Run No. 1464               27th August 2012

Venue:                          The GM’s Gaff

Beer:                              Hobgoblin, Pedigree, Nuns Delight (Bishops Finger!)

Location:                      ST Evenage

Hare(s):                         Sludge

Runners:                      14

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Après                            4

Newies:                        0                        

Hounds:                       0

Total:                            18

Membership:              On! On! to the past! In Bank Holiday Mood!


The Event


The Curate was first to arrive and able to park on Sludge’s drive.  Later arrivals were asked to park at the end of the close and walk the few yards to Sludge’s house.

The run set off a few minutes after 12, midday, having allowed some time for ‘lost en route’ 2-1-2 Maureen to turn up.  She never did, not least until much later.  The Hare had advised the pack that we were in for some sort of ‘magical history tour’ interspersed with the usual false trails etc and so it proved.

The run being largely around the back streets of Old Stevenage before proceeding to the town centre and a circuitous route home [Who gave the Curate a Dictionary for his Birthday? – Ed].  On this particular Trail we were told an ‘H’ in a circle represented a history stop as each time Sludge drip fed us some of his family history.  Good job they were not Chinese – work it out!!!!!!!!

 Indeed the run took us past St Nicholas Church, where his parents were married.   Am not sure whether he was really named after the church or if he was joking – after all what if it had been St Cuthbertsons?  What he didn’t tell us was, that the urge to leave one’s mark upon buildings for posterity is by no means a recent phenomenon as evidenced by the pillars in the church.  These contain a great number and variety of graffiti from mediaeval times. In addition to Sludge’s knowledge of his family history, they might also have given us some insight into the minds of his mediaeval members.

We also had ‘H’ stops at three separate houses all abided within by Sludge’s grandparents at some point in time – they moved about a bit, we didn’t learn why. The last stop was at Sludge’s secondary school – The Thomas  Alleyne School founded in 1558 (Sludge joined Slightly later).....this, it was noted, had padlocks on the iron gates which fronted the road. Not sure if these were to keep miscreants out or in Sludge’s case – miscreants in

The run also took us past a park with water fountains in Bowling Green park – No Eye Dear told us she never knew it was there even though she apparently works just up the road; the railway station which had it not been a Bank Holiday would have been full of commuters. 

It was at the Station where Mr X & My Lil’ first Picked up the Trail, the Hare had deliberately set it over the Railway bridge for them to join in the all the Fun of the Hash after a weekend up at the Elgin Hash 1500th Weekend, which is the most regular northerly Hash in the UK!

The part of the Trail that ran through the Leisure Park would see Sparky falling for a long Falsie, to compound matters he stopped at the far end of this & waited for the rest to arrive, they never came as they had made their way by the new Stevenage Police Station.  Seems Sludge has no history here or at least none that can be mentioned.

The Curate was asked to write this report, but alas his concentration it seems was waylaid from remembering where the Trail went, instead his thoughts were hijacked by the talk from Pebbledash, Psycho & No Eye Deer as they discussed Fifty Shades of Grey!

All in all it was a fine run of some hour and a half.

Back at the house, whilst the Curate overlooked his flock from a rather comfortable ‘summer’ seat in the host’s conservatory, we were treated to some sumptuous food, washed down appropriately with fine ales. Farts and George took the opportunity to join the feast and later Mr X and Spermhead arrived from their weekend trip to the Elgin hash.

                The RA was glad to hear that the Curate had carried out his Duty in toasting Princess, it being the second anniversary of her passing.  Paxo & Psycho were on hand to remind him if he forgot!

Mr X & My Lil’ then got to hear from Psycho, Skip, Paxo, Ewok & a whole host of others that it was a very long Trail, if you did all of it & not start at the Station!  Anyhow, Sparky was very vocal about being left on his todd in the leisure park.

It seemed that the wine was going down well with some of the Harriettes, it was noticeable that Pebbledash was on form, especially at the way Ewok was fondling a large French stick!!  Meanwhile Pepé le pew was hankering to get his hands on the remaining half of the large Bakewell pudding that (the Absent) ARP had made, her courgette chocolate cake was pretty good as well!  Flanders said that ARP turned up early one morning & dropped off the cakes!

As the Pack slowly dispersed, after several Hours, it came about that Pepé le Pew had left this Tankard behind, but before the host could rescue it, the RA got his hands on it for the next Circle Pepé le Pew is at!


Down downs 

Sludge – for an ‘interesting’ run

 Sparky – for his 50th, for which he received a special T-Shirt & not the usual Herts 50 Run Bag!                                 

Pepé le Pew – for confusing his days of the week, we were running around the backstreets of Stevenage on MONDAY not SUNDAY!

No Eye Dear, Psycho & Pebbledash (Pepe’s wife) also known as Handcuffs, Rope and Candle Wax following their lurid discussions on the run about ‘Shades of Grey’ – ask them not me (Sloppy Seconds)!

Sloppy Seconds - for forgetting to thank the hosts                          

Sludge and Rachael – for being excellent hosts.