Run No. 1498                22nd April 2013

Venues:                         The Cross Keys

Beer:                              GK IPA, Tring’s Moon Gazer, Marlow Rebellion

Location:                       Harpenden

Hare(s):                          Tent Packer

Runners:                       14

Virgins:                            0

Visitors:                           0

Après                                0

Newies:                            0                        

Hounds:                           0

Total:                              18

Membership:                Stuffed!!


                The Skies were overcast  as the RA headed out to Harpenden for this week’s Trail, on the way he was pinged by Psycho, who said she wasn’t feeling well & so Skip was decorating [That’s nice for him! - Ed] that was those two missing, Fliptop & Sis weren’t going to make it either this week & as for the JM, well, he wasn’t turning out as he had a groin strain! [Pebbledash will no doubt ask him how he did that? – Ed]

            Last week’s Newie, Jane, decided that she would turnout again.  Later, while out on Trail she admitted to the RA that she enjoyed the Beer the previous week!  This week also saw the return of Oxymoron & Kokonut, who have recently moved back to the UK & are now residing not too far down the road in Harpenden. 

The numbers were also boosted by Ketchup being present on his second week out of hibernation, as well as Charlotte turning out for the Hash, which isn’t bad as she now lives in Saaaaanddddddiaaaaggggoooooo, in the US of A!

The GM called the Circle together, this week he didn’t go for the “Welcome to Herts Hash House Harriers Run Number 1500, minus 2!” announcement he has recently been using, it was back to the norm.  The Hare was introduced & he informed the Pack that the Trail was set in Flour, there would be a ‘special refreshment stop’ on the way & that was about it!  The Pack were then ushered away over the High street, once on the west side of the street the Dust headed southward along the parade.

Oxymoron was leading the way as the Trail soon left the main drag & took to a narrow alleyway between two of the businesses in the parade of shops, like the others heading down that route, No Eye Deer did a side step to avoid the pile of vomit that Junior someone had deposited on the pavement.

Out on to Leyton road the Trail continued back in a southward direction, leaving the shops behind & heading over toward the small green, across from which was The Oak Tree Pub, but this was far too early for a Beer Stop [No it wasn’t! – Ed].  The RA, Sludge, My Lil’, No Eye Deer, Jane & Charlotte were quickly off down toward the south, there the Trail was picked up beyond the front of the Inn on the Green & then the Royal British Legion.

            The Trail led by the Silver Cup, a Pub that the Hash used to run from several times a year in the days when Shambler was on the scene!  Anyhow, less reminiscing & back to the Trail as the Dust led on to a CHK, right by the brick gate posts for the entrance to Rothamsted Park.  From Here Sludge, My Lil’, Oxymoron & Kokonut led the most of the others into the open green parkland, the exception was Mr X who chose to continue further down Layton road beyond the Fire Station.  It was the RA who would find the correct Trail & he was first on to the CHK by the solitary cottage at the end of Coach Lane footpath.

            Mr X ventured up the stony path as it heads westward up between the tree lines that shield the view of the industrial units on the left & the tennis courts of the park on the right.  The path turned a few degrees to head off of a westerly direction, it emerged from the tree line & out in to a corner of Rothampsted Park, there a CHK was found.

            The RA took to the left-hand option of the two wide, tree-lined paths at a fork in the track, he followed Dust up the avenue on to one of the roads within the research centre, there the RA would find a T behind the bollards at the end of the capped track before it joins the tarmac!  Meanwhile My Lil’ had taken to the route on a footpath that runs between the green houses & large sheds to the south of the park, but he too would be coming back.

            Mr X soon heard Sludge, Mark E Mark & Ketchup all calling “On!” as if to rub it in from the path that started off parallel to the one the RA was on, Mr X replied that he could hear there calls as he headed all the way back to the CHK.  The RA did spot a sign on the way back that said “Dog Owners do it at home!  The staffs of Rothampsted Park do not get paid to pick up your dog mess!”

No Eye Deer, Jane came back with My Lil’ from the other Falsie to join the Hare on the continuation of the Coach Lane Track through the Parklands part of Rothampsted Park.  This was a long stretch toward the heart of the Research Centre & the wind blew straight in the face of the Hash as they continued in a south-westerly direction.

