Run No. 1491                3rd March 2013

Venues:                         The Ye Olde Monken Holt

Beer:                              Courage Directors; Doombar; Bellhaven Grand Slam;

Location:                      Barnet

Hare(s):                         Mr X

Runners:                      9

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                        0

Après                            0

Newies:                        0                        

Hounds:                       0

Total:                            9

Membership:              Welcoming back Bus Stop!


            I soon became obvious that this would be another week low on numbers, as the Pack gathered outside of Ye Old Monken Holt, seems that the Family le Pew are still all ill with the lurgy!

            At least Bus Stop didn’t have to walk too far to pick up the Trail from her house, she would meet the rest of the Hash on their way around to a CHK by where she lives, it was good to see her back in the fold.

The few who did make it this week had to wait for those who had driven there to park up, it took some a while to find a place to leave their vehicles before wandering along to the Pub, Sloppy Seconds seemed to take an age to find a space for his F-Magnet! 

The Pack gathered in warm sunlight bathing the sunny side of the street the Pub sits upon, the GM called the circle together & those who were there to witness the previous week’s major faux pah, they wondered whether he would repeat this blunder by announcing H4 as H5 but he successfully welcomed the Pack to the correct Hash & the correct Run Number.

            A relived GM then called the Hare was called forward & Mr X explained a few of the things for the Hash to watch out for on Trail, as well as adding that it wasn’t the original trail he had planned to set as the bus bringing him over that morning was late arriving.  There were warnings of dog’s eggs littering parts of the Trail, it was set in plaster board arrows & flour, all False Trails were marked, there were short cuts & that the start was southward down the High street in a direction toward Barnet Church.

            While the Keenies made their way down to the alleyway by the local car dealership, the Hare & Hyena took a different route back toward the common.  The Pack found arrows directing them off on this enclosed path that diagonally links the High Street to the St Albans Road that cuts of the corner Junction off.  More Arrows pointed the way down the St Albans Road to the west.  Just beyond the corner of the railings for the local TA centre, another set of Arrows pointed the Hash off down Christchurch lane.

            The Pack made their way up the tarmac path beside the TA centre, this route had a few dog’s eggs littering the way, but it was not the worst area on the Trail!  The Likes of My Lil’, Sludge, Paxo, TBT OBE & Sloppy Seconds made short work of this loop around to a CHK at the end of the alleyway, to where it meets the road part of Christchurch lane.  The Hare & Hyena cut around to this point but the rest had gone by the time they arrived.

            The Hare did laugh as he looked down Christchurch path to see an old lady who had walked down the alleyway to the gate in the back of the White Lion’s car park, she rattled the gate only you find that it is now padlocked to prevent people using the car park as a cut-through!

Back on the Trail & the next CHK was found on the continuation of Christchurch lane to where it terminates on Hadley Grove, the Pack had made short work of this & found the Falsies straight over to the dead end spur, as well as the other Falsie down toward the footpath through the Church yard.  The Pack made their way eastward down Hadley Grove to find the next CHK on Gladstone Road on the edge of the common.

The Dust would now take the Pack out on to the common to head along one of the brooks running away to the north along the edge of the common, on a path of wet shiggy that runs up by single line of exclusive Homes of Hadley Green West tucked away behind the hedgerow at the side of the common.

The Pack made their way up to the next CHK, this was just beyond Old Fold house on meeting of several paths that led to a myriad of options, including going over the common to the east, up to Old Fold Manor Golf Club entrance to the North or directly west on a footpath over the Golf Course, or the tarmac path that almost double backs in a South-westerly direction to pass by the local allotments.

My Lil’ was first to find the Trail down by the allotments & led the Pack back toward Hadley Grove but turning off just short of it by going on to Sunset View, there the Hare & Hyena had been joined by the late arriving Fliptop on this short cut from Hadley Grove.  Fliptop was soon down to the end of Sunset View, where a CHK was found where this road joins the St Albans Road.

Fliptop crossed over the busy main road, to find Dust leading away from the Church Fitch gate, he was first up the St Albans road to the north & he quickly found a False Trail leading off in to a paddock beyond the Churchyard.  As Fliptop picked his way through the litter strewn start of the paddock, which included a kids toy Christmas castle, the Hare & My Lil’ looked over the brick wall & spotted a dead cat in the graveyard, the flat moggie looked like it had been there for sometime!

Fliptop turned back as My Lil’ led the way up the St Albans road, passing by another footpath sign to the west as he continued along the rubbish littered path.  As well as a ton of crap discarded along the way, there were a couple of cars that looked like they had been half-inched, one had most of the front missing, while a Golf had a side window smashed in!  My Lil’ would get a second glance at these as he came back by them after finding a Bar CHK!

            The Trail took to the other footpath through the stables area & this dropped down the drive to the stables blocks before continuing westward toward the largest of the paddocks.  Once over the style in the fence, the Pack had a short walk through a small enclosed square, TBT OBE asked how the Pack were supposed to get out of this & so the RA replied that he should crouch & squeeze through gap between the two horizontal wooden spars!

            The Trail now headed up the hillside, on the way over to the gate that forms an exit from the paddock, Sloppy Seconds was none too happy at the water seeping out of the hill that ran down over the shiggy that even the resident horses seemed keen to avoid, as all the equines were all down at the bottom of the field well away from the Pack.

            A CHK was found out on the tarmac alleyway running behind Wentworth road, from there Sloppy Seconds went off on a False Trail up the alleyway to the road.  Sludge had chosen the correct route in following the tarmac footpath as it runs on behind back gardens of the homes & on along by one of the local schools, however, Sludge then went wrong when he took passageway through to the street.  Fliptop, Bus Stop, Paxo & My Lil’ all made good headway as they picked up the Dust as it continued westward on the tarmac footpath to where it comes out on to the edge of the access road to Old Elizabethans RFC.

