Run No. 1510               1st July

Venues:                         The Carpenter’s Arms

Beer:                             ,Adnams, Courage Best + two others

Location:                      Harpenden

Hare(s):                         Oxymoron

Runners:                       16

Virgins:                           0

Visitors:                          0

Après                              0

Newies:                          0                        

Hounds:                         0

Total:                            16

Membership:              No mans Trail!


                The GM pondered on what this week’s Run Number was, he briefly discussed this with the Hare raiser just to confirm that he was correct with 1510 for when it came around to him introducing the Pack to the Run.  After the introductions the Hares were called forward, Oxymoron took the lead role & started to explain what the Hash could expect out there on the Trail.

            The Hare showed the Pack the Trail markings on the car park floor by laying them out using a bottle of flour, he demonstrated the size of the markings from the start of the Trail & how they became larger as he worked his way further around the Trail & became fed up with carrying so much flour with him. 

Oxymoron then added that it was set ‘three & On!’, there  was a slight cheer from the Circle as he mentioned that there would be a Beer Stop which was marked ‘BS’ in the CHK, then without further ado the Hash were sent through the Pub’s patio Garden to come out on to Cravell’s road.  As they left, no one noticed that Oxymoron had left the bottle of flour behind as he set off.  Perhaps Mrs Mallet did & that’s why she went off on her own little Trail around Harpenden, which never strayed too far form the On Inn??

Paxo disappeared away toward the Southdown road with the shopping parade on the other side of the roundabout, but he would pick no Trail up that way.  It was down to the RA find the Dust on the slow climb up the steady hill of Cravell’s road, which is lined on either side with terraced homes, as it heads up to pass beneath the railway bridge & on to a CHK where the hill levels out up near the Engineers Arms, the CHK by Eastmore park road across from the Pub was ignored in favour of continuing westward.  On the way up the narrow one way Cravell’s road, the Pack was waved at by Zing-a-long-a-max as he came driving down to the Pub.

Again the RA was first on to the continuation of the Trail as it headed further westward toward Harpenden Common.  It was a bit further along Cravells’ road in to the East common that the next CHK was found, right by the junction with on the start of Limbrick road.

 The Trail would take some finding, Mr X would go wrong here as he searched the bridleway along the edge of the Golf Course.  He returned to find tent packer looking down Limbrick road to the south, there was one blob of Dust there but it seemed to be on its own right by a desire line through to the enclosed wild grassy area, so the RA ventured off down that way but he would find no Dust there either.

By this time Paxo had caught up & he was searching the Bridle path that the RA was on earlier, he was called back through the tree-line to the lane by Mr X as he came back to Limbrick road.  The Trail was eventually picked up further along the Limbrick road.

Paxo & Tent Packer now took up the lead in following the Trail down to the next CHK by the junction where Limbrick road turns through 90° to head westward toward the main St Albans road.  Again it took a while for the real Trail to be located again, there were several Falsies from this CHK & Mr X would go astray once again as he ran up Limbrick road between two parts of the Golf Course.  Again it was Paxo & Tent Packer who fared better as the Trail continued southward down the even narrower lane of East Common road.

My Lil’ & Sludge would follow on behind Paxo & Tent Packer, TBT OBE & Zing-a-long-a-max were also on that Trail by the time the RA had come back from the Falsie.  The Hares had also moved on & only Hyena was left for Mr X to catch up with, as he corrected his mistake to get back on Trail down East Common road.

As the RA slowly made up lost ground on the rest, he was directed off to the left on to the dead-end left hand side of the split in East Common road by Kokonut.  As he set off after the rest, Mr X encountered Oxymoron coming back toward him!  Oxymoron explained that the others had a called “On!” & he was going back after swallowing a fly! 

The RA was soon having doubts over the Hare’s story of swallowing a fly, for having made his way down the dead end spur of East common lane in to Bamville wood, up ahead he could see that Sludge, Paxo, My Lil’ & TBT OBE were all wandering around by the Three Horse Shoes at Harpenden, they were heading over to the other part of East Common road.

