Run No. 1513               22nd July 2013

Venues:                        Our Mutual Friend

Beer:                              Dark Squall; Jaipour; Werry

Location:                      St Evenage

Hare(s):                         Sludge

Runners:                      10

Virgins:                          0

Visitors:                         0

Après                              0

Newies:                          0                       

Hounds:                         0

Total:                            10

Membership:               Wilting in the heat!


A low turnout for a hot & sunny evening, perhaps it was too hot & the tarmac had melted up on top of Tower Hill in Ware, preventing the locals from getting down to civilization?  Turns out that the Joint Monkey was AWOL due to Backpack’s birthday taking place.

            Among the hardy ones this week was Mr X, My Lil & Hyena, all of whom had been away to the Full Moon Nash Hash in Devon, the first two having only got back a few hours earlier from that excellent event!  This week saw Crispy Bush arrive with TBT OBE, as his car came around the corner TBT OBE’s passenger (at a glance) looked like Goose (the late Herts Hasher), all of which startled the RA & Hare Raiser!

            If that wasn’t enough, Mr X said that he thought he saw 2-1-2 Maureen was a passenger in Sludge & Flanders’ car.  When No Eye Deer got out & walked over, My Lil’ took the rise out of Mr X.  But the equilibrium returned to normal when 2-1-2 Maureen did get out of the car!

The time came around to the Hour & the GM got on with the spiel, as soon as the Pack were standing in a circle.  Having finished with the welcomes, Sludge got out of the Circle & then jumped back in again, as he was this day’s Hare.  The main points of interest were the fact that most of the Trail was set under the shade of tree canopy offered by various wooded parts of St Evange, the other that there were short cuts out there!

As the Pack set off, it was noticeable that with this was the hottest day of the year, so far, everyone in the Pack seemed to be carrying a bottle of water with them!  The first arrow of the Trail was found over Broadhall crescent opposite from the Pub, it’s direction was a bit obscure & the RA headed over toward Broadhall way, where there was no Trail!  The proper direction was up Fellowes lane

The next arrow was picked up down Fellowes way to the east, a CHK was found on the bend in the road.  My Lil’ & Tent Packer went off the wrong way as they chose to look around the bend to the north, the RA thought that he had fared better as he had found dust heading south-westward along Woodland way but he was soon stopped by a Bar CHK down this route!

A trudge back for the RA & he could see the rest of the Pack making their way between the bushes & trees to emerge in to the west end of Shephalbury park.  Mr X followed Hyena in to the Park, & soon discovered that he was behind Flanders, Crispy Bush & 2-12 Muareen!  He also could see a CHK on the tarmac path around the park’s perimeter, & further west from this was TBT OBE beginning to explore over the playing field of dry short brown grass.

Beyond the fenced off play area, TBT OBE called “On!” as he picked up the Trail where it ran off of the tarmac path to the centre of the park, arrows left the tarmac & Dust led off in to the wooded area running along the north side of the Park, the calls of “On! On!” brought around No Eye Deer who had gone off down toward the south end of the Park.

The shade of the trees was most welcome as TBT OBE & Tent Packer made their way over to the tennis courts area of the Park, a CHK was found over by these.  It was soon a familiar tale for the RA as he searched in the tree line running along the side of the old Shephall Green lane down to the south-eastern corner of the Park, he had no joy in there so cut through to the old lane.

The Hare was more than chuffed that the RA had gone wrong twice to the south, as the Trail really headed northward along the lane.  TBT OBE & Tent Packer too had to turn back & join the likes of Crispy Bush & Hyena in heading toward Broadhall way, as they did so a group of women walkers made their way in through the gate to the hedge-in sport centre pavilion, two young girls sitting outside tried to direct the Hash in there as they believed Herts too were walkers!  All of which was quite understandable as the pace had dropped to an amble in this heat.

Through the underpass below Broadhall way & the arrows led on by the old green at Shephall, it was hard work & even the keenest couldn’t seem to muster the enthusiasm to run by the line of trees as the Trail led around to the right & on by St Mary’s Church & the Red Lion Pub.  There was no time for a beer Stop as the  Arrows turned left with the bend in the lane to lead the Pack northward & up to Hydean way.

Having made their way over the road, the Dust would lead the eastward along Hydean way & then it suddenly turned northward on to the back streets, the dust weaved its way on to the Paddocks & then in to the east side of Peartree Park, a CHK was found not far from the small pavilion situated on the edge of the park.

The RA headed off to the south end of the Park, as he knew that behind the fenced-in play area there was a footpath out of the corner, but there would be no Trail that way.  The RA turned about to see Tent Packer’s feeble comedy-style attempted kick at a football go awry, as he tried to return it to the half a dozen guys out having a kick around that day.

“On!” was called up to the north end of Peartree Park, at the edge the Hare had to call No Eye Deer & Tent Packer back from almost going through the underpass beneath Six Hills Way.  Instead they joined the rest in making their way up the short embankment to the roads edge above, here the Pack were directed over to the cycle path on the opposite side, it was strange going over the carriageway as it had been closed & that there was no traffic at all, seems that the underpass had been closed as well. 

The Pack regrouped on the cycle route & the Hare offered up a really short short-cut, Tent Packer, Mr X, My Lil’, TBT OBE, No Eye Deer all decided to take the longer option & head up north-eastward, crossing over the start of the road off of the roundabout & then just far enough further along Six Hills way to find arrows pointing the way down a path behind the homes backing on to the edge of Ashtree wood.

