Date =                            Sunday 17th November 2013

Run Number =            1530

Venue =                        The Horse & Groom

Location=                     (Old) Hatfield

Beer =                           Monks,

Hares =                         Mr X

Runners =                    10

Virgin =                          0

Visitors =                       0                                        

Aprčs Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      2

Total =                          12

Membership =             Skipping over the trash


            With no GM present, it was down to the Joint Monkey to announce the Run number for the welcoming circle, both the RA & Hare Raiser were suffering from the pervious day’s F.U.K. Full Moon & neither had much of clue as to the correct number, so with no help from anyone in the Circle, the JM welcomed the Pack to “Herts Hash House Harriers Run number blahdy, blahdy blah!”  [Sounds like gibberish to me? – Ed]

            With the Introduction out of the way, Mr X stepped forward as this weeks Hare!  Mr X said that that he had set the Trail that very morning, finishing about 15 minutes before the start of the Circle.  The Pack soon realised that they weren’t going to be in for a long Trail, since Mr X was showing the signs of being a little jaded.  [They should have seen him before he had run around the Trail once already to set it! - Ed]

            There was mention of Shiggy, lots of discarded cans of Tyskie lager, & of course it would not be Hatfield without abandoned shopping trolleys en route, finally the good news was that there were lots of Short Cuts!  Without further ado, the Pack were ushered away down the alleyway between the Horse & Groom & the Jaipur Indian restaurant.  The first CHK was found at the end of this short alleyway, where it emerges on to Park Street.

While Sloppy Seconds headed northward up toward the large, red-brick edifice of the viaduct over Park Street, that carries the driveway from the gate house up to Hatfield House, My Lil’ took the south-bound option down Park Street toward the Eight Bells. “On!” was called in both directions, which left a few stumped!  They had just stopped near the CHK as Kylie was found getting out of his car, which he parked just off of Park Street.

The Trail led down by a smashed glass on one side, before reaching a CHK on one of the entrances to Salisbury Square, by what was once the Chequers Hotel.  My Lil’ was quickly on through the southern end of the square & out by the Chinese restaurant to a small car park beside the local Catholic Church, here the Trail made its way up to a set of steps leading down to a subway running beneath the Great north road.

Fliptop was held up a bit in the square, as Winston decided that it was time to stop for a poo!  He would not be left behind this early in the Trail as My Lil’ found the Trail on the other side of the Great North road & led the likes of Tent Packer, Paxo, Sloppy Seconds, No Eye Deer & TBT OBE on up the steps for the footpath crossing above the mainline Tracks from Kings Cross to Edinburgh, but on the other side there was a Bar CHK!

2-1-2 Maureen, who was also struggling with a dodgy ankle like Fliptop, had somehow managed to bruise her ankle which led to a lump on it!  They weren’t far behind as the FRBs now began to head off down the Great North road to what is known locally as ‘Greys roundabout’, the Trail led on by another subway to Old Hatfield where it looked as if Junior had already been around the Trail.  Once beyond the splash of vomit, the Trail now turned to the west to go beneath the Railway bridge on French Horn lane.

On the way, Kylie was content to tell the RA about him acquiring another Train, seems we’ll have to wait for the next Running Day to see this in all its glory!

A CHK was found at the Bus Stop just out form under the bridge, Sloppy Seconds continued up French Horn lane, only to find a T up there!  Paxo, My Lil’, Tent Packer & TBT OBE all had gone down the steps to the bus stop & had crossed over the road.  Apart from My Lil’, the others were also going off Trail until the Hare marked the CHK & then placed an arrow down to direct the Hash up through St Etheldreda’s Drive.

As the Pack made their way up through a small passageway in this estate, No Eye Deer explained to TBT OBE the reason she was again wearing the Hashit inside-out & that was in case she was recognised by any one associated with her w*rk!  She said that she had already lowered her standards by turning out on the Hash, while the RA said that he had made his higher by joining!

Paxo now complained that he couldn’t hear any calling from My Lil’ who had passed through the next CHK, located at a junction with another alleyway, he had turned eastward & then just as quickly southward to come around the corner of a block of houses to run out on to the dead end Howe Dell lane.  This uncapped track led down beside the mainline railway, the thundering of a couple of high speed trains could be heard as they rushed by.

The Trail ran a short way on a tarmac path, then an arrow directed the Pack over the wet green grassy area with a small children’s play ground to one side, then the Hash entered the southern end of Stream woods.  There was plenty of shiggy as the Trail headed further southward in to the wooded area, on a path that rises above the lagoon at the northern end.

Up toward the middle of the wood a CHK was found on a large round tree stump.  It took a little while for the Trail to be picked up as it dropped down the steep leafy embankment to the stream below.  With a bit of tip-toeing over the shingle bed of the flowing stream, the Pack were soon up the opposite bank & on to a footpath running behind the homes on part of the Oxlease estate.

Meanwhile the Hare had marked a Short Cut along the tarmac path by the play area, complete with swings, rides & an abandoned shopping trolley, to run on below the football pitches that were in use by two noisy teams running back & forth kicking a ball about on this slightly damp in the air morning.  He was now heading toward the Pack as they made their way back toward him, before taking off on to an alleyway westward between parallel hedges on the north edge of the playing fields.

As the path led up to a small car park off of Woods Avenue road, the litter started to appear.  As No Eye Deer arrived at the car park, she saw a little girl who was looking at kicking out the arrow directing the Hash over to the car park entrance, No Eye Deer asked her not to do this as the Hash would not be able to find their way around!

