Date =                            30th March 2014

Run Number =            1551

Venue =                        The Hope & Anchor

Location=                     Welham Green

Beer =                           GK IPA

Hares =                         George & Sparky

Runners =                    10

Virgins =                        0

Visitors =                       0                                        

Aprčs Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          10

Membership =            Forgotten Maters!


With it being mothering Sunday this morning, it was expected that this week the numbers would be on the low side, & so they were.

A few were surprised to see No Eye Deer turnout & the Herts Hash Matriarch of 2-1-2 Maureen, No mother’s day lunch for these two!  With the GM absent this week, Paxo stood in to welcome the Pack at the opening Circle.  He would announce the Run number as 1551, then he added if you wanted it backward it would be 1551!  As Fliptop pointed out, this was a numerical Palindrome!

When it came to introducing this week’s Hare, the JM first went to introduce My Lil', who was originally going to be the Hare, he then turned to Hyena who asked to take this Trail off of My Lil's hands!  But having lost an hours sleep, due to the clock's going forward an hour, Hyena succumbed to Sparky's pleas during th e week to set the Trail!  The easily swayed Hyena elected to staying bed & top up his bedsores!

Things started with the Keenies of Mr X, My Lil' & Sloppy Seconds heading away down Station road to the southeast!  As they ran by the North Mimms Social club, there seemed to be little Dust to around!
When My Lil' & Sloppy Seconds questioned the Hare about the lack of markings, Sparky shouted back with a "Use your Eyes!".  The RA thought "Pot, Kettle & Black" were three words that rung a bell!

Eventually Mr X found a scrawny arrow on the east sine of the road, so "On!" was called down toward the Sibthorpe Arms.  Those with local knowledge expected to find a CHK opposite the footpath over the open farm fields to the west, but found nothing!

Once by the Mac's house, the Trail continued down to an arrow by a footpath off to the east, this was On through the front garden of a residence, rapidly it broke way through the right-handside hedge on an alley to meet up with an uncapped drive to the recreation ground to the east!

The RA followed the footpath sign's directions to go up an earthen bank amongst the trees but found no more Dust!  It was noticeable how many trees had been felled in this wooded area, seems year of neglect have finally caught yup with the local authorities.

A call of "On!" Came from out on the playing field.   Once by the outbuildings in the small clearing, Mr X bumped in to No Eye Deer as they both followed the track out to the Green space on the west side of the mainline to Kings Cross.

My Lil', TBT OBE & Sloppy Seconds followed the Dust beyond the northern one of the two old, white & slightly rusty metal goal posts on the single pitch, only to find a T where the footpath Mr X was on earlier would have come out.!

In the northeast corner of the recreation ground the Trail was picked up once more, TBT OBE now had the by between his teeth, as he ran around the ‘Family Tree’ plot of a clump of young trees, he hit the north bound footpath running up beside the Railway to pick up the Trail!

An intercity express thundered through on the lines up on the embankment, drowning out any calls of "On!" From the Keenies.  The Trail ran up between the mainline & Skimpans farm to the west, then it came out on to Bulls lane.

Those who knew the area, &more importantly had paid attention to the Hare's opening spiel about a footpath no longer existing, correctly assumed that the Hare had tried to use the footpath tunnel through the railway embankment in the south east corner of the recreation ground.  Since they knew that this had been filled in some 5 or 6 years ago, resulting in the path had been rerouted around to Bulls lane.  These Keenies went under the brick Skimpans Bridge to follow Bulls lane to the east.

The re-routed footpath now runs up along the inside edge of the lane's hedgerow & the fenced-off paddocks to the south!  Halfway along this route & the RA made sure TBT OBE was aware of some string lying in wait over the path, TBT OBE managed to stay untangle & joined the rest at the CHK by a style in the hedgerow.

My Lil' was soon on to the Footpath heading southward up in a fallow paddock.  The FRBs Picked their way up through the churned up Shiggy by the five bar gate & up to the edge of Peplin's wood, the path turned to the east to run along the drier grassland by the north edge of the wood, along this stretch the Trail appeared to peter out!  The RA was keen to enquire how Sloppy Second's ‘New shoes’ were doing in the Shiggy?  It wasn’t funny for Sloppy, who earlier had discovered that he had not packed his Hash shoes in to his 'Fanny Magnet'!

Just before reaching the style in the southeast corner of the large paddock, where the path runs along the wooded strip of land known as the Legg, to head out to Bell Bar, No Eye Deer called the FRBs back when she realized that she was the only one following on behind them! 

Looking back down the Trail, the FRBs could see Sparky pointing the SCBs over to a kissing gate in the hedgerow half along the paddock on Bulls lane.  There was plenty of Short cutting as the SCBs made their way over to this gate on an unofficial route, the Keenies were actually On in the rough direction of the footpath as they cut back over the lush grass.

