Run No. 1480              16th December 2012

Venue:                          The Sportsman

Beer:                             Windsor & Eaton, Knights of the Garter; Adnams Gunhill; Solstice Ale; Citra

Location:                      Croxley Green

Hare(s):                         Mr X

Runners:                      6

Virgins:                         1

Visitors:                        0

Aprčs                             0

Newies:                         0                        

Hounds:                        3

Total:                            10

Membership:               Not hung-over from the Christmas Do!


Well, as it comes around to the first run after the Christmas Party there always seems to be drop off in numbers, it would be no different this week as you can see by the numbers above!  At least there was a virgin, Jill, turning out for her first Hash to cheer up the Hare, who had spent the previous day being soaked to the skin after getting caught out in a deluge while setting the Trail.

Present & correct this morning were Friar Tuck (over from Cyprus again), Tent Packer, My Lil’, Fliptop & Lofty, with Henry made up the rest, the Hare was also hoping that this would be a joint r*n with London Hash but somehow the invite several months back was forgotten & they ran just three stops down the Metropolitan line down from Croxley Green the day before.

The Trail wouldn’t start until after 11:00Hrs, as the Hare had to get from Croxley Green Tube Station, Fliptop drove down & picked Mr X & My Lil’ up.  Back at the Pub, Fliptop called the Circle together & announced the Run number as something that was about 40 Runs in the past!  It was just like the good old days & once the laughter had subsided the Hare was called forward.

The Hare showed Jill what the Herts Markings are by drawing them out on the car park, then without further a do the Pack were directed northward up ‘The Green’.  Starting off by the small parade of shops & then on a bus shelter opposite the local Church to run on to the wide green verge up by the homes on the left-hand side of the road.

A CHK was found by the side street of Green lane, a footpath sign pointing westward across to this road only mange to tempt Tent Packer off along this Falsie!  Meanwhile My Lil’ & Friar Tuck picked up the poor remains of the doughy splattered Dust, it was now obvious that the Trail had taken more of a battering after the deluge that had caught the Hare out the day before, as the Pack advanced further northward toward the green a few more recognisable blobs were spotted on trees & the street furniture.

On the way Jill told Lofty that she found out about the Hash after she had found a stray dog, while out walking at Shenley, it was here she bumped in to Mark [we take that this is Sparky – Ed] & he told her that he was out on the Hash.  Intrigued by this she decided to put in an appearance & see what the Hash was all about, Jill had already heard some things about the Hash while waiting in the car park for the Hare to arrive.

The sad light ring of dough that was another CHK was found just by the front of the Artichoke Pub, again there was a falsie out to the west, again only Tent Packer seemed to fall for this one, while the rest again continued northward to pass by the Coach & Horses Pub, this is being renovated & soon to open after being taken over by Mein Hosts of the Artichoke.

My Lil’ now led the Pack up the wide open green area after the housing stopped lining the route, here the Dust was placed on the back of the benches that sit on path that runs off at a slight angle on the southern end of the green.  A CHK was found before reaching Water lane, from here My Lil’ was again straight on to the proper route as he took to the footpath running westward at the end of some large paddocks.

Fliptop was almost stationary at the CHK, where was his usual bawling words of “Keep Running!” when you needed it?  Anyhow, he followed on with the others as the fenced in footpath lead on by the north edge of Copthorne wood, the Hare warned those around him to beware that the leaves littering the steps down in to the end of the wood were wet & very slippery.  At the bottom of these another sad looking CHK was found.

By the time the Hare arrived in the little wooded dell between the ploughed farm fields, he was just in time to see Friar Tuck coming back from the Falsie running westward over a rising brown field of little seedlings, he was soon on the other footpath that runs southward through the tree line of the hedgerow, leading down hill as it turns slightly to the west.  My Lil’ & Tent Packer were straight down this & were first to the next CHK, which was located at the crossroads of two footpaths at the edge of the harrowed field.

My Lil’ was definitely on form, as the Hare could see through the defoliated thicket of the hedge to see My Lil’ take off to the northwest on another hedged in footpath, at least Tent Packer looked on one of the Falsies in the field before My Lil’ called “On!”.  Fliptop & Lofty had caught up just as Mr X & Jill started off after My Lil’. 

Tent Packer & Friar Tuck were soon by the Hare & Jill to run up to the CHK that My Lil’ had already gone straight through, perhaps he didn’t see the slight signs of where it once was?  Mr X heard from Jill that she used to compete in Triathlons but now is looking for something that isn’t a strenuous, he explained that the Hash is more social, especially these days to him & a few others who have worn themselves out over the years!

