Date =                                  Sunday 13th October 2013

Run Number =                  1525

Location=                          The Three Horseshoes

Beer =                                 Greene King IPA, Abbott, Edmunds, Olde Trip, Gangly Ghoul.

Hares =                               No Eye Deer

Runners =                          10

Virgin =                                0

Visitors =                             0                                                      

Après Hashers =               0

Newies =                             0

Hounds =                            2

Total =                                12

Membership =                  Swimming around the Trail!


                With the weather being so abhorrent this morning, those who braved it out to the venue didn’t expect there to be a big turn-out.  Some felt sorry for the Hare, as she had originally set the Trail the day before, then after the overnight deluge she had to go out again in the rain & reset the Trail after most of the original Dust had been washed out!

                For the Hare Raiser, Hyena & Mr X they had to get an earlier than expected Train, due to engineering works, which mean they were at the venue at ten past ten!  Fortunately for them, the Landlady told them not to stand outside beneath the smoking area canopy, which had a bulge of water hanging in it that was larger than Hyena’s Belly!  She asked them in to the warm, dry Bar.  Then she made them a pot of coffee, which being gratis, was most welcome on this dour morn.

                No Eye Deer came back in form her second outing around the Trail & she looked like the proverbial ‘drowned rat’ who had a large amount of dough on her hands, she just had time to wash the old ‘German Bands’ before everyone set out for the opening Circle.  As the Pack Circled up, the rain began to ease & someone had some wishful thinking as they said “Well done RA!” that would come back to haunt them.

The Hare was so eager to get on with things that she began with a description of what to expect out on Trail, she did so before Sludge had carried out his GM duties!  With welcomes out of the way, the Hare finally educated the Pack that she had decided to cut part of the Trail out due to the inclement weather.  No one was upset by this.

However there was one upset & that was the lack of Hashit being on show!  TBT OBE then admitted that he had forgotten this & only realised he had left it behind as he read an old Trash while Paxo was driving them to the venue!

Without further ado, the Pack were ushered away around to the east on Baldock lane, by way of the footpath that cuts the corner off at the junction.  The FRBs wasted no time in following the dust up the Baldock road that eaves the village but they only managed to run in to a Bar CHK!

On the way back they would find that they had run on by the footpath running up by the Village Hall & then on by a few local Garages to take to a cinder like path, the Keenies now passed 2-1-2 Maureen as they headed northward up to a wooded area, just within which the Trail led up a flight of steps & on to a CHK upon the higher path that this joins.  The RA decided that he would take the looping end of the lower path as it winds its way up & around to join the higher path.

My Lil’ was keen this morning & he was soon out further northward, where he pick up the Trail on the path out to Penn way, the Trail was soon over the road & on to another footpath that again headed northward once more on an alleyway behind the homes of Rooks Close. 

Another CHK was discovered by a green area in between the estates, here Sludge & My Lil’ showed that they rally were on the ball as they led the way ‘On Trail’ up an alleyway that would turn a few degrees off of North-northeast.  Even Hyena was running this part of the Trail, must have been the caffeine kick from the free coffee earlier?

The FRBs followed this long trail out to a Held CHK by the edge of the lozenge shaped roundabout by the local petrol station, the RA arrived to find Sludge was waiting there & he soon indicated that My Lil’ was in the nearby bushes scaring the local Black Squirrels!  Perhaps he felt a need to go in to the shrubbery as the weather had deteriorated to a fairly heavy rain.  It was around this point that Lofty & Henry caught up after a late start.

Fortunately with his running, Hyena wasn’t far behind 2-1-2 Maureen, but when it came to finding the Trail once again there seemed to be a problem.  My Lil’ went to search the subway right in front of the CHK, but a T could be seen in the dry of the underpass!  Meanwhile, Sludge went off up by the petrol station & he had to be called back when the Trail was found over from the end of Penn road where it joins the roundabout on the A505 out to the Southeast.

Those who had ventured over the wet grassy ends of the junction were soon stopped in their tracks by what appeared to be another Bar-CHK, so they began to search other options.  Paxo & Fliptop both decided to look down Penn road but they were called back as the Hare had made her way over to the A505 where what appeared to be a Bar-CHK was made in to an arrow that it was set as, but had already begun to be washed out in such a short time.

