Run No. 1463                20th August 2012

Venue:                           The Plume of Feathers

Beer:                              Trelawney; London Pride; Everardís Tiger

Location:                       Ickleford

Hare(s):                         Sludge & Porky Pie

Runners:                       26

Virgins:                          0

Visitors:                         0

AprŤs                             0

Newies:                         0                        

Hounds:                        2

Total:                             28

Membership:               Celebrating the GMís Birthday!



                It was a warm, balmy evening but fortunately not as hot as it was over the weekend.  That was too hot too soon.  The Pack slowly arrived at the Pub, some hadnít as far to come as others to get there.  ARP & Porky Pie werenít just the nearest to the venue, as Kermit, Goldfinger & Hooker (From Cambridge H3 & formerly of H5) all turned out as well, especially as the Plume of Feathers is their local watering hole.

                Psycho was full of it after having attended the Proms over the weekend, where she happened to bump in to DOA, who managed to get a front row seat!  Psycho was asked whether it was the Wallace & Gromit night, sadly it wasnít!

The GM managed to called the circle together just after the minute hand ticked on by the hour, those gathered in the car park admired the doves cooing away in their dovecotes as Sludge got things going.  Sludge welcomed the Pack, he added that it was his Birthday R*n, to which the RA asked if ďSludge had received a telegram from the Queen this morning?Ē  When Sludge replied, ďNo!Ē Mr X added that it must be due next year!

With getting the Run Number was correct, Sludge then he moved on to introduce Porky Pie as his co-Hare. He went on to make out that the Trail would be a long one, but not many where going to fall for that!  Then, with a ďThe Trail begins at 270!Ē the senior Hare directed the Pack out of the car park, most gathered that this meant the degrees from North that the Trail would head away at?

The Dust was found leading out of the Pub & the Pack were soon on to one of the local back-roads, the FRBs were quickly on to a tarmac path leading westward on a tree lined route out to the Bedford road, away from the near by playing fields.

Zebedee was the first up this route & he led the likes of My Lilí, Mr X, Skip, Hooker, Lofty & Henry on that route, even Porky Pie went along to encourage the Pack to take to what would turn out to be a long False Trail!  Perhaps the RA should have heeded Sludgeís words to TBT OBE when Sludge said that he wanted him to come back as he needed to have a word with him!

The Trail was now picked up on the footpath leading out over the edge of the Sports field, passing by the concrete block of a sports Hall that slightly resembled a Berlin bunker!  The footpath passed through the hedge at the back of the sports ground & now led out over the open crop fields beyond.  Crunching with large strides through the cellulite remains of the harvested wheat crop, Zebedee was told by Sludge that if he knew someone of his running ability was there he would have made the Falsies longer!

Hooker & My Lilí were found by the RA as they stood by the farm track leading off westward to the Bedford road, there was no CHK there & it turned out that they were just milling around in the hope that Zebedee had got it wrong again as he continued on along the footpath to the North-west, in the direction of Pinchgut Hall.

Zebedee was ďOn!Ē as the Dust led on to a CHK, which was found on the wooden planks that made up a bridge over a brook that runs within the double hedgerow.  Zebedee took to the footpath that runs within the tree line, heading from the Bedford road & over toward Snailswell, but he didnít like the fact that the route was slightly overgrown with nettles & turned back.

The RA also found the way out to the Bedford road was overgrown with nettles & brambles, but he knew that at this time of year nettles donít sting, so he safely brushed by them only to find that there was no Dust that way.  On his return to the CHK, the RA was surprised to see that most of the Pack were on the field on the south side of the hedgerow, they were running on the edge of the field of stubble on a route that wasnít a footpath!

The RA tut-tutted as he saw Sludge lead Psycho, Party Animal, No Eyed Deer, Flanders, ARP & Hyena on this easier option of Trespassing with the senior Hare!  Meanwhile the RA followed on as Zebedee turned tail again to run back in to the tree-line, with the nettles.  The Pack ran beyond the Hedgerow to see a combine & tractor bringing in the crop ahead of them in the northern field, a thick plume of dust blew across the route the Hash were on, most covered their noses & mouths until they had passed by.