TBT OBE, Tent Packer & My Lil’ all found the Trail as it headed southward toward the town centre of Hatfield, but as the trail dipped down in to the hollow on either side of the raised  road, & on to an underpass under beneath, a Bar CHK was found.  No Eye Deer was fortunate enough to be near to the Hare as he set an arrow down pointing the way down a footpath the other FRBs had been led on past by the Dust.

Down the fenced-in tarmac path, that started off by the local Scout hut to head eastward back toward the footballers before it turned 90° anti-clockwise to runs away to the south, now the litter became more intense with abandoned Tyskie cans & other tossed away crap which made No Eye Deer say that if we ran around here again we should take some bin bags to do some litter picking. [I wouldn’t bother, if the locals can’t be arsed to keep their town clean! & the Pubs shut at 23:00Hrs! – Ed].

As the Trail made its way further down the path, the litter became more domestic waste, with black bin bags dumped in the hedgerows on either side.  A CHK was found at a gap in the hedge on the left, only Sloppy Seconds thought to look in the open green space behind the hedge, while My Lil’ continued southward to pick up the Trail.

The Hare found Sloppy Seconds loitering at the next CHK, which was at a fork in the path where Old Rectory Drive heads off away from the enclosed expensive homes, in to the old lane. 

Tent Packer took the wrong option away to the right, My Lil’ was heard to call from the continuation of the tarmac path to the south, Sloppy was soon following on but not before he had a very close encounter with a group of large dog’s eggs on the path!

The Trail came out off of the path, heading across a footbridge high over Link Drive, before coming down to the green space opposite Goldings House tower block just off of Queensway.  The way between the trees on the small green saw the Pack pass another shopping trolley sitting forlorn on its own.

Out to the roundabout at the east end of Queens Way, then the Pack followed the Dust down the ramp to the underpasses that links the open centre of the roundabout below the level of the road, a CHK was found by the benches in the centre of the sunken roundabout. [Are the benches there for the comfort of any muggers? – Ed]

Anyhow, My Lil’ was first to come out of the exit near to St Lukes Church, where he picked up the dust leading around by the St John’s Ambulance Hut & then by the Coronation garden as Wellfield road leads on around to heads around to the northwest.

Now the FRBs ran on by the new builds that have replaced the old Wellfield hospital, that was once the local Workhouse, over the small roundabout & My Lil’ led Tent Packer, Sloppy Seconds on toward the footbridge spanning the road ahead, this carries the Alban way route of the former Hatfield to St Albans railway line.

Kylie, Paxo & No Eye Deer followed on but managed to be far enough behind the other FRBs not to find the Bar CHK!  A turn around for the ultra-Keenies took them back to a footpath that runs between Wenham Place & Ashley Court, on North-easterly hedged-in path behind Graveyard of St Lukes, it was here, while setting the Trail that the Hare spotted a large fox in the hedge by the cemetery.

At the end of the path was a CHK, right by the brown wet mud stained tarmac, caused by some works on the drainage to the houses that line one side of the track.  The Pack were soon on to the south-easterly footpath heading along the east side of St Luke’s graveyard to come out on to St Albans Road East, here the Trail crossed over the road & led up in to a small enclosed park.

TBT OBE was the first to make use of the Short Cut off of the Queen’s Way roundabout, 2-1-2 Maureen & Fliptop also made their way along the Short Cut.  The Hare had planned for the Keenies to run around this small park, but TBT OBE had just wandered over to the entrance directly opposite to where he had been told there was a Held CHK, so no one did the loop!

At the Held CHK the Hare produced packets of Foam Shrimps & one of Milk Bottles to while away the time waiting for the 2-1-2 Maureen & Fliptop to catch up.  Talk of the previous day’s Full Moon still dominated the conversation!

If the Hare was disappointed that no one had gone around the small park, he was soon happy to see Paxo heading off the wrong way around the Trail loop backward!  Everyone else took to going out of the entrance on to Old French Horn Lane, from there on it was a simple case of following the Trail down to where it breaks off on the right-hand fork to peel off down to its dead end. 

Then it was a climb up on steps in the embankment to French Horn Lane, the On Inn was seen by another set of steps but the Trail would not go this way, it would go back under the railway bridge.  Kylie was puzzled by the 2 Metre height warning sign on the footpath tunnel.  Out from under the bridge, then to take the first subway, the one by Junior’s calling card, to get back in to Old Hatfield. 

Some of the Pack took time to read the plaque above the subway, one of the facts was that this ground used to belong to the Burgess family, who still are family Undertakers in Hatfield.  Also invented there were a fire engine & the domestic Bean-Slice!

The Pack made their way out around the back of Hatfield’s answer to Paddy’s Wigwam (Liverpool’s Roman Catholic Church) & back Inn.  The Pack settled in to the quaint old fireplace area in this ancient Pub, Kylie kept threatening to go early, once the roast potatoes had gone, so the Down-Downs were held out the back patio garden quite early.  Kylie recalled when Hyena was ripped off for a Birthday meal there, so My Lil’ pointed out the new fencing that Hyena paid for! [In fact there’s a new Couple running the Pub since that expensive day! – Ed]

The Hare was rewarded for a good Trail, that had the Pack back in 55 Minutes!  The Hare took his time in dispatching the Ale. [The result of the day before no doubt? – Ed]   My Lil’ was out as he now has a new dog, which has managed to eat his mother’s hearing aid!  TBT OBE received his Down-Down for leading the FRBs over the end of the small park & allowing them to miss out the loop!  The Hashit didn’t go to No Eye Deer, as the RA reckons that she would wear it inside out week in week out, so Sloppy Seconds was called out as he didn’t have enough money to pay for his weekly subs, but could afford to buy himself a beer!

Paxo decided that the Pack should go out to Bishops Stortford in December, instead of going to the Great Eastern which has no parking near it.  So, please note the change in the Hareline!