Run No. 1509                24th June

Venues:                         The Robin Hood & Little John

Beer:                              McMullens AK, Country, Cask

Location:                      Rabley Heath

Hare(s):                         Sludge & Porky Pie

Runners:                       17

Virgins:                           0

Visitors:                          0

Après                              0

Newies:                          0

Hounds:                         1

Total:                            18

Membership:              More Ginger Herrings!


            There was a fairly strong breeze blowing away the threat of the dark clouds overhead & soon there were sunny skies above the area of Rabley Heath.  The Pack gathered in the car park, awaiting for the arrival of the Hares, one of whom was the GM!  They arrived & the Circle was called as the Hare Raiser was counting down the hour, for some reason he seemed very eager to get on with things.

With the introductions out of the way Sludge remained in the Circle, he brought Porky Pie in before they went through all of the things that the Pack could expect to encounter out on the Trail.  Just as a comment about a Jelly Baby stop came from the Circle, the senior Hare went over to his small rucksack & sorted out two bags of these sweets.

Without further ado, the Pack were ushered away out of the car park to the left & on to Slip End lane, it was only a short way around the very beginning bend in the road before an arrow was found by the gate in the hedgerow, which leads in to a field where a tractor was busy cutting the grass for silage.  The Trail crossed over this field on a diagonal path to the opposite corner, along the way the Pack had to skip over the tram lines of cut grass laid out for gathering up.

Having run through the last part of long grass that was still standing, the Trail left the field by disappearing through a gap in the tree-line.  A CHK was found in this wooded corner of the adjacent field, the RA & My Lil’ decided to carry on in easterly direction across another field of cut hay, they found Dust & called out “On!” as it led a long way around a slight bend & up to a T almost at the end of the field!  The bend hid the fact that these two had stopped, & were now turning back, from the sight of Tent Packer & Skip until they came around it as well.

Porky Pie had run along the Falsie as well, he seemed to be happy to encourage the Keenies to take to this & a few of the FRBs now decided that they would have to keep an eye on Porky Pie!  It was a long trot back to the wooded corner, where the wayward FRBs found that Sludge had marked the CHK through the tree-line & out along the edge of the field to the north. 

The rest of the Pack had taken advantage of the others going wrong & they were well on their way as the Trail headed slightly westward off of true north, along by the hedged off back gardens of the single line of local homes at Rabley Heath.

In the corner the Trail changed direction as it came up to the southern tip of New Wood, one craftily laid blob of Dust almost fooled some to take to the path running up behind the cottage on the end of the wood, but the Trail would be found a little over to the east & there it ran in to New Wood.

A shaded run through the woodland was now on the cards, here the Trail weaved its way between the trees on the myriad of meandering paths within this woodland, ARP was now up front, with Sloppy Seconds & Tent Packer soon in her wake having made up ground from the earlier Falsie. 

The Trail finally made its way over to the eastern edge of New wood, where ARP would emerge on to wide farm track running northward to the village of Old Knebworth, just as Sludge brought a few of the SCBs around there from a Short cut along the southern edge of the wood & then on to the track.

From the CHK on the edge of the track, ARP was soon away heading northward & she would pick up the Trail toward Park wood.  Jaron & Ketchup were soon following on, along with the RA, as they tried to keep up with ARP.  But as the Trail ran in to the end of Park Wood the RA slowed up, for he knew that somewhere through the tree-line there was a footpath heading off westward through the crop field on the left & ARP had run on by it. 

Mr X’s distrust of the Hares was proved correct, as ARP found a Bar CHK just in Park wood before she could reach Park lane on the edge of Old Knebworth, Jaron & Ketchup had to turn as well & come back as they too had been caught out by the Hares.

Mr X made his way out in to the crop field & it took a while before the Dust was found on the westerly path, the delay led to the likes of Skip, Tent Packer & Sloppy Seconds to have some reservations as to whether the RA was on the right Track.  He was, & eventually he found the Dust over the rock hard dry soil as the footpath heads over toward Slip lane once more.

It was a long trot over to the next CHK, where the westerly path is intercepted by one that leads down from Old Knebworth to New Wood.  Mr X was the first to this point & he had decided that with his ‘Local Knowledge’ that he would turn northward to head up toward Old Knebworth.  The RA was quite a way up this wide footpath when he heard a call of “On!” coming back on the last part of the footpath over from the end of Park wood as it leads on to Slip lane once again, this came from Ketchup & Jaron.

            The RA turned back to see that Porky Pie was also up with Ketchup & Jaron, the RA thought he smelt a ‘Ginger Herring’ as all of a sudden Ketchup & Jaron were stopped in their tracks as they found a T!  So, Mr X returned back up the Track to Old Knebworth but for the second time a call of “On! On!” echoed from behind him!  Mr X turned back for the second time, just as he approached the CHK he could see My Lil’ coming to an abrupt halt as he too found a T!  By now the likes of Skip, Sloppy Seconds, Spotted Dick & Custard had all manage dot regain the ground on Ketchup, Jaron & Mr X.

            By now Mr X turned as many times as the Dick Whittington was supposed to have on his way to London, & on his third attempt to head nortward he finally stumbled across the Dust, but had all of the running back & forth worn the old sod out as he slowed up a bit?  No Eye Deer passed by him  & kindly said that she’d take over to so he could have a bit of a rest! 

            No Eye Deer was soon on her way over to Old Knebworth, but it became clear there may have been an ulterior motive to the RA slowing up & that was the fact that there was a footpath that cuts north-westward through the crop to Slip lane, Mr X thought that the northward Trail could be a bluff up ahead & it would come back to take to this option.

