Run No. 1489               17th Feb 2013

Venues:                        The White Lion

Beer:                              GK IPA, Sharpes’ Doombar

Location:                      Bengeo

Hare(s):                         Fliptop

Runners:                      21

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Après                             0

Newies:                         0                        

Hounds:                        5

Total:                            26

Membership:              Welcoming back the Nutters!


            After all of their recent trials & tribulations, Psycho & Skip made a welcome return to the fold this week.  Needless to say that they would be busy explaining all that had gone wrong with a burst pipe in their house & the untold damage it caused.

            This Hare was among the usual Gooners present who were a little down after their team wouldn’t be splashing out on any silver polish again this year as they had been put out of the FA Cup the day before, it seemed to be more than a coincidence that Mark E Mark turned up this morning after weeks of absence to add his two-penneth-worth to the comments!  It was certainly noisy as the Hare when the Hare tried to go through his spiel.

            There was a sudden dash between the GM & The Hare Raiser as the two scuffled toward the edge of the car park, it turns out that they had seen a pound coin on the floor & My Lil’ beat Sludge to it.  But, on closer inspection this coin looked like it was a Sexton Blake, it didn’t look Kosher to the RA & he warned that Hash Cash should keep an eye on the paying of subs later on!  As Shaw Taylor used to say on Police Five, “Keep ‘em peeled!”

It soon became clear that this Trail would have a large Pack of hounds going around, as well as the noisy Winston, there was Lucy, Louis, What Mother Says’s pooch & a newie of a beagle with Lobby Lobster.  Mark E mark had to bag up some of Louis’ poop before things got underway, he placed this by the back wheel of Lobby Lobster’s car!  Talking of Animals, TBT OBE said that he & Sparky were on the TV the night before in some programme with a name like Animal Antics.

The GM called the proceedings to order, after the Welcome there was thanks to the RA for this being such a gloriously sunny morning!  The it was over to the Hare.  Fliptop warned of crossing the surrounding roads, adding that he had used the Pelican, Zebra, Puffin & any other type of pedestrian crossing for the benefit of the safety of the Pack, but caution should still be used, the rest of his speech was full of large red herrings!

            Then, without further ado the Pack were ushered out to the crossing in front of the Pub, the RA pressed the button to cross but a lot shot over to the other side [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed] when there was an unusual quite spell in the normally busy traffic on the Bengeo Road.  Arrows directed the Hash up the road toward the North.

            The first CHK was found by New road, Sparky, Spotted Dick, Tent Packer, Sludge, Ewok & Paxo were all tempted to look off down this side street to the east, the lure of the Hare’s words of “You’ll get your feet wet, I hope you have a change of socks?” made them think that the Trail would take to this route to head down to Hartham Common.  They would find a T down that route.

            Meanwhile My Lil’ had continued northward up the main road toward the Greyhound, the second CHK point of the day was found near Gosselin road, again the Hare had set a Falsie on another suburban road to the east, again this would tempt a few off of the main drag.  My Lil’ had gone through this second CHK as he had spotted a footpath sign further to the north on the main road. 

The Third CHK was found near to an alleyway off to the east, My Lil chose to cross over the road & take to the opposite alleyway, the other FRBs of Mr X, Spotted Dick, Sparky, Tent Packer & Mark E Mark had just run far enough on the main road to see My Lil’ coming back with arms out-stretched to indicate it was False.

Mark E Mark & Mr X continued along east side of the main road, while Sparky, Tent Packer & Paxo were all tempted off down the alleyway to the east, again the Hare had set this as a Falsie.  With another Falsie called behind, this led Mr X & Mark E Mark to believe that the Trail could lead down from Bengeo to the west, where the meadows of Waterford Marsh could be the wetlands to dampen Hash boots!  [They should have wised up to the Hare’s ‘Wet Feet’ Red Herring! – Ed]

Just after the Greyhound, which incidentally was McMullens’ first Pub, another CHK was found.  So, Mark E Mark & Mr X used the crossing to go over to the west side of the main road, Mark E Mark would disappear down ‘The Avenue’, while Mr X would check out the Sacombe Road.  Both would find these options to be marked as false.

The other FRBs were all lured over the road as well.  Another footpath sign was spotted further down on the B158 where it becomes the Wadesmill road.  So, half of the Keenies remained on the grass verge side of the road, running on by the allotments & down to the take the footpath off toward Coleman Green, that is opposite Watermill lane.  Meanwhile the other FRBS went back over to the east side of the road to find the Dust leading down to a CHK by Water Mill lane.

