Date =                            Sunday 10th November 2013

Run Number =           1529

Venue =                       The White Horse

Location=                    Welwyn

Beer =                           Hobgoblin, Doombar, Spitfire, Adnams Bitter

Hares =                         My Lil’

Runners =                   10

Virgin =                         0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =        0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          11

Membership =             Paying our respects!


Another low turnout that was unexpected this week, as with the Remembrance Parades taking place in other areas it was accepted that it would be only a handful present.  Those who were at the Lockley’s car park early found that there weren’t many places available as this was the starting point for the local Scouts, Girl Guides, Cubs & Beavers to start their parade down to the Remembrance service outside of St Mary’s Church.

A few spaces were freed up when the Scouts, Girl Guides, Cubs & Beavers all moved off toward the service & the parents of those who can’t walk there.  Never had that in the GM’s day!

Talking of the GM, Sludge had managed to bag a spot outside of the Pub as only he can, while Sloppy Seconds had found himself a space out on Church street.  Back in the car park & TBT OBE arrived with Paxo, who were followed by No Eye Deer, all of whom got parked up there.

The idea was that the Pack would stand at the side of the service out on the street, but the GM, JM, No Eye Deer, Sloppy Seconds, Lofty & TBT OBE failed to arrive at the service, & instead went to stand outside of the Pub! [Apparently this is wrong, they actually stayed in the Car Park!]

After the two minutes silence & the last post had been played, in honour of those who gave their tomorrow for our today, the RA, Ruth & My Lil’ went back to the car park to find no one there! 

So, it was around to the Pub where they found that the rest had already moved on & that the first CHK, opposite Mimram walk alleyway beside the home that was once the Baron of Beef Pub.  The CHK had been marked in a direction away to the south down the narrow Mill lane.

The Trail led down the through the olde worlde part of the village, passing over the river Mimram below the road as it flows by the old mill house.  Just beyond the mill a CHK was found by the crossroads with Prospect place, here the Hare allowed Mr X & Ruth to cut straight over down a dead end lane toward the Fire Station, while the others had to find their way off to the left & then up around through the newer Parkside estate, to emerge out by the Hertford road.  Not far from the roadside here is an Oak tree, not of great stature as yet, which was planted by Prince Charles, the RA didn’t hang about too long to read the plaque explaining why it was planted!

No Eye Deer, Sludge & Sloppy Seconds were seen cutting over the road by the Fire Station, then they began the climb up the steps to Broomfields.  From here that the RA noticed that No Eye Deer was wearing the Hashit, except there was something not quite right?  It soon became obvious that TBT OBE’s name was back to front & that there was no sign of the crude writing & cartoon on the back, it was inside out!

Having scaled the steep wooded embankment to Broomfields, not far form Drinka’s abode, the Trail would cross over to an alleyway that runs up between some of the homes on this horseshoe shaped road, this came out to the next CHK on the opposite side of arm of the road, right behind the Steamer Pub.  Paxo & TBT OBE headed away to the east to look at the footpath in the start of the bend in the road, they would soon find a T up there & turned back.

Those who had local knowledge decided that he next option would be to cross over London road, in front of the Pub, once over the road the Trail was picked up going around on to Ottoway walk, where Tent Packer, Sludge, Sloppy Seconds & TBT OBE all headed off toward the Welwyn Sports & Social club.

While Sludge & Co were off toward the sports fields, the rest followed the Hare in to looking down the nearby alleyway which drops down the hillside, the going wasn’t too bad considering the leaves that had been blown of the trees in recent weeks!

Along this alleyway are a couple of homes perched up on the hillside & one of the locals had decided to try & make a car stand on his property that led to the landslip that had closed London Road until only a few days earlier!  The alleyway came out on School lane.

The RA was first down through the double bars to stop cyclists riding up there, & on to the CHK, where he wrongly assumed that the Trail would head out down School lane, he wasn’t alone as Tent Packer & Sludge also headed out that way as well.  Calls of “On!” would bring these lost souls back out on to the start of the High street in the village.

As the Trail made its way up toward St Mary’s Church, the threat of a water crossing was looming & the Dust did indeed lead down to the ford where the ducks often congregate on the Mimram as it flows under the High street.  It was unexpected of the Hare to be so lenient as to let the Pack off of not wading through the icy river, Mr X & Sludge managed to get to this point just after the rest had walked over the bridge, where the lack of wet footprints led Sludge to say that My Lil’ had indeed let everyone off as the flowing water would have been very cold.

The Trail ran to the end of the High street, which by now, was full with civilians leaving the Remembrance day service.  The Dust led on from the end of the High Street where opposite the Church, by the Wellington, it becomes the Codicote road.  This came out on to the roundabout where the Dust then broke off of the road toward Codicote & took to Fulling Mill lane. 

A CHK was found just over the narrow Singlers bridge spanning the Mimram by the entrance of the enclosed green space of Singler’s Marsh, where the Mimram runs along the eastside by the road to Codicote.  On the way to this, the RA picked up a discarded glass bottle & now he was looking for bin to dispose of it.  The Bin just inside the gate to the green park was a red Dog-poo bin, so that was no good, but further along, by a bench, a proper bin was found.

With the bottle disposed off, the RA could continue in following on behind Sloppy Seconds, No Eye Deer, Sludge & Tent Packer, all of whom had made their way up over the marsh lane to another CHK, near to one of the pump houses in the park.  Tent Packer headed off toward westward Fulling Mill lane, while the rest continued northward toward the gate in the separating fence across the width of the flood plain.  It was here that a civilian out walking her young dog found that it had more interest in playing with No Eye Deer & Sludge.

