Run No. 1504                26th May 2013

Venues:                        Chez Sis et Fliptop

Beer:                              Thatcher’s Cider, Pimms

Location:                      Royston

Hare(s):                         Fliptop

Runners:                      21

Virgins:                         0

Visitors:                         0

Après                             2

Newies:                         0                        

Hounds:                        2

Total:                            25

Membership:              At the AGPU!


The AGPU had rolled around again, there were a few faces absent for this day, perhaps they were carefree when it came to the election of a new committee & weren’t worried if they were voted in to one of the positions?  Anyhow, it was a glorious day the RA had arranged, even if he & the Hare Raiser were late arriving at the venue.

                The GM had held things up long enough for these two to get off the Train & walk around to Chez Sis et Fliptop.  Once there it was soon go, with the GM calling the Circle together a ten past the hour.  Would it be Sludge’s last time of performing this ritual?  Well the Pack would all know by the final Circle.

With the honours done, it was over to the Hare, Fliptop took the centre of the Circle & went on to tell of the potential hazards out there in Royston.  Busy roads to cross, low flying aircraft (There was an air show on at Duxford) flying golf balls, unfriendly locals & Red Herring were just a few of the things on the long list he reeled out!  Finally it was out of the cul-de-sac, passing by a neighbour hanging balloons outside of their home which was up for sale [Where they celebrating the Hash leaving? – Ed] Then it was a right turn on to Green Drift, there were a few groans of “Nothing different there then!” as the Keenies took to a well run route by H4!

So, this was the usual start as the Pack made their way down to the west, Tent Packer & Sparky were soon out ahead of the rest as they didn’t seem to have the need to limber up a bit to get in to the mood to run.  They were soon on the CHK opposite where Tannery Drift heads off of Green Drift to head eastward toward the Heath.

Sparky & Tent Packer continued down the tree lined avenue toward the south, most of the others weren’t interested in this route because if it did go that way, & then off to the west, it would be a flat-ish Trail, something that has only happened a couple of times over the years!

Sure enough Sparky & Tent Packer were soon stopped in their tracks by a T, so there would be no footpath over the railway line & the lowlands.  Instead it was back to Tannery Drift where Sludge, ARP & Pepé le Pew were leading the way up beyond the Ambulance Station & the school to come out to a CHK on the edge of the Baldock road.

Sludge & ARP headed southward along the road to Baldock, they crossed over to look for Dust on the edge of the Heath, but they wouldn’t find any & were called back as Pepé le Pew picked up the Trail just over the pedestrian crossing only a few yards up from the CHK point.  The rest followed on.  As Tent Packer caught up he enquired how ARP & Sludge had got up there so quickly?  As they came back from the Falsie to the South.  The answer was, they didn’t go wrong at the first CHK, Simples!

The Trail took to Briary lane, one local old boy in his garden was very helpful with his comments to the middle order of the Pack, since they weren’t quite in to ‘Running mode’ like the Keenies up ahead of them.  The local decided that they needed some geeing up & tried to encourage them in a manner that wasn’t dissimilar to Fliptop’s regular cry of “Keep running!”  The local soon changed his tune when he was invited to join the Pack.

The next couple of CHKs were dealt with quite rapidly as Pepé le Pew, Tent Packer & Sparky all stuck with Briary lane as it made its way up to the edge of the eastern part of town beside the Heath, at the east side of which the highlands of Royston lay in wait.

The footpath rose up on the high grassy roadside embankment, before coming down to the level of the road as that too ran up hill to the car park where it joins Sun Hill road in the corner at the end of the residential area.

The FRBs didn’t have to wait too long for the rest to catch up with them, being so close to Therfield Heath the temptation to search over the open common was too much, the Pack were soon spit into small groups on to each of the three or four options to the south of Briary lane.  The RA & My Lil’ were tempted by continuing on up toward the isolated home.  They found Dust, just as “On!” was called over on the Heath by the other groups of Sloppy, Tent Packer, Sludge, Pebbledash & ARP.

They too were soon led off of the stony track to come out on to the heath, but just like the others they would also find a T to terminate their excursion in to the open!  Sloppy Seconds was a bit sceptical about the RA, My Lil & No Eye Deer’s calling of “On!” where they were over the Heath, especially as it was after his path was stopped by a T!  But the RA soon indicated that they too had found a T!  So everyone went back the stony by-way of Briary lane.

Pepé le Pew was frustrated as he had even been off down Sun Hill, was called back & had joined Mr X, My Lil’ & No Eye Deer on the easterly heading track up toward the reservoir on the hill, but they would soon find yet another T!  The Hare had certainly caught the Pack out, there was a lot of moaning as they all came back toward the Held CHK!

Mr X, My Lil’ & Pepé le Pew went off through the small green area before the Held CHK, there they found Dust leading down in to a wooded dell.  Only the RA went astray in the bottom of the wooded spot, Pepé le Pew almost lost the Trail before he realised that it ran up the bank & passed through a narrow gap in the corner of the fenced off Echo Hill road.

No Eye Deer was surprised to hear that the ‘old guard’ of the Pack had never been on this little path to find themselves out on residential street of Echo Hill, the RA now reckoned that the Trail would probably lead on around the Seven Hills of Rome Royston by leading up around the plantation covered ridge on the northeast of town.  He would be wrong on that count.