Fliptop, Friar Tuck & Jill all headed off after My Lil’ in a direction toward Chess lane, the road part of which was away in the distance, but a T would soon have them coming back to the restored CHK.  Meanwhile Tent Packer was dithering about looking northward up the hillside on what was another Falsie around behind a small copse, but he didn’t get too far before the others were back & heading southward to cross a wooden footbridge over the river Chess.

The Hare mentioned to those around him how clear the river was, the whole Chess valley was once famous for the growing of watercress, some water cress growing still exists further up the valley toward Sarrat, but the crystal clear water were soon disturbed by Winston as he jumped in for a drink!  Lucy & Henry weren’t as keen to leap in for a bath, even though it was a fine sunny morning.

                Once over the Chess, traces of Dust were spotted by Friar Tuck & My Lil’ as it took to a footpath between the wooded bank side of the Chess & the fence of the grounds for the Royal Masonic School, the huge building which could be seen at its prominent position on top of the hillside to look majestically down over the Chess Valley.  Little did the Pack know that this was going to be a long trot up to a Bar CHK!!!

The Pack had an about turn to return to see that the dust by the bench, near to the bridge over the Chess, now had an arrow directing them in the opposite direction, beside the Chess as it heads around to the southeast.  Ahead of them were Lofty, Mr X & Henry as they followed the river’s course, along the way it was noticeable that the water level was pretty high, in some spots there were sand bags in position to stop the water flowing out over the bank & on to the wide grassy path.

The Hare arrived at the held CHK, just before the playing fields where the noise of the football & Ruby teams could be heard on adjacent pitches.  The remains of the Held CHK were located, after a bit of a search & the Hare had put a new CHK down, there the Pack would regroup & waited for Fliptop, with Lucy & Winston to catch up with them.

Having fallen for the long Falsie out to a Bar CHK, My Lil’ was soon back on form as he found the Trail on the hedged-in path running around the perimeter of the Rugby Club side of the sports grounds, only Friar Tuck went to search over along the edge of the football pitches, he would have to make up the lost ground once My Lil’ had called “On!”.

The path started off by heading south-westward, then it took a turn at the Rugby club ground’s corner, now the Pack were heading southward to run by the Club car park & out on to a wooded green area beside ‘Our Lady Hope of Christians’ Catholic Church.  Under one of the sycamore trees the remains of a CHK were found.

My Lil’ said that he wanted to head up Park road as it heads back up Scots Hill, at the top of which the Pub sits, the Hare said that he ought to check it out if he wanted to go that way!  Sure enough the Trail was found on the way back to the Pub, tough it didn’t stop Friar Tuck from heading out over toward the metal steps of the footbridges crossing the A412.

Dust led on by the entrance to the Rugby & football clubs, then the entrance to the Scotsbridge Hotel, this almost tempted My Lil’ off down this drive, if wasn’t for an arrow direction him further along the road to where it road is split in to two levels of dual carriage way, as the road began to rides up the hill & back over the River Chess, an arrow  was found directing the FRBs out through a gap in the brick wall to find the Dust leading down a set of steps to a footpath off of the dead end of the short Scot’s Mill lane.

My Lil’ was suddenly became reluctant to go off on the footpath along the edge of the fields below Croxley Green, the Hare descend the slippery steps & came to the edge of the field in order to encourage the others to start off along the edge of the ploughed crop field, once they were off on their way to a Bar CHK, the Hare doubled back to set the Trail up the grass bank & on to the edge of Scott’s Hill road once again.

                Lofty, Fliptop & the pooches all saw the Hare & so cut out the Bar CHK, they followed the road around & up to the plateau, where the On Inn was found just before the shops & the Pub.  The Hare soon heard My Lil’ complaining about a ‘Nasty end’ to what was a good Trail, a Trail that got the Pack back in less than an hour!  But it seems that you can’t please everyone.

                Once in the Bar of this excellent Pub, those who have been Hashing for sometime explained to Jill the benefits they get from this strange ‘Underground’ R*nning/Drinking club, as well as some of the tales from overseas.  Mr X, Hyena & Fliptop recounted the last week’s Christmas Dinner, & one of the stories was of Hyena falling off of his chair & ending up sitting in a heap on the floor!

Soon it was time to step outside for the Circle, Fliptop would stand in for the RA (as he was the Hare).  Fliptop started with the Hare, & everyone agreed that it was a good Trail, with the exception of My Lil’ who was still convinced the last Falsie was an evil trick to pull so close to the end of the Trail!

Jill received her first Down-Down for completing her first Hash, her mother Hash will for always be Herts!  The Fliptop turned his attention to My Lil’ & he received his for whinging on about the last bit, so he only received a half!