Run No. 1461               6th August 2012

Venue:                          White Lion

Beer:                              JHB, Tring Jack of Legs, GK IPA

Location:                      Royston

Hare(s):                         Underfelt, Slug, 3D, Port & Starboard

Runners:                      29

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Après                             0

Newies:                        0                        

Hounds:                       0

Total:                            29

Membership:              Running new territory!


                There was a sudden downpour only minutes before the Circle was called, Skip had entered the White Bear to find that the RA & Hare Raiser were already inside in the dry, & they were just finishing their pints before venturing out.

            Considering the weather conditions, there was a good turnout this Monday.  As they RA appeared from the Pub the rain eased off, t’was almost a miracle some of the Pack declared!  It was more of a miracle the RA was there after attending JFK & Hoggy’s Wedding over the weekend, it sounded like a cracking do from what Mr X said.

            The GM wasn’t present to call the Circle together, a txt from Porky Pie alerted the RA to the fact that the two of them were stuck on the A5 where they were delayed by an accident.  No Eye Deer said she was oblivious to this & hadn’t seen anything in her rear-view mirrors on her way top the venue!

Sis asked the RA if the weather would improve, he pointed out the bright patches of blue sky, scattered among the clouds of more than 50 shades of grey.  Seems she was more concerned about thunder than actually getting wet!  Although it’s the lightening that you should really fear, & not the thunder.  She soon forgot the weather conditions when My Lil’ came out with it’s not that type of Clap you want to worry about.  Funny how quickly he can move when Sis goes for him!

Paxo took up his Joint Monkey Duties & called the Circle to order, getting the Run Number correct in the process!  The Hares were called forward & there was somewhat of a gasp from the Pack as a large section of the Circle all stepped forward together, Underfelt, Slug, 3D, Port & Starboard who all had a hand in the setting of the Trail.

Underfelt & Slug informed the Pack that the Trail was set in chalk & flour, that there would be Green arrows set by Starboard & that there would be Purple ones set by Port.  A few wondered why these weren’t Red in colour, as this being the international standard for indicating left on vessels.

The Trail began with the Pack being ushered out of the car park & right on to Kneesworth Street, the GM drove in just as the Pack were about to emerge on to the road & head off to the north.  Sludge & Porky Pie would soon catch up with the rest as the pace was pretty slow to start with.  Underfelt took it upon himself to lead the way at the start, in an attempt to encourage the rest to break out into a trot.

The signs of any Trail were a little vague to start with, seems that he downpour had taken its toll on the markings.  The senior Hare led the Pack on to over the railway bridge, where the road’s name changed to North street.  Sludge caught up & said that the lack of markings were due to the Senior Hare being tight thrifty!

Porky Pie ran by the RA, & Mr X soon noticed that Porky Pie had altered the back of the Orange coloured Hare Shirt he was wearing, it now had an sicker over ‘the Hare’ bit that alter the text to read I am the Ginger.

Faint arrows were found to take the Pack on by the North Star Pub, which appears to be shut & under renovation.  A little way beyond the Pub, Underfelt led the FRBs on to a CHK at the junction with Gower Street, here a few continued on northward, while My Lil’ took the eastward Gower Street & he would be the one who would find the Trail.  The Long string of Hashers now all began to make their way down the residential side street until reaching a CHK on the bend at the end of the road.

            Along this point in the Trail Sis thought that she heard a clap of Thunder, fortunately it was just a passing train making the noise.  The RA reassured her that there would be no storm that evening.

From the CHK, Paxo chose to look up a track straight off of the bend, while My Lil’ did the same on a parallel route on Titchmarsh street, only the hedge separated the two trails which would both end up being False Trails.  By the time the Keenies had made their way back from each FT, Sis, What Mother Says were marshalling a few of the Horrors & they were now starting to get ahead of the Keenies on the bend to Lower Gower street to head northward.

            The arrows would led on to a CHK at the T Junction with Serby road, here the FRBs didn’t seem to go wrong as they headed eastward to come out on to a rectangular green park.  By now the light Rain had started once again, it may have been light but it was enough to make the local teenagers on the park take shelter under the oak trees on the western edge.  The Plucky Hashers just continued northward along the tarmac path on the opposite edge of the Park.

The RA entered the Park to see My Lil’ up ahead & he disappeared through a gap the hedgerow on the east side of the park, Mr X had to take  a quick look to make sure My Lil wasn’t up to no good & Short Cutting.  He wasn’t & so the RA went back to the park side & eventually joined him up at the end of the hedge that acts as a noise break from the green space & the homes sheltered behind it.

A CHK was found up by the roundabout on Burns road, My Lil’, Porky Pie & Sludge all continued on Northward but they were soon called back by Slug & Port, here the Trail made its way over the BMX cycle track, which is not quite an Olympic one.  Skip, Fliptop & Mr X made headway on start ramp with its lanes, but not far in to the bumpy ridges that the yellow track takes they soon went down to the easier level edge of the surrounding grassland.

The Trail led them on around to the northeast corner of the Park & back on to Burns road, where Mrs Underfelt & 3D was found lurking with some of the Horrors behind the camouflage of a shrubby tree.  The Pack would find another CHK here, since these new parks was all new territory for the majority of the Hash only one of the Pack who would have an advantage of local knowledge, that was Six Pack, so the FRBs would have no qualms in following him as he searched down in the new £3.8 million underpass that goes beneath the Railway.