Mr X, My Lil’, Tent Packer & Sparky found nothing on the Track to the northwest & so they returned to the east side of the road to follow on behind Mark E Mark & Paxo, both of whom were off down the footpath that peels off near the start of Water Mill lane, Puddles was up at the front here as the Trail ran out along the edge of the fields of Bengeo Meadows. 

On the way another CHK was found by a footpath leading away to the North but no one even bothered to look away on this choice.  Paxo pointed out over the lush, green valley & said to the RA, if you look over there you may just see where Ewok works at Stables over in the distance.

Mark E Mark had continued on down toward an uncapped path leading through to the next section of Water Mill lane that has houses lining the way, passing through a small area of pine trees at the side of the field to find no less than three Held CHKs at the start of the second stage of the lane, this would be opposite a small park.

The Keenies were stuck at the Held CHKs for quite some time, Pebbledash, Spillage, Puddles, Custard, TBT OBE, Tent Packer, Paxo, Ewok & Sparky all had to wait with Mark E Mark, My Lil’ & Mr X.  Eventually the Hare arrived & he explained why it had taken the others so long to get under way on the fairly short distance from the main road to where the Held CHK was, apparently the likes of Sis, Psycho, Kylie & Skip were all trying to call 2-1-2 Maureen back from a False Trail, except that it wasn’t 2-1-2 Maureen down there but a Civilian!

            The Hare handed out a bag of sweets to be passed around, TBT OBE did the honours, while the Hare went on to tell of the Police coming around & making enquiries as to what he was up to while setting the Trail the day before, & that was after they had been questioning & almost arresting a woman out on the park who was throwing a stick for her dog!

It took a while to pick up the Trail again, with the Park to the south being checked out, as well as well as an alleyway off through to Glebe road.  Both would hold no Trail & it would be finally picked up all the way down to the end of Water Mill lane, at the T junction with the Ware Park road a CHK was found, from there the RA chose the wrong option in heading up toward St Leonards Church.

The others all started off down the hill & were soon “On!” as the lane narrows to a single track which snakes its way out of Bengeo & on toward Ware Park in the north east, just over the narrow bridge over the river Rib a CHK was found.  Mark E Mark wasn’t going over to the CHK & he took to the footpath before the bridge to pick up the Trail through a bit of scrubby woodland before crossing a metal bridge over a wet area & coming out on to the open meadow.

The going slowed as the path was covered in slippery shiggy, a crafty side step on to the grazing area, where the barbed-wire fence had been flattened, allowed the Keenies to get some speed up as they headed over to a gap in the hedge row & on to the green meadow that St Leonards overlooks at the bottom of the hill!  The Dust headed out toward a metal bridge over the river Beane, a CHK was found on the edge of the stanchion for west end of the bridge.

Sparky & Mr X choose not to cross the Beane, but instead to head up the hillside toward St Leonards Church.  It was a long, steady climb up the grassy hill but as they neared the top there was no sign of any Dust.  Meanwhile the other Keenies crossed the wider water way of the Beane to come out on to part of the Meads, from there calls of “On!” could be heard as Mark E Mark searched around the bank of the bends in the river as it flows toward Hertford.

Just before reaching the top of the Hill, with the talk of getting wet & having seen a dog paddle out for its ball in the river, Sparky told Mr X that he has a “‘Dry-suit’ at home but he feared that the Rubber had perished!” all of which left the RA speechless!  As the RA & Sparky began their descent, TBT OBE was sent up to pass by them on what they presumed was a short cut.

Mark E Mark was now seen to be cutting back to the east across to the central path that leads toward the River Lea navigation, other FRBs were soon over to the meads & heading that way as well.  Mr X & Sparky had just crossed over the Beane & were in pursuit when Mark E Mark, My Lil’, Spotted Dick, Sludge, Tent Packer, Custard, Paxo all stopped up ahead of them, this too was False!   So, a few cut over toward the bank-side path leading around to the further east & then around on to the tow path of the Lea Navigation.

With the Hare making his way over the meads as well, My Lil’ & the rest were again fooled in to thinking that they would find Trail on this side of the Beane, of course it would eventually be found up the hill to St Leonards where Sparky & the RA had already been & TBT OBE had disappeared out of sight.! 

Once back over the bridge, Mr X & Sparky began the long trudge up the hill side for a second time, this time there was little spring in their heels!  Someone who also had trouble with her heels was Sis, & out in the Shiggy path out to the meadow it took its toll as she soon found one foot going one way & the other in the opposite direction, up to the point where she was doing the splits & couldn’t stop her self from ending up in a heap, with legs akimbo [Not often does the Scribe get to use the word akimbo! – Ed].

