Date =                                   Sunday 15th September 2013

Run Number =                   1521

Location=                            The Old Oak – Arseley Arlesey

Beer =                                  GK IPA, Abbott; Old Speckled Hen

Hares =                                Fliptop

Runners =                          16

Virgin =                                0

Visitors =                             0                                                      

Après Hashers =               0

Newies =                             0

Hounds =                            2

Membership =                   Over the Border!


                With the predicted bad weather, that didn’t really seem to materialize over the weekend, the campout was called off on Thursday evening.  The Friday was wet for those who did the Friday the 13th Hash, but Saturday & Sunday morning were fairly dry enough for any tent to be put away with no problems.

                The Pack gathered in the car park of the Old Oak, the GM waited for the local Bus to pull up & after no one alighted, he got on with the welcoming speech.  It was fairly brief & so the Hare was called forward in to the Circle to explain what the Pack could encounter out on Trail!  Many were surprised that Fliptop didn’t come out with the usual ‘Red Herrings’ must have been the lack of Golf Courses around here?

                The start of the Out Trail had already been spotted by the three who caught the Train up to the R*n, they had seen arrows leading down the short length Old Oak Close to its end beside the Station, from where it would go on to the south-bound platform, then it scaled the steep flight of concrete steps over the line to come down on the north-bound side to lead on to a CHK by the kissing gate by the start of a local Glebe Meadows Nature Reserve area.

                Pepé le Pew was first over the Tracks, Sparky was up there too, as they started to Check things out. Pepé le Pew was soon off down through the conservation area on a footpath heading southward near to the river Hiz, he would find a long Falsie to start with that the naughty Hare had set.

Meanwhile Mr X & My Lil’ looked on the parallel footpath right by the bank of the Hiz, they would find no dust there, & they were all called back as the Trail was picked up under the bridge for the main road.  My Lil’ & Mr X would get to see the old brick arched bridge over the Hiz that even to this day can support the modern single track road above.

Sparky & Sludge were soon on to the correct Trail as it led along the inbound access road to the station, once out from beneath the shadow of the modern concrete bridge the Trail took to the start of the South-east corner of the Henlow Bridge Lakes.  A CHK was found at the option of the two footpaths from this point, one leading up to the Northward between the Hiz & Vincent lake.  The Keenies started off to the North, having heard calls of “On!” Then there was a sudden loud painful cry as TBT OBE managed to put his foot down a dip in the grass & he suddenly baulked at the pain of jarring his leg!

In a lot of ways Selwyn Froggitt sorry TBT OBE had a bit of luck to start with, as by the time he began to ‘Run it off’ he was only halfway down the long Falsie the Hare had set to the North.  Sludge & Pepé le pew were first up to the T, they returned to the CHK to find Sis, 3D, with Slug, Port & Starboard all starting off along the footpath along the west edge of the Fishing & Camping Site.

Hyena too was well on his way along by the front of the camping area, he was again putting a bit of an effort to R*n on the Trail as it lead on over toward crossroads with the hard capped footpath from the Arlesey Road toward Henlow Grange.  From the CHK there, the majority of FRBs decided that they would take the obvious choice up to the north on the route to the Health Farm, leaving Pepé le Pew to take another option that would be a Falsie.

The Trail did lead up to the grounds of the Henlow Grange Health Farm, the dust led out of the hedged-in path on to the tree-lined avenue of one part of the tarmac drive way, & near to the main drive out of the grounds a Held CHK was found.  Mr X, My Lil’ & Sludge had a little bit of a wait at this point as the rest seemed to be miles behind.

The next ones to the Held CHK were quick to mention to the RA that Sparky had gone off further back on the Trail & hadn’t come back, he must have been running blind & gone through the T?  No Eye Deer did say that they had called Sparky back, but added that they weren’t that loud with their calls as they didn’t want to upset the Fisher-folk around the lake!

                When the Hare finally got off of his phone & made it to the Held CHK, he offered around Chocolate Éclairs sweets or Liquorice Pontefract cakes to taunt those inmates’ guests at the Henlow Grange, who were no doubt living on lettuce & having hose-pipes shoved up there butts!  Though Liquorice is a laxative! Phaaaarp!

                When the Trail resumed, Pepé le Pew decided that he would take the driveway out to Henlow itself in the west, while Sludge, Mr X & My Lil’ were convinced that the Trail would go northward before turning to the east & turning back over the fields in to Arlesey.  While Pepé le Pew went wrong again, the other three knew that they were on the correct Trail as they picked up the Dust to the north.

                 A CHK was found by the bridleway heading away to the east, where the three FRBs now believed (wrongly) that they had sussed out the direction this Trail was now heading.  They went a fair way down the fenced off track near to the cattle field, & once they reached the bend in the route where it crosses a tributary to the Hiz without finding Dust - these three knew that too had gone awry!

                Sludge decided that he would go beyond the digger & the earthworks replacing the old footbridge made of old railway lines & wood, he was keen for stumbling upon a Short Cut, while the other two were not too sure as the Hare had managed to catch everyone else out so far on the Trail.  Sludge wouldn’t find any short cut as the Trail would eventually turn to an anticlockwise direction.  It was at this point on the Hash that a light precipitation started to fall!

