Run No. 1482              30th December 2012

Venue:                          The Goat

Beer:                             Doom Bar, Lancaster Blonde, Adnams’, GK Abbott

Location:                     Codicote

Hare(s):                        Paxo

Runners:                     19

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Après                            4

Newies:                        0                        

Hounds:                       2

Total:                            25

Membership:              Saying goodbye to 2012!


Today’s Hare was Paxo, who had kindly volunteered to set the Trail almost ‘Live’ as the original Hare wasn’t up to going around the day before, due to the inclement weather on Saturday, or twice that morning due to the persistent remnants of a cold.  At least the sun was out on this clear morning, so the RA did get something right.

With 20 minutes to go before the GM called the Circle, Paxo arrived with the Family Le Pew.  It was soon obvious that Pebbledash was back as the tone of the conversation soon dropped!

Paxo immediately sought out his gear from the Christmas Party, which he had left in No Eye Deer’s car!  He wasn’t impressed to find that it was still bundled up in the bag just as he had taken it off & screwed it up some three weeks earlier.  He genuinely seemed surprised that No Eye Deer, being a woman, hadn’t washed it for him as he sniffed at his pongy gear!!

Paxo set off to lay the Trail, having a 15 minute head start before the Pack were called together for the Circle.  This would give him sufficient time to get a head start, which he would need as you’ll discover later on in the report.

Fliptop arrived & he got out a packet of his ‘Lucky Arsenal sweets’ for the Pack to suck on while awaiting the start of the Hash, the RA wondered if Fliptop had bought Arsene his jacket for Christmas?  As if he did, he should have checked that the zip worked properly, no wonder Mr Wenger misses so much that happens on the pitch if he’s too busy playing with his jacket zip!

This week saw the return of Gobbler, Phillippa, Thumper & Silent but Deadly, since we last saw Thumper he has grown about another foot in height!  The Circle was called by the Sludge & there seemed to be a few of the regulars missing for this end of 2012 Trail, a few more would indeed catch up later on once the Trail had began.

It was assumed that the Trail would be the usual Herts Markings, then Pepé le Pew added that there would be a Held CHK, where as if by magic a bottle of Port would appear to celebrate the end of the Year!  Without further ado the Pack headed off out of the car park & northward up the High street, to follow thin purple chalk arrows in the direction of Hitchin.

The Trail headed toward the Bell Pub & Motel, then just before it turned off on an alleyway that leads beside the motel units behind the Pub, the fenced in alley would have a CHK at the end where it emerges on to Valley Road.  From here the RA was convinced that the Trail would be around on Bury lane & off down another footpath descending in to the valley, he would have no joy there as there was no Dust at all down there.  Gobbler & Phillippa fared no better as they searched the side road of St Giles road off of Bury lane.

“On!” was eventually called straight over from the CHK point, on the dead end side road of Hillside, & at the end of this the Trail would take to another footpath down an alleyway, this one would lead between the homes & descend back down in to the bottom of Valley Road.  Another CHK was found at the bottom of Valley road, by the time the RA arrived here Sludge was standing on the CHK, he had marked it & was calling those back from the footpath back up to the High Street, since the Trail had been picked up heading south-eastward along Valley road.

Sparky was soon on to the next CHK, near to the garages on one side of Valley road, from here the Trail was soon picked up as it lead down to an enclosed area of fallow land.  The Trail was picked up on to a raised footpath up behind the tree line that separates the fallow common from the higher level farm fields beyond.

No Eye Deer soon discovered that the going along between the hawthorn bushes wasn’t very easy, there were plenty of slipping Hash boots in the wet Shiggy that made up the route over the water logged land.  Puddles & Spillage followed Sludge’s lead & missed out most of this by cutting diagonally over the grassy fallow common, but eventually they too would have to negotiate the Shiggy as the path lead north-eastward & up to the open farm land.

From the CHK on the edge of the open expanse of tilled soil, Pepé le Pew choose to run north-westward as the footpath drops in to the valley, while Gobbler & Sparky headed south-eastward up toward Little Bury Farm, neither were on.  With no calling of “On!” No Eye Deer took to the only other option & headed out over the stony soil, as she ventured out to the northeast on a long route along the top of the ridge, the Dust was found.

The Hare had been crafty enough to place the sacred Dust in the indents made by horse’s hooves, this made it harder to detect from a distance & it wasn’t until the Pack was almost on top of the Dust that it was to be seen.  Thumper, Silent but Deadly, Sparky & Gobbler all soon got past No Eye Deer & Mr X as the footpath run by Ashley Grove.  Phillippa would also get by them, but not before she had told the RA about going to see the new Hobbit film, it is highly recommended as she didn’t fall asleep like she did during the Lord of the Rings Trilogy!

It was a long this long stretch out to the edge of Rabley Heath, that the soil soon began to clinging to Hash boots, this slowed even the most hardy of runners down to a walk, Thumper tried to clean the clay sods off on his way over, but it soon accrued again around his shoes to feel like ruining with lead weights on your feet.

Once out on to the Rabley Heath road at Tagmore Green, there was a lot of stamping of feet in an attempt to rid the boots of the sods of clay.  It was here that Lemming caught up with the FRBs, he soon asked the RA if he knew the area well, as Lemming wanted to know if there was a more direct route than that of which his Satnav had taken him & Mother on, it turned out that these two had been out a prolonged unnecessary route around the lanes over by Slip End & Old Knebworth.

No Eye Deer now took to looking down the Rabley Heath lane from Tagmore Green, but there was no Trail back toward Little Bury Farm, Sparky fared no better as he searched the footpath straight over the lane, next to the horse paddocks in a direction toward Potters Heath. 

The Trail was eventually picked up Gobbler on the lane in to Rabley heath, but before the Trail could reach the Robin Hood & Little John pub, the Dust turned around the bend of Sally Deards’ lane as it peels away form the Rabley Heath lane to head out northward.  So no Beer Stop there then.

Sludge marked the way around the bend for any late comers, which there would be as ARP & Porky Pie were making up ground after they too had a late start.  As the Trail followed the winding course of the lane through Deards’ wood, the RA could se a figure up ahead of him & this person had to stopped running & was bending over to tie his shoe lace.

 Once by the large puddle that stretched across the rustic narrow lane, the small figure stopped again to retie the same lace.  The RA wondered what kind of Mother would let the kids out with loose laces?  Well, it turned out to be ‘Mother’ as the small figure having trouble with his laces was Lemming & not any of the Gobbler offspring!

A CHK was found by the Footpath running eastward through the paddock behind the Robin Hood & Little John, Sparky & Gobbler both took to this route but would find no Dust over toward the Slip End lane.  Instead the Trail was found on the footpath heading south-westward, away from Plummer’s Farm.  This began on a hedged in path that had a ‘No Horse Riding’ sign at the start, this is obviously ignored judging by the hoof points in the shiggy on the slippery way out to the open fields of the valley once again.

The Dust would soon take the Pack out on to the exposed hillside, here the strong wind was blowing straight across the valley & directly in to the faces of the Hash, this soon slowed even the hardiest of FRBs as they also struggled to negotiate this & the extremely slippery Shiggy.  As the RA looked out at the splendid verdant panorama back over toward Codicote, his eye was distracted by the sight of Sparky going for a Burton as he fell over in the shiggy to the side of the footpath.  At least the RA now knew that it was no drier at the very edge of the path!

Sparky picked himself up & was pretty much covered in Shiggy, he even had a large splash of it over one side of his fizzog, Thumper & Phillipa offered to help him up but he was able to right himself without any aid.  Care was now taken on the long trot back down the steep incline back into the valley. 

Pepé le Pew was first in to the valley bottom, & out of the strong wind to a point not far from where he was earlier in the Trail.  The RA now realised that the Hare must have had to have waited up behind the tree line at the top of the ridge for the Pack to get safely behind the Ashley wood & out of view before he could begin his descent down the open hillside.

A CHK found in at the crossroads with the footpath that runs northward from Little Bury Farm, Pepé le Pew was straight off further along way to the north, following the unofficial route the locals wander along in the bottom of the valley to come out to Bury lane, near to Mansells’ lane. 

Pepé Le Pew would be on a Falsie, just a lot further along from where he was on this path earlier in the Trail!  All of which made the RA laughed as he recalled Pepé le Pew’s words at the start of the Trail, that he enjoys Hashes set live that have no Falsies, the downside being that he would have run as far as he did on the Falsie in the Valley as there were T’s to stop his progress on the road to nowhere.