            Along this way TBT OBE started to get his excuses in to the RA, as he somehow managed to loose the Hashit after last week’s Trail, quite how this happened he doesn’t know & he was blaming the multiple Down-Downs the Curate gave him [Must have been all the sugar in the fruit juice drinks? – Ed] TBT OBE whinged that he had called the Pub to see if it was still in the Garden, but alas it could not be found!

Mark E Mark, Ketchup, Oxymoron & Kokonut all started to pull away from the Pack as they quickly found the CHK where the track emerges on to a green area north of the Manor House.  It was at this point that the Hash saw the first of the small sheds that are dotted around the estate, these were home to the florescent orange jacket wearing security guards, they were there after the research centre after a trail of a GM crop was planted there last year!

The Trail took to the tarmac road heading up to the northwest on a part of the Chiltern Way, on the right was the fields that are one of agriculture’s longest running experiments when the centre was established in 1843 by Sir John Bennet Lawes to test the fertilizers & crop nutrition in ‘Classic Field Experiments’ that run to this day.

            Ketchup noticed the information board explaining the history of the fields, as he ran on by to head up to Rothampsted Farm,  Before the farm entrance, with its ‘No Access’ signs, there was a faint & thin chalk arrow directing the Pack off down the footpath that runs due south toward Redbourn, here another two of the security sheds were seen before the Trail broke off to the right by the first manned hut, it was at this point in the Trail that Ben Dover caught up with the Hash.  Ben Dover told the RA that he had a bit of trouble finding the Trail at the start from the Pub!

            The Footpath was now pretty dry underfoot & the going was a bit precarious in places as the Hash made their way along the hedge at the edge of one field, then going up & down a bumpy section that turned through a corner of another filed to take the Pack along the northern edge of Knott wood.  This path would lead out on to the Nicky Way, the former Railway branch-line between Harpenden to Redbourn.

            Mark E Mark, Ketchup, Oxymoron & Kokonut all chose to search up the former line in a northerly direction, but as the tree lined Nicky Way begins to arc around toward Harpenden all four of them stopped!  Mark E Mark had to stop on his way back & perform some stretching exercises.

Sludge, My Lil’ & Ben Dover all took advantage of the other FRBs falling for a Falsie.  They crossed directly over the Nicky Way as the Chiltern way heads down by a few horse paddocks, in the distance the glowing lights of the golf range could be seen but the Trail would not go that far.

            Mr X saw Ben Dover making great strides on a footpath running around the opposite side of the perimeter of the horse paddock, so he knew that the Trail would leave the Chiltern Way, Oxymoron & Kokonut had caught up & had passed him to head beyond the wooden gate to the footpath off of the main footpath, they were called back to following behind Sludge & My Lil’ on the way around to the corner of the Redbourn Golf Club.

            The RA was surprised that Oxymoron & Kokonut almost continued off Trail as Oxymoron had just told him that they had walked around this path on a long ramble only days before!  Meanwhile No Eye Deer & Jane were going to do the loop out around the paddock as well.

            Running beside the golf course & Ben Dover went astray again as he took to a path in to the Golf Course form a CHK by the paddock, but he was brought back to the path that runs around the corner & up along the eastern edge of the course.  There the path ran through the wooded strip between the fairways & the Nicky Way, at the end of the path there was a short bit to cross the corner of the course, then it was back out on to the Nicky Way to find that the next CHK there had already been marked!

            The SCBs took the Nicky Way up to joint the Keenies followed the Trail along the former line to the junction of three paths, no one stopped to look at the information boards that Kylie likes to turn the knobs on [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed] that generates enough power to start a recording of the spoken history, which explain the history of the former railway line. 

Instead of playing with the board, the FRBs all took to the Track of Townsend lane, this stony old rustic hedged in lane heads back in to the edge of Harpenden, but before they came out on to the area of homes there was a board with ‘H4 Beer Stop’ written upon it leaning against the open gate of the local Nurseries.