The Dust seemed to have vanished as they passed by the former Pub, that is now shut & apparently going to be a house!   It’s a shame to see any Pub go, even one that Herts once tried to R*n from this Pub, but by then it was a restaurant & they didn’t seem very keen on us in there, plus it was shut on Mondays, which meant we had to go down to another Pub.

Back to the Trail & Searching back over by the Golf course & Bamville Cricket Club to the west proved to be a waste of time, before someone noticed the Hares were back on Mud lane, so each of the lost FRBs separately made their way through the wooded part of the common to find their way back on to Mud Lane, as it leads eastward away from the Three Horse Shoes.

There is a quaint little hamlet up here at Bamville End, just before the Track leads away to the narrow bridge over the main-line to St Albans.  By now the RA learnt that Zing-a-long-max had caught up & he must have been lucky to have picked up the Trail, for the next time Mr X would see him would be several miles along the Trail!

The Track headed north-easterly toward Thames wood, the RA wondered if like on a previous Trail down here, that was set by Rajah, if it would cut through the edge of a field of broad beans on an unofficial path that is used by local dog walkers?  It wouldn’t!

The Dust continue by the southern edge of Thames wood, there is no access in to this & there are signs to let the wandering public know so!  Sludge & Mr X now began to pull away from TBT OBE, who was nursing his knee on the hard ground, but these two were still along way behind the other Keenies.

The dry & stony Mud lane path continued & turned eastward between the large established hedgerows to run along the north edge of Eight Acre wood until it came down on to the edge of Ayres End lane.  A CHK was found at the end of the path, there Oxymoron waited to see who was behind him, they said that it was only TBT OBE & Hyena as far as the GM & RA knew when they arrived at this point.

Paxo had already checked it out to the left, as Ayres End lane runs by Clapper’s wood, he had found no sign of Dust & had started back to search southward down the lane, where he found the Trail heading up to Ayres End & on to the small green triangle in the road.  Little was heard from the likes of Zing-a-long-a-max, My Lil’ & Tent Packer, who along with Kokonut, were well ahead of the rest.

An Arrow directed the Hash off to the east on down Ferrers’ lane as it heads out toward Westend Farm, it was quite a long trot along the tarmac, every so often there was a call of “Petrol!” came from Sludge & Paxo as they drew away from Hyena, just to warn of approaching traffic on these narrow lane.  Little did they know that he was going to turn back to Harpenden back on Ayres End Lane!

The Trail came up to a CHK that was located on the start of a footpath in a gap in the hedgerow to the broad bean fields to the north, there was no sign of Dust on the long straight footpath off in to the distance.  The Trail was found on another footpath, just a bit further down the lane & almost opposite the farm, this led off of the road & over a low bridge of duckboards before running through the woodland at the tip of the west end of Nomansland common.

Ahead of the Pack was a nice long trot over the soft green grass land, a few civilians were out walking their pooches, while over head of the Hash were a couple of remote control model aircraft flying about.  It was a nice evening with a glorious sun set & it was quite humid out of the breeze, so it came as a relief to cross this open space to come down over the slight ridge in the common.

As Paxo & Mr X came over this ridge, these two could see Zing-a-long-a-max, Tent Packer, My Lil’ & Sludge all strung out on the way to the small car park off of Ferrer’s lane, they were being followed by Kokonut.  They disappeared out of view by going behind the bushes that line the lane, then they reappeared just as quickly as they began searching from a CHK on the lane.

            There seemed to be some confusion as to where the Trail went, all of the other options were checked out before someone discovered the Dust was up the single track Down Green lane to Amwell, this may have been down to local knowledge as up this lane the Elephant & Castle can be found.  This had to be the Beer Stop as the Wicked Lady would be too far out & the old Mac’s Pub of the Three Oaks has been a private residence for well over 15 years!

