Run No. 1486               27th Jan 2013

Venue:                          The Great Northern

Beer:                             Tribute, GK Abbot, Old Speckled Hen

Location:                      Hatfield

Hare(s):                         My Lil’

Runners:                      11

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Après                             0

Newies:                         0                        

Hounds:                        2

Total:                            13

Membership:               Avoiding the trolleys!


Things were back to normal this week, well almost as we were still a few short on regular numbers!  The Hare had been around & arrived back at the car park after setting the Trail that morning.  He, like the RA, was a little jaded from the previous day’s F.U.K Full Moon Hash over at Theydon Bois, after which they ended up helping NSC Panda to continue to celebrate his birthday.

                As the RA stowed his gear in the GM’s car, he noticed a can of beer in the back, so he enquired from Sludge if this was for his own Down-Down when if he ended up doing his usual Short Cutting?

Sludge called things to order just as the minute hand ticked around to eleven, then he asked the Hare in to the Circle to explain what the Pack could expect out on the Trail.  With the usual markings talked about, then an added bit about being careful crossing roads was slipped in, which was followed by talk of potential water crossings!  Sparky decided that he had to feel the Hare’s legs & shoes, to check if he had wet feet but My Lil’ didn’t!

At least Sparky had all the gear on for a water crossing, with his heavy coat, waterproof gaiters & a whole host of other weatherproofed gear, did he have anything to protect against stray shopping trolleys?

The Pack were ushered out of the car park by way of an alleyway beside the Jaipur Indian restaurant, Mr X knew this way out, while the others were over by the building works for some new homes on the edge of the car park.  Out off the alleyway & on to Park Street to find the first CHK, the RA would now run on by the Horse & Groom & then up toward the Eight Bells, only to find a T to stop any further progress southward.

The Trail was picked up northward as Rubbed Raw, Gill & the RA made their way up this way from the Falsie.  Having passed under the red brick bridge for the drive in to Hatfield House, they soon saw the likes of Paxo, Sparky & Fliptop coming back toward them!  Then a freshly laid arrow directed the Pack off through a gap in the brick wall to take the Pack around the Mews in Park Meadow before coming out on to the terminated section of the Old Hertford road at the end of Park Street.

Having got by the RA, Sparky & Paxo soon went wrong at the junction with the Old Hertford road.  They were Called back to follow the Dust out on to the (new) Hertford road.  A CHK was found on the edge of the main road & Rubbed Raw was soon across this & off away to the Northeast along the wide path & cycleway beside the Hertford Road.  He would be going the wrong way, as the Dust was found up the embankment to where the Cycleway run on to the Ryde [No, not the Hasher! – Ed].

The RA called Gill back from following on behind Rubbed Raw, as the Pack now made their way up the Ryde on a short way before turning off on to Stag Green Avenue to head northeast, a short way along this residential street & the Trail broke away down an alleyway on a footpath that runs out on to Pleasant Rise, there the Trail would head southward back down to the Ryde & only a few yards away from where the Pack left this road earlier!  Again Gill had to be called back as she & No Eye Deer headed off beyond a double set of arrows.

These arrows pointed to another footpath down an alley, this took the Pack across the dead-end Bull Stag Lane & on to the boxed-in footbridge leading over the main line to Kings Cross, this is the only way to cross from one part of the Great North road to the other since the road bridge collapsed in 1966 & was never replaced.

Once over to the Westside of the town, a CHK was found by a small green area, that has a marker for part of the National Cycleway, as well as another totem that has various bits of metal welded to its top, these represented the Railway, the Aircraft industry, Queen Elizabeth the First (who was exiled to Hatfield House by Mary I & became Queen while there) & other historical aspects of this town.

Paxo was quickly on to the Trail as it took to the tarmac path that was once the Hatfield to St Albans Railway line, which cuts through the housing estates of north Hatfield.  The Hare was now ahead of the Pack, for he had missed out the loop around the Stag Green area of the Ryde, also by this time Rubbed Raw had also come back from his earlier Falsie & had picked up the Trail along the Albans way ahead of the others.

The Alban way once ran all the way through to St Albans, built by Great Northern Railway in the 1890’s but once the mainline from St Pancras through St Albans was built the line began to fall out of favour & lost money, it closed to Passengers several times, the Second World War had it reopened for the de Havilland workers but by 1951 it finally ceased passenger Trains & by 1964 the last freight Trains also stopped running.

