Date =                                 Monday 12th August 2013

Run Number =                 1515

Location=                          The White Swan - Hoddesdon

Beer =                                 London Pride and GK IPA

Hares =                               Paxo

Runners =                          11

Virgin =                               0

Visitors =                            0

Après Hashers =              0

Newies =                            0

Hounds =                           0

Membership =                  Trying to console themselves saying the rain was good for their gardens!



Given the heavy rain and the fact that a few of the more regular members were away for this run, it was good to see that 11 brave souls made it for Paxo’s trail.  (Backpack didn’t get any choice as both Ewok her dad and Paxo were there) [Evil Parents! – Ed]

The Pack arrived in dribs and drabs, they found Paxo was scurrying around shepherding all the cars into the public car park behind the pub on Taverners’ Way, as he admitted that he had not told the pub we were running from there that evening.  [I can hear Paxo clucking away now! – Ed]

The Circle was eventually called by the GM and the Hare introduced.  The Hare made his excuses – mainly about the Trail being washed out by the heavy rain, but did promise a shorter run due to the adverse weather conditions.  With No RA present the weather conditions were not good & would not improve through out the night!

The Hare sent the pack off towards St Catherine & St Paul’s Church and a check.  The trail was found down a lane to the footpath alongside the Wollens Brook, where it runs behind the homes of Brookside [Eh! Eh! All yous Scoucers Daydoodohdon’tdaydoh!]  From here we found our way heading westward via Lord St onto a footpath leading toward High Leigh.  A few of us (mainly me) fell for a nonexistent falsie northward on a path leading back to the less scenic Diant Link Rd to the A10.

The Hare managed to get us back on Trail, heading southward into Barclay Park, home to Hoddesdon FC  & other various sports grounds like the local Tennis courts.  The Trail headed further southward to run alongside the Spital Brook and then north-eastward to come along round the pond at the bottom end of the park. 

At one point the Hare had half the pack running in one direction, whilst the other half ran the other way on a parallel route 50 yards away.  (A cunning loop, or just a mistake in the rain?)

The Trail meandered round the park, eventually emerging onto Cock Lane. [Whoa there pebbledash! – Ed] at the very southern tip of the Park, from here it was a short run in via Park View back to the pub.

As promised, the Hare had cut the trail short due to the inclement weather and we were back a bit before 8pm.  The Pack enjoyed a drink, some crisps and a good chin wag in the pub.  As numbers were low and the weather was dodgy it was agreed to hold the Down Downs till the next run.


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