Run No. 1477               24th November 2012

Venue:                          The Half Moon

Beer:                             Tolly Roger, JHB, Adnams Broadside, Oakham, Dark Mild to name a few

Location:                      Hitchin

Hare(s):                         My Lil’

Runners:                      14

Virgins:                         6

Visitors:                        0

Après                            0

Newies:                        2                        

Hounds:                       0

Total:                            24

Membership:              Hoorah for Stirring Sunday!


                Although it was a crisp cold wind blowing this morning, once out of the stiff breeze the glow of the sun in the blue sky could be felt.  For the third week running, the day before the Trail the conditions were too dire to set it & the Hare ended up laying it on the Sunday morning when it was bright & sunny.

                Having staggered down from the Hitchin Kitchen, after devouring a full English, Hyena, My Lil’ & Mr X arrived at the Half Moon, there they met the Landlord who was just back from walking Moon (the Pub dog).  Then they were approached by Doggie Style & she asked if these three reprobates were with the Herts Hash?  They were indeed said Mr X. Doggie Style then went on to say that she was with a party of eight who had emailed about doing a Herts Hash.

                Doggie Style (Grenada WI) was joined by Joshua, Lewis, Colin, Irene, Kane, Judy & Brian as some of the regulars of the Herts Hash slowly began to arrive.  Once the Joint Monkey was present he started about explaining things to the Virgins & Newies, the Pack were getting late at circling up.

Lemming & Mother arrived, having made their way through the coaching gate & up in to the Pub car park, Lemming decided that he would prove to one of the Virgin Horrors that he was taller than the poor lad! [Can’t call him a big bully can we! – Ed] The RA kept an eye on Lemming, as if anyone would do any ‘picking on’ it would be the RA in the closing Circle!

Finally the Joint Monkey called the show together.  On the lips of the regular Herts crew were the words “Will Paxo get the R*n number correct?” unfortunately he did get it correct, so this left the regulars the option of using up their jeering & cat-calling for the Hare, as My Lil’ stepped forward!

Hopefully the Newbies weren’t put off by the barracking of the Hare [Take are word that it really only happens to this particular Hare, Oh! & Kylie! – Ed] My Lil’ started to go through what the Pack could expect to encounter out there & then went through Herts Trail markings for the Newbies.

It was also that mentioned that there were short cuts & a Held CHK along the route, which did get a cheer!  Then without further ado the Pack were ushered away out of the coaching gates & off down to the south end of Queens Street & on to the bottom of Hitchin Hill road.

                Passing by the Lister Hotel, named after Sir Joseph Lister the pioneer of antiseptic surgery, the use of Carbolic Acid.  Just beyond the Hotel the First CHK was found, nestling at the bottom of the footpath running up Stand hill.  The RA choose to look further southward along the lower road, but he was soon stopped in his tracks as “On!” was called from the footpath rising up to the east.

                Clambering up the steep walled-in incline was a slow affair for most, not only as it was so soon in to the Trail but for some it was not long after having a big breakfast & this would lay heavy for some time.  The likes of Porky Pie was not at all handicapped in any such way, he was soon up & beyond the CHK halfway up the tarmac footpath.  He would Run up to find a T on the end of Sandy Grove, he would be back down as the Trail was picked up on the uncapped back alley of Storehouse lane between the back of the homes.

The brick walls were soon replaced by wooden fence panels as the muddy route headed northward, missing the steps in a cut-through up to the small estate of the newer homes, the Trail continued on to where the lane becomes tarmac one with homes beginning to line one side as it leads back down toward the centre of Hitchin.

The Newies were doing well, in fact they were near the front as the RA said that it was his fault that everyone was heading toward the ominous looking Windmill Hill, where the Trail would go!  His reasoning for this was that the last time he was in Hitchin he had remarked to the Hare that the Hash hadn’t been up this steep green hill the last few times they had run from the town. [Keep schtum next time! –Ed]

As the Pack laboured up the Hill, Colin looked back to make sure the New Horrors, who were on their very first Hash, were still with the Pack, & they were.  The RA told Doggie Style about the hill being best to come down, but in the snow some caution should be used as one year a civilian on a sledge ran off the side & broke his legs in the drop.  With no snow the Pack were safe from falls, even TBT OBE & Lemming.

Lemming had scampered up the hill, no doubt with the horrors in chase after he teased them about him being taller than them (but no one else on Trail?) Mother was up there with him, Skip & Paxo too.  For the RA it was still a heavy trudge up to the top of the hill, in Hyena’s case the combination of breakfast & a steep hill really slowed his progress up.

