the Tennis Club, it was a long trudge back.  The Trail continued on by Maple House, home to Canada Life, then at the end of Mutton lane the Trail crossed the busy junction to head south-eastward down the Southgate road.

The FRBs were now pulling away from Psycho, 2-1-2 Maureen & Hyena as they peeled off of the main road toward the M25 Junction 24, the Trail now descended down on to Gregory Avenue, here the Hare had set a Bar CHK at the far end of this suburban backstreet & if course the Keenies fell for it, with the exception of Skip who was tipped of by the Hare! 

Those who have run around these parts before now realised that the Trail would head down Carpenter Way, where at the end of which the Dust led off through a spur road & then out through a white, box-metal gate to head out through a scrubby bit of woodland to stat with.  Now it became quite apparent that the recent rain had made the going really slippery underfoot, except for the areas of really deep shiggy.  There would be plenty of both as the Trail passed by a roaring brook, which in normal times is just a quiet trickle!

As Hash feet slipped & then went through deep water-logged shiggy, it soon became clear to Skip that he & Psycho shouldn’t have put their feet, in their socks, in to cut off plastic bags that were worn inside their shoes, these soon filled with water & now it couldn’t escape from the plastic bags!  The RA noticed that they had cut these bags off at ankle length, well he did when Skips ankles were above the water line!

                The Trail made its way down Fox Hole hill within the wood & along by the brook, the steep drop down the bank wasn’t for the fainthearted if they got too close to the edge on such a slippery surface.  The Trail emerged from the wooded strip & on to a farm track running from North to South. 

From the CHK here Sludge, Fliptop & Skip all fell for the two Falsies either way on the main track, these had large, orange Toblerone shaped plastic bollard to block unwanted vehicular access to this old byway.   In the end itt was down to the RA to peel off on to the continuation of the footpath along the next section of the tree-lined ditch.

                To get in to the wood the Pack Keenies had to wade through some really deep clinging shiggy, this was shoe removing stuff & having made it out of the quagmire & over the wooden bridge beyond the gate, the RA was soon overtaken by the Hare & Sludge! 

If Skip & Psycho’s boots weren’t a Down-Down, the RA would have more ammunition for the Circle as Sludge attempted to skip over a stream feeding the raging brook & he went down like a sack of Spuds.  The RA then discovered that even the Hare had come a cropper earlier on.

Now the FRBs would enter the Pond Wood, at the next CHK, Sludge was allowed by the Hare to go off in the wrong direction to the North.  The RA was given a hint to go southward but found that his sudden change of direction almost landed him on the deck as he went sliding in the shiggy.

Mr X was soon on to the path by a wire fence & now he was convinced that the Trail would head out to Botany Bay, where the Pack could get a bus back!  He crossed over a raging stream by using the submerged stepping stones, as the trail weaved its way along through the tall wispy, wet  grassland, Sludge soon got ahead of the RA, as did Fliptop as they followed the tall white topped footpath marker posts to head over toward more wooded area. 

Skip didn’t bother trying to get by the RA, perhaps his water-logged shoes were hindering his running gate?  Anyhow, the Trail came out to an open area within Pond Wood, it would now become plain for all to see why it is named so.  Yep, it was due to the ponds & it seemed that with the recent rain that there are now a lot more than is the norm!

It was easier just to R*n through the length of the streams that the footpath had been turned into, the RA said that he thought that this was training for the ‘Tuff Guy’ event as his feet were freezing cold, & this is supposed to be ‘Flaming June’! 

Ketchup claimed that his head was “So cold that his brain had frozen, something it hasn’t done in the summer!” & he told the RA so as he passed him by.  [Are you sure on that Ketchup? –Ed]

The Trail entered Pond wood again & even though it was hardly raining, the strong breeze made the precipitation fall drop of the leaves & branches to make it seem heavier.  The Keenies were headed toward the M25, the roar of the traffic became louder as they FRBs headed further south amongst the trees.  The Trail began to change direction & now turned eastward, crossing a wooden bridge for the wider Turkey brook in the wood, a CHK was found. 

Mr X & Skip managed to find the correct route & weaved their way northward on the desire line through between the trees, Sludge & Fliptop didn’t have as much luck & a little later on Skip & the RA could hear calls of “Are You ?” echoed behind them in the distance!  This was just after the RA had commented on there not being much calling from up ahead of them, as he wrongly presumed everyone else was leading them along to the north. 

In fact only Ketchup was leading the way & not calling, he was up with the Hare who had cunningly cut out the loop down toward the M25, & instead had marked the short cut for the SCBs.  The Dust was now fresh four as the Hare had tarted the Trail up, he had started off with sawdust, but three quarters of the way around he ran out & changed to his reserve of flour.

Several CHKs were quickly dealt with on the way up toward Cooper’s lane, the RA asked Skip if he knew what the bright orange roof like marker on a pole was for as the Trail approached an isolated building.  Skip didn’t know & so the RA filled him in on it being a marker for a gas main, or so T-B-T OBE claimed last time the Hash passed by this way!

