Run No. 1468              23rd September 2012

Venue:                          The Crown

Beer:                             Doombar

Location:                      Hunsdon

Hare(s):                         Paxo & Backpack

Runners:                      16

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        2

Après                            3

Newies:                        0                        

Hounds:                      1

Total:                            22

Membership:              More than last time!


The Pack gathered in the car park behind the Pub, Mr X drove over this week & was first to be parked up there.  2-1-2 Maureen decided to move her car from the front car park to the back one.  She then backed her car in next to the RA’s leaving no more than a cigarette paper’s width between the two vehicles, she opened her window & said to Mr X have you got enough room?  The answer to that was a resounding “Look at me!”

2-1-2 Maureen then moved her car further away, with enough room for the RA to get out of his car & he thought that things were safe, then suddenly there was a loud bang………. This wasn’t the shooting over by Hunsdon Lodge Farm but 2-1-2 Maureen opening her door straight in to the RA’s freshly polished car!

The Pack braved the cool wind & started to gather out in the car park, to while away the ten minutes before the Circle was called, a few of the Pack, who at their age should know better, decided that they would pick the tops off of the teasels in the at the edge of the car park & throw these at he GM, who was wearing his 300 Run coat & this was the best target with it being like a ‘Fuzzyfelt’ kids picture making game.

Sparky was spotted driving along to the front car park, where his would be the only car.  He had rung up the Hare Raiser early that morning to check that the venue was the Crown!  Paxo thought it was best to go out to the front to make sure that he knew that the rest of the Pack were out the back, it wouldn’t have been fair if he had thought that no one was at the Pub & he was to drive home with out looking for any Trail markings outside of the venue!

Eventually Sludge noticed that he was covered in teasels & took off his jacket, the next round of teasels came in like a bombardment as he stood in the centre to call the Circle together, as he said he was now an obvious target!  The Hare was introduced & he went through what the Pack could expect out there "On Trail’, the talk of it taking himself & Back Pack three hours to set it were not taken to heart.

This week saw two Virgins, in the guise of Bastian & Johannes who arrived on their bikes, having peddled all the way from Sawbridgeworth.  They had been talked into turning out by Vanessa, who is a volunteer there as well & Hashed in Paris but hasn’t managed to make a Herts Trail yet!  They had already been shown the Herts Markings by the Hare, & were soon joining the rest of the Pack as the Trail began outside of the Pub.  Quickly they moved off to pass by the old village pump, decorated with flowers in the centre of the picturesque village.

The Trail led down the dead-end Drury lane, passing by a strange Scandinavian-style, sports-hall looking, black building that looks so out of place compared to everything else in the village.  A CHK was found at the kissing gate at the end of the lane, to the right there are a number of concrete pill-boxes hidden within the wooded area at the end of the garden to the large end home on Drury Lane.

From the CHK, Sparky & Pepé le Pew led the way out to the southeast on a footpath over the harvested crop fields to the southeast of Hunsdon Lodge Farm.  The sound of the popping of the shotguns that were in the distance, were now getting louder, the noise was compounded by an echo of coming back for the woodland away from the Farm.  Why is it that if there is any shooting taking place, the Trail always seems to head toward it?

Sparky & Pepé le Pew came back when a T was found, by which time the Hare had made sure that the correct route had been marked as Sloppy Seconds, Sludge, Fliptop, Bastian & Johannes all found the correct Trail on the uncapped, hardcore path running on the other side of the farm buildings, this soon dropped down in to the fields to the north of the farm.

The likes of Sloppy, Sludge lured the two Virgins off of the proper path by going went awry & sticking by the farm buildings, they were called back by the Hare to join the rest cutting through the nettle line field edge & then in crossing over the recently harrowed earth to Black Hut wood in the north east.  On to the concrete access road to the Airstrip, an arrow misdirected My Lil’ & Sparky off away to the North, a Bar CHK would eventually stop them a long way out.

The Trail was found by the RA inside the eastern corner of Black Hut wood, this desire line weaves its was way through trees to the west edge of the wood, passing over the series of World War Two trenches & old concrete buildings that remain as testimony to this area’s former history as an active Airfield.

