Run No. 1465              3rd September 2012

Venue:                          The Plough

Beer:                             McMullens AK; Country; Hop, Skip & Jump!

Location:                     Cuffley

Hare(s):                        Zing-a-long-a-max

Runners:                      15

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Après                             0

Newies:                        1                        

Hounds:                       0

Total:                            16

Membership:               Wary of the Velociraptor!


On the way through to this week’s Trail, Hyena picked up two of the usual suspects in the guise of Mr X & My Lil’, but there was one extra Hasher & this was Sir Crash Test Dummy from Oslo H3.  He just happens to be based in Hemel during the week for the next 6 months, but is back in Norway for the weekends.  So, he was making his first appearance on a Herts Hash just as we move on to Sunday Running!

Anyhow, the weather was superb for an evening Trail, Crash mentioned that the (Herts) RA had done a marvellous job with the weather, not that the RA was going to be swayed by any kind of flattery!

The Grand Monkey was one of the early arrivals at the venue, the Hare was also there as the rest of the Pack slowly arrived.  The Joint Monkey was pushing it for time as he arrived with T-B-T OBE & Crispy Bush, but it was Kylie who just scraped in as the GM turned his thoughts to addressing the Circle.

With it being such a fine evening, the weather conditions were just right for flying ants to start swarming, the GM pooh-poohed the idea as the ants have already flown in St Evenage, this was until they began to land on his yellow top!  The RA was not immune in lime green, as he quoted Father Dougal in Father Ted with a “Ted! Ted! The ants are back!”

Ants aside, Sludge got the R*n number correct, then after welcoming Crash to the Herts Hash, Sludge handed the Circle over to the Hare.  Zing-a-long-a-max was interrupted as he began his speil as Psycho mentioned the death that day of Max Bygraves!  Zing-a-long-a-max continued & was keen to elaborate on his story about the Trail being eight miles long, none of which was taken at face value!

The Herts Markings were explained to Crash & then the Hare directed the Pack out of the car park to the left to take to Bacons drive, off of Plough Hill road.  The Keenies were stopped almost immediately in their tracks as they looked at the tiny, wee blobs of flour that were spotted on the roadside path, there was plenty of laughter at the sight of these miniature markings!

The Lilliputian Trail descend down to St James Avenue, the Pack soon got a sense of how hilly it is around Cuffley as the Trail descended on to the first CHK was found.  Crash was soon going the wrong way down the residential u-shaped back street, as My Lil’ & Sludge both picked up the true Trail heading up the hill  on the road to the west.

At the top of the hill the Trail followed the bend around King James Avenue until the Pack was heading east once more, on the way down Crash managed to run on by Church Close where the Trail broke off before reaching the T junction with the Northaw Road East.

The Keenies were now going to take the loop out to the dead end of Church Close, where the Dust would take to an alleyway in the opposite corner to St Martin de Porres Church in the Cul-de-sac, this led out on between a few homes & then on to the bottom of Plough Hill road, the Trail crossed over & led up to the triangular Junction on the start of Station road.

Ahead of the Keenies on the descent down Station road were the Hare, TBT OBE, Crispy Bush & Hyena who had all been on the offered short cut.  Crash caught up with the SCBs as they passed by the parade of shops before Cuffley Station.

On the way down by the Tesco Express, there were plenty of the Pack who recalled the days when it was ‘The Cuffley’ Pub, then a Harvester before being ruined by Tesco! As well as Herts having Hashed from there, Sludge had set an Enfield Hash from there.

Skip & Mr X were just far enough behind Crash & My Lil’ not to see them emerged from another loop & back on to Station road beyond the entrance to it’s car park, instead they followed the Dust on the service road before the Station & then through a subway beneath it to come out in to the said car park & then back to the main road, there they were to bump in to TBT OBE, Crispy Bush & the Hare as they continued along this route toward Goff’s Oak!

The First Held CHK was found just after the Trail had crossed over the B156 to Goff’s oak, amongst the FRBs found loitering there by the RA was Paxo.  The FRBs could see up on the hill, in the distance nearer to Goffs Oak that there were a couple of combines busy working away & creating clouds of dust, no one wanted to run that way as the hill is steep & the dust cold have a few sneezing away.

Just as the Hare arrived to move the Keenies on, Paxo pointed out a poster on the telegraph pole outside of the Youth Club car park, it was a ‘lost pet’ poster which had a Velociraptor’s picture on it, with a description of its sharp claws & teeth etc., he went on to add that this was Psycho!

The RA was even more surprised when Skip & Little Hole didn’t stand up to defend Psycho’s honour!  They weren’t going to hang around just in case Psycho was within earshot!  She wasn’t, she was still on her way down with Dragon’s Den to the Held CHK.

My Lil’ & Limbs Sprouting were quick of the Mark & were running down the inside of the green field by the Youth Club, the Hare barked at those on the grass to get back out on to the road side of the hedge, but there are always a couple who disobey even the simplest of orders & so Sludge, My Lil’ & Limbs Sprouting didn’t go down to the kissing gate in the corner by the Cuffley Brook.

Skip, Little Hole, Paxo & the RA all took the correct route & soon discovered that the gate was slightly underused, a glance at the nettles encroaching on it were testimony to this.   They now set off over the green open space of the Youth Club, on the way Psycho & Dragon’s Den saw the FRBs heading back up the grass & so the girls cut off the corner, but not before Kylie had already carved a huge chunk out of the Trail on his Short Cut!

The Trail followed the course of the brook & up around to the edge of the hedgerow to now lead westward up in to the car park behind the local garage & factory units.  Little Hole almost missed where the footpath disappears through a hole in the large, overgrown bushy hedge at the back of the car park.  To one side of the Hedge the RA could hear Psycho & Dragons Den but he failed to see them as he emerged on the other side, he presumed that they had stopped to scare the squirrels!