            A CHK was found on the edge of the access road, for here Fliptop was convinced that the Trail would take to a Trail that Windmill had used in the past & it would run through the edge of the grounds of Old Elizabethans RFC.  Bus Stop & Sloppy hung around the CHK, while Sludge made up his lost ground & My Lil’ chose to look on the continuation of the footpath on the opposite side of the drive.

Calls of “On!” came from the continuation of the path as it passed by a Scout hut & then turned to pass through three white painted tall metal poles that formed a block for any cycling down this route.  The Trail dropped down as it ran behind another local school, to the north were the grounds of the Denis Bland nature reserve.  Again this would be another footpath in Barnet that is littered with Dogs eggs, & another route to School for the kids!

A CHK was found by the turn in the Path, the majority chose to look out on the dead end of Cavendish Road just around the corner, this would turn out to be the correct choice.  Now the Hash had a steady steep climb up the suburban street, everyone seemed to walk this until they reached the Held CHK at the top of the hill, but a little way from the end of the road.

Once the Hare allowed the FRBs to start searching again, Sludge & My Lil’ went off to the end of the road but there would be no Dust up there.  With a few hints from the Hare, Sloppy Seconds & Bus Stop got the hint that they should look off down the side street of Kings Road but halfway along this dog turd littered street there would be some confusion at a crossroads with Jennings way. 

The Hare arrived on the scene to see that someone had been interfering with the markings, one local woman in her garden laughed as she thought that it was funny that Pack were confused, she was probably one of those responsible!  Mr X crossed out the altered arrow that had sent Sloppy Seconds the wrong way down a dead-end road & replaced it with a fresh one.

The Pack now set off to the westerly end of Kings Road &b on to where it becomes Grimesdyke Crescent which cuts back at an acute angle to south-eastward back up to Jennings way, there they met up with the Hare as he cut up on a Short Cut he was marking.  Emerging on to the main Wood Road, near to the junction by the Arkley Pub, the Pack were directed over this busy spot to head down away to the southwest.

A Short cut was put in for TBT OBE & Hyena to take them away to the east on the opposite side of the road to Whale Bone Park.  Bus Stop decided that having not run for sometime, she was up to join the rest on the loop around behind Whale Bone Park, this enclosed green area has no access as it is home to a menagerie of animals, those on the short cut could hear the geese honking & goats bleating as they were being fed. 

Those on the long Trail would also miss out on seeing the two old 24 foot long blue whale jaw bones that form an ornate entrance to the park.  The first set were said to have came back with Polar Explorer John Franklin in 1830, they have been replaced several times with the latest being put up in 1939.

The FRBs now followed the arrows around to the start of Elmbank lane, where the Trail would descend to the bottom of this suburban street.  Those with eagle-eyes may have noticed that one house still had a snow man & Father Christmas on display in the front window! 

At the bottom of the hill a CHK was found, it didn’t take long for the Dust to be found as it led up the long steady climb of Wellhouse Lane as it passes by Barnet General Hospital, My Lil’ claimed that having climbed up the hill that some of the Pack were almost in need of the Hospital facilities!

Arrows directed the Hash on by the car parks for the Hospital to merge back on to Wood Road, they would soon be over this main road into Barnet & taken through to Ravenscroft Park, named after the benefactor James Ravenscroft of some of the Alms Houses that are around this area, there are also Eleanor Palmer’s Cottage (Daughter of a Courtier to Henry VIII) & the Leather Sellers Alms Houses as well.

Once through the southern gate, the Trail ran all the way through this elongated narrow park that sits below the level of the road.  TBT OBE was spotted by the RA as he ran through to come out of the gate in the railings at the northern end of the park, opposite the roundabout in front of the Black Horse.

A few paid some attention to the Black Horse, eyeing it up as a future venue, since it now has a large selection of Ales as well as being home to the Barnet Brewery in its Courtyard Garden!  There used to be a ‘Barnet Brewery’ on Wood Lane when the GM was a lad, but that closed in 1909.

Anyhow, back to today’s Trail & the route crossed over to the Black Horse side of the road & then off down to a CHK on Union Road.  TBT OBE was first there & also first to find the Dust as it left Union Road almost at the start of this road to cross over to Stapylton Road.

The final stretch of the Trail was starting as the Dust led almost to the end of Stapylton road, passing by the back of the Spires Shopping Centre on the way, the Dust led up a small raised bank of earth by the bus stop, this would then cut back to side street that runs by the boarded up area of the Barnet Market site.  This short road led back out to the St Albans road, just before joining this the On Inn was found.  TBT OBE missed this bit out & came back in via the alleyway by the garage, instead of going around to the High Street Junction!

The Pack settled in to the Pub, but as the RA was leaving early (due to the kick off being at 14:15 Hrs) the Circle was held quite early.  Sloppy put on his Curates Hat to take over from the RA (As he was the Hare), there was a bit of confusion as Sloppy went to start his spiel before the GM had toasted the Hash.  Once things were sorted the Pack toasted the Hash & then it was over to the Curate.

The Hare was out for setting a Trail that took an hour to get around, not to mention doing his RA duties of sorting out the weather.  Bus Stop was out for admitting to someone that her house is now bursting with more knick-knacks than the Old Curiosity shoppe!  Fliptop was called out as he didn’t have any "Lucky Arsenal" sweets but Sloppy had some that had become a pint of Ale for him to Down [It’ll be doubtful that He’ll have any more after the Gooners lost to Spurs later that day! – Ed]  TBT OBE was out for loads of reasons, Running on a Short cut & loads more