Date =                            Sunday 24th November 2013

Run Number =            1531

Venue =                        The Crooked Billet!

Location=                     Colney Heath

Beer =                           Woodefordes Wherry! Blonde

Hares =                         My Lil’

Runners =                    14

Virgin =                          0

Visitors =                       0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      2

Total =                          16

Membership =            Hare-less!


The Grand Monkey was back this week, he brought Dry Craic along as a visitor/returnee, who had run with us years ago before heading off to Los Angles in the U, S of A!  They weren’t the first ones to venue, Hyena & Mr X were, as the former had decided to drive.   On the way to the venue, the RA asked Hyena why he wasn’t picking the Hare up, to which Hyena replied that he had called him & he thought that My Lil’ was out setting the Trail, that morning!  You’ll read more on that later on.

2-1-2 Maureen arrived, then like Lady Bracknell, she wandered off clutching a Haaaandbaaaag large enough to get a child in!  The RA wondered if 2-1-2 Maureen was doing a Sludge & having a peek at the possibilities of where the Trail would start & head away! 

TBT OBE arrived, & he wasn’t there that long before he disappeared in to the bushes for to scare the Squirrels!  With no Hashit being there this day, the RA told TBT OBE that he was safe from receiving this, though he was warned that it wasn’t a going to carte blanche for him.

            The Landlady came out of the Pub to see what was going on, was this the second time at this venue that the Hare had not informed the Pub of our running from there?  Anyhow, things were sorted & the Circle was finally called, after TBT OBE, Tent Packer & Sparky had finished picking some greengages from the trees & eating these.  [Hope they don’t have the two-bob bits in the morning! – Ed]

            The GM welcomed the Hash to the correct Run number, none of that “Blahdy, Blah! Blah!” nonsense the Joint Monkey came out with the week before.  Nope, we were back to normal, grown up speak this week.  So, without any Hare, who everyone thought was out there setting the Trail, the Pack moved on, with the RA pointing out the blobs of flour on the posts of the stile at the end of the Pub’s orchard like back garden.

On this first stile of the Trail, the RA struggled to negotiate this & said that he was having trouble getting his leg over!  To which the GM jested “I know hat you mean!”  [It was a high stile! – Ed]  Once over the high wooden obstacle, the Trail headed north-eastward out over the fields to the east of the Pub.

The outset wasn’t the smoothest of paths, being mainly along the edge of a field of brassicas until reaching an arrow directing the Hash on a footpath hidden by another crop of brassicas, so Hash feet soon became damp crossing over the crop.

A CHK was found on the edge of the field & being first to this the RA instinctively he chose the north easterly path, but for the next few CHKs he would not benefit from his local knowledge.  Sparky had taken the wrong option & headed in the opposite direction toward the Sport & Social Club at the Sports ground back near the high street.

By now Tent Packer had moved on from eating greengages & was now chomping away on a couple of apples from off of the old apples trees in the hedgerow which hides the area of small lakes next to the footpath!  Dry Crack had now taken up the lead, as the RA had gone off to search in the scrubby undergrowth were a footpath once ran, but with the bottom of the gully being full of water it was plain to see that a path was no longer used down this route.

Dry Craic now took to the easterly way around a couple of quick alternating corners of almost 90° to come out to a CHK on a path running south to north, Sparky had caught up & he decided to head off away over the fields toward Bullens Green end of Colney Heath down to the south.  This would be Sparky second wrong move!

Sludge, Tent Packer & Dry Craic all headed off through the almost tunnel like route through an area of thicket like trees & bushes, that Ewok described as being prettier than running out over the ploughed the fields.  From here, Paxo had taken it upon himself to be the ‘Hash Tonto’ where he began to mark the CHKs & the Trail with series of stick to form arrows.  2-1-2 Maureen, who obviously wasn’t in the Scouts, wondered what Paxo was doing with the sticks.

The rest of the Pack followed on behind the FRBs under the tree canopy, halfway through the woodland was a path off to the north west.  Sludge stopped & had a brief look in the corner of the adjacent field, but he was soon back & following Mr X & Dry Craic out of the woodland & over the fallow land toward the A414, but out in the open the RA spotted a Bar CHK so he had to call Dry Craic back who had run beyond the faded Bar!