As much as the Pub was called by its owner, it kept running back to the Keenies!  Eventually the pup was returned to its owner & the Pack could get on with finding the Trail.  The GM & Tent Packer headed over to the west & out on through a kissing gate to Fulling Mill lane, while Sloppy Seconds was stopped up at the kissing gate in the northwest corner of the green.

While Sludge & Tent Packer searched back down the lane to the south, the RA had other ideas as he choose to search the lane as it arcs around toward the Codicote road, sure enough he found the Trail & followed the Dust on by Fulling Mill, just beyond this was a Bar CHK.  At least the RA managed to drag Tent Packer, Sloppy & Sludge up there with him.  So it was back to the footpaths that cut across by the top of the fenced off green space.

The Trail took to the footpath between the trees that led out to the edge of the Codicote road, here the Pack were directed straight over to a footpath leading up the wooded embankment beside a private drive.  No Eye Deer & Sludge led the way north-easterly up this leaf littered avenue below the fields to the south, these two continued on by a set of steps cut in to the embankment.  Mr X was surprised that Sludge didn’t stop & have a look up the short flight of steps, in one of his normal trying to pre-empt the Hare, for if he had then he would have saved himself from running on to another Bar CHK!

Once up the steps in the tree line, the Pack came out on to a CHK on the path running around the outside wire fence running around this cordoned off of a part of heath land of Danesbury Park.  The Hare said that the Trail would be found beyond the kissing gate & within the enclosure, he added that there were cattle in there that morning when he set the Trail earlier.  However, there was no sign of any of the Highland cattle that normally live in these parts, as the Trail made its way over to the southwest.

Those who didn’t get their feet wet earlier in the village, which was all of the Pack, now needn’t worry as the damp dew on the wild grass soon changed all of that as Hash shoes became wetter.  Out of the chilly wind & now in the bright sunshine it was all rather pleasant.  Lofty pointed out the old dead tree, within the enclosed park, & she said that it could looked skeletal & quite menacing at night, especially if lit up by moonlight or strike of lightening!

Out through another kissing gate & Sludge was straight off down the short path to an uncapped lane leading down on to the bottom end of Carleton Rise, he would soon be back as the Dust was found running up along the outer perimeter of the wire fence to come up to another CHK, this one being near to the exit in the hedge & out on to the streets of Blakes way. 

The Pack wouldn’t be heading out in between the homes of Dansebury Park, as the Trail was picked up northward & stuck to the perimeter path as it slowly turned eastward to come out on to the single track north ride lane.  The Pack were now at the top of the plateau, having mad their way some 80 feet in height from the Codicote road.

The Trail crossed this & soon had the Keenies running through a piece of woodland off to the east of the lane, meanwhile Ruth, Paxo & TBT OBE all stuck with the Hare as he led them along the last part of the lane out the south to lead them off of the shiggy in the wood & then around to the kissing gate in to the eastern part of the Dansebury park common.

Once out on the second part of the common, the Trail was found leading away to the north, in the opposite direction of where the village of Welwyn lies.  Sludge led the way, with Tent Packer & Sloppy Seconds, with Paxo & No Eye Deer following on, the Hare placed a short cut in at the start of this section & so Ruth & Lofty took the short option straight down the path to the east, leading down the hillside.

Up ahead of the rest, Sludge was seen once again playing with a dog out for a walk, this time it was larger, older black lab that thought Sludge was fun to play with!
            As the RA set off out to the north, on the path of short grass between the long strands of the wild grasses covering the hill as it slopes down to the A1(M), Mr X would then find a large hole in the edge of the path, which was covered by some of the wilder grass & he managed to jar his knee.  So, he was now resigned to hobbling over the longer wild grass to meet up with the lower path that Ruth & Lofty were heading off down back toward Welwyn.

The Keenies made their way around the loop to catch up with the SCBs on the footpath out through the little wooded area behind the grounds of what was the Clock Motel, as the Pack made their way down to the last remnants of the old A1 behind the motel, the Hare was too busy trying to read the graffiti on the hoardings hiding the derelict site of the motel that mysteriously burnt down.

The last part of the Trail was simply to follow the Trail to the end of the old A1, there the On Inn was found before the final stage crossed the B197, then straight over to run down Wendover drive to come back in to Lockley’s drive car park.  As they turned the corner to come up to the Car Park, the Keenies spotted 2-1-2 Maureen, who had arrived late, but she did venture out on the Trail.

The Pack made their way around to the White Horse, still wearing his Hash shorts in the Bar, the RA was asked by a senior Scottish fellow if Mr X was with the Hash House Harriers?  When Mr X said that he was, the Scotsman said that he had Hashed in Asia & years ago with London for a while.

By now it was such a nice day, the Pack went & sat outside in the back garden.  2-1-2 Maureen commented on the Hash Trash, & that she found some where rude & there were others that she didn’t understand [We’ll have to get Pebbledash to explain those to her! – Ed]

When it came to the Down-Downs, the Hare was rewarded for a good run, which astonished most as the Pack were back in 50 minutes!!  Sloppy Seconds was out for ‘Grassing up the GM’ as he joined Sludge for using real names out on the Trail, one of which was ‘Susie’!

TBT OBE got his for not doing anything wrong at all [The RA didn’t know that the Photo’s of EuroHash that TBT OBE was supposed to have burnt on a disc for him hadn’t actually been burnt to the disc! – Ed]  Ruth was out for not wearing a Poppy, which led to Sludge commenting on the fact that he had a Packet Soup to his Down-Down when he was caught for the same offence years ago, the RA explained that he had taken out the Cup-o-soups when he had it dry his bag out [They’ll be back! – Ed]

Finally the Hashit, well with TBT OBE having a perfect day, it was awarded to No Eye Deer for wearing it inside out!