Date =                            19th January 2014

Run Number =             1541

Venue =                        The Chequers

Location=                     Woolmer Green

Beer =                            Ringwood Scuttle Butt, Youngs Bitter

Hares =                         Sludge

Runners =                    13

Virgin =                          0

Visitors =                       0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      2

Total =                          15

Membership =             Being offered the Horn by Sparky!


                2-1-2 Maureen was the first to the venue, no doubt eager to get rid of the Hashit she has had for the last three weeks!  Those who would be running today were all at the venue before the time reached eleven.  This week saw the return of Des Res, as well as Lofty putting in an appearance.  As expected, Spotted Dick & Custard came along to this Hash, as they only live just over part of Mardley Hill.

                Sparky offered to give the pack the Horn [Whoa there Pebbledash! – Ed] in the end he palmed off his small horn [Not-again Pebbledash! - Ed] on to Des Res, who claimed that he wasn’t really a FRB but he reluctantly took the rubber bulb horn [that’s enough double entendres! – Ed]

The Circle was called a minute past the hour & by the time the GM had finished his spiel, he then put his Hare’s Hat on to explain that it was the normal Herts Markings out there!  It was creeping toward 5 minutes past by the time the Hash were directed straight out on to London road, to run along the roadside path toward Knebworth in the North.

                The Fist CHK was found on the entrance of the small Wolvesmere estate, the RA was first to the CHK & straight off down this side street, no doubt hoping that the Trail would go down there & out to the playing fields by the railway line, but he would find no Dust at all. 

                By the time Mr X was back on London road, the rest of the Pack were working their way down Bridge Road off to the west, obviously there were a few who thought that the Trail could head out toward Mardley Heath wood, or may be up beside the opposite side of Railway line to Knebworth.  They too would be wrong, though it took them time & a long way down this route to find out!

                On his return, Mr X was lucky to see that the Hare had marked the CHK up to the north, along London road, so off that way he went, right up to the point where he found Bar CHK!  Looking back he spotted the alternative option was to cross the road & head off down the alleyway footpath that runs along the south side Marshalls’ garage.

Flanders had the heads up on this & she was well on her way out of the kids playing ground behind the garage, the RA was next through to see the delights of the wasp coloured (Black & Yellow) spider climbing frame, swings & other playground furniture.

Out in to the back street of Garden road to follow the dust out of this little estate & on to the rural New Lane out of the village, at this junction a CHK was found.  Mr X fancied the option of a footpath that starts a few yards up New Lane, so he clambered up the short steps in the embankment to head north-westerly up over the field dotted with seedlings of a winter crop.

The going up the wet clay soil of the field of young crop plants had its moments as the slip like shiggy made Hash feet slide all over the place.  At the end of this slog, a CHK was found at the field’s edge with the Hedged off Horse paddocks to the east. 

The RA was first through the white wooden gate in the thick hedge & he held up his arm to indicate that he was on, in order not to spook any horses within the paddocks.  He found the path cutting over to the northeast corner of the paddock with a solitary horse residing within.

                The Trail now come out on to Rectory Lane, where it turned left to head northward, then just 50 yards or so another CHK was found on the road junction with New road & Hollybush lane.  Mr X fell foul by searching straight over the junction to the north, meanwhile Sparky had chosen to head eastward on Hollybush lane toward the School.

There wasn’t much calling from Sparky, nor could his horn be heard as Mr X & then Des Res followed on behind on this route to find the Dust, the lane weaved its way on a serpentine like route, passing by Pound Farm & then Pound House [Think it would cost considerably much more than a £1 by now! – Ed] with it’s pond in the low walled front garden.  The Dust led out to the local School & a CHK was found to one side of its frontage.

                While Sparky went off on his own to heaven knows where, the RA had more of an idea of where he was & so turned southward on the adjoining lane to search behind the end of the wall that leads down from the Church of All Saints.  Sure enough, Mr X found the Dust & followed this tarmac path as it run over the top of the north end of the crop field, he half expected to see a CHK at one of the two parallel paths that head away down the crop field to the south?

                Having run on by the entrance to the Churchyard, the RA was then led all the way over to Bury lane as it heads down in to Datchworth, right where the path meets the roadside path a Bar CHK was found, that explained the lack of a CHK by the Church!  So, an about turn to head back to the two paths Mr X had run on by!

                The Trail was found on the first of the paths to be passed on the way to the Bar CHK.  Sloppy Seconds led the way down the correct Path, followed My Lil’, Des Res, Spotted Dick & Sparky who was now back on track!  2-1-2 Maureen, Flanders & Custard all were Shepparded down this route by the Hare.

                Mr X went wrong yet again, for at the CHK where three paths meet at the bottom end of the field, he waded through the water-logged pond of a puddle filling a dip in the path before climbing up through the leaf-litter on a small tree-line path out to the top end of the village, there was no Dust up there.