Sparky was now very vocal, after making up the lost ground from the earlier Falsie, only to be lead down this route to a Bar CHK, shame the Hare wasn’t there to hear him!  Now on his way back, the RA found out the reason for the Hare’s absence.  By now Paxo had received a call from the Hare, it seems that Hyena was supposed to pick My Lil’ up that morning. 

Hyena claimed that he had tried to contact the Hare, to the RA’s ears it sound like Hyena had phoned the Hare, but it turned out to be just a little old text message & so when there was no reply Hyena assumed that My Lil’ was out setting the Trail.  It was clear to see that some of the Trail had suffered from the light overnight rain.

The RA now broke the Rule for using modern technology on the Trail, he looked at his mobile to see that he had received a text message from the Hare, which read “Have you heard from Hyena?”  The RA texted back, “Yep! He’s right by me!” by now Paxo had informed those around him that the Hare was going to be dropped off!

Anyhow, back to the Trail & now the Pack realised that the Dust would be found through the gap in the hedgerow in the spinney, to lead out to where Sludge had already been.  Just out in to the corner of the field & there  were two choices, one was to follow the footpath along the inside of fields top edge, or go over a wooden stile to the path enclosed by two hedgerows.

As the FRBs made their way back to this point, 2-1-2 Maureen was found waiting at the stile, she was hanging back to allow the ‘Runners’ over the wooden obstacle, then with the runners ahead of her she clambered the stile to get over just as the FRBs found it was a falsie!  So, the Keenies now had to wait behind 2-1-2 Maureen to get back over the stile!

Paxo called “On!” as he headed over to Johnson’s Spring wood, no less than two CHKs were found on the footpath running along the outer edge of the wood.  Sparky again chose the wrong Trail as he headed away to the south on the track toward the Scout camp, Paxo had taken another route, to break off along the top of Johnson’s Spring wood.  They were both calling “On!” but then both would stop & turn back.

Northward toward the A414 again, but before getting close to the road the Trail turned off to the east.  The traffic could be heard on the dual carriageway as the Trail led the Hash over that rarest of things to cover a new small bit of territory for them.  The Footpath they were on always used to be overgrown, inaccessible in days gone by but it seems that someone has been busy out there & the way has now been cleared, though there were plenty of small freshly cut tree stumps to avoid tripping over. [A definite trip hazard for TBT OBE! – Ed]

Out of the newly managed woodland to find an arrow directing the way down the driveway to Roehyde farm, the RA wasn’t sure if this was a footpath or not, but it kept the way off of the well signposted “Private property” to lead down the long tarmac ‘private’ lane to the gate where it emerges on to Roestock lane, near the Bullen’s Green area.

A CHK on the edge of the tarmac road, Sludge & Dry Craic went to search under the A1(M) while Tent Packer looked over on the footpath in a thicket, which just looped around through the small wooded area.  The RA on the other hand knew that heading back toward Colney Heath, there was a footpath just along Roestock lane.  He was first up to the little wooden gate & once unlatched, it allowed him access to the hedged-in path leaving the lane.

Before setting off to the west, the RA indicated to Dry Craic that he had found the Trail, this would be a long trot which would pass through a couple of horse paddocks, with equines within these paddocks the RA indicated Hash Hush by raising his arm, which may have been a waste of time as he was well ahead of the rest & soon out of sight!  Nether the less, the RA may have been out of view, but with his omnipotent powers meant that he would know about TBT OBE falling over on the Trail & Sparky laying down at one CHK!

            Having traversed the Horse paddocks, the Trail led out to the lane leading up to the small Scout camp, from here the Trail turned to the south as the uncapped, puddles strewn lane heads back through Roundhouse farm.  Just before reaching the farmyard, the RA decided to have a peek out on the footpaths in the fields to the north of the farm.  He found nothing out there, nor did Sludge who briefly looked that way as well.

            So, it was back to follow the lane through the farmyard, or what was a farmyard just after the stables.  Now it has been changed in to an area of new homes!  Sludge was out front, while the RA followed on & as he passed by the stables he had to indicate a ‘Hash Hush’ to Sparky behind him that a couple of ponies were being led out!