The Dust took to the tarmac path that runs by the prominent water tower that stands atop of the hill, this makes its way by the wooded horseshoe cutting that that drops away to the left , & has the Queen Mother Theatre at the bottom.  On the right-hand side was the Hitchin Girls School.  Care was taken as the Trail crossed straight over the Highbury road, then it took to an alleyway off of the small cul-de-sac.

The shuttered in alleyway would lead between the backyards of several backstreets of Hitchin.  At the end of  the first alley the Trail crossed the Avenue & then took to the next alley to come out on to Benslow lane, again it was directly over the residential road & on to another alley, this one leads down to toward Hithcin Station.

There would be no return to the Station for Mr X & Hyena, as right by where the alley comes out on to Station approach the dust cut back at an acute angle to lead through the gap on to Benslow rise, by now all of the altitude climbing Hitchin Hill had been lost.  Unfortunately another climb began as the Trail made its way out on to Benslow lane & the Pack followed this up to the top of the hill.  On the way the RA told No Eye Deer about an accident he saw outside of his old School, where he ending up calling an ambulance & marshalling traffic around the casualty.

On the plateau the there was a CHK at the end of small spur road, the RA arrived at the footpath running from southwest to northeast just as Lemming came back from searching a Falsie away from the railway line.  The Trail led on to the footbridge spanning the man-made gorge cut out of the chalk hill to allow the mainline to Kings Cross to pass through the town.

As the RA approached the bridge he found this week’s ‘Lemming Trap’ as his right Hash-boot caught an old iron peg sticking up just before the bridge, Mr X was lucky the bottom of his knackered old shoe didn’t come off!   Someone who wouldn’t have any problem with his Hash shoes was Fliptop, the reason for this was that he had left them at home & was going around in ‘proper’ walking boots!

                Once over the line, the Dust was found straight down to St Michael’s road, here the FRBs of Porky Pie, Fliptop, ARP, Colin & Doggy Style were all on to the CHK by the subway beneath the main road through this part of Hitchin.  The Trail passed beneath the subway & then headed south-easterly before turning off on to Keats way, the RA & No Eye Deer juts cut over the road, missing out the subway, & as they caught up a bit the RA wondered how the famous poet would be able to wax lyrical about the Hill view area of Hitchin.

                The Hare now toyed with the Pack as he had them falling for a couple of Falsies & Bar CHKs on their way through the warren of back streets on the way to a Back CHK, which was located on the footpath heading northward through the arse-end of the ‘Poets’ Estate.  Skip led the way back from the CHK & up to the footpath running between the back of the homes behind Hardy Close & Keats way, Paxo & Mr X followed Skip & the other FRBs it wasn’t long before they discovered that they would be on a loop back up on the Chaucer way.

The FRBs met up with Psycho & Party Animal, who were leading Irene & Brian as they were short cut straight down to Chaucer Way, the Dust now led out toward the marshes & a CHK by where a footpath crosses the road.  After a couple of attempts, the Hare’s earlier comments of lots of shiggy threw then off of the scent, the Trail was picked up as it leads south-eastward behind Chaucer Way on the fourth ‘back & forth’ of the zigzagging Trail!

Those not dizzy from all of the tooing & froing soon followed the tarmac footpath between the estate & the paddocks, then a little further down the footpath the river Purwell appeared on the left side, at the point where Mill lane starts.  The Trail wouldn’t go down this olde worlde route by the stables & the old mill buildings.

Instead, the Trail stuck with the tarmac path & now the other side of the gushing brook were more Marshes & once around the bend in the watercourse, as it turns southward, the site of the fishing lake could be seen through the scrubby tree-line.  The RA looked at the rushing water & said that it’s usually not at such a high level, & once before, in the past, the Trail actually crossed this & headed out over the wet marshes but there would be none of that this time.

The Trail led out from behind the homes & came up to the Held CHK on the Wymondley road, the Keenies were held up for a while.  The RA was beginning to wonder if the ‘Shiggy’ tale the Hare had come out with was just a Red Herring?  It wouldn’t be!  But as Psycho & Party Animal came into sight, the Hare decided that with time getting on toward ten to the hour, he would put in a short cut for those who didn’t want to do the next loop.

Some of those who have run around these parts before knew that if they headed eastward then it was an extra mile or two, most of the Virgins & Newies were up to tackle this, while the walking crocks of T-B-T OBE, Mr X & Skip had other ideas.  They didn’t need a second chance & took up the Hare’s offer of a short cut, so they went right & headed under the brick bridge for the main-line railway, where they would pick the Dust up on the edge of the kids’ play area behind Brook View.

Now, the Hare may have offered up a short cut, but he hadn’t marked it.  So, once Mr X had set off with TBT OBE, who were followed by Brian & Irene, then Skip, No Eye Deer, Party Animal, ARP & Psycho who also saw those on the Short Cut making their way under the Bridge, but by the time Hyena arrived there was no other Hasher in sight & so not knowing any different, he turned left!!