                The Hare’s ethics were questioned by those caught out as on their way back to the CHK, when they had spotted that TBT OBE had been allowed to hobble down another long Falsie (And at his age as well!)  They could also see out No Eye Deer out ahead & making her way northward on the way out of the Henlow Grange Grounds, & by the local Scout camp at Henlow Park as the route turned slightly north-north-westward.

                Beyond the park’s gate house entrance the Trail took to the residential streets, a CHK opposite the Local Church saw Sparky go wrong again, No Eye Deer told Mr X & My Lil’ that Pepé le Pew had continued out to the end of the road.  He had picked up the correct route & was now pulling away from the rest of the Pack.

                The Trail led out of Church lane & around by the sunken children’s park lying low behind the thick hedge on the right, this turned on to the end of the High Street to head northward, No Eye Deer looked out for the Dust further up toward Langford, she was soon brought back as both Mr X & My Lil’ crossed over to the two footpaths on the west side of the street.

                Each took to one of the two options & it was the RA who fared better then My Lil’, as the RA picked up the Trail on the footpath starting nearest to Saxon Close.  My Lil’ had chosen the westerly path, while Mr X had the one heading slightly more southerly.  My Lil’ came back & followed on as the RA headed away toward Clifton, then Mr X hit a split in the path!  Tentatively he stuck with the path directly over edge the farm fields & on to Clifton, the brief interlude of Rain had now ceased.

                The Dust was still on this path as he ran by the wooded area before the path crossed a narrow wooden footbridge in to the second arable field, later on he would hear that Pepé le Pew had fallen foul of the Hare’s trickery back at the earlier split in the path & ran a long Falsie that had been put down that way!

Mr X & My Lil’ now believed that the Trail was turning back, they both checked out along the edge of the tree-lined watery ditch with a path heading all the way out to Broad Street/Clifton road.  At the end of this long trot the pair found themselves out on their own as the south-westerly path came out on to the main road.  There a CHK was found.

It didn’t take these two too long to pick up the Trail on the footpath running through the remnants of a bean crop, on a south-easterly path beginning behind the hedgerow between the field & the main road.  This clay path was a bit slippery underfoot, & parts of it was littered with dogs eggs to avoid, while these two hollered out “On! On!”.

There was no sound of any calling from behind the two FRBs as they made their way out of the crop field & back in to the bottom of Henlow, via way of a wooden footbridge over another tributary, then through the small cul-de-sac of Chestnut Place.  The RA was surprised that neither Sparky nor Pepé le Pew had caught up by this point.

A CHK was found by the entrance out on to the High Street.  The Pair were again soon on to the Trail, as they crossed the road heading off by the local post-office & shops in a direction away from the main road back to Arseley Arlesey!  It was just a short way to Park lane, which joins on to Coach Road & is the very road by the football pitches that the Henlow Grange drive joins on to. 

Chuffed at Picking up the Trail again, thinking that they knew this would be the direct way back, as Pepé le Pew had been stopped by a T on his way down this route, the RA & Hare Raiser were shocked that they were stopped in their tracks by a Bar CHK!  So, they had to go back a little way to find the Trail on the Alleyway that is almost hidden away between two shuttered off gardens of the newer homes in Henlow.

The Dogleg path makes its way between Dove House Drive & Oakdrive, it left running between the wooden panelled off back gardens to come out on to Meadow Walk, there the final CHK was found.  The choices were two, one off to the fields out behind the homes, or a continuation of the alleyway southward to the Arlesey Road.

The option out to the common land behind the homes was favoured & it turned out to be the right one!  So, it was a longish trot over the open green space & on to a footpath on the east, this would lead over to the wooded strip alongside the roadside that hides a builders yard, before coming out over one drive & then on to the continuation of the footpath back through a spinney like wood where the On Inn was found.  The Pack passed by a double set of T’s in the wooded from the Out Trail, in a manner it seems that all the Falsies were marked, before coming back out back by Henlow Bridge Lakes.

The Two FRBs were well ahead of the rest, & this led the Hare to believe these two had sneaked off & gone in to the Engineer’s Arms for a sly one [Bloody Cheek! Though they did think about it– Ed] when they had been good lads & headed back to the On Inn by completing the whole Trail.

The Pack settled in to the Old Oak, My Lil’ & Paxo managed to get a game of Pool in before the Circle was called!  The Hare was rewarded for setting a good Trail of an hour, though he wasn’t rewarded for falsely accusing the first ones back of going off for a quick pint in another Pub!

Paxo & TBT OBE were out to pick up their Mosque shaped alarm-clocks.  No Eye Deer was out with Sparky, after he went really wrong for a long way & she didn’t put much effort in to calling him back; the song was sung really quietly for these two!  My Lil’ was called out for the missing book, yes it hasn’t turned up since the Trail from the Woodman at Wildhill.  Slug received the last Down-Down as he was one of his family that actually did camp out, he was on his own as the boys & 3D had gone back inside to eat their lunch!