            The Sign brought the Pack in to the Townsend Nurseries, where on a JCB were Beer, Lager & softies, the Hare was on hand to call in No Eye Deer, Jane, Charlotte & Lobby Lobster when they came down the lane.  As the Pack were enjoying this little respite, while entertaining the two resident spaniels, Zing-a-long-a-max suddenly stopped at the gate after he had a late start. 

The RA had to listen to a familiar story from him as he said that there wasn’t a lot of Dust out there & he found it hard to locate the Trail in places!  No need to worry he made it to the Beer Stop.

            The Pack set off once again & there were a few groans from the RA, amongst others, as he had started to seize up & found it hard to get going once again, as the Hash began the final leg of the Trail, emerging from the uncapped part of Townsend lane to come out on to the residential part of this road.

Heading south-easterly to start with, the road began with a large hedge shielding the fields of the experimental station to the right, this was soon replaced by new homes as the road turned the corner to head north-easterly in direction toward the centre of Harpenden.  There were plenty of large expensive homes along this way, quite a few of the older homes had been demolished & rebuilt in to even bigger abodes!

The Trail dropped slightly & then rose a little as the road came up to a CHK on the crossroads junction with Salisbury Avenue, here it took a right to lead just off of due south until it reached an alleyway on the left hand side, that was located a yards from the end of the road. 

The closed-in footpath started off between the properties of Salisbury Avenue to lead down by the ivy clad railings on one side of the Churchyard of St Nicholas to come out from behind the shops on the north end of the High Street for the On Inn.

The Pack settled in to the Pub, where the GM wondered about having a 1499A Trail on the Bank Holiday Monday?  Since the weekly Trail for the 1500th Trail had been moved from Monday to the Friday Pub Crawl of the 1500th Weekend, this question was put to the Circle, but there seem to be a lack of interest.  The RA said that he would put it on the weekly email to see what the reaction would be.  We’ll let you know if there will be a Trail!

            Before the Circle, the Pack had some nosh & those who were on the Hash the week before said that there it was far more substantial amount to eat than the food at that On Inn.   There was in fact plenty of the excellent grub that even the gannets of the Hash didn’t finish it all off, in fact the Pack offered the remaining sarnies to those in the main Bar.  No Eye Deer said she was surprised the Fartin Martin hadn’t turned out with all of the food, she wasn’t alone in this respect!

            Having the smaller snug room exclusively to ourselves meant that when it came to the Down-Downs the Circle was held inside, the Pack’s singing would not really compete with the Irish fellah warbling away in the other Bar!

The Hare was rewarded for a Good Trail of around the Hour Mark.  Zing-a-long-a-max & Ben Dover were out for moaning about the lack of Trail, even though they manage dot catch up with the Pack. Oxymoron was out for being keen, he’s only just returned to Herts & has already put down to set a Trail! [That’s the enthusiasm we want to see on the Hash! – Ed]

Charlotte was out for her temporary return from Saaaaanddddddiaaaaggggoooooo, in the US of A!  Sludge had his Down-Down for pigging out, then after the Circle he was heading home to have a roast dinner!  Ketchup was out for the RA getting a bit of an ear bending at a party for one of his relation’s 60th Birthdays, all since his aunt is loosing one of her best work mates, this work mate is moving up to Hertford Heath!  It soon dawned on him that this was Angela!  The RA asked Ketchup if there was anything the Hash should know & did he have any announcements to make, but Ketchup said no!

Finally the Hashit, well, it is missing after it was awarded to TBT OBE last week, if it had been picked up by another Hasher, then it didn’t materialize this week.  TBT OBE is now resigned to the prospect of wearing the Hashit, or its replacement, for a considerable amount of time!

The RA finished the Circle by informing the Pack about the Roebuck Hotel’s plans for demolition, he warned Ketchup not to hold a reception there, as he told the Hash that our 1500th may be one of the last events there before it could demolished or redeveloped in to new homes!

            The Pack settled back down & the Harriettes in once corner started to talk about ‘relationships’, this resulted in Mark E Mark moving slightly away from this conversation.  Ketchup pointed out that Mark E Mark’s ears had gone bright red.  Was this a sign of his ear’s were burning?