Hyena wandered up the Hitchin road to a CHK near to Ivy Cottages, that had been marked & there the Trail turned southward over the muddy farm land, heading over to the railway once more, passing beneath the brick railway bridge there was more farm land & shiggy to be encountered before the Trail came up to Arch road, the Dust would now make its way down to the Stevenage road.

The Trail turned westward & followed the road until passing Ashbrook, just beyond which it would take to the footpath back along the edge of the farm land, that runs beside the Ashbrook as it meanders its way northward through crop fields.  There was plenty of water & shiggy along this part of the route, but if you thought that the SCBs had got away with missing the Shiggy, then you’d be as wrong as they were.

The loop rejoined the Trail where the SCBs had made their way on from the kids’ play-ground, from here the Dust led the way along the footpath between the Ippollitts brook & the back of the homes on Ninesprings View.  It was quite a long stretch behind the homes & even this wide track was covered in large cold puddles & patches of deep shiggy.

Along the way the RA & T-B-T-OBE were passed by a girl out jogging, she wondered what these two hobbling wrecks with their bad knees were up to, all that tarmac to start with had taken its toll.  As she approached them from behind Mr X called out “On! On! ………………Oh!  You’re too fit to be one of ours!”  So, Mr X handed her a card & gave her a brief run down on what the Hash is all about, she seemed impressed.  Someone else who’s knee ached was Psycho’s, but this was down to the fact she had to water the Daisies, which is a euphemism for scaring the squirrels!

The Trail didn’t waver from the track by the Ippollitts brook until it eventually came out to the edge of the Stevenage road, T-B-T OBE wasn’t impressed as he exclaimed “This is the road that Paxo & I came along!” on their way to the venue!  As expected the Trail duly turned northward but then suddenly it disappeared on the junction, so it would not lead on to St Ippolyts where horse worshiping once took place.

While Skip & TBT OBE searched up Whitehill road, Mr X headed up along the lower option of the Stevenage road & found Dust.  Because of the noise of the traffic on this main artery through south Hitchin, Mr X went back to the junction to call the other two back, Brian & Irene were also on hand to find that the Trail would take to the Stevenage road for a short way, before taking to a set of steps for a footpath running up behind the homes & out on to Whitehill road!

Again the Hare would have the Pack scuttling around the various back alleyways & footpaths of another estate, like rats in a laboratory maze!  Passing by the Whitehill school, the Trail made its way up Whitehill road & then cut behind a hedged off path that runs in front of some of the row of terraced homes on Whitehill road, the one window with a menorah in it had behind it in the front room a table with all of the chairs up on the table top, must be teacher lives there.

 At the end of the hedgerow an arrow pointed down away from Whitehill road to run through May Trees, one of a series of side streets, the Trail made its way to the dead end of Kingfisher Court & then took to an alleyway linking it with Sunnyside road, a trot along this estate road led to a cut-through to Eynsford Court, this was right by where the local sports pitches at the Folly & the Community centre.  The Trail led out to the corner of the road with St John’s road.

The RA said that he was never felt gladder to see a cemetery as he knew that the Trail would most likely head down the central ‘Cemetery road’ & then back down the first footpath the Trail came out on up Stand Hill.  He was correct & the On Inn was found by one of the walls surrounding one side of the two parts of the cemetery.

The SCBs were soon in this excellent CAMRA Pub, enjoying the Ale & the nice warm open fire.  Lemming was struck on this Pub, while Mother found the Chilli Sausages a little hot for her!  Skip was soon tucking into the Bar snacks!  Psycho continued her conversation with ARP, they certainly had a lot to catch up on since they haven’t seen each other since the Wedding.

It would take Hyena a long time before he would get back, the first pint that was bought for him in Mr X’s round was given to TBT OBE since Paxo wasn’t back from the Trail & TBT OBE had no money on him [Just like the Queen! – Ed].  The Newies all came back in good time as well.

The Circle was called before Hyena had got back, this was due to the Virgins & Newies having to get away sharp as they were booked in for a lunch at Pizza Express [other reputable pizza restaurants are available!], the Hare was awarded his Down-Down first, which would give Colin, Joshua, Kane, Lewis, Brian & Judy an idea of what they had to do in despatching their Hits, Doggie Style & Irene also joined them when it was there turn.

Back to the regulars & Fliptop was out for not having his Hashboots, he was lucky that he didn’t end up drinking out of these!  Finally Porky Pie was called forward for flying his new wife out on one he was at the controls of, letting the crew know it was her Birthday (Ahum!) so that they would supply her with free drinks & sing her a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday!