Run No. 1485               20th Jan 2013

Venue:                          The Estcourt Tavern & Druids!

Beer:                              Black Sheep; London Pride; Doombar

Location:                      Watford

Hare(s):                         Mr X

Runners:                      4

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Après                            0

Newies:                        0                        

Hounds:                       0

Total:                            4

Membership:              Not scared of a little snow!


Well, it had to happen & the winter came back bring with it snow.  Even before he even thought about this Trail, the Hare wasn’t optimistic about many turning out if the conditions weren’t good, it was to such an extent that the weekly Trash was rushed out for Thursday’s meeting at Chez Pepé le Pew et Pebbledash.

Even though the snow fall was fairly light to start with, it would be enough for the resident Hashers who abide upon the top of the hill in Ware to be cut off from civilisation, & we all know that they can get stranded up there for days on end.  The Joint Monkey, Paxo, had already informed the Hare the day before that TBT OBE wasn’t going to drive over in case it was blizzard conditions on the day.

Never-the-less the Hare would still go over to Watford early in the morning & set a Trail in order to keep the Tradition of Herts weekly Trails going.  The snow began to fall just before the Hare arrived at the Venue, but the main roads were pretty clear all the way across the county.

The Hare set off in to the white snow being blown around the town, using sawdust to set out the Trail, the Hare soon found that the footpaths that were more walked upon were in a fairly treacherous state in places, as the compacted snow had turned to ice for the fresh snow to fall on top of.  But in all with a little care he made it around to an area of deeper snow where you couldn’t fall over.

The Hare arrived back from setting what was a good Trail, then Mr X was a little disappointed as he looked at his phone to see that more of the regulars had cried off, including the Fliptop & Sludge!  One bit of good news was that Sloppy Seconds was on his way with On Her Face, he would complete a 41 mile trip just to bring our Newie to her first Herts Hash. He would also have 41 miles to get back!

After months of emails back & forth to the Hash, & lots of diversions to prevent her attending, On Her Face finally managed to get over to take part in her First Herts Hash, just before setting off to Looe & Liskard in Cornwall, where there just happens to be a Hash! as well!

Looking at the start of the original Trail now being covered by the Snow, the Hare had a change of plan as he decided that with only two others being on his tail, he would set a new one for them to follow.  It began with a CHK outside of the Estcourt Tavern, from where the sawdust pointed the way over the junction to run up the residential street of Southern Road, the going on this wasn’t too bad as it isn’t one of the popular routes for pedestrian traffic to Watford Junction station.

Only a few hundred yards up the road & another CHK was found by a side street of Cross Street linking this to Estcourt road.  Just a short way to the end of the road & the Trail crossed over to Estcourt Road, there an arrow pointed the way toward the Estcourt Arms & Druids Pubs.  On Her Face & Sloppy were surprised to see another arrow & this one pointed in to the door of Druids.

            Fortunately for the Hare, this Pub had been open since 10:30 Hrs due to the Kick Off of the Saracens’ Heineken Cup match being at 12:45 Hrs.  He was the first in there, mainly to take refuge from the cold air that he had spent long enough out in setting the original Trail!  By the time Sloppy Seconds & On Her Face came Inn, more Sarries fans were also there & the atmosphere was building for their last game at Watford as their home.

On Her face was surprised that the Trail had already come to a halt, the Hare explained that he wasn’t going to run around the original one again, even as good as it was, it was too much for him to go around again with only two in chase.  On Her Face didn’t seem to worry that she was on the shortest Herts Trail ever & was soon on to a pint of Doombar.

After a couple of pints, the majority of Sarries fans moved on to the Stadium, Mr X then took the other two Hashers the few hundred yards back down Estcourt Road & Inn to the Estcourt Tavern, there they met up with My Lil as he arrived, but he was still suffering with his bad back so he was taking it easy.

Anyhow, the Hare bought everyone a drink for making the effort to get out to his Trail, he then handed out the Trashes, & had a sneaky Pint before heading out to watch the Saracens win their Match.  While in the Estcourt Tavern, Sloppy & Mr X told On Her Face of the time when only Mr X & My Lil’ made it to the Trail Sloppy had set the other year over a Sawbridgeworth & it snowed that weekend, again none of the hilltop folk in Ware could get out of their streets, even though the regular bus service managed to get around them!