Date =                                   Monday 19th August 2013

Run Number =                   1517

Location=                            The Fox  - Pirton

Beer =                                   GK IPA and other stuff!?

Hares =                                 ARP Warden (assisted by Porky Pie)

Runners =                            12 ish

Virgin =                                  0

Visitors =                               0                                                      

Apres Hashers =                 0

Newies =                               0

Hounds =                             3

Membership =                     Poaching on H5’s territory in Bedfordshire


The waiting hares were only expecting a small pack due to several of the Herts away team being away all at sea at Euro Hash (Read later editions for tales of daring do and cock ups by TBT OBE)

Eventual a reasonably sized pack had gathered and the Hare was ready to go but not before she had appointed Tent Packer as honorary RA. Fliptop was expecting the job but the GM had emailed both ARP and Fliptop asking them to organise things. (Fliptop said never mind ARP I’ll be RA next week!!)

The circle was called and the run announced. The Hare ARP Warden then started to lecture the pack about all the things they could expect to encounter on the trail. She said it was a “simple” trail which would have no checks or false trails apart from a couple of impromptu regroups if Porky could remember where to do them and get there before the chasing pack. She also announced two short cuts, one very short and the other just cutting off the farthest loop. Anyway eventually..zzzzzzzzzzzzz..

The hare set the pack off towards the church. The trail lead into the church yard and out on a trail which virtually doubled back on the route through the church yard. This trail went through / around / by the side of the ancient Toot Hill Motte and Bailey site. From here we picked up the out trail running due east to the first track junction (no check) where the assistant hare marked the first very short short cut, which I don’t think anyone took. And so we continued east again for another 2Km to the next track junction where the hares called a regroup before marking the second short cut                 which Sis and Angie took, poor old Winston not able to go too far these days with Arthritis in his back legs and hips.

The pack then headed south east towards Westmill Farm and a junction with Westmill Lane, (Icknield Way). The trail followed the lane running parallel to the river Oughton to the next junction where we turned north for half a click to join the Hambridge Way track all the way back to Pirton High Street – about 2.5Km. The hares were upset to find that some kindly dog walkers had rubbed out some of the floor which led to awkward moment in the pub when said dog walker came in and found the Hash there!

                It was a nice evening so w gathered outside for a drink and the circle. Tent Packer did a grand job as stand in RA awarding the hares their down downs for a pleasant, elongated u shaped trail. There were only another couple of other hits awarded as punishment for some trumped-up misdemeanours, (for the life of me I can’t remember who).  Parish notices were then called for and Fliptop and Sis reminded everyone about the upcoming campout weekend at Henlow Bridge Lakes 13th – 15th Sept and the fact that we had decided upon an away Hash Xmas party weekend at Broadland Holiday Village, Oulton Broad (same venue as for Spermhead’s 1000th) on the first weekend in Jan (3th – 6th Jan).