Date =                                   Monday 8th September 2013

Run Number =                   1520

Location=                            The Red Lion – Stanstead Abbots

Beer =                                   Adnams, Doombar

Hares =                                 Ketchup

Runners =                            8

Virgin =                                 0

Visitors =                              0

Apres Hashers =                0

Newies =                              0

Hounds =                             0

Membership =                     Dodging crashing kiddie cars!!


Well like the falling leaves of autumn Ketchups end of summer pig run out is a portent of the cold wet snowy winter Sunday runs to come. Still it’s been a great summer.


Real shame we had such small pack for this run. Where were you all??????


As with all runs in Stranstead Abotts the pack gathered in the public car park which is also the haunt of the local kiddie car idiots. Two or three were either parked up or doing drive throughs whilst shouting obscenities at the gathering pack.  Seems the CCTV cameras don’t deter them? However they were going to get their comeuppance later!!


The GM had returned from his latest cruise (well someone has to keep the industry going), round Iceland and Norway etc. He called the circle to order and given that the knitting circle had decided to take the night off there was no need for cries of “will you please shut up!” whilst he called the correct run number and the hare was introduced. Ketchup promised a relatively short trail of 3 miles or so. What he didn’t tell us was that we were going to have to work hard finding the trail at the checks which is as it should be.


So without further ado the hare directed the pack out of the car park to the left to the first check outside the Red Lion. On the way there Ketchup mentioned that his Dad, (the real one – not his Hash dad - TBT) had just been appointed the village handyman for Stanstead Abbots and that he would probably be called on to sweep up the flour trail thus boosting the Kiff coffers!


After a lot of searching down Cappell Lane and along the Roydon road the trail was picked up on Abbots Way ad the pack “hurtled” across Chapelfields through the houses and past some bemused residents returning home from a shopping trip. It was then a long slog up the hill towards Little Briggens.


At the next check there were four choices to check out but Porky was way out in front and calling On On down towards the Hunsdon Rd. He had found another check and was running all the options before the pack joined him. The GM eventually bellowed On On after finding the trail leading up the track through Little Briggens. Coming out of the farm we took the left fork and on to the next check which offered 3 choices. Zingalongamax found the falsie down the hill towards the church. He’d gone a fair way down and Fliptop who used to live in Stanstead Abbots said if it was him he wouldn’t be coming back up the hill to join the real trail leading towards Easneye Woods. Another check was negotiated with the trail leading downhill past the cattle grazing in the grounds of Easneye College.


The On Inn was found at the entrance to the college on Cappell Lane. Someone commented to the hare that it seemed too soon but he pointed out that there was still the best part of a mile to go to get back to the car park.


It was as we were walking (er jogging) along Cappell Lane that the pack was amused to see one of the Kiddie cars with a big bore exhaust from the car park limping along crab like with its back end stove in. Ha! Ha! said the pack serves you right for driving round like an idiot!!


So after a quick change in the car park it was into the Red Lion for a quick couple of beers before going next door for the curry. Sloppy was up for his role as Curate but the general consensus was that given the small pack, to hold the Down Downs over till the next run. Sloppy said sorry that he wouldn’t be there or in fact around for the next few runs due to yet another holiday, and to rub salt into the wound he also said he couldn’t join us for Hash X-mas dinner as he would be in Oz watching the Ashes!!


Whilst we supped ale and chatted in the pub Angie arrived to join us, (with Ketchups wallet which he had left in the car), but also she had the exciting news that as she parked their car in the car park the kiddie car that had roared around the with the occupants screaming rude words at the pack had stacked it big time taking out the car park entry barrier. Should I inform the police she said – oh yes said the pack!!! The flashing blue lights turned up fairly quickly followed by the council workmen to make the barrier safe. There was still a little group of youths standing around looking forlornly at the crumpled remains of their car when we returned to get our cars to go home, (after an anxious check for dents).


The curry was excellent and the menu had some interestingly different dishes from the normal fare in your average Indian restaurants. Angie said that although she had not eaten here before she had enjoyed the food as it was Ketchups favourite take away.


Thats it folks!


On On