Date =                            Sunday 15th December 2013

Run Number =            1534

Venue =                        The Orange Tree.

Location=                     Baldock

Beer =                           Buntingford Imperial, Batemans Brown Ale, XXB Dark Mild to name a few!

Hares =                         Mr X, Sparky & George!

Runners =                    9

Virgin =                         0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =        0

Newies =                      0

Hounds =                    0

Total =                          9

Membership =           Losing & finding a Hare!


            It was a busy weekend for this week’s Hare, somehow he managed to get a Friday the 13th in & a F.U.K. Full Moon Chilli Chutney Run, before getting over to the Orange tree an hour before the Hash was supposed to start.  Now, you can imagine the Hare’s surprise as he approached the Orange Tree to see Sparky outside.  Mr X wondered if his watch was wrong, and had to have a second glance at his timepiece to discover it was Sparky who was early!

            Sparky offered to help Mr X with setting the Trail, at first the Hare said that he’d be alright out on his own, but had second thoughts of leaving a lonesome Sparky at the Pub for an hour.  So, when the Pack arrived, a few of whom were a few minutes late, there would be no sign of the Hares.  Mr X had managed to finish the Trail & was just arrived back at the Orange Tree when he spotted No Eye Deer & Paxo coming out from the Sycamores, where one Falsie led around the back street & another longer one that Sparky had set up in to the Cemetery off of the bend in said backstreet.

            The long Falsie may have brought Mr X enough time to catch up, but when he looked around for Sparky, he couldn’t see him anywhere behind him!  This was a surprise as he had only just left him ten minutes earlier while setting the very last leg of the Trail & Sparky was setting the final Falsie.

            The Trail was found back out on the Norton Road & then around on to West Avenue, though strangely West Avenue actually runs to the southwest.  Away from the compass points & the Trail ran up the urban street, passing by the sports grounds on the left.  As Mr X made his way up the road, a football shot across the road up ahead of him.  Being a good egg, Mr X went & picked up the ball from a residential drive & lobbed it toward the footballers, which was fine until it bounced off of the bough of a tree & came right back to the Hare!

            On his second lob, the ball went over the fence to the sports ground!  Mr X now continued up to the first CHK, which was located near to the junction with Norton Crescent.  Paxo & TBT OBE seemed rooted to the spot at this CHK but they would move on when Sludge, Sloppy Seconds & My Lil’ found the Trail leading up to a bridge spanning the A1(M).

            Once over the cycle route bridge, which had a red ‘Ramp’ warning sign at the west side, a CHK was found beneath the red dog-poo bin located by a small triangle at the meeting of four paths.  Falsies around through the wooded strip to the south were found, Sloppy Seconds found the Falsie out to the west on the green space by the end corner of the Jubilee Industrial Estate.

The Trail was found on the section of the gritty hard capped cycle-way as it heads behind the back of the industrial estate & with the Train line up to Cambridge on the opposite side.  Dust would lead on down this alleyway, where it turns due north & on to a CHK just before a bend in the path that leads around to cross a bridge over the line, My Lil’ & Sludge went around the bend, twice you could say, as the Dust led on to a T not far from the local recycling plant.  My Lil’ later confessed that he was close to cutting through the T, which if he did, would have saved him the long loop they were about to undertake!

Back to the CHK & once through the cut-through in to the industrial estate the Trail was picked up once again, the Dust weaved its way though the new occupied units to lead back out of the Jubilee Industrial Estate in Letchworth, not far from where Sloppy Seconds was stopped by a T!  Here the Hare was waiting for the Pack to make their way around & then head off westward along Works Road.  Sludge & My Lil’ were vocally begrudging about Mr X’s short cutting!

As Sludge started to pull away from the rest, he suddenly stopped up ahead & was looking over at the road off to the south, or he could have been thinking about taking his car to the hand car wash that was located on that corner?  The Hare directed him further down Works Way.  These two continued along the road, passing by the Altro Flooring buildings before coming up to the roundabout where the Trail turned on to Green Lane.

The Trail crossed over the railway bridge & around the edge of part of the next roundabout on the suburban side of the lines.  A Held CHK was found by Blackhorse road of to the north.  Once Fliptop had come hobbling over the bridge & up to the CHK, the Hare allowed the Pack to begin searching again.

My Lil’ was straight off up Blackhorse road, which leads back in to the western industrial area of Letchworth, meanwhile No Eye Deer & Sludge both went off to the West along the wide green, tree-lined avenue of Green lane of the World’s first Garden City.  Sloppy Seconds decided that he would go for following on behind My Lil’ & this would prove to be a good decision as that was they way the Trail would go.  Paxo hedged his bets by remaining at the CHK until the Hare marked the Direction!

