Run No. 1514              29th July 2013

Venues:                       The Hen & Chickens

Beer:                            GK IPA, Abbot; Gem; Old Speckled Hen

Location:                     Baldock

Hare(s):                        No Eye Deer

Runners:                     12

Virgins:                          1

Visitors:                         0

Après                              0

Newies:                          0                       

Hounds:                         0

Total:                            13

Membership:               Some made it, some were stranded!


            On the way from the Station to the venue, Porky Pie briefly left My Lil’ & Mr X as soon as they reached the traffic lights at the main crossroads, later on when Porky Pie had caught up with them at the Pub, he revelled that he was on his own as ARP was ‘living it up’ on King Prawns at a free buffet in London.  With ARP living the high-life, Porky Pie had to cook for himself, the resulting lasagne was now giving him indigestion so he stopped off for a packet of Rennies!

With the recent change in the weather, being from blazing hot to muggy & with the odd downpour for the odd isolated thunder storm, it didn’t bode well for the Hare having set the Trail on Sunday.  After a couple of short sharp storms she was resigned to having to go around again before the Pack arrived, all in order to rescue what she thought would be washed out. [That’s dedication! – Ed]

            The Pack arrived to find an arrow pointing away down South road, the GM explained that No Eye Deer was back out there re-laying the Trail.  With no Hare, the Pack now only waited for the GM to get around to calling the Circle, suddenly the conversation was broken by the screaming of an Ambulance whizzing by with it’s ‘Blues & Two’s’ blaring away, of course there were a few Jokes about Kylie getting dropped off!

            More ambulances, a Fire-engine & then a Police car all passed by the Pack to turn right at the near by roundabout & head out toward Buntingford.  Sludge finally got through his welcoming spiel, not that he had much to say as he was unaware of any of the details of what was out there!  So, without further ado the Pack set off!

            A short way down South road a CHK was found by an alleyway cut through to the football pitches in amongst the back streets north of the Pub.  Sludge, My Lil’ & Tent Packer all crossed over to the opposite side of the road, no doubt spurred on by the sight of the By-way sign on the corner of Providence way, leading off to the southeast.  They picked up the Trail & at the bend in the road it continued south-eastward on to Penfold close [Is this named after Danger Mouse’s side-kick? – Ed] to pass opposite a local school.

            On the left hand-side was a small caravan park, the road turned in to a single track by-way of Lime kiln lane to run on by the south eastern end of the caravan park.  The hedged-in Track rose up a slight incline, half way up to this tree-line on the plateau, an arrow directed the Hash off through the kissing-gate to the right, to head on a CHK in the edge of the nature reserve, part of which was once a Roman chalk quarry.

Skip & Little Hole fell for the path that runs south-westward toward the wooded part of the area, they found a T so returned back another of the crossing of paths the Reserve side of the kissing-gate.  Meanwhile Sludge, Porky Pie & My Lil’ had all gone on up to the higher tree-line, there was now a choice of a path on either side of the trees & bushes.

Sludge, Porky Pie & My Lil’ had all chosen to search to the southwest, while Zebedee had gone through the hedgerow & went down around the edge of the crop field to the east, he found Dust & it led him away toward a footbridge over the A505, as he arrived on the bridge, he would see a legend written out in flour & because it was upside down he realised that he had approached it from the wrong direction.  He turned back.  Meanwhile the RA had returned to the CHK in order to kick it through for those further back on the Trail, as he did so he heard a “Oh, hello! How are you?” from the returning Hare as she ran in to Psycho & Flanders.

The flustered looking Hare told the RA that she was held up a bit as she had Paxo on the phone to her, saying that he couldn’t get to the Hash as all the roads were blocked due to not one, but two fatal accidents either side of Baldock on the A505.  Still sirens could be heard wailing away way off in the distance in both directions.

Calls of “On!” then could be heard over in the wooded area of the reserve, Sludge & My Lil’ were still on the crop field side of the Hedge, while Mr X picked up the Dust well behind Porky Pie, then Skip & Little Hole inside the tree line.  Eventually they came through in to the wooded area, which was still a little damp underfoot due to the earlier downpour.

The Trail would drop down in to the centre of the wooded dell, the going was a little precarious as the path was a little greasy with the recent rain having not really penetrated the chalky top soil, the Pack took care not to slip as they came down to find a CHK in the bottom of the hollow whjo9ch was probably once mined out.

Sludge & Porky Pie had already made good headway back up the hillside, on a path running up the side of the fenced-off area of a nature reserve within the larger one, which is full of wild grasses & colourful wild flowers.  The Dust avoided this & came out through a gate on to the edge of the farmed top part of the Gibbet hill.