These Keenies now began to follow a loop around through the pine wood, firstly by heading further out to the northeast, before it turned to come in to the opposite side of the wood, behind the sports grounds & then back to the path it began on behind the homes!

Another CHK was found, out on the path & this would have the FRBs moving down toward Fairlands Valley Park, of course this Hare wouldn’t be so generous as to lead the Keenies straight down in to the park, oh no!  There was another loop in to part of the woodland of Abbots grove, before coming down to the path that runs over the bridge spanning the weir in to the boating lake.

Arriving down in to Fairlands valley park, the RA noticed that there was a Climbing Adventure centre, it’s just like the one near to his abode at Stanborough lakes in Welwyn Garden City, except that that high-wire venue there isn’t open yet, after a VIP trying it out before the official opening, fell 40 foot from one of the high wires!

As they approached the sailing event on the lake, TBT OBE told those near to him that the lake itself isn’t very deep, as he discovered when he & his sailing club had gone there for a 24 hour sailing marathon. [He did all that & he has never made it to be Commodore of the Club? Not even Commodore 64! – Ed] The RA wondered if he did an ‘Uncle Albert’ like the Only Fools & Horses character & sink the boat?

The Hare insisted that the FRBs did not stray from the dust as it headed in to the wood strip along the west side of the lake area, the FRBs were back in the shade of the trees as they left the guano strewn path around the lake behind.

Back out on to Six Hills way & the dust led over the eerily quiet road to find a CHK by the entrance to St Nicholas School, here the FRBs found Flanders & 2-1-2 Maureen.  Crispy Bush had passed this bit by & was already up ahead of the rest, Tent Packer wasn’t hanging around either, as they had whizzed through the CHK by a path in to Magpie Corner wood, that runs beside & behind St Nick’s School.

The Hare seemed to revel in the fact that he could take the Michael out of No Eye Deer being outside of the School, he kept threatening to do something stupid, like moon to the school’s CCTV Cameras!  The rest of the Pack, especially Flanders, thought better of it & moved on before he embarrassed himself.

Just as the RA & Hare Raiser went to go & search in Magpie Corner wood, they were suddenly stopped as the path was filled up by a family out walking a large group of Bulldogs out of this wood [What’s the group name for Bulldogs? A Bash? (One for the Bikers!) – Ed]  The owners said that they had seen a couple of blokes following a Trail in to the wood behind them, when they confirmed the Hare’s description of the two in the wood as being ‘Ugly brutes’, the rest of the Pack knew that they were on Trail.

Once the RA had corrected Flanders that Crispy Bush is not a Yank, but he is a Canuck, he set off up on to the southwest path that eventually left the school perimeter, a CHK was found at the junction with another Path running southeast to northwest between the Millennium wood & the Whormeley wood parts of the large plantation.

At this Junction Mr X & My Lil’ caught up with Tent Packer & Crispy Bush, as these two were checking it out ahead of the RA & Co.  The Trail continued around on the slightly arcing main path all the way through the woodland, passing through the largest part of the plantation, that being Monks wood.  From the CHK by the Millennium path leading out in to the open green park, the option to the east was ignored & the FRBs ran all the way though the curving path in Monks wood to emerge out on to Broadhall way, though Tent Packer did go astray before eventually rejoining the rest out by the large roundabout before Stevenage FC’s ground, the Lamex Stadium

The Trail disappeared down to the below road level centre of the open roundabout, arrows directed the Pack out of the exit that leads up to the Football ground entrance, but the RA & My Lil’ weren’t sure that the Hare would lead the Hash straight back up Broadhall way to the Texaco roundabout? 

Things started off very promising as they began up going up by the gates for the stadiums away support, & a sign that declared that they would be playing Leeds United that week!  On their way they still knew that there were more options for the Hare to take them away in to the wooded area to the south of the stadium, behind the away support, but they safely managed to get by the last chance of going in to the wood having been directed beyond a footpath on their right.

As the Trail homed in on the roundabout up ahead, an arrow directed the Hash off on through a side street & a left turn on to get on to St Margaret’s road, now it was a straight trot back to the rear of the Pub, though Tent Packer seemed a bit confused as to where he was & almost went off down the last side-street behind the Pub!

The FRBs came to the Pub’s patio garden, there they saw Hyena sitting at one of the Tables.  Mr X was surprised to see that he hadn’t got any drinks in yet, Hyena explained that he didn’t have any money on him until he got changed!  So, the RA got the first round in for his little posse.

The Hare seemed to be really enjoying the choice of strong Ales out in the sunny evening, so the RA decided to get the Circle out of the way before the GM fell off his seat & would talk himself in to the dog-house small plastic house his back garden he has been known to frequent!  

The GM toasted the Hash, then the RA took over & the Hare was rewarded for his Trail, which could have easily been run in an hour if anyone could have run it in the heat!

My Lil’ was out for Poo-pooing the RA for saying that 2-1-2 Maureen was a passenger with Flanders & Sludge, No Eye Deer was out for My Lil’ thinking she was 2-1-2 Maureen, with these two was Crispy Bush for frightening the life out of Mr X & My Lil’ when he arrived!  The last toast was raised to Grunter, as this Trail was from this venue in honour of his memory!