The RA quoted the Hare's "Use your eyes!" As the FRBs he was with made their way to the lane, he added that Sparky must have thought they were potatoes!  At least Fliptop, Paxo, 2-1-2 Maureen & Hyena weren't that far behind the Keenies after they went too far astray toward Bell Bar!

Back on Bulls lane & Sloppy Seconds, was told that he was walking on the wrong side of the lane as they all headed eastward to find a Held CHK by the point Foxes lane joins the tarmac Bulls lane, the rules of walking & running differ to what side of the road you should be on as Windmill once explained to the Herts Pack.  You should walk on the right-handside toward the traffic.

When the Hare arrived, No Eye Deer was amongst those who were looking forward to a Jelly Baby stop, they were let down as the Hare said he had forgotten said sweets!  Even Fliptop had left this ‘Lucky Arsenal Sweets back at the Hope & Anchor!

A deflated Fliptop went over to the other side of the Bulls lane to read a 'missing dog' poster, as he perched upon the verge, he diced with the chance of getting soaked by a puddle running at the edge of the lane. Fortunately for Fliptop, the passing van driver slowed up & avoided soaking him.

Once Hyena arrived at the Held CHK, Mr X decided that Foxes lane was the best choice & this northerly, tarmac track, that is  assigned as ‘Unsuitable for HGVs’ & this proved to be the right call!  The Tree lined route had some nice detached properties on the west side, while out to the east were crop fields up to the A1000 Great North Road.

At the end of the tarmac part of the Track a small CHK was found, the RA said was the size of a Polo mint & it amused the Keenies.  Mr X wasn't tempted to turn from the track & ignored the footpath over to the A1000 Great North Road in the east.  Foxes lane left the residences behind, the going now slowed up as the route became flooded across its entire width.

Sloppy Seconds was watched carefully by the RA, to see if his new Hash shoes were going to get wet, but with some hang on to the trees lining the route he manage dot keep them dry!

The track changed direction to the west, on this elbow a CHK was found by a footpath over to the Great North Road.  Again Mr X chose to stick with the Track, which now resembled the pebbled surface of a river bed & it had a good flow of water in it.

Mr X was still on form, as the Trail headed back to the eastern most part of Welham Green, he wasn't tempted by a spur off of the main Track that leads up to the Rookery.  The Trail came out by the Travellers homes & out on to Dixon's hill road, just on the east side of the railway lines.  Arrows directed the Hash westward, over the railway bridge & seemingly back to the On Inn!

Things wouldn't be that simple, it was far too early with 20 minutes to go before noon.  The Hare had set the Trail up an alley on the north side of the Dixon’s Hill road, just at the end of the small industrial area.  After heading northward, a 90 degree turn in the alleyway led westward & the FRBs came out to Buttocks Puttocks Drive where a CHK was found.  From there Sloppy Seconds, Mr X & My Lil' went astray & lost the Trail, which was behind them cutting back from heading westerly to take to another of the back-passages [Now Pebbledash! – Ed] linking the side streets.

These three should have taken a northerly route on a footpath by the industrial estate, to follow a loop around to the edge of Angerland Common, they missed this, but having gone down an alternative alleyway, with no T's to stop them, they stumbled upon the Trail as it came up from the dead end of the old rustic lane of Delsome lane.  Further back down Delsome lane was the point where the loop of the main Trail joined from the common opposite Bush Wood!

The Trail would finish by coming straight up the populated part of Delsome lane, it was noticeable that all along this road where lots of abandoned Lottery scratch-cards, which makes you wonder if some has a gambling addiction or is desperate to get out of Welham Green?

Anyhow, once at the end by the Shops the Trail rejoined Dixons Hill road, once over the zebra crossing the Trail turned westward & the On Inn was found before the roundabout for Station road!

The Day was so nice that the Pack elected to sit outside on the warmest day of the year, so far.  2-1-2 Maureen & No Eye Deer were treated to their Mother’s day meal of crisps & peanuts, though 2-1-2 Maureen couldn’t eat the chicken flavoured ones as they actually have some chicken in them!

The Trashes were handed out, Hash Cash collected the money & showed the state of the bank account to those who wanted to know.   TBT OBE was questioning why Tent Packer had received his 50th Run bag, when it state in the book that he hasn’t completed that many Trails, this will be looked into later on.

 Then it was time for the Down-Downs.  The Hare was rewarded for a good Trail, which was even better if you missed the last loop around Angerland common!

No Eye Deer was out for completing her 200th Run [Well done – Ed] for which she received her cap.  Fliptop received his for not having any ‘Lucky Arsenal’ Sweets for when the Hare failed to produce any jelly babies, one of his sweets was dropped in his pint.  . 

Hyena received his for looking like he was having a pee on Hatfield station, a she text the RA where he was & the RA was only feet away on the other side of the barrier.  Finally, the Hashit went to Sloppy Seconds for having to wear new shoes around this Trail!