            Sure enough, after another long trot on the tarmac of Down Green lane, this route was all very rustic as it runs northward through the woodland before coming on to the crossroads where Bull Lane & Amwell lane cross Down Green lane.

  The Beerstop at the Elephant & Castle was most welcome, those who hadn’t been there before were impressed by the fact that there is a well in the middle of the Pub, not that they could see down it as the Pub dog was lying across the Perspex top!

Time to resume with the Trail.  Now, as Hyena had yet to catch up with the Pack, Mr X thought it may be a good idea to break that Golden Rule about “No technology on the Hash!” as he called Hyena’s mobile number, only to find that he was put through to an answer machine!  A message was left & then the RA turned his attention to calling Ketchup, as Zing-a-long-a-max had informed the rest of the Pack that he had seen him driving to the venue as he set off on the Trail.  This time there was no Answer-phone & the RA explained where Ketchup, Angela, Daddies Sauce & Jaron would pick up the Trail from Nomansland common & up by the Beer stop.

The Pack were at last heading Inn bound, with the Trail taking to a footpath that leaves Down Green lane to pass through the hedgerow & head westward along the edge of the Wheathampstead Golf Course.  By now it was that late in the day that there were only a couple of distant figures knocking their balls about over the fairways. 

Just as the Trail was about to leave the Golf Course, the GM found an abandoned golf ball.  Sludge picked up the small white ball & lobbed it at TBT OBE, who was an easy target to see in his the day-glo Hashit.  TBT OBE failed to catch the Golf Ball & it remained on the edge of the course.  Until the RA chanced upon it!

The Pack would now have to lift the old knees up a bit higher than the norm, this running action was needed as the Dust led on through a rape-seed field & swathes of the crop had been blown over to cover the footpath & these were a potential trip hazard for the likes of TBT OBE.  Somehow he managed to get through the perils of the crop field, where he & the rest followed the Trail out by Little Pipers & on to an enclosed footpath up to Piper’s Stud.

My Lil’ & Tent Packer soon pulled away from the rest on this route, Mr X & Sludge also managed to put a spurt on, while Paxo slowed up to walk along with the TBT OBE, who’s knee was still giving him some gyp!  Once out on to the long footpath from Piper’s lane it would be a long run back, with the Trail not really stopping as it ran from the fields by Grove farm & then snaked westward & then northward in to the southeast side of Harpenden. 

As it passed between the back gardens of the more desirable & expensive properties in Harpenden the route was shuttered off by lots of wood panel fences, the Trail crossed over the Meadows residential road & on to the continuation of the path as it led a short way on to a T junction the back path of Green lane, the Trail turned to the left to head westward.  The path would become more open on its descent down the hill to Grove road near to a local school. 

Just a few hundred yards up the road the parade of shops at Southdown could be seen, so Sludge challenged Mr X to run the last part of the Trail, which he did even after he had passed the On Inn at the end of Green lane track.  Hyena was already changed by the time the FRBs were back & changed as well, so he must have been there for a while!

The pack settled in for a well-deserved drink, an order of couple of platters of sandwiches & chips were brought out before Ketchup, Angela, Jaron & Daddies Sauce were back from their adventure going around the Trail.  TBT OBE seemed to forget about his ‘Hash son’ as he said “Don’t worry about him, he should have been here on time!” as the sandwiches & chips were devoured to leave just two ‘farty egg’ ones, three chips & a bit of greenery that Zing-a-long-a-max didn’t want!  

The Landlord said he would do some more for those who would be late returning from the Trail, so the GM & RA awaited for the last of the Pack to come Inn before the circle was called.  The Hare’s were rewarded for a long Trail, which may have been better suited for Sunday, there was a spontaneous burst of laughter as Kokonut exclaimed “It’s too big for me to handle!” as the RA handed her a pint!  She was told that what she couldn’t manage she could throw over her head & on to the Hashit!

The Hashit went to Sludge, for trying to attack the said sacred shirt (Hashit) with a golf ball!