The Trail emerged out near to short narrow path through to the dead end of Snailswell lane, a CHK was found there & the Hares both had fun in luring the FRBs in all directions, Goes Quietly headed Northward on the Farm track as again one of the Hares accompanied him up a Falsie, while others found the T on Snailswell lane.

The was a lot of going back & forth as the Keenies were teased as to which way the Trail went, this allowed TBT OBE to hobble up with the other SCBS before Skip, Paxo & Hooker eventually picked up the correct Trail on the footpath behind the local stables & there accompanying paddocks.

Surprisingly the Pack were now heading southward back toward Ickleford, but no one was being fooled that they were heading back to the On Inn already, Hareís Birthday or not!  Hooker was first around the bend of the corner of the paddock, an arrow direct the Pack away from the alleyway leading back to Upper Green. 

The Pack followed the outer perimeter of the paddock as the direction of the path then turned toward the north-eastward as the path ran behind the homes on Chambers Lane.  It seemed that he was using Hooker was up ahead by utilizing his local knowledge, he even had time to look at the back garden of a house a friend of his used to own, those up with him agreed that it had a spectacular view out over the open fields to the north.

A CHK was found by a footpath in a laurel hedged alleyway that leads out to the Arlesey Road, Mr X searched this but found no Dust out there, so it was back to the edge of the fields behind the paddocks.

The Trail was found running further around the outer perimeter of the crop field, until it reached a CHK were the old Railway line to Bedford used to run north-eastward from Hitchin.  Mr X was called on by Hooker after he, My Lilí & Zebedee found the Trail on this old route that the GM once too a train on, Mr X made his way back from looking further around the edge of the field & joined them over to its top end.

                 A CHK was found on the east-west path running along the top of the cropped field, from here Zebedee & Goes Quietly chose the wrong option as they searched westward, meanwhile My Lilí & Hooker were on the right way by heading eastward toward the Arlesey road, again the RA was aghast to see that Skip & Lofty were cropping across the stubble once they had seen the FRBs were on their way over to the corner of the field.

Skip & Lofty were not the only ones to take a short cut, the Senior Hare was leading the rest on a rally short, short cut further back where the RA had looked out on the Arlesey Road earlier on.  Others like TBT OBE, were following on behind Kermit & Goldfinger as they made their way around the perimeter of the field to join the Keenies on the way out to Lower Green Farm.

The Trail came out by the caravan park off of Snailswell lane, the FRBs came out to a series of paddocks.  There was one horse in a single paddock, which was roped off with an electric fence in the larger field, where Hash Hush was respected as the horse ran around in circles & the Hash didnít want to excite the nag too much, Ewok stopped to admire this equine. 

The Dust made its way up to go through a hedgerow & then it turned back to take to a dry farm track which weaved its way out through Lower Green farm.  A CHK was found on the green space outside of Lower Green Farm here Ketchup & Jaron joined the FRBs after taking the Short, Short Cut earlier on to come down from the Arlesey Road. 

My Lilí was about to wander off toward the most this direct route back on the road, but he was called back by the Hare as called him on to follow the Dust from the CHK on the green to make their way out on to the Arlesey Road to the north, passing by a pumping station which was no doubt of interest to Hyena.

Just beyond the pumping station & the Trail crossed over the River Hiz, but before reaching the railway bridge on the s-bend road, an arrow was found to indicate the Hash should crossover the narrow road & take to the path by the solitary cottage, the SCBs were already out in the horse paddock behind the small holding {Steady there Pebbledash! - Ed]. 

There were quite a few nags within the meadow land beside the Hiz, the Trail headed to the east side of the field, with new wooden duckboards to keep those using the path from having to go through the very deep areas of shiggy that the resident nags had created in the damp ground with a high water table.