Trail on the wide track the Pack had been on earlier, the one with the orange bollards!  Sludge told the RA that he had check out this direction at the CHK back down the Byway, the RA said that he obviously didn’t go far enough, an extra mile would have been enough to pick up the dust! 

As the Pack made their way up the stony path over flowing with a steady stream of clean water, the Hash could rest assured that the nettles that intruded from the hedgerow don’t sting in the wet!  The trail came up to an area where the fallow common had been fenced off for or to prevent grazing, this looks like there has been a bit of conservation work carried out as trees have been thinned out around these parts.

A change of scenery was next up as the Trail left the inside of the wood to run along its outer perimeter with a field to the west, the RA began to run on this part but the slippery shiggy had him all over the place & almost in to the barbed-wire topped fence.  The tall tower of Canada life, looming over Potters Bar seemed way off in the distance!

Sludge & Fliptop caught up with the RA & Skip along this point & by the time they had emerged from Fir wood & on to Cooper’s lane they all had seemed to have lost the enthusiasm to R*N that they had earlier.  The Trail made its way westward on the rural lane, passing by Chequers Mead house & farm, once around the bend the Trail came back in to Potters Bar, now out of the wood they rain began to fall heavier! 

Up ahead they could see Hyena in the distinctive Hashit, as he was the tail of the SCBs.  Psycho & 2-1-2 Maureen were ahead of him as their pace was quicker.  The RA now realised that they would be coming in to town near to the Chequers Pub, & that there was a bus service from Northaw that would cut out the last couple of mile of Trail & as the Trail turned on to the Causeway a bus shelter could be seen, just a bit along from the Chequers Pub.

The RA, with Skip & Sludge (the latter two were hoping to use their bus passes) stopped in the shelter to look at the Bus times.  You should have seen the look on their faces as they saw that the Bus runs on Sunday & Wednesdays only!

Hyena crossed the green & the others followed on, as they came on to the straight part of the Causeway they saw 2-1-2 Maureen up head.  Having caught up with Hyena, the others suddenly they realised that the fresh Dust had ceased & after glancing back they realised that they had accidently gone beyond an arrow directing them down an alleyway between the walled back gardens of the local homes on Oakmere close.

Skip, Sludge, Fliptop & Mr X called 2-1-2 Maurren back & she turned to head through the alleyway, she was then surprised to see this lot all come back out of the next alleyway off of the dead end.  There was plenty of cussing at the Hare as they had been led down this ally to a Bar CHK!  Ketchup was the only fortunate on a he had caught up with the Hare just as he laid it there & then, it wasn’t on, his original setting of the Trail! 

The RA just hoped that Psycho hadn’t gone awry on this part of the Trail & that the Hare had swept her up?  He hoped that she was back at the car so he could get changed out of the now wet clothes upon his return to the On Inn!

The Trail now took the Pack of down through a series of side & back streets, even this scribe loosing the will to look at the street names by now s the Trail turned away from the On Inn to disappear down Trewenna Drive!  The Dust led on to a cut through & then began a climb up Chace Avenue, at last the end was sight, well almost as there was a little matter of getting up to Oakmere Park & over the Hatfield road (A1000).

The FRBs were now down to walking pace, due to the sheer hard work of the Trail earlier on& the length, they passed through the wrought iron gates to the & wandered along the tarmac path toward the Oakmere Pub (Harvester) over to the left the local Ponds were full to over flowing & the local waterfowl had found that there wetland empire had expanded to cover vast part of the grass that was now under water!

The Trail left Oakmere park & crossed the A1000, the end was truly in sight now as the Pack made their way down through Parkfield Open Space, passing by a small pond in the wooded section & then some of the features of the Park, one being a hollow with some shapes cut into the ground by the pond.

As the Keenies took the right hand fork in the path through the centre of the open part of the Park, they passed by the brick base of a ‘Roman Kiln’ which looked remarkable new.  The RA pointed out the ‘Roman Bench’ & the ‘Roman Dog poo bin’ further along as the Trail led out on to the dead end to Byng Drive.

The final part of the Trail was to follow the suburban street all the way down to its conclusion at the roundabout on Darkes lane, right opposite the On Inn.  Sludge questioned as to where the ‘On Inn‘ was written on the return, the RA said he was beyond caring about that & was surprised that there were two On Inns as some of the PACK had completed two Hash Trails that evening!  Still, it’s lucky that this Spoons is open until Midnight on a Monday!

As the last part of the Run had been in the rain, the Pack looked like drowned rats, nearly everyone took the option to change inside the Pub’s conveniences!  Even 2-1-2 Maureen, who had caught the bus to the venue, hit the Red Wine to consul herself after this epic Trail!

By the time the Pack had changed, Hyena being the last in & then having trouble in opening the Nutter-mobile, that needed Psycho’s assistance, there were then several who ate, it didn’t seem worth awarding Down-Downs this week, the RA will keep them for future Circles, no doubt the Hare’s Pint of water will be Okay for then!

As the Pack had been gone for almost two hours, there was no sign of the Newie who hails from Addis Ababa, seems that she may have made the right decision to stay & be bought drinks by drunken England fans!  She probably received more free drinks than the one she would have been awarded if she had completed her first Herts Run.