Off along the edge of the main route out of Letchworth & over to the A1(M) Junction 19, the trees lining the route offered little protection from the rain.  Along the way the RA was a bit dubious as my Lil’ run on by a signposted footpath back in to the estate south of this road, but the Trail did continue further along toward the motorway.  The Hash wouldn’t go as far as the A1(M) for at the junction with Baldock lane arrows directed the Hash over the knobbly bumps either side of the end of the lane & on to a gravel track running out in to the crop fields by the A1(M).

The rain wasn’t ceasing as the Trail followed the track that leads away in a south-westerly direction, a direction I hasten to add that was not lost on those who knew that it was also where the On Inn lies!  My Lil’ was well ahead by this point as he led the way along a long trot up to the junction with another gravel track, there a CHK was found, not far from Norman’s Farm.

A girl out running with her personal trainer went off in the opposite direction from that the FRBs had decided on.  Sludge & Mr X looked back to see the rest were quite a way behind them.  Up ahead My Lil’ could be plainly seen raising his hand, well ahead of the rest of the Pack, on a footpath that leads back in to Willian, near to All Saints Church.

But on the footpath back in there would be a sudden turn away before reaching the Church, meaning that the Trail wouldn’t be only half an hour in length, the Pack were now led away southward on a grassy, wet footpath toward the A1(M) over in the distance, though it would never go that far as the Trail turned direction once more, now to take the Pack westward on the farm track that runs behind walled off Manor Farm.

Out on a water-logged lane, the FRBs seemed to loose the Trail.  My Lil’ had disappeared from view, & while Mr X went off up the lane to where he thought that he had seen My Lil’ go, Sludge wandered around the small car park.  Eventually the GM stumbled upon a CHK on the path running by the north edge of the car park.  He decided to make this an impromptu Held CHK, & Sludge’s calls brought the RA back to wait for the others, but not My Lil’!

Paxo, Fliptop, the Hare, 2-1-2 Maureen, TBT OBE, Lofty & Henry all made it down the lane, with Hyena bringing up the rear, Sludge then decided that the Pack could move on & it didn’t take long before the Trail was found & the Pack were back on to a footpath that leads out to the Wymondley road, at the gates before the roadside an arrow pointed the way directly across to the Willian Arboretum.

Through the Arboretum the Trail made its way, but a few well placed blobs of flour threw the RA off the scent & in to a small cordoned off green space!  He came back on track, just as Paxo was making his way in to the wooded area of the Arboretum, Sludge’s calls of “On!” from the southwest brought these two around on to the correct path, but one leading away from the On Inn!

Having run along the outside of the wood, where the RA announced that the nettles bent over by the rain into the path “Won’t sting in the wet!”  The Trail soon turned to the northwest on a long trot up the edge of a farm field to come up by another plantation & then emerge out on to the Willian road.  A right turn would lead along this puddle strewn road & on by the junction at Fiveways house - where the Letchworth road joins the junction. 

The revised Trail would now lead all the way back in to the village, but for My Lil’ he would miss the Dust beyond the footpath off up by the park land below Puncharden Hall, so he veered off up this side route to find a part of the remnants of the Trail that had now been abandoned by the Hare.  My Lil’ would eventually run out of flour, before it dawned on him that he had to make his way back down to the Willian road.

The GM & RA were both back at the Pub within 50 minutes, ironically now that they were Inn the Rain had eased!  They were surprised that My Lil’ wasn’t there!  They enjoyed a pint of an Ale [the name slips the Scribe’s memory!] which was the Landlady’s surname, while My Lil’ made his way back Inn.

The rest of the Pack were back about ten minutes later & soon in to the warm, dry Pub!  The Pack were made more welcome by the Landlady, with some free snacks as they settled in to the Bar.  The Hash soon realised that there were many reserved tables for Sunday Lunches, seems a popular place, & they decided to give up one of their tables for a young couple who had arrived, the Hash went up into the back room to finish their drinks & hold the Circle.

When the Circle took place, the GM raised the toast to the Hash & then turned his attention to the RA – he was awarded the first Down-Down for getting the weather so wrong!  With his Down-Down out of the way, it was over to the RA!

The Hare was rewarded with a Down-Down for setting what was (For the RA at least) the best Trail of the year so far as he was back Inn before 50 minutes!  The other Hits centred on those who the GM had discovered had got their Run numbers in the sacred Book wrong!  They included Fliptop & Paxo.  Finally the Hashit was going to be awarded, but it was present this day.  This didn’t stop TBT OBE from getting called out, not after the RA had discovered what the ‘Contaminated land’ was that he led the Pack by the previous week.  It was nothing less than Japanese Knotweed!