The Trail followed the tree line route, most of which was littered with allsorts of discarded waste, it does make you wonder why you go to all the effort to carry bags of household trash & throw it away along there?  Anyhow, the Pack moved on by a couple out walking their greyhounds as it arcs around to the Southwest.

A CHK was found where the Alban Way crosses Ground Lane, Paxo & Sparky were quickly on to the next section of the former line, they were still trailing in Rubbed Raw’s wake.   Another CHK was found where a footpath crosses the line.  Sparky seemed a bit lost as he was found wandering off of Foxholes when the RA arrived at this point.  Paxo & Rubbed Raw had already gone through this part & had picked up Dust on the footpath that runs by the 80’s built homes opposite the Graveyard of St Luke’s Church. 

A CHK was found by the footpath that leads of the first to run along the back end of the graveyard & the old council yard.  While Paxo took the wrong option of carrying on southward beside the Churchyard, Rubbed Raw had picked up the Trail on the path running along the bottom of the graveyard & out on to Wellfield road.  There the first abandoned shopping trolley was spotted, this cheered up the RA no end as it wouldn’t be the same running around the new town without encountering abandoned trolleys.

The Trail crossed over the road & turned toward the town centre to head southward, the Dust was spotted on the trees & bollards of the street furniture to run by the end of the pedestrianized area of the 1960’s town centre opposite the small memorial garden beside St Luke’s.

Sparky caught up with the RA & Sloppy Seconds at the point where the Trail descended the subway ramp down to the centre of the roundabout that to most looks to be a mugger’s paradise, some of the Pack wondered who would actually sit on the benches that form a ring around open centre sunken below the road level.   This was home to abandoned Trolley number two.

The Trail was quickly found out of the Southwest exit to rise up to the level by the front of the Lord William Cecil Hall, Rubbed Raw had come back from picking up the Trail to let the others know that the Dust led over the green area by tower block of Goldings House.  Another abandoned trolley was seen decorating the green area.

The Dust took to the path running up to an arched footbridge spanning Link road below.  Paxo finally caught up after his wayward excursion earlier on & he joined Mr X as the route led on to a wide tarmac footpath between the edge of a playing field & the backs of the homes on the left.

The next CHK was found just where the track meets the dead-end of Old Rectory Drive, Mr X choose to look on the footpath that runs around the outer perimeter of a local School but this would be a falsie that he would lead Sludge & Gill down. 

By the time the RA had returned to the path as it goes through a kink in its route, the rest of the Pack were now heading away further to the south, but suddenly Paxo, Gill, Sloppy Seconds & Sludge all stopped up ahead of him, there Paxo began to wrestle something from top of the tall metal fencing, it turned out to be an abandoned vélo.  Having got the thing down from up over the fence, it then had to be straightened up a bit, then there was the question of what to do with it?  Paxo was supposedly left in charge of this.

The RA had continued on the path, he had followed the Trail up & around the bend to head westward up beside the grounds of another school the out on to Woods avenue, by the local cadet huts.  The Hare had already marked the way down to the south as the Dust led in front of Stream Wood School so Mr X followed on, he was then surprised to see Gill go cycling by him, on the newly found vélo!

The Trail arrived at the roundabout with Oxlease Road, & it turned eastward to head toward the Great North Road, a Bar CHK soon stopped Rubbed Raw, Sparky & Sloppy Seconds as they were all caught out on the way to the A1000.  The RA, No Eye Deer, Gill, Paxo & Fliptop were lucky enough to be just far enough behind the FRBS not to be caught out.  Another Abandoned Trolley was seen on the way along here & the RA wondered if they ought to capture the GM & push him back in it?

More wheels, as Paxo was now on the Vélo as the RA’s local knowledge led him to correctly deduce that the Trail would head over the wide green space between maisonettes of Primrose & Fox Gloves on either side.  Sloppy Seconds followed the RA to one side of this space, utilising the drier tarmac path, while the others stuck to the opposite side.  Both parties would meet up at the north end where the Trail came up to a CHK before Howe Dell woods.

Again Mr X’s local knowledge came into play again as he entered the woodland, he knew that there is a stream running through this but with all of the precipitation of late the normal level was higher than usual so it took either a large leap from one embankment to the other, or a little diversion to a more shallow area.  Eventually the Pack crossed the water course, now the Trail followed the established desire line running northward between the trees.