Meanwhile, My Lil’ had taken the westerly path up & over a ridge that leads on down a path by a series of horse paddocks.  It was along this stretch that the RA was going to get some ear-ache!  Not that Mr X hadn’t seen & heard Sparky running on by the group of large Nags in the paddocks, & on the way he was not obeying the ‘Hash Hush’ when it was clear to see the Nags, but as Sloppy Seconds pointed out it was just as plain to spot was My Lil’ down ahead of the Pack with his arm raised!  Someone would now have to do something seriously wrong to prevent the Hashit being awarded to Sparky!

 Sloppy, TBT OBE & My Lil’ all had a word, about Sparky’s inopportune horn blowing, with the RA by the time all of them had made it down in to Datchworth!  But before they could reach there, they had to find which way the Trail would take them from the CHK in the open playing field area at the end of the horse paddocks.

My Lil’ continued due southward, while Sparky & Des Res choose to take the westward path along the top end of the playing field area.  Sparky & Des Res found the Trail & as Mr X, Sloppy Seconds & TBT OBE followed on along below the Hedgerow it soon become clear there was no way out in that top northwest corner, it was now going to be a trot almost around the inner perimeter of the sports field.

The Trail did turn before reaching the western hedge, it made its way to the south by way of a meandering path at the edge of the raised Rugby Pitch, the Hare put in a short cut, cutting diagonally across the playing field to the alleyway, this meant that Spotted Dick, Custard, Flanders, 2-1-2 Maureen, Lofty & Henry would not be too far behind the rest as they approached the edge of the village.

 Every Hasher made their way over to head down to an ally out between the old homes & on to the main road in to Datchworth.  Sloppy Seconds was impressed that Hyena was up with the FRBs at this point in the Trail, the RA said that “He can do it if he outs his mind to it!”  Though Hyena would probably have to have an early night after expending all that energy!

Things would change a little bit once down at the CHK on the road to Woolmer Green.  By now, My Lil’ was straight across the road & then up the wee cul-de-sac, at the end of this he found the Dust heading out over a water-logged crop field.  The crop looked as if it may have drowned in the many puddles strewn across they way, with the sun bright & low in the sky, the whole length of the path shimmered with the sun-light to the point where it was dazzling!

At the end of the short crop field, the Trail had a slight diversion to go around the end of the rugby pitch of Sludge’s old club, to get over to the Cricket Pavillion up beside the established tree-lined path of Robbery Bottom lane.  On his way along here Mr X was stopped by another Hasher who not running, but watching his boys practise sliding in the mud to score a try.  [Bet their mum’s going to love washing that kit! – Ed]

                A CHK was found between the two tree lines, Sparky decided that he would head up the Robbery Bottom lane path eastward toward Datchworth Green, which was wrong.  Mr X & My Lil’ both had a better idea of heading down hill & following Robbery Bottom lane to the west, the not-so-dynamic duo were soon calling “On!”

                The footpath part of Robbery Bottom lane, began with dark, leaf-litter shiggy but where it had the kink in its route there was soon a stream running along the bed of pebbles, where Hash boots could actually get a wash!  A CHK halfway didn’t throw these two off the scent, as the shiggiest path was to continue straight down to the west, where a CHK was found at the point it joins White Horse lane.

My Lil’ & Mr X were running on ‘Local knowledge’ so they dismissed running back in to the southeast end of Woolmer Green, instead preferring to take the option of running up the narrow tarmac Robbery Bottom Lane as it climbs between the green crop field.  Sure enough, they were correct again!

                Once up to the top of the lane, having passed by the few solitary oaks standing at the lanes edge like sentries on guard, at a point where a footpath heads up by a mobile phone transmitter a CHK was found just beyond the two metal posts barring vehicular entry to a parking spot. 

There was no stopping the RA now, he was straight between the metal posts to stop any unwanted parking up there, from here he took to Bridger’s path, as it heads northward up by the aerial before turning westward through the wooded area at the back of the stables on top of the hill.

The last leg of the Trail was through the another leaf litter path by the edge of the stables’ exterior perimeter, this lead out north-westerly on a hill the main line railway runs underneath.  The shiggy finally gave way to a pebbly driveway which led then back out on to London road, here the On Inn was found with an arrow pointing down the hill & back to Woolmer Green.

Mr X was back in just under the hour, though like the last three main Trails it could have been achieved quicker if anyone could have got some purchase underfoot!  The rest of the Pack weren’t that far behind & were soon inside beside the roaring log fire in the Bar!

The hits went to; the Hare for a splendid Trail that again had everything you could have wanted, especially Shiggy once more!  Sloppy Seconds was out for going to the other side of the world, well Australia, then getting email contacts sent to him for a Hash in Perth that had to go via the Herts email address, all of which Mr X did immediately so Sloppy Seconds didn’t miss the message of where the Trail would be…………………….. & Sloppy didn’t bother going!!!

Hyena was out for completing 555 Herts Trails; then the Hashit was the order of the day & this obviously went to Sparky for his inopportune blowing of his horn, plus he reckoned that the bread of his toasted sandwich (last week after the Circle) was burnt, yet he can happily consume tinned squid that is 30 years past its sell-by date!