The Trail followed the industrial road as it rose up to the north, along the way Fliptop took notice of some of the units along the way, he now knows where he can get objects of all descriptions plastic coated!  The GM could also look at the number of Crash Repair units along this route, but sadly there a number of sad looking, boarded-up units that aren’t being occupied & one appeared as if it had an attempted arson attach, with back smoke marks on the outside of the white facia.

The Pack came over the ridge & descended to the end of the industrial estate, having passed by the entrance to the recycling plant they were near to earlier, & where the T had stopped My Lil’ & Sludge, the Trail came up to a CHK in the narrow wooded strip separating the industrial area from the crop fields to the north.

Mr X arrived in time to see that My Lil’ had found the Trail & had correctly run around the eastern end of the barren crop field, on a long arcing route on the perimeter to take him around to run along beside the Norton road, which pleased the Hare.  Just as pleasing to the Hare was the sight of Sludge cutting straight over the bare field on a short cut.  Sloppy Seconds was happy to point this out to make sure the RA had seen this, then Sloppy followed the Trail properly.

The Hare now allowed the likes of Paxo, No Eye Deer, Fliptop & Hyena to fan out & cut over the field too, just to check that there was no errant blobs of Dust out that way that Sludge could claim to be Trail!!  And there wasn’t any, just the odd bit of chalk in the soil! 

Anyhow, the next CHK was found out by a split in the paths, where one path leads up through the centre of the fields toward Nortonbury, this didn’t hinder My Lil’ as he continued up beside the Norton road & then out through the gate beside the road.  Sludge was soon after him, so they both avoided being lured in to running up to a Bar CHK within the field.

Some of those behind them accused them of cheating, but the Hare wasn’t bothered as these two had crossed over to find a CHK just beyond the kissing gate, & from there they would find the path heading further northward would a be a falsie!  This allowed the likes of Paxo, No Eye Deer & Fliptop to cut through the west edge of the bridge over the A1(M), but they, like My Lil’ who had come back & was now on the wrong side.  All until My Lil’ spotted the footpath sign over by the entrance to the local equestrian centre on the east side of the A1(M).

The Pack crossed over the bridge above the motorway, & there they found the next CHK by the drive to the equestrian centre, it didn’t take long for the Trail on the river Ivel path to be found.  From the other side of the Stables hedgerow, a Swiss Bernese dog was out defending his territory with his booming woofing at the Pack.

A Bar CHK lay up ahead on the footpath beyond the kissing gate in to the stables & the path up through the tree-line up to the new wild-life area to the south, they Hash soon made their way up through the gap in the spinney on the slope & out on to the nature reserve.  This area has had a lot of work that has been carried out by the local wildlife volunteer groups, as the thicket has been cleared thinned out, the reeds in a part of the river Ivel below had been worked on & a proper hedge had been made laid by hand along the side by the Norton Road.

A CHK was found at a split in the path in the green open space, with the left hand fork leading down to the North road allotments, where Sloppy Seconds correctly spotted a Sri Lankan flag flying in the light breeze.  The Trail itself took to the right-hand option to lead through a wooded area behind Baldock Football club & then down to a small square car park beside the local water treatment works, sewage works to you & me, was this too keep Hyena happy?

 A CHK was found on the lane to the sewage works, right in front of the small foot-tunnel in to the bottom of the railway embankment, those who first braved the dark passageway would soon follow it out on to the short alleyway where the On Inn was found.  Mr X still wondered what had happened to Sparky, it appeared that he still had failed to catch up with the FRBs.  It turns out that he had caught up with Hyena & decided to walk along with him for a Chat!

The Pack settled in, rumours abound about Fliptop & No Eye Deer getting stuck in a kissing gate on the Trail, but of more interest to the RA was the GM’s excuses for his blatant Short Cutting over the field. 

The Landlord of the Pub was eager to meet the Hare, since he was called up by Mr X when he was a few Pubs along in to the F.U.K Full Moon Pub Crawl the day before, & the Landlord didn’t believe someone could sound that p*ssed could turn up in the morning for a run!  Well he did, & what’s more he went around twice!

The Hare told the first ones back that he was late for the start of the Trail as when he was halfway around setting the Trail, Sparky got lost at the start of his helping the Hare, then Sparky had to go back & get his phone, all  of which delays later on would leave the Hare short of flour until Sparky caught up for him to top things up.

When it came to the Down-Downs, the GM started the Hash Song as the Hare & his ‘Little Helper’ of Sparky received their Hits.  Just as they had finished, the Barmaid came out with a Bar-towel for Sparky after he had badgered asked the Landlord for one, TBT OBE asked if the towel was specifically for George!

TBT OBE was out for a spurious reason the day before, as on the Pub Crawl as a bike just like the Goodies’ three-seater was seen being ridden around London.  The Hashit was awarded to Sludge for the blatant Short Cutting, that he claimed to have been searching from the CHK, if there was no Trail then he should have gone back to the CHK & found a footpath with it on!