Run No. 1487               3rd Feb 2013

Venue:                          The Countryman

Beer:                             Portabello Porter; London Pride; Bass

Location:                     Chipping

Hare(s):                        Fliptop

Runners:                      17

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Après                            4

Newies:                        0                        

Hounds:                       2

Total:                            4

Membership:              Windswept!


                It was a bright, cold & blustery day for those who made their way up to Chipping, a few from further south in our county commented on the drop in temperature & the stronger wind t’up north.  Everyone who was there early stayed put in their cars until the GM shook a leg & removed himself from No Eye Deer’s Vehicle in order to call the Circle together.  The rest reluctantly got out of their mobile wind shelters

                This week saw the return of 2-1-2 Maureen, having recuperated from her broken wrist, she said that it would take a while for her to get back to full fitness & so she would take it easy on the way around.   However, there was no surprise to see that Kylie & Spotted Dick had turned out, as the RA said “There must be food after the Run!”

The Grand Monkey announced the wrong Run Number, this was a first that left a few speechless.  The Hare was introduced to the Circle, he told the Pack that care had to be taken when crossing roads [Which would be a Red Herring! -  Ed] to which the RA added that there are people out there who speed through this village!  Sis glared at the RA after his interruption of the Circle.

The Hare added that around halfway around there would be a lot of horses on the Trail, so Hash Hush should be obeyed & no horns should be blown, the last bit was directed at Sparky, who seemed preoccupied sorting out his layers & layers of clothing.

Ushered away to up the road that runs directly north up Chipping Hill, the Pack were led by Pepé le Pew on the right side of the road & the RA on the other as the Trail crossed Chipping bridge.  The RA had commented on the way down to the Pub that, if it had been him, then an obvious blob of flour seen beside a footpath, running away to the west of the village, would have been placed there to try & fool the GM in to running a Falsie.

Now, you would have thought that Mr X would have heeded his own words, but no, he led the way off of the road & down the edge of a field to find that it was indeed to be False.  At least Mr X could take some comfort in seeing the Sludge had joined the rest of the Pack up this way!

Back to the Chipping Bridge & the Hare had marked the CHK there that most had over looked on the way out.  The Trail now took to the path that weaved its way through the small reed bed of a nature reserve beside where the river Rib comes out under the bridge.  There were a few icy puddles to be avoided by 2-1-2 Maureen as the Dust led out to the farm land to the east of the hamlet.

It was a long, steady climb up beside the hedgerow, this offered no protection from the blustery wind as this was blowing from west to east & coming up from behind [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed], as the wide far, track rose up toward Capons Wood the cold air had some slow up to catch their breath.  Slowing up to catch his breath, the RA noticed a dead shrew on the track, it would not be the only dead animal on the Trail today.

Pepé le Pew, Sparky, Spotted Dick & Sloppy Seconds led the way up to a Held CHK situated on outside of the southwest corner of the Capons wood, Tent Packer made up ground on the rest after he had a late start & he caught up with My Lil’ & Mr X as they came around the bend in the track to the end of the wood.

The Hare was very vocal in the distance behind them, as he could be heard yelling out “Hold the Check!” as it could have appeared to Fliptop that those who had arrived at the CHK were going to move on, as they all shuffled along down the edge of the wood, but in reality they were unsuccessfully trying to keep out of the wind!

If the sight of the FRBs wandering away from the Held CHK was enough to startle the Hare, then what was seen next was enough to curdle milk as Sloppy Seconds, My Lil’ & TBT OBE all lined up to face the thicket like edge of the wood & began to scare the Squirrels! 

Heaven knows what No Eye Deer thought as she came up around the bend to see this sight of the ‘long standing attraction’?  At least Sparky didn’t need to stand inline with George at the wood’s edge, he didn’t as he had already scared the squirrels in corner of the Pub car park!

The Hare arrived at the Held CHK & handed out a box of Celebrations chocolates [Other variety chocolate boxes are available – Ed]  Pepé le Pew was straight in there as he made a dive for the Twix.  Seems this is his favoured chocolate in this selection box.  One thing that all the chocolates had in common was that they were all rock hard, had they been left in the freezer?

Hyena finally made it up to the Held CHK, with only Sis to come as she was back over part of a field with Lucy, who was now off of the lead!  With 2-1-2 Maureen also safely at the CHK, the Hare allowed the FRBs to check it out again.  The main consensus was to head northward along the wet, slightly boggy track beside the west edge of Capon Wood, with Pepé le Pew, Tent Packer & Sparky leading the way up to a T hidden just around the sle nder turn in the path!

By the time the FRBs had made it back to the CHK & turned the corner of the wood, Hyena, Sis, 2-1-2 Maureen, Paxo & Backpack were well on their way further eastward.  The going was again a bit slippery in places as the Hash made their way along the south edge of the wood, a favourable looking track through the centre of the wood was track had several ‘Private property’ sign by the wooden footbridge leading in to it!  So the Pack continued following the contour of the wood to turn to the southeast & then away from the tip of the wood to cross a seeded crop field.

Custard wasn’t the only one to slow down as the going became slower for all as the sticky clay of the path clung to Hash boots, some tried taking to the tracks of two tractor wheel tracks but fared no better before finally came out on to a hardcore path running from the Southwest to the Northeast.  Here there was a lot of stamping of Hash Boots to try & rid them of the huge clods of clay had built up on them as the FRBs arrived at another CHK.