The Pack had just passed by the spot where the spot on the mainline where the Hatfield crash of October 2000 occurred, as passing intercity Train was heard as the Pack came to the end of the leafy woodland on the path high above the stream, so was it this Train horn that prevent Sludge from hearing the “On Back!” from the Hare?  Probably not, meanwhile Sparky & Sloppy Seconds followed the Hares instructions & headed down the steps cut in to the steep embankment down to the lake, which is home to lesser spotted footballs, other discarded waste & of course (You guessed it) an abandoned shopping trolley!

Sloppy Seconds & Sparky soon realized that they had been ‘sold a pup’ & they had to clamber up the muddy leaf litter strewn slope, which without the steps was a lot harder.  The RA was lucky enough not to have gone more than a few steps down the stairs, so he turned back to get back up to the top of the embankment.

Luckily Paxo didn’t take the vélo down the steps, the RA reckoned it was more luck that TBT OBE hadn’t been allowed to peddle the thing, since he has a habit of falling off of them!  The Trail came out by the front of the run down looking flats of Howe Dell, a quick left & then a right turn would lead the Pack by the final Trolley of the day as it crossed over to Onslow Close & then out of a short alleyway to come down on to French Horn lane.

The Trail crossed the road & headed under the Railway line, one final CHK point was found by the subway beneath the Great North Road.  Mr X was surprised to see that Paxo was among the few to be caught out by running on through the underpass toward the centre of Old Hatfield.  The Trail simply ran up the edge of the Great North Road to pass the On Inn, before cutting through the underpass from Hatfield Station, though most ran over the Greta North Road.

The Pack settled in to the Pub, where TBT OBE was surprised to learn that Rubbed Raw is Scottish [What with tha’ braw accent? – Ed], TBT OBE then came in for some stick as the RA showed everyone the Photo of TBT OBE at 18 that he had posted on his website!  Though someone thought that it was a picture of president Bill Clinton!

Fliptop went around flogging Raffle tickets, seems that the boxes of Chocolates in Chez Clapp weren’t eaten in tie for the New Year Diets kicked in?  Talk then turned from the F.U.K Full Moon, Panda’s Birthday & two of the survivors feeling a bit under par, to Rugby, then Burns’ Night via the Calcutta Cup!

Then it was time for the Down-Downs outside, the Hare from the Previous Week was awarded his Down-Down with this week’s Hare, of the two the RA sunk his Hit quicker than the Hare Raiser!

The RA then took over & he had Paxo out for rescuing the stolen Bike & then cycling around part of the Trail; Sloppy Seconds was out as he let slip that he wanted to read about himself in the previous week’s Run Report, to which the RA replied that he featured a lot in it!  [Shame that they were left at home by the Scribe”! – Ed]

The Chocolates were then won by Sloppy Seconds when the raffle was drawn, but he didn’t seem to keen on the RA’s call of “Hash Food!”.  After all of the announcements, including an update on 2-1-2 Maureen, Rubbed Raw gave a splendid rendition to celebrate Rabbie Burns’s ‘Willie Wastle’ which is not PC by today’s standards.



Willie Wastle


Willie Wastle dwalls on Tweed,

The spot they ca' it Linkumdoddie;

A creeshie wabster till his trade,

Can steal a clue wi' ony body:

He has a wife that's dour and din,

Tinkler Madgie was her mither;

Sic a wife as Willie's wife,

I wadna gie a button for her.


She has an e'e, she has but ane,

Our cat has twa, the very colour;

Five rusty teeth, forbye a stump,

A clapper-tongue wad deave a miller:

A whiskin beard about her mou,

Her nose and chin they threaten ither;

Sic a wife as Willie's wife,

I wad na gie a button for her.


She's bow-hough'd, she's hem-shin'd,

Ae limpin leg a hand-bread shorter;

She's twisted right, she's twisted left,

To balance fair in ilka quarter:

She has a hump upon her breast,

The twin o' that upon her shouther;

Sic a wife as Willie's wife,

I wad na gie a button for her.


Auld baudrans by the ingle sits,

An wi' her loof her face a washin;

But Willie's wife is nae sae trig,

She dights her grunzie wi' a hushian:

Her waly nieves like midden-creels,

Her face wad fyle the Logan-water;

Sic a wife as Willie's wife,

I wad na gie a button for her.