Sure enough the Trail went this way, Fliptop explained that this has only just opened to prevent people crossing the railway tracks, which explains why it was pristine under there & it has no graffiti adorning the walls.  The Pack advanced down the service road on the opposite side of the lines, to the right is the large fenced off area which contains the local allotments.

            A Held CHK was found on the junction where Green street joins the Melbourne road, here the RA, Kylie & Fliptop inspected the quality & gauge of the steel ‘two dimensional’ figures by a bench.  The figures are not named, but it turns out that they are a Town Crier ringing a bell (The Obvious one) James I (VI of Scotland) holding a Crow & Alison Balsam, the latter being a trumpet player who has won Classical BRITs & was born & raised in Royston!

            One of the Hares now played some nasty trickery on the Pack, Underfelt followed on behind the few who had ventured northward along the Melbourn Road to the north, this encouraged almost everyone to follow on.  What Mother Says, Sis, No Eye Deer, Psycho, Party Animal & a few of the Horrors were caught out too.

As Sludge ran by the RA he was heard to utter “It’s got to be this way as Tony is running it!”  Mr X would remind Sludge of these words after they had turned around to head southward after finding it was False to the North!”

            There were a few paths off of this main route into Royston, these were explored by the likes of Sludge, My Lil’, Mr X, Porky Pie & Skip, as once more this lot thought that they could outwit the Hare!  But double bluffs meant that they would make their way down opposite Mill road, before they finally followed the Trail off to the left & to head westward & on to a track running beside a local school.  Those who didn’t trust Underfelt were soon put at ease as Starboard let slip to Psycho that the Trail took to this route.

Sis & Psycho had to keep an eye on 2XER as she was extremely keen on running, even on the uneven surface leading over the small cul-de-sac to the route beside the school, perhaps the Olympic spirit is rubbing off already?  She was not the only one, Jaron was keeping up with his dad & enjoying the Trail.  Paxo was looking after Meredith, & Underfelt the other horrors up at the Front, while Slug, 3D & their Gran kept with the junior Hares of Port & Starboard.

The Trail made its way out through a couple of back streets & then it turned out on to the Newmarket road to lead back in to Royston, still the FRB’s did not trust the Hare as they were up & down the high roadside bank, as well as going in & out of the trees they found the Trail hidden between.

            At the end of the road, by where the old Cinema once stood but now all that is there are hoardings that disguise the building site behind, the Trail came up to the roundabout opposite the entrance to Priory Park, Underfelt was found to be waiting at the crossing to push the button of r the approaching Hash, Mr X asked him if he had been promoted to ‘Lollipop man’ & he said it was indeed his new career!  Underfelt held back & made sure that the Horrors all crossed over safely, the RA continued over into the Park.

            The Park is pretty well kept with the bright, colourful flowers in bloom, & with the lawns immaculately mown to complement the majestic building of St John the Baptist Church.  While My Lil’, Sludge, Skip & Little Hole all made their way over toward the old Market end of the Park, the RA went over to the memorial in the middle of the immaculately kept green area, Fliptop was under the impression that he was going to short cut, but in fact he went to read the inscription dedicated to the Men of the 91st Bomber Group (H) of the USAAF 1942-45 it reads “Their courage & dedication to duty led to an allied victory & peace.

            The RA knew that there was no Trail if he had continued over to the other exit, not since Sludge had already been over there & back ahead of him!  The Pack passed by the group of local youths, milling about by the south entrance, out of which the Trail turned right to head westward by the Green Man & then the Bull, on by the old Market Square to take to the Pack up over Market Hill.  It then ran around the back streets alleys of Princes Mews to emerge on to the very edge of the Heath.  Down to the Baldock road to cross over & come back Inn via Tannery Drift & Green Drift.

There were some obvious SCBing from the GM, My Lil’, Sludge, Little Hole & the RA, perhaps falling for so many false Trails had taken its toll on the FRBs, though the latter was knackered from the Weekend Wedding & was also desperate for a pee & there was no opportunity around this Trail to scare any squirrels! 

Kylie was very vocal about the FRBs sudden SCBing at the end of the Trail, as the likes of himself, No Eye Deer, T-B-T OBE, Party Animal & Psycho were amongst those putting the Keenies to shame, not to mention the younger Hares & Horrors going around with their parents & grandparents!

As the RA went out to get changed & just as he had finished putting on fresh clothes, Hyena came walking in to the car park, after he had a very late start he managed to get around the whole of the Trail with no short cuts.  Mind you there was more freshly laid flour out there by then!

After Sis had been around & mugged the Pack to fill in the forms for the 1500th May Ballnext Year, the Down Downs took place.  The first ones went to only two of the Hares, the junior ones had been taken off by 3D to bed as they were tired!  Underfelt, the senior of these two Hares struggled with his Hit, but with a good aim some of the Ale went over his shoulder & the GM, meanwhile Slug managed fairly well with his Hit!! 

Party Animal was out for completing her 100th Herts Hash Trail!  Skip & My Lil’ were out for the cock-up with Skips Run numbers not being updated from the old Book to the new one, plus Skip saying that the Family Nutter weren’t turning out this week to wind up Party Animal! 

No Eye Deer was out for returning to the Hash, after several weeks’ absence.  Finally Porky Pie was out for the RA, spotting through bleary eyes at JFK & Hoggy’s Wedding what looked like Porky Pie had won a Gold Medal in the Olympic Long Jump, but it turns out to be a chap called Greg Rutherford.