By the time the RA caught up with Skip, Little Hole, Sludge & Porky Pie, who were coming back from a Falsie, he knew that now he had seen the Hare coming Inn, that he had a good idea of which way the Trail should turn, but he thought he best he should keep it to himself as so to let the other FRBs do some checking out!

Crossing the A505 by way of a narrow footbridge the Pack could see the tunnels through the Weston Hills that the by-pass takes to avoid the town of Baldock, on the east side of the by-pass the Trail followed the track over toward Bush Wood further toward the southeast, the first part of this footpath led on by an enclosed field of sheep.

The Going was again on the slippery side as the Pack made their way over the Weston Hills, especially where the path led out between the crop fields.  The Next CHK was found at the junction with a path leading south-westerly over the fields over toward Hatch lane, this was dismissed as the First Choice of most was soon checked out, & it proved to be the right one, taking to the long straight track that appeared to head over to Bush wood in the south east.

Before reaching Bush wood, the track would meet another heading away to the northeast, Porky Pie & Tent Packer were soon off that way & the RA went back over to kick the CHK through in the direction that their calls of “On!” were emanating from up ahead.  As he looked back over the field toward the Weston Hills, the RA could see the Hare was running on behind the Keenies, after she had put the SCBs on the right track.

Zebedee caught up as the Trail would follow this route to drop down a little in height to reach the larger hard core capped farm track that forms a part of the Hertfordshire way.  Just where this Track joined the main farm track to Welbury Farm, there was a well marked SC with an arrow directing the way down the west side of Newfield Hill.

Surprisingly most of the Pack opted to continue with the long Trail as the track continued south-easterly, passing beside Green Grove woods.  Here there were signs warning dog owners to keep their pooches on leads as there was rat poison in these parts!  There were no hounds on this Trail to worry about this week.

Just after the Track had left the eastern tip of Green Grove another CHK was found, this farm track branched off to head northward & tumbled down a slippery route on the chalky downs in to the verdant valley which lies between Newfield Hill & Ashanger Hill to the east.  The Trail was found on this route as it dropped some 120 feet in height on to the by-way that runs all the way from Luffenhall in the southeast to Windmill Hill in the northwest.

There were plenty of skid marks on the way to show that the FRBs had passed this way.  Having survived the slippery track down the hill, the going improved & became much easier as the Dust led on along the hedged-in by-way, further along to the northwest & this trail crossed over the Icknield way.  Skip & Little Hole must have gone wrong at this point as later they commented on loosing the Trail, instead of taking the left & taking to the Icknield Way route, they must have continued over toward the Clothall road.

The Trail was pretty clearly marked as the RA & GM managed to find their way up the Icknield Way toward Welbury Farm, there they could see up ahead of them the Hare & the SCBs who had taken the earlier short cut. 

Passing through the edge of the old farm yard, the Dust would now lead straight back up to the A505, crossing above the by-Pass by way & over another footbridge to come back up on to the nature reserve.  Just over the bridge the Pack found the words “No Eye Deer was ‘ere!” the very words Zebedee had seen when he went wrong earlier on the out Trail.

Back over the ridge & the "On Inn’ was found on the wooded by-way ran back down through to the narrow lane that runs by the caravan park, which was used on the ‘Out Trail’, the GM wondered if Skip would go wrong & follow the ‘Out Trail’ in to the nature reserve?  Perhaps he did & this may have been where he & Little Hole went wrong?  No one asked when they returned to the Pub.

It was humid enough in the air for the Pack to sit outside on their return from the Trail, there was some wait for the Keenies before the Middle order came back. It seemed that a few more of the Pack completed the whole Trail, & those (including the GM) who had their gear in the Sludge–mobile had to wait for Flanders & Psycho to return before they could get changed, retrieve the Trashes & the sacred Book to be signed!

The Pack settled in to the Bar once the temperature began to drop on a very clear evening.  Eventually the Pack had to return back outside for the Circle, once the GM had called things to order.  The toasting of the hash over, it was over to the RA.  The Hares of No Eye Deer & Paul (assistant Hare) were awarded theirs for what was a fine Trail that was very scenic in the rolling hills to the east of Baldock.

Skip was out for asking his social media friends, more importantly the RA, about what ‘Being Poked!” is all about, apparently he’s been poked twice now! [Was one time when he was out on Hampstead Heath wearing a badge with ‘Penetrator Pete’ emblazoned upon it? – Ed]

Porky Pie & Sludge were out for having cartoons in the Trash, one about being in the dog-house & the other that Pubs are the official Sun-block of Ireland!  Zebedee was out for going very wrong once on the Wilbury Hills.