Run No. 1472               21st October 2012

Venue:                          The Greyhound

Beer:                              McMullens AK, Country, Cask & Hoppy Daze

Location:                      Bengeo

Hare(s):                         Paxo

Runners:                      12

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Après                            0

Newies:                        0                        

Hounds:                      1

Total:                            13

Membership:              In the pits!


This Trail saw a lower turnout this week, nether-the-less the numbers were boosted by the arrival of Tent Packer. He hails from Qatar Hash, yes another one has joined the ranks of Herts after returning from overseas, he along with TBT OBE & Sparky make up the Herts Qatar contingent.  Are there any left over there?

                Paxo was the Hare for this week & he would set a Trail up to his usual standards.  Lofty & Henry also came along this week to boost the flagging numbers, as the only (proper) hound on the Trail Lofty would have to keep an eye on where he wandered if anyone believe Paxo when he said there was “Quicksand” out on the Trail!!

The Trail began by leading over the pedestrian crossing just up from the Pub, once safely over to the School side of the road the Dust was found leading around the bend by the school grounds & then off of the roundabout & on to the Sacombe lane.

The Pack were taken down by the newer homes lining one side of the lane, having moved further northwest & the Pack would pass by the new estate that is still under construction, in the hedge over by the Garden Centre side of the lane, hidden in the hedgerow there was an old Hertford Boundary cast-iron marker post with HM BB 1892 cast on it, this was discovered during the construction of the new drive way to the serenity homes site & was repositioned only this year.

Further along & the lure of a running through a small park almost tempted a few away but the Trail continued down Sacombe lane until it reached a CHK by the dead-end, narrow off shoot of Orchard lane.

Dust was found at the end of Orchard lane, where the tarmac gives way to an uncapped by-way that leads away down to the southwest through the wooded hillside of Great Mole wood.  The way was littered with golden yellow leaves that have fallen from the trees, the Dust would lead on to a CHK by a split in the path. 

There was no Trail straight on where the by-way heads all the way out toward the Stevenage road, instead the Dust would be found beyond a fallen tree that blocked the view down through the avenue within the wood that leads down off to the west & out to the railway bridge on the edge of Waterford Common. 

Passing beneath the brick railway arch, with the Hertford Loop line above them, the Pack could view some of the graffiti on the inside, though with the deep Shiggy around these parts it was best to watch where Hash boots would be placed.

The Graffiti included a small white figure who had been run through by a water pipe sticking out of the wall, there was a red stain coming out of the ‘victim’s neck’ as if it had been killed by the emerging pipe.  This would be pretty appropriate for a Friday 13th Hash!

The Trail passed beneath the line & soon had the Pack making their way around the Waterford common, along the way over the open access land, there was plenty of churned up Shiggy & cowpats to avoid on what is effectively a meadow that would act as flood plains for the wide stretches of the river Beane, as it weaves its way through the low valley toward Hertford to join the Lea & the Mimram.

The Trail would head northward utilising the worn grass paths over the meadow with its wild grass land in the centre to led down by the river & along the way there would by weeping willows & poplars lining parts of the route, also the Pack could take in that distinctive smell rising up from the squat, square concrete drainage access points that are dotted in a line across the common, no doubt Hyena appreciated the odours here as it would remind him of w*rk.

Dust would lead up to a gate in the hedgerow to the east, near to where the common narrows before reaching its northern end by Vicarage lane.  On the wooden upright posts for the gate to the footpath leading up between two properties on the hillside, there were no less than three H’s chalked within Circles to indicate that this was a Held CHK!  So, it was a surprise when the Pack congregated here & soon discovered that My Lil’ had not bothered to stop.

The Trail resumed by climbing up the hedged-in path & out on to Vicarage road, the Trail would still continue to climb as it followed the narrow rustic lane up out of Waterford & up to the single lane road bridge over the Hertford Loop line railway.

A CHK was found by a power substation to one side of the narrow lane, the options on the north side of the lane would prove to be false & instead the Trail would be picked up on the footpath running eastward beside the substation, the way would soon disappear back in to woodland.

The Trail began to rise slightly as it came up to the top of the ridge before the drop down in to the wide open area below that used to be a quarry.   This reclaimed area is now the Waterford heath Community Nature Park

Once down the wooden Steps a CHK was found & from here there are a myriad of paths to run the Hash around, the obvious options straight ahead to the east were not the correct choice, instead the Trail would head southward.

Once through the metal kissing gate in the fence, the Trail would head eastward on a long path up between the fenced off deeper pits in amongst the spinneys & thickets that lead back up toward northern end of Great Moles wood.

The Trail would come out by the end of this woodland, & of course as this being a Paxo Trail the On Inn back on to the Sacombe Lane had to be by a small of road car park that looks like a prime location for a ‘Dogging Spot’.

The Circle was called & with the absence of the RA for the Run on Sunday Morning, the Curate was there to award the Down-Downs this week, Paxo received his for a good trail, no quicksand!  Tentpacker (ex Quatar Hash) for his first Herts Hash Trail;  Spermhead for missing the Held check for the second week running.