Date =                                  Monday 28th August 2013

Run Number =                  1518

Location=                           The Cross Keys Ė Gustard Wood

Beer =                                  GK, Skinners, Adnams, Moorland

Hares =                                Tent Packer          

Runners =                           16 ish

Virgin =                                0

Visitors =                             0

Apres Hashers =               0

Newies =                             1

Hounds =                            4

Membership =                   Celebrating a nice sunny bank holiday for a change


This area was home territory for the hare Tent Packer. Again many of the Herts were away at Nash Hash so it was pleasing to still get a good sized Sunday pack.

Tent Packer was acting as traffic policeman and asked Fliptop to park on the grass so there was room for the pubs customers ..... so who the xxxx are we! And anyway why was I the only one to end up parking on the grass anyway?

Not everyone arrived on time with the usual suspects rushing to get their runners on as the starting circle was called by the JM.

Tent Packer was introduced as the Hare and he proceeded to show the Ruth, the , the trail markings, ah I thought thatís considerate as he explained a false trail and drew a flour T with the vertical part of the T pointing towards the Newie. Shame he laid all the false trail Tís arse about face on the trail!

The hare warned the pack about roads, horses, cows, etc. Although the warning fell on the deaf ears of Sparky who continued to bellow On! On! Spooking a herd of cows, (and their bull) into a minor stampede. Glad we were on the other side of the fence!

Anyway, back to the start of the trail which was across the green in front of the pub out to the Kempton Road. From here the trail wound its way round in a clockwise direction taking in various elements of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. I think we passed by Kimpton Hall Farm, Gunnís Lodge Cottages, Priors Wood, Bibbs Hall Lane, Hares Park Woods and finally Lamer Wood.

The pack all made it back OK, even Sis didnít get too lost! The pub garden had a fair few wasps about and a bit of a whiffy septic tank! We were soon to learn that as well as not being able to see the trail Sparky also doesnít listen! He started flapping at a wasp flying round APR Warden and was told to leave it alone but no, Sparky knew best and he continued to try and swat the offending insect offering some local lore about wasp behaviour. APR was not amused and Sparky felt the sharp side of her tongue. 

The circle was called and the pack were surprised to see that the down downs included a jug of Pimms, much to Pepeís consternation Ė too good to waste on down downs he said.  The stand in RA (Fliptop) started to dispense the hits. The hare got a decent pint for a splendid trail and subsequently another Down -Down for making the old Hon GM park on the grass. Ruth, the Newie, was welcomed to Herts Hash with a glass of cider I think. Other Hits were dispensed to several others including Sparky for annoying the cows, the late arrivals also got a drink but mostly they went to ARP Warden He! He!

Exact details for this trail have been lost in a fog of alcohol and the dimmed memory chips of yours trulyís brain so apologues if I have omitted to record your exploits on this trail.


On On