Sparky, Gobbler, Phillippa, Thumper, Silent but Deadly, Lemming & Mother all chose the alternative of the proper route up the wider track to Bury farm.  There between two of the animal paddocks a Held CHK was found by a bench, at the five-bar gate across the way Kylie was found waiting for the Pack to arrive.  He had taken a short cut down from the earlier CHK on the Trail after he heard the calls of “On!” as the FRBs descended from Plummers Farm at the top of the ridge.

Sparky sat on the bench as, like the rest, he waited for Pepé le Pew to come back from his wanderings & deliver the Port he had stashed away in his backpack.  ARP & Porky Pie caught up with the Pack as everyone stopped for the Port, Fliptop was the last to the drink stop as he came down the hill with Lucy & Winston.

The Pack spent quite a while at this stop, as Pepé le Pew ‘passed the Port to the left’ & the noise of the chit-chat drew the attention of the locals up in Bury Farm.  The Pack tried to explain to the couple that they were on a ‘Hash Trail’ & that it was like a Paper-chase from & back to the Pub.

Thumper made the Pack laugh as he was given a wee splash of the Port which he immediately necked, much to the surprise of the on-looking Pack.  His defence for not sipping the Port was “Don’t we always do that with a Down-Down?”  Soon it was time to move on & the Pack made their way up to Bury lane by way of the track.

The Dust now led down toward St Giles Church, where it would cut through the footpath that runs through alleyways interconnecting the back streets of St Giles road & then Bentick way to emerge on the main B656 to Hitchin.  There the Trail came out to a CHK there, from which it did turn southward back into Codicote & toward the High street.  But Sludge marked the Trail, for the back of the Pack, in a direction straight down toward the High street, this meant some would miss out on the last part of the Trail.

The Hare emerged from the uncapped back lane from Codicote Heath, having finishing setting the Trail with a little loop down toward the Grove & then back up through the woodland on Codicote Heath.  Paxo was surprised to see the majority of the Pack had missed out this bit & were coming straight down the main road toward him.

At least Paxo could be happy that a few did do all of the Trail, Phillippa was one of the last to get Inn & she wondered where her boys were?  The RA replied that they were already in the Bar!  Though not as quickly as the RA who had run out of steam earlier & cut the last bit off before any of the others.

In the car park those who were back got to laugh at Porky Pie’s headwear, as he sported a certain company cap that is orange & white in colour, still laughing the Pack settled in to the Bar, to enjoy the great Ales as well as the excellent bar snacks, especially the ‘Pigs in blankets’ & the stilton cheese. 

Slug, 3D, Port & Starboard joined the Pack now, while the RA went around with the trashes & a card for 2-1-2 Maureen, who has had to have an operation on her wrist after the break wasn’t healing in the right way & it had to be re-set.  Sparky has volunteered to pick her up & bring her along to a future Trail before she can drive.

After some time chatting, mainly about where the Hare Raiser was this morning & the Book was missing, the Circle was finally called outside.  As it happens, it turns out that the sacred Book was left in the back of Paxo’s Car, where he put it after the previous week’s Trail for its care was entrusted to him!

The GM toasted the Hash.  It was then over to the RA, who heaped praise on Paxo for a great Trail, which he received a Down-Down for.  The RA then turned his attention to ‘bad mothers’ who don’t tie up their offspring’s shoelaces but the RA twisted this tale to have Mother out for letting Lemming loose with out double tying his laces, & we all know what Lemming’s track record is like with tripping up on Herts Hash [He was still going on about his scars in the Bar only minutes earlier! – Ed]

Lemming joined Mother in the Circle for a Down-Down!  To keep them company Thumper was also called out, as he is now taller than Lemming, [& has more hair! – Ed] so he shouldn’t have been mistaken for him, plus Thumper did neck his Port!

Sparky was out next, for falling over in front of the RA, which led to Sparky admitting that he also fell over a second time as he went on the last loop out around a part of Codicote Heath, there he fell victim to a tree root that grabbed him & tripped him up as if it was something out of a gothic horror novel.

Paxo was out a second time, this was for his moaning that No Eye Deer hadn’t washed his clothes after he had left them in the back of her car.  Pepé le Pew was out for running two long falsies, the latter of which worryingly had the bottle of Port heading away from the held CHK for a while!

The Pack returned to the Bar for a few more Ales, after which a lot of Happy New Years were exchanged before heading off after a great Trail on a fine day.