Once on Roestock lane again, the Hash were immediately directed straight across the road & onto a footpath along the edge of the fields behind the lane, Sparky wasn’t sure that the RA was On Trail as he ran through the CHK halfway along this path.  What Sparky didn’t know was that the RA had seen up ahead of him was Sludge & Dry Craic going through the metal kissing gate in the tree-line at the other end of the path.

Through the gate & the Trail came out in to the green play ground on the edge of the Roestock park on that side of the village, on the way over the damp grass toward the flats, Sparky pointed out the windfall apples to Tent Packer, but it seems that Tent Packer had now had his fill of apples & declined picking any up from under the trees!

            Of course this was a My Lil’ Trail, so the FRBs were taken on a loop around from Admirals Close, over Hall Gardens & then around through the garages to come back through Meadway to Roestock lane again.  An arrow directed the Keenies over to a footpath beside the Chalkdrawers Arms Pub, the RA explained that a couple of hundred years ago this area was once know for the extraction of chalk & only a couple of years ago the tunnels under Hatfield led to the undermining of some properties there, all of which led to the tunnels being propped up & stabilized!

            Back out in the fields via a footpath to the east of the Pub & the Trail would head northwest to a CHK in the middle of the patchwork of small fields, this was the only held CHK on the Trail (The Hare was going to have a sweet stop here, but as he was now in the Pub, Drinking, the sweets would have to wait until the Pack reached the On Inn!)

            The Keenies waited for sometime, while watching two engineers work on the power line over toward the roundabout & shops at the end of the High Street, those at the CHK were convinced that this would be the way Inn, as if there is ever any shooting the Trail heads toward it, so with that in mind they mistakenly believed they would head toward the power line workers!

            Finally, for probably the First time on the Trail, Sparky had chosen the correct option as he took to the northeast, this path led by a hedged off area & then out over the open fields.  Having come back from the Falsie path, Tent Packer was second around the hedge & out toward the centre of the fields but he had failed to see Sparky turn off behind the Hedgerow to head toward the High street one field away.

            The RA called Tent Packer back, then the Pack made their way around the outside of one final field of brassicas, this route wasn’t the official path, as that had been planted over with the crop.  Most now walked as it was stony & pretty uneven, once in the corner of the field the Trail turned to follow the inside of the hedge along by the High Street & on toward the Pub.

No one seemed to see the On Inn by the gap in the hedgerow, or any directions up to the Pub to the right, all they saw was the pile of empty Fosters cans that looked like a good night in for Junior!

Instead of going the few yards around the bend on the right to the On Inn, the sheep all followed Sparky, who had crossed the high street & was now heading south-westerly down the High Street & away from the On Inn!

The RA was busy chatting to Dry Craic, which led to him too taking his eye off of the fact that they were heading toward the Cock Pub!

Suddenly it dawned on every one of the FRBs that they were wrong, so an about-turn was in order to take them back to the On Inn, on the way the RA spotted TBT OBE crashing his way through the hedge in an attempt to short cut from the corner of the field!  Somehow TBT OBE managed to get through the hawthorn & not fall into the road & complete the Trail in an hour & five minutes. 

The Hare was found at the On Inn, the Pack soon made their way around to the small public bar area, this is decorated with lots of Arsenal team & player pictures.  It must be a while since the Gooners won a trophy as King George VI is presenting the FA cup in one photo!

            There were some who wanted to get away early, but Fliptop was still out there as he fell foul at the CHK by the underpass beneath the A1(M), he looked at all the options here & must have failed to see or understand Tonto’s Paxo’s sticky indicators! 

Tent Packer left with out paying his subs, seems to be catching with Sloppy Seconds doing this the week before! Anyhow 2-1-2 Maureen came back Inn well before Fliptop did!

Down-Downs were had outside, with the Hare awarded for a very good Trail that caught even those with ‘local knowledge’ out!  Hyena was awarded his Down-Down for not picking the Hare Up!  TBT OBE was out for falling over, & he was joined by Sparky who had to lie down on the Trail!  Dry Craic was out for her return to the Pack!  2-1-2 was summoned forth, with Paxo, for not understanding his impromptu Trail markings.