Run No. 1457               8th July 2012

Venue:                          EHMR

Beer:                              The Gate Brewery’s Dragon’s Blood!

Location:                      Amwell Hill

Hare(s):                         Kylie

Runners:                      4

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Après                            16

Newies:                         0                        

Hounds:                        0

Total:                            20 over the weekend!

Membership:              Chuffed!


            This run followed the annual East Herts Miniature Railway Society open evening.  Not a good turn out for the evening with just TBT OBE, Sludge, Pebbledash, Paxo, Ewok, Kylie, Slug, 3D, Ketchup’s girlfriend (Ketchup, Mark E Mark, Mr. X & My Lil’ were at Isle of Man for the Stoggy Hag, Hoggy’s stag weekend) plus the Horrors.

When Ewok arrived she told everyone she had just come from servicing horses and was a bit smelly.  We did not want to know more! 

There was lovely Dragons Blood beer on tap and plenty of burgers, bangers and salad.  The rain held off and most had a go at driving trains.  The Horrors did not keep still at all, with riding on the train, damming up the stream (bad move as the water flooded on the surrounding ground and eventually the pond would have dried up killing the fish) and running around. 

Sludge took TBT home as he had too much beer to drive his car home.

The runners gathered in the car park, all four of them, TBT OBE Sludge, Kylie (the Hare) and Paxo.  Sludge’s other half turned up to spend Sludge’s money in the garden centre.  Sludge gave the run number 1457, Kylie told us the trail was laid in the rain and the flour had turned to dough.  He said it was not one of his longest trails but it might not be one of his shortest. Off we went at a quick walking pace with Sludge’s other half overtaking us in her rush to spend money. 

At the entrance gate was the first check and Sludge ran off North towards the Van Hage warehouse entrance.  Paxo went South and the along Madgeways Lane off the London Road.  TBT OBE, with his bad knee, held back and just as well as Sludge ran back to catch up Paxo on what was actually a long falsie. 

This gave TBT OBE time to get ahead back to the Van Hage warehouse entrance and footpath alongside it and some posh houses with a tennis court and outdoor pool.  TBT OBE was caught up and overtaken by the FRBs, Paxo and Sludge. 

At the next check TBT OBE held back nursing his knee and then with the help of Kylie set off along the correct trail.  The trail led along paths behind Van Hague’s and farmers’ fields eventually reaching the A10 embankment where there was another check.  TBT OBE arrived and no sign of the FRBs except some shouts of On! On!. 

With guidance from the Hare TBT OBE led off at a quick walking pace alongside the A10 and eventually reaching a gate found another check.   Not a lot of choice here so off all went along a well-used path that leads to Walnut Tree Walk, a narrow lane between the London Road and Hoe Lane. 

A check at the end of Walnut Walk saw the FRBs running left up the lane towards Hoe Lane. Paxo checked out a path into fields but came back to follow Sludge after seeing TBT OBE and Kylie walking the same way. 

However, as soon as the FRBs were out of sight TBT and Kylie turned back down the lane with the FRBs eventually joining them just before the On Inn. The FRBs had not followed this leg of the check as they thought the trail would have been too short.  Kylie had fooled them but there were no complaints as the weather was not as summer should be.

Back at Van Hages Sludge and Paxo filled four gasses of Dragons Blood and set off to the campsite.  There was only Kylie’s pop up tent with double mattress (he was available last night) and Paxo’s which was not used as Ewok had driven home with Jamie.  

As we were drinking the beer Fliptop turned up just to advise about the Horrors weekend.  He had some beer and Kylie explained the plans for a massive expansion of the railway with a much longer track.  It should be a great attraction when it is built.

The sun came out for a while and all went home.