The Trail now made its way out over some feral land before taking to the edge of a stubble field, the path kept beside the hedgerow as it headed southward, in the distance more combines could be seen up upon the rolling hillside to the south, more plumes of dust rose in to the air on this balmy evening.  Again a few hoped that the Trail would not head out that way to avoid any hay fever!

Crash, My Lil’ & Limbs Sprouting had pulled away from the rest of the Pack & had almost reached the woodland at the end of the field, they had found where the dust almost doubling back behind the hedgerow at a gap in to the adjacent field, they had worked their way northward & then over to the western hedge that runs beside the railway line, they were on the way southward.

The FRBs found a CHK by the railway bridge & the two Herts Hashers chose not to search through the brick bridge, they would be led away on a long Falsie out further southward, both the GM & HashBeer were happy to see My Lil’ get fooled on to this route, Skip too got in on the act with a “Well checked out Sir!”

Meanwhile Crash had passed under the Railway line & was well on his way up the hedged-in track that leads Nor’ by nor’ west up to the Northaw road East, on the way the pack passed by a guy out walking a very large bulldog cross mastiff!  Zing-a-along-a-max & Limbs Sprouting managed to get by this beast without it thinking that they were bones to chew on!

As the track headed further toward the road, a lot of cheering could be heard from the kids playing soccer on the King George playing fields to the left of the tree-line.  Crash was found hanging around up near the end of the road, the approaching RA & GM thought that he & Limbs Sprouting had found another Held CHK, but as it was a long stretch & been sometime since the last regroup they were having an impromptu regroup.

It wasn’t to be a respite for long as the Hare came up & marked the way to the west, the Keenies were led out in to the sports ground car park!  A short diversion around the grass then took place as the FRBs made their way around the back of the club houses & tennis courts before coming back out on to the Northaw road. Crash’s whistling got the attention of a couple of dogs being walked out near the busy playing fields, the RA envisioned a pack of ‘canine’ hounds following the Hash Back to the Pub!

Limbs Sprouting & Crash led the way down the Northaw Road West, Mr X, Skip, Little Hole & My Lil’ were soon behind them but lost ground as they waited for the traffic to ease so they could cross the road.  While the FRBs were negotiating the Traffic, the Hare put a short cut in for Hyena, 2-1-2 Maureen & TBT OBE to take them back on Northaw Road East & then up around northward to the On Inn!

Crash & Limbs Sprouting both went awry at the CHK down by a Northaw tributary running beneath the road, just beyond the road works.  One went off by the CHK on a private drive to a Pumping Station, while the other continued on toward Northaw!  The RA took the correct route on the footpath that heads northward through the grounds of the stables by Wells farm.

Mr X found the Trail but his FRBing would soon come to a halt after entering the second of the fields, first My Lil’ caught up, then Limbs & Crash passed by both of them on another long trot out through the bottom of the paddocks & fields for the equine activities that take place here, this is part of the Point to Point course held in Northaw, that the Hash had attended in the past until it got too expensive to go!

By now there was a lovely orange sunset beginning as the sun began to dip below the ridge of the hills to the west, ahead of the Pack was the more daunting sight of an uphill climb through the verdant woodland.

Sludge wasn’t keen on conquering this, nor was Mr X, Skip & Little Hole as they neared a CHK where the path turns from north to west.

My Lil’ didn’t hang about at the CHK & he was soon on to the footpath that headed due north through the woodland, Mr X & Co were glad to see that they weren’t getting left behind as they saw Crash come back from a Falsie out on the fields to the  west.  My Lil’s cries on “On! On!” could be heard echoing through the wood ahead.

It was a long & steady climb up to the top of the hill, on the way it was commented on how dark it was getting now.   The climb up was felt on the calves & thighs of the Pack who took this route, the Hare called out for the FRBs to “Conquer the Hill!”

Crash soon got by the other FRBs & the gloom of the wood land wasn’t missed when the Keenies emerged out on to the Ridgeway, at the top of this the Hare then tried to encourage the main body of the pack to turn westward & away from the most direct route to the On Inn.

The last loop was ideal for the likes of the Hare, Limbs Sprouting & Crash, all of whom had the build & energy to tackle the loop around on Carbone Bottom, behind the large expensive houses on the Ridgeway, those who thought better of it & took the official Short Cut could hear Crash whistling on his way on a parallel route to come out on to the end of the Ridgeway.

Near to the end of the Ridgeway, not far from where it becomes Plough Hill, some of the Pack got to see the memorial to William Leefe Robinson VC who shot the First German Airship a Schütte-Lanz L II over the UK in 1916, all of the Airship crew perished.  So popular was the site, that people visited from far & wide, there were even postcards

The end of the Trail was just around the corner & as the Keenies came in to the On Inn they saw Crispy Bush, TBT OBE, Hyena & 2-1-2 Maureen coming in from their Short Cut.  Psycho & Dragon’s Den probably were one of the last ones Inn as they opted to take the longer route, which would have meant more time to gossip!

The Pack settled onto the Pub patio, even though the Pub had reserved an area inside it was too warm to sit in!  Kylie commented on the Family Nutter tucking in to their own home made sarnies outside of the Pub, but wasn’t that shy in coming forward when he was offered some to eat!

Eventually the RA got the Down-Downs out of the way, once the GM had called the Circle together & toasted the Hash!  The Hare was rewarded for a fine Trail!  Paxo was out for the Velociraptor dig at Psycho; our newie of Crash was out for his first Herts Hash; Kylie was out for not getting any sausage [Careful Pebbledash! – Ed] when Roger the Cabin Boy stole a pork & black pudding one for Charlie the wheelie dog, which didn’t end up feeding Kylie!