A CHK was found on the hardcore drive in to the Airfield that cuts between the two halves of Black Hut wood, from here Skip, Mr X & Sludge all looked up toward the Airstrip but nothing was found, even when they were almost up to the grassy strip & not far from the memorial.  Calls of “On!” could be heard back behind these FRBs, the Trail had been picked up on the east edge of the woodland.

Pepé le Pew & Sloppy led the way southward as the Trail left the wood side & came down to a CHK in the centre of the open field, at Junction with another footpath running from north to south, this path has the name of Cockrobin lane! [Careful Pebbledash! – Ed] Sloppy Seconds now thought that he knew where the Trail was going to from here, like Mr X & Sludge, who had run the last Trail from the Crown, he also thought that they were running this previous Trail but the other way around, as the first part of the Run this morning was the Inn Trail earlier in the year!

They would be wrong, well to a point, as “On!” was called in the opposite direction to head northward before following the Trail on through Queens wood & then out eastward over above Battles wood in the next field & then to the farm track from High Trees.  Further over to the north the Pack looked over to see Fartin Martin & Dragon’s Den over on a different path, walking along with Ben.

Arrows on a footpath signpost directed the Hash southward down the track to Overhall farm, it was a long trot until the Pack reached the Held CHK, on the way it was noticed that Skip was leading Psycho, Pebbledash, Puddles & Spillage off down the edge of Battles wood where there was no Trail at all, a wee bit of shirt cutting would bring them back on track by way of a tractor trail from the wood!

Paxo could see a figure dressed in red way up ahead of the rest of the Pack, he thought that this was Pepé le Pew, since he too was decked out in Red.  The RA had to explain that it was a civilian out running on the Trail, but he had continued beyond the Held CHK in the direction of Harlow, where the Large white buildings of the high rises & Princess Alexandra hospital could be seen looming in the distance.  But Pepé le Pew was found sitting with Sparky at the Held CHK on a T junction with another farm track of to the west.           

Before Harlow in the background, the Spire to the Church by Overhall Farm, just north of Gilston, could be seen nestling in amongst the green trees, also billows of smoke could be seen rising up from before the farm, was this creating a barrier to stop the view of Harlow spoiling the vista.  Or was a burning trench to stop any invasion of Hertfordshire from across the county border?

The Hare tried to butter up his Pack as he offered various sweets, though the bag in his front trouser pocket was the least favourable one to those who saw where it was produced from.  In the far off distance the Pack could see Fartin Martin & Dragon’s Den with Ben, then another figure came jogging along & it looked like a Hashers gait rather than that of an athlete.  It turned out to be Goes Quietly, who had a late start this week.

            With Pebbledash, 2-1-2 Maureen, Puddles, Spillage & Psycho all coming off of their long short cut on to the farm track, the FRBs were released again by the Hare, the major consensus was to head westward on the farm track

back toward the end of the Airfield. It was about this point in the Trail that the weather broke & the precipitation began to fall, combined with the cold wind it was starting to become a little unpleasant out there.

Pepé le Pew & My Lil’ both pulled away from the rest of the Pack as they headed toward the tractors out harrowing the fields up ahead, even in the rain there was still a cloud of dust emanating from the machinery as it trundled along.

Pepé le Pew was first to the CHK where Cockrobin lane [Steady there Pebbledash! - Ed] crosses the concrete access road, he continued on a little further to take to the left hand option at the crossroads with the concrete drive down from Black Hut wood, a sign warned that the Airfield is in use & trespassing was not allowed up the green strip of the landing field that runs through the crop fields to the northeast.

Pepé le Pew ran a long way around this perimeter road of the Airfield, he was eventually brought back by the Hare, as was My Lil’, Sparky & Mr X who had continued up by the harrowing taking place by a huge tractor with caterpillar tracks!  Even Sparky’s horn-blowing was drowned out by the sound of the large tractor.

Looking back to the Pack, the RA could see Skip standing by a solitary bush at the side of the concrete road, just slightly back from the CHK.  It appeared that he may have been scaring the squirrels in there, before the Harriettes of Puddles, Spillage, 2-1-2 Maureen, Pebbledash & Psycho all made up the ground on the Keenies & scared the life out of him.