            The RA was wrong, as No Eye Deer & then ARP both took up finding the way to come out to a CHK on the edge of Park lane in Old Knebworth, almost opposite the road triangle where Old Knebworth lane heads straight on down by the local Cricket Club & off toward St Evenage. 

            By now My Lil’ had caught up & he joined Mr X in turning left to follow the lane up by the Village War Memorial & on toward the Lytton Arms!  Meanwhile No Eye Deer had turned right toward the road down to (New) Knebworth, while ARP choose to look on down toward the Cricket Club, neither were corrected as Mr X & My Lil’ picked up the Trail & called “On!” through the village toward the west.

            Having passed by the War Memorial, the two FRBs knew that there was a footpath that runs back in to the fields to the south before the road reaches the Lytton Arms, & they doubted that the Hares would allow these two run anywhere too close to the Pub in case they dived I there!  Indeed they would be proved correct as the Dust took to the narrow hedged-in footpath that runs between two of the picturesque cottages, this led on through the end of one of the well kept garden & then out on to the edge of the field.

            Out in to the crop field & ahead of the FRBs was Sludge, he had used the path the RA was earlier tempted to search off of the main track to Knebworth, Sludge was leading the SCBs up through the crops to a Held CHK where two paths crossed, this was be the Jelly Baby stop.  Psycho, Flanders & Hyena were all brought up this way to join the rest for the sweet stop.

            When it came to setting off once again, the main consensus with the ‘Keenies with local knowledge’ was to take the footpath that cuts straight through the crop & on to Slip lane, Mr X & My Lil’ set off this way & soon passed by the teenage kids sitting beneath the large Oak tree on this sunny evening.  Neither of the FRBs were tempted to turn back as Paxo called “On!” from the path leading back toward the Lytton Arms.

            Sure enough the Trail led out to the lane & then straight across, once through the kissing gate there was a nice comfy-underfoot trot over the grassy green space surrounded by a hedge, this ‘lawn’ near to Nup End Green was good enough to play sport on & it was appreciate as the Pack made their way over to the opposite hedge.  Through another kissing gate & the FRBs were led south-westward over the rough, hard feral land toward the fenced off horse paddocks.

            My Lil’ was hoping that the Trail would cut back on the breakaway footpath running eastward back over to Slip lane, but it wouldn’t be as he & Mr X found the Trail continuing on up the undulating hillocks before taking to the farm track that comes out around on to a bend in the narrow single track Sally Deards lane at Hogsnorton [Sounds like something out of Harry Potter! – Ed].

            Tent Packer started off down the lane, as it leads away to join the slightly wider Bury lane that runs from Old Knebworth in to the valley & then up in to the back end of Codicote & he took a few off behind him as he called “On!” down a Falsie.  Meanwhile Mr X & My Lil’ decided that they would take the other option & go up the lane as it turns to head south-eastward, this being the most direct route back to the On Inn, sure enough as they made their way up toward Plummer’s Farm they found arrows directing them forward that way.

            My Lil’ wasn’t happy to see a double set of arrows pointing up the side lane that runs eastward back over to Slip lane, My Lil’ was soon bemoaning the fact that he reckoned that the Trail would go halfway up the lane & then cut back through the adjacent field to Sally Deard’s lane.  Just as he contemplated going straight up Sally Deard’s lane £& missing out this loop, Porky Pie caught up with these two & he did his best in rounding them up from taking a short cut up the lane.

            My Lil’s groaning continued as they took to the lane & then predictably cut through the horse field to come back out on to Sally Deard’s lane, just far enough up the lane & around the slight bend not to be seen by those behind.  There would be more disappointment for My Lil’ as the Trail came up to Plummer’s farm, there he found the final CHK of the Trail located right by a gate in the hedgerow, behind this lay two fields of tall grass & a footpath that cuts diagonally across both to come out on to Slip lane.

            Porky Pie again reckoned that the two FRBs would have gone astray & kept with the lane if he hadn’t have been there [Yeah right! - Ed]  but to please the Hares they both set off over the grassy fields to pick up the Dust before finally arriving back on Slip lane for the last time that evening. 

            Once out on the tarmac opposite the line of homes, the On Inn was found.  For the RA that was enough running, especially as he was led on a merry dance over the weekend on the Full Moon campout weekend, where he was lost on a Trail that was none too well marked & he ended up running more False Trails than anyone else.

            ARP led the next group of the Hash over the fallow grass fields & was soon up with, then passing Mr X as he headed down the lane toward the start of the Out Trail. 

The final act was to turn around the bend & then On Inn to the car park.  With the wind having dropped by now, most of the Pack could feel how warm it was, so waited to cool down before changing.  No Eye Deer was a late returnee, having going astray in the last quarter of the Trail, & she wasn’t swept up by the senior Hare.

The Circle was eventually called, after a good chat in the Garden & Porky Pie setting up an impromptu Hash Euromillions Lottery Syndicate, the GM got around to toast the Hash.  Then, it was over to the RA for the Down-Downs.  The Hares were both rewarded for an excellent Trail, on which the FRBs were back at the On Inn in just under the hour.

Other Hits went to Ketchup, who got back from the Trail & admitted that he had earned himself a Down-Down as he had forgotten to bring his wallet & so he had to subbed out by the RA!  Paxo, Tent Packer & Sloppy Seconds were all called out after ARP was first called out for doing most of the False Trails, she protested that the others had been ‘Competitive’ in trying to get by her [We all know it’s a sin to be competitive on the Hash! –Ed]

No Eye Deer was also out for her wandering off Trail, when asked by the RA where she went? Her answer was “no idea!”