  The Trail now turned to the north as it headed down hill, the Pack began to pick up the pace as they made their way down to the next CHK, from where the Trail was quickly picked up as it led them through to the Sun Hill road once more.

Another CHK was found, not far from where the Trail joined Sun Hill.  Here No Eye Deer, My Lil’ & Mr X were all keen on the Trail taking to the alleyway down to the west, but no dust was found down there as “On” was called back at the CHK on Sun Hill by Spillage, the Trail continued to head northward along Sun Hill.  Just as the road began to drop down, an arrow pointed the way off up another alleyway, this one leading up between the homes to the east.

BY the time the others had got back on track, Sparky & Tent Packer were on their way back from the Falsie up the easterly alleyway to join the rest on the trot down to the end of the Sun Hill road to the edge of the end of the Barkway road. 

Pepé le Pew, Sloppy Seconds, Tent Packer & Sparky were soon over the crossing & heading up toward the east end of the Market area of Royston, after the CHK point by the Market they would be stopped in their tracks just beyond this as they ran on to a T at the entrance to Priory Gardens.

The RA & Hare Raiser made the most of the other Keenies mistake & searched off down Fish Hill, it was noticeable to both of them that there was a large banner above one building that advertised the Royston Beer Festival being held at Royston FC’s ground, which led them to wonder where exactly the Football Club was?

Down Fish Hill the RA was tempted to look thought another of the ornate entrances to the Priory Gardens, but the Dust continued on by this & down to the Next CHK at a point where the Fish Hill & Market Hill roads meet at the white, old town hall looking building, this part of town is quite olde worlde.  The way in to the small open area was marred by the sight of vomit on the pavement, this led the RA to question whether Junior had been there night before?

Pepé le Pew, Skip & a few of the other Keenies caught up as the search for Dust began once again, an arrow was found just a few yards from the CHK, this seemed to be a bit too quick as it showed the way down an alleyway off to the west.  The doubters were surprised to find the Trail did indeed go that way & soon the Keenies were out on Melbourn Street.

Over another crossing & the Trail led off down another alleyway, near to the old listed Manor House Social Club building that will soon be a ‘Spoons in Royston.  The Keenies followed the Trail out on to King James drive, on the way the RA wondered if Pebbledash would have guffawed at the name of the Old people’s hospital as it was named after Richard Cox, so it could be familiarly known a Dick Cox House!

The Trail would lead on to another CHK, this one being near to Butcher’s lane alley.  Sparky & Pepé le Pew would take to this, heading northward along the stone walled route up by one of the more established Churches in Royston.  Meanwhile Mr X & Skip choose to look up on the lane that leads out by the White Bear on Kneesworth street.  They were surprised to find that there was Dust there & it did lead out to the main road.

At the traffic island in the main road arrows directed the Pack over this & then on down to Green Drift for the end of the Trail, the FRBs headed to the On Inn, but questioned themselves as to if they had missed out a loop?  Seems not, as Sparky & Pepé le Pew were turned back from Butcher’s Lane alley, this may have been so because not far from where Butcher’s lane comes out on to the Melbourn road is the Football Club & that’s where the distraction of a Beer Festival was on, perhaps the Hare thought that he couldn’t risk certain members of the Pack going too near there!

Just as Skip came in to Maltings Close, he said to the RA that he was “Going to Run the last bit so he could be first back!”  But Skip’s moment of glory was cruelly stolen as the RA sprinted by him & was first through the back gate!

The Pack sat down to enjoy the afternoon, with Pepé le Pew creating a bucket of Pimms, which went down well & was soon mopped up, he later said that he should have brought the other bottle, oh well, save it for the next outdoor event.  Skip on the other hand was happy to start off-loading bottles of grog he is clearing out from the house, the notable one being the 10 Year Old Mendis Old Arrak, a Sri Lankan coconut rum that is probably nearer toward 20 years old now.  Seems that the Hash may be experimented on soon with more concoctions from Skips drinks cabinet!

TBT OBE arrived, he had a late start, this was obvious as he wasn’t wearing the Hashit!  His apologies wouldn’t get him anywhere, perhaps he was hoping that a change of RA would result in him not keeping the Hashit until the New Year?

The voting forms for the new Committee were issued & filled in, once the Pack could find a pen that worked!  While Fliptop was out of earshot, Sludge suggested that we make him ‘Honorary GM’ a position with no responsibilities but a mark to show the respect for all the work he has put in to H4 & keeping us going through some lean times a few years ago.  A show of hands was unanimous on this.

Time to award the Hare his Down-Down for a good Trail, that was short & just to make sure none of it was missed out, the RA questioned Fliptop on its route.  Seems that the whole Trail was run!  There weren’t many misdemeanours on the Trail, so the main Down-Downs went to the new committee, which wasn’t much different from the old one, just an alteration for On Sexy, details are at the head of this sheet.  The RA was surprised to be re-elected, as he voted for Reg Holdsworth!

The rest of the sunny afternoon was enjoyed by all.  It was a good day indeed with plenty of laughter & chat about the 1500th weekend.