The Two Virgins were quickly out over yet more ploughed & harrowed ground, they would have been on the route that Cockrobin lane [Steady again there Pebbledash!-  Ed] takes to a point where it turns from south to west, to come out parallel to the concrete route that Pepé le Pew had just been called back from.

The Trail finally reached a bit of smoother uncultivated footpath, this green grassy route was easier to run on as it led by an old war-time concrete structure, broken up within the tree line, & then past a bench which is no doubt there for people to watch the aircraft taking off.  Sloppy Seconds, Sparky & Pepé le Pew all headed out further westward, & then disappeared near to Tuck’s Spring wood. 

The Hare was mystified as to where Pepé & Co. had gone, since there was no Dust up that way toward Copthall, not the Barnet one that will be Saracen’s New Home next year, & then Hunsdonbury, but there wasn’t much Dust anywhere else as the harrowing of the fields had also taken place over the footpath the Trail would have taken across the brown earth toward the Airstrip once again.

Paxo thought better of it than let the Pack run over in front of a stationery Tractor & instead of using the Hashes right to roam across the footpath, he let Sludge, Skip, Fliptop, Mr X & My Lil’ wander along the concrete perimeter road until it finally came out toward the edge of Acorn Street.

For most it seemed like a long drudge back, Sloppy Seconds & Sparky both short cutted up from where they had gone wrong, while Pepé le Pew went all the way back to the CHK!  One final Pill-box was seen as the Pack left the Airfield, the two Airfield Windsocks [Not the Essex Hasher! – Ed!]  With one by the roadside entrance, could be fluttering at a 90 degree angle.

The On Inn was found on Acorn lane as the Pack made their way back to the village’s High Street Pub.  Some took to changing under the Bus Shelter, while others did so inside the Pub.  Once dried, & having hung his damp T-shirt on the Pub heater, Sloppy Seconds was up for a game of Pool, seems that Sloppy Seconds is a bit of a Hustler.

Meanwhile others chatted to the two Virgins, reminding them that their Mother Hash is now Herts, & they did seemed keen to try Hashing back in their homeland, as well as other overseas places.  Hopefully these two have caught the bug like the rest of us?

The Circle was called fairly early, just before the Grand Monkey toasted the Hash, TBT OBE arrived after a hard days marshalling the sailing club!  With the Hash toasted, then the RA was called forward.  The Hare was rewarded for a great Trail, which especially caught out those who ran from this venue last time, when only three others turned out!  Paxo pointed out to the Virgins that they could quaff down their Ale a lot faster than he!

Sloppy was out for his bemoaning “I am never going to Run another Paxo Trail from here, I got soaked last time & soaked this time!” & falling foul of the Hare’s trickery with Falsies where the previous Trail had been before.

Sparky & Pepé le Pew were out for lost property, of a Herts 100 Run tankard & a Horn respectively, Pepé le Pew only realised that the reclining nude woman that makes up his tankard handle had been given a bikini set to wear!

2-1-2 Maureen was out for whacking the RA’ car with her car door, he’ll be out touching up the bodywork when the rain stops!  The words ‘Touching up’ & ‘Bodywork’ had Pebbledash going!

Finally the two Virgins were out & it was nice to see that National Rivalries don’t just exist in the UK as it was pointed out by Bastien, who is Dutch, that Johannes won because he’s German & they always have to come first [Makes you feel sorry of the Fraüleins?- Ed]

 Back inside the Pub & the Pool match resumed, while Sparky continued to go on about the On Inn being moved across the road from the Red Cow a couple of weeks ago.  Mr X said that he was over it & not losing any sleep at all on the matter!  Others delighted the Virgins by explaining the plus side of Hashing, its social side.

Once the Circle was safely out of the way the Pack were joined by Ewok & Backpack, with Ewok mentioning that she wasn’t going to go around in the rain, not having been out here before.  Others would discover that Ben is rather jealous of Fartin Martin & wasn’t the same hound out of Dragon’s Den’s company, Grrrrrr!

Psycho & Skip set off, but somewhere on the way back Psycho realised that she had left a bag behind, she tried calling the RA, but his phone was off while he was driving so had to call others to try & rescue it, which will not stop her from getting a Down-Down!