Fortunately for Sis, Kylie, Lobby Lobster & Psycho were on hand to assist to her feet once again, but not after she had made a lot of noise about it all as she & they had finally ceased laughing at her predicament!  The SCBs would now get further behind as the Keenies made their way out to the top of the hill & out of the wooden gate onto St Leonards road, there an arrow was found hidden behind the red brick wall, well out of sight from the CHK!!!

The Trail made its way around the outer perimeter of St Leonards Church, this small, quaint looking church is the oldest building in Hertford, the Norman building’s rotund design was almost lost when the other Church in Bengeo was built, but fortunately after it had been stripped bare & services had stopped, it was saved & restored by the local Gosselin family. 

The Dust came around to the southwest end of the Church, there a CHK was found & no one was interested in the option of heading down the path through enclosed green area of ‘the Vineyard’, not since some had seen a CHK at the end of the path through the Warren on Port Hill.

            Of course the Hare wasn’t going to make it that easy for the Keenies, as the RA would again find out to his regret!  The Choice of the easy tarmac path all the way through to Port Hill wasn’t going to happen, for only a short way along the route out to the west a CHK was found & from there the Trail would climb up through the wooded embankment of the Warren.

The RA was stopped in his tracks on the lower path, as Mark E Mark led the way up the steep path in the wood almost to the back of the homes on Danesbury Park.  Having gone a fairway along the lower route, the RA decided to go back & do things properly, albeit by way of what he thought was a desire line up through the denser fauna, this took him longer than if he went back a few more yards & to the steps!  Plus he wouldn’t have ended up with a bramble runner stuck in the back of his neck!!

The Trail ran on the path as it makes its way along the very top of the wood side, every so often there would be a slight break in the tree canopy to reveal a view out to the path below & over parts of Hartham Common.  

There were the remnants of red & white tape to cordon off this section while it was under repair just before the descent down from the top of the path, where it had new wooden fencing in place at the steepest drop away to the common.  Here the RA finally caught sight of Spotted Dick & Custard as they began to come down the steps to the tarmac route, finally coming out to the large wrought-iron gates on the edge of Port Hill.

The Trail now turned off to the right & the last leg of the Trail would begin by heading up the steep climb to the top of Port Hill & into Bengeo, known as Belingehou in the Doomsday Book, it is named after the Olde English for Spur or Ridge overlooking the Beane.

It was here that the FRBs caught up with TBT OBE.  The Hash would follow the Dust up to a CHK by the entrance to Warren Park Road but no one turned off of the direct route straight back toward the White Lion & this proved to be the correct move as the On Inn was found a little further up the Bengeo Road, just opposite the local shops.

Mark E mark had a bit of a wait for Lobby Lobster to get back, though he did laugh along with those outside who watched Sparky go over to the plastic bag that had blown in to the middle of the car park, Fortunately Sparky didn’t rummage inside the orange bag, or he would have been surprised as it contained Louis’ deposit earlier that day!

The Pack settled in to the Pub, though it took a long time before Lobby Lobster would be back, in fact it was a long time after the Circle had taken place before she & Louis were back Inn!  TBT OBE got a pint in & then set about his task set to him by the RA to place a sticker over the venue address for the Harriette’s Night out on the Receding Hareline, he diligently carried out this task.  My Lil’s comments stopped the RA as he started to assist TBT OBE in this chore.

Lobby Lobster was so late in getting back that she missed the Hare being reward for a Run that was shorter than expect, & there were no really wet feet!  The day was so nice that most of the Pack sat outside in the Pub’s backgarden

TBT OBE was out for his interference in emailing Mr X with disinformation on the whereabouts of the Harriette’s Night out, when he emailed it was going to be from the Red Lion in Woolmer Green, as this is not far from where Custard lives, but it turns out that it is really from the Red Lion Digswell Hill, which is that far from where Custard lives! 

“Why have two Red Lions close to each other?” bleated TBT OBE, the reason for the two Red Lions would be that Red Lion Pubs, with the Lion Rampant on the sign where named so in respect of King James VI (James I of Scotland) who united the crowns of England & Scotland, the Red Lion comes from the Robert the Bruce Standard. 

TBT OBE was also guilty of some kind of appearing in a TV programme with Sparky about Animal Antics, the RA questioned if this was on free TV or a specialist pay-for-view channel around the 170+ range of Channels on ‘Freeview’?

Sparky joined TBT OBE for his “Perished Rubber” [Did George know? & was this on the TV programme? – Ed] Sis was out for her ending up legs akimbo, Psycho & Kylie joined her as they eventually came to her aid after having a good chortle at her expense

Tent Packer had his hit for reaching his tenth Herts Trail [bum-bag is on its way! – Ed]