Here Psycho, Party Animal, Flanders & T-B-T were among those up ahead of the FRBs. Pumper, Ewaroowar & Roger the Cabin Boy were there too, Pumper really enjoyed this bit of the Trail as she could get to stroke & pat the horses, who were very docile, which was lucky as she was heard calling way when she had gone on from the nags.

                The Pack followed the Trail as it ran over the small ridge that made a natural barrier between the fields, on the decent down away from the horse field & on through to a cattle field, the Pack could see a couple of construction cranes up above the tree line for the path to & from the Cadwell Crossing on the Train line.  It was around here that Zing-a-long-a-max caught up after his late start.

                The Held CHK was found on the sheltered path to the Cadwell crossing, right by an old pond that looked like a prime place for biting insects to breed!  Fortunately Porky Pie didnít have the FRBs hanging about too long here & once they could check it out again, the FRBs would be led away from the obvious route back Inn!  Some had to be called back from the Arlesey road.

Porky Pie explained why the Keenies were taking a convoluted route back Inn, it was because the Hares couldnít help but take the FRBS up to see the under construction Hitchin Curve, its certainly coming a long as a huge long arcing bridge could be seen in the near distance, this will allow trains to & from Cambridge to get on to the Kings Cross main line with out having to cross over the points from the Great Northern Eastcoast Route.  This is the second biggest bottle neck on the mainline routes, but once alleviated it will allow more Trains to run quicker services on both lines.

The Pack made their way up to the huge bank of white chalk spoil from the construction work, a CHK was found on the edge of the old embankment that the Bedford line once used to run along on its way from Hitchin.  The FRB didnít hang around from here, the obvious route was down the bank & over to the footpath down by the edge of the River Hiz, this proved to be the correct one.  This was the famous path that was completely over grown by nettles when Kylie set a run along it a few years ago.

This year the path was a bit clearer, though there were a few interloping nettles & brambles along the way, but it was the deep holes that were of more concern, especially with TBT OBE in the Pack this week.  The Trail came out on to a wooden bridge made of railway sleepers that spans the Hiz, once over this & the Trail through Icknield Close, where the On Inn was found, this was opposite Upper Green so it was straight over the road & back to the Plume of Feathers.  Just as the Senior Hare approached the Pub, he read out the time of 59 minutes & 50 seconds to My Lilí to prove that the Trail was fractionally under the Hour.

The Pack were surprised to see Spotted Dick & Custard arrive in their other car just as the Pack returned home, then they noticed that Custard was wearing a back-brace & had severely bruised feet.  This was due to them being involved in a head on collision down near Exeter, where some idiot over took on the single carriage road.  They were lucky to survive & it is somewhat of a testament to how cars have become safer that they did.

Once in the back garden, the Circle was held & the Hares were called forward to accept a Down-Down for setting a great Trail of an hour.  My Lií was out after Ewarwoowar & Pumper discovered that their Run numbers hadnít been transferred to the new book!

Porky Pie was out again, this time with ARP for putting up with a lot of Hashes crashing in their house after they missed the last train back, after Porky Pies Stag evening, where Porky had claimed that ARP hadnít heard anyone in the house (the RA described as being as quiet as Fairy Elephants) which ARP who then admitted that she did hear the fairy elephants Hashers in da House!

Zebedee was out for falling for the most Trails, while Hooker, Goldfinger & Kermit were out for using their local knowledge on this Trail!  Spotted Dick & Custard were out as the braved the pain & managed to get to the Hash after all that had happened with the car crash, & the fact that Custard didnít think twice about a Gin when she was asked what she would like to drink!

The Pack then settled in to the Pub, where they had laid on a magnificent spread of local sausages, with chips, onions & bread.  It was so good & plenty of it, that Roger the Cabin Boy took a sausage home for Charlie (The Dog on wheels), the RA said that he bet Kylie didnít get it! [The Sausage, Pebbledash! Ė Ed]