Once rid of the clay lumps, the Keenies set about searching for the Trail with Sparky being the only one to set off down to the southwest, while the likes of Sloppy Seconds, My Lil’ & Mr X all thought that it would be far too soon to turn back toward the occidental direction.  They would be wrong as a T was found behind the end of the hedgerow.

The Trail followed the hard farm track in a south-westerly direction, ahead was a splendid vista over the green valley but there wasn’t much time to look at this as another CHK was found by a gap in the hedgerow.  While Spotted Dick, Pepé le Pew, Sludge & Tent Packer all looked further down the Track, Sparky called “On!” from out over the field in a direction toward Wyddial in the southeast.

Having traversed the enclosed crop field, Sludge & Mr X discussed the previous day’s 6 Nations Rugby matches, both seemed pleased by the weekends results.  The Hash were now on the approach to the village, here the first of the encounters with horses mentioned by the Hare in the opening Circle, as the Trail led on to a green path running between a series of horse paddocks.  The RA was pleased to hear that Sparky didn’t blow his horn through this part of the Trail.

The Pack would make their way out on to the Wyddial road, a CHK was found by the edge of the single lane through the village.  A couple & their daughter were seen out walking their pony along this single central route, they would indicate to Pepé le Pew that the others had gone in the opposite direction than the one they were going.  Pepé le Pew wasn’t going to be put off of his decision to check it out to the northeast & headed toward them.

Meanwhile, Sparky & Tent Packer came back from their exploration of the dead end Moles lane to the south as this too was false.  The only remaining option saw Sludge & No Eye Deer pick up the Trail to the southwest out of the village, Sludge pulled away on his own & soon found a CHK on the corner of the first of the turns in the S-Bend of Wyddial lane.

Mr .X & My Lil’ found No Eye Deer at the side of the road, just behind a bush, apparently she was removing a stone from her shoe before joining the others down to the CHK.  Sludge had already taken to the footpath off of the bend that runs down over the fields in a southerly direction.  Just at the end of a short line of trees, that act as a windbreak on the side of the path, the GM would find a T just where My Lil’ told the RA that would be where he would hide one!  Unfortunately for My Lil’ & Mr X they had started off that way as well!

Sparky called “On!” from up the hardcore track leading away to the northwest, it was a direction that all but Sparky had dismissed as it headed away from where the On Inn was located.  The Pack now passed by a very new large detached build up in the Sticks, the hardcore route passing this would join up with the track that the Pack were on earlier, having left the crop field from Capon Wood.

Sparky had run over the farm track that runs over across the footpath, the Dust was not so visible now as if to try & fool the FRBs from straying off the true route.  Sparky was soon seen up the opposite ridge heading back over toward Chipping, Tent Packer followed on behind Sparky but the RA was a little hesitant when neither called anything & Sparky then stopped to look about on top of the ridge, but then Tent Packer called “On!” just as Mr X spotted the dust hidden in a hollow to prevent it from being seen down into & out of the valley.

The Trail reached the top of the Ridge & turned to the west, the path’s route was fairly straight forward as it obviously would lead down from the hill & back in to Chipping, the going degenerated to a slippery chalky Shiggy so most hugged the edge of the hedgerow to find drier ground to run along.

Dust followed the slight bend to look down on the village, where the red-brick Chipping Hall stood out, he then suddenly stopped as he saw Hyena down ahead of him!  He put out his arms as if to say “How did he get there?” as he looked at Hyena being in front of the FRBs, but to My Lil’ behind Mr X this all looked like the RA had found a T to indicate a Falsie!  Obviously Hyena had taken the short cut offered by the Hare.

The Trail began to drop down the hillside the going underfoot became a lot drier, although it was a lot drier than the previous couple of months Trails!  It was pretty easy going with the drier path right until it reached the ford in the River Rib at the bottom of the hill, just before the ford the On Inn was found. 

Once through the shallow water, the Trail turned right to head northward back into the hamlet.  As Tent Packer & Mr X came out on to the road, they saw a freshly killed pheasant by the roadside.  Tent Packer picked this up to take back & stow in his car, no doubt to be lunch at a later date?

The FRBs were soon in the Pub, where they appreciated the two open log fires, nothing better than sitting in a chair by a real fire, supping splendid Porter Ale!   Sloppy Seconds soon made himself at home.

Sis would take a little longer to get around than the rest, she was still keeping an eye on 2-1-2 Maureen, also things weren’t helped by the condition of her wellies, as one of the heels had come away & let in a lot of water!

The Circle was called inside, as the Landlord likes to hear the trumped up charges levelled at the guilty, before the food was served.  The Hare was awarded his for a Trail that took just under the hour; Tent Packer & Spotted Dick were out for one doing a bit of foraging with the pheasant & the latter for missing out on the pheasant! 

Paxo was called out for not wearing a Hash Shirt, he was dobbed in by Ewok, so, as he was driving he nominated her to take his place!  Ewok was joined by Backpack for being the only Horror to go around this mornings Trail!  Sloppy Seconds was out for tinkering under the Bonnet of his ‘Fanny Magnet’ before the start of the Trail.  Kylie was out for a sporting facial hair that made him look like he was eating a cat!

After the Circle the Pack then settled down to a bite to eat, enjoying the delicious sausage platter & chips, not to mention the warmth of the open fires & hospitality!