Date =                            6th April 2014

Run Number =             1552

Venue =                        A Mystery Pub

Location=                     Ware

Beer =                           Dark Mild, Brown Ale

Hares =                         Paxo

Runners =                    17

Virgins =                       1

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =        0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      3

Total =                          21

Membership =            Conquering Tower Hill in Ware!


This week looked as if the Trail was going to suffer from the precipitation that had been forecast to be falling all day, however, the early rain had ceased as the Pack arrived at the car park opposite the now closed venue of Waggers. 

The Pack had their minds’ taken away from the thoughts of rain, as they were shocked to see that this week Fartin Martin had turned out for this Trail after a fair absence, he was with Dragon’s Den who was driving him over to the venue.

Three quarters of the family le Pew arrived, Pepé had brought Koda along with them & in his hand that didn’t hold the dog’s lead was a big bag of poop!  Charming, but was this a statement of what they were expecting on this Trail?

The Circle was called by the GM & formed over on the Quakers’ Burial Ground.  Sludge, who was back from his absenteeism the week before, got the Run number correct & then introduced this week’s Virgin, Jody, in to the Circle before handing over to the Hare. 

Paxo now took centre circle as he began to warn the Hash of what they could expect out on Trail, as Paxo talked there seemed to be a distinct smell of ‘Red Herrings’ in the Air, which led Fliptop to say “I do the Red Herrings on this Hash!”

The Hash were directed away from the ‘fishy smell’ [Whoa! There Pebbledash! –Ed] on Kibes lane, arrows showed the way to a short cut-through between the Belgium Café & another establishment on Star Street.  My Lil’, Mr X & Sparky were soon on over the first of the double roundabout of the junction on Amwell End road, they were led by the front of the Navigator Pub & then directed around to the bend to the southeast on to Viaduct road.

More arrows showed the Keenies down the footpath that drops away to the edge of the River Lea Navigation, a short way along this & Sparky suddenly stopped as he run in to a suddenly change of direction as the Dust led up a set of steps back up to Viaduct road. 

As the Keenies ran around by the austere back of the  former Warehouses on Viaduct road, that are now flats, they discovered that the Hare was going to be a bit tricky, for he had set a Bar CHK just beyond the old building.

Back down on to the south-western towpath of the riverside, the Keenies now had to get by the rest of the Pack, Sparky found this very easy to whip by them, while Mr X & My Lil’ found it harder to get by those walking along three abreast.  No one fell in the river.

Sparky followed the Trail under the metal footbridge spanning the Navigation, Mr X & My Lil’ decided a case of “Once bitten, twice shy!” was order of the day as they suspected that Sparky would find the second Bar CHK of the Trail by carrying on by the Navigation.

They climbed the steps & stood on the metal structure, Spillage & a couple of the others followed them up & then asked why they had stopped up there.  They explained that they were watching Sparky to see him hit another Bar CHK, & sure enough he did indeed run on to this device to turn him back.

The Pack crossed over the River Lea Navigation, Sloppy Seconds had now made up the ground he had lost on the first loop , he joined the other FRBs as they followed the Dust north-eastward on to a small peninsular where the weir from the Navigation is found. 

Sludge sounded the small horn that Sparky had given him [Whoa Pebbledash that sounds bad! – Ed] Spillage asked him why he had this.  He said that he was supposed to use it to indicate that the Trail had been found, but it was sound flatter than the Hash at Christmas Karoke!

The Dust led the Pack over the Weir, which had several warning signs around it, including one for hidden structures under the water!  The Trail now led out through the end of the small industrial estate at the end of Star Street, a right turn soon had the Keenies heading eastward along Widbury road, passing the forecourt of the local garage.  Once by the petrol station, the next CHK was discovered on the start of the grassy bank, this was located right by the uncapped track for the local allotments.  While My Lil’, Sparky & Sloppy Seconds chose to head further up the road by searching the footpath running up in the tree-line on the embankment, Sludge & Mr X chose to look down the driveway to the allotments.

It took the GM & RA a fair way down this route before they picked up the Trail once more.  The Pack were now heading back down toward the river, but it wouldn’t go that far as the footpath changed direction from south to southeast when it reached the edge of the crop fields just beyond the allotments.

Mr X & Sludge may have picked the Trail up, but they soon went astray as they followed the footpath along the hedgerow dividing the field, having found no further Dust they turned back to cut through a gap in the hedge & pick things down in the lower half of the field near to the lake in the nature reserve.

Sparky soon caught up with Mr X & Sludge as they reached the Halfway point in the enclosed crop field, a CHK was found on the grassy ditch coming down the hillside.  Sparky, Sludge & Mr X all continued along through bottom edge of the field, but when no further Dust was found two of the three turned back.  Sludge didn’t & he continued further to the southeast!

Having turned back, the RA could see that My Lil’ & Sloppy Seconds were on Trail by taking the path on the side of the grassy ditch & the out over the rest of the field.  Hyena, 2-1-2 Maureen & Paxo had all stuck to the path & were emerging from behind the hedgerow as it was used as a Short Cut,  Ewok & Back Pack were also up near the front as they all followed the diagonal path over the field’s seedlings to a Held CHK beside a gap in the Hedge lining the side of Hollycross road. 

From this higher vantage point, the rest of the Pack gathering there could look back out over the lower lakes of the nature reserves to the south of Ware, more importantly to others was the fact that they could see Sludge & encourage him in continuing on to the end of the field & then coming up & around to the Held CHK to end his ‘Long Cut’.  Apparently there wasn’t any dust down there what so ever!

Paxo had placed the Held CHK here, as the Trail would cross Hollycross lane.  Once Pebbledash & Pepé had made it to the CHK, the FRBs were allowed to continue & cross the lane.  On the east side of the lane the Dust led over the area of rough ground & on to a split in the Track, with a footpath on each side.

Mr X chose the left-hand option, which wound its way further up the hill on path that would soon become a straight run to the northwest.  Having made it up to the top of the hill, the Dust was found & the RA led the way along beside Widbury wood, as he did so, he stopped to point out the carpet of bluebells amongst the trees.

The Trail turned with the direction of the path as it ran through a gate in a wooden fence to be contained with wooden fences on either side to run through to the farmyard of Widburyhill Farm.  Once over the Stile, the Hare didn’t mess about from the farmyard as the Trail crossed Widburyhill lane to the start of by-way of Wood lane opposite the Farm entrance.

It was a fairly long trot now as the Trail headed northward, a slight kink in the route was run before reaching the next CHK beside a gap in the hedgerow.  Sparky chose to take to the path running westward along the edge of a green field & over to bottom end of Cozens road in Ware, Sparky would be called back as Mr X found the Trail leading further northward.  Far off in the distance across the fields to the north, the ornate gate-house entrance for Fanhams hall could be seen.

Another CHK was found along the Wood lane path, Mr X, My Lil’ & Sloppy Sends now began to think that the Hare may be again up to his tricks, as they found the Dust ‘too soon’ along Wood Lane from the CHK.  So, they turned back & chose to head westward along the edge of the field behind the hedgerow, but it was now their turn to fall foul as “On!” was called back on Wood lane as it turned out to be a double bluff.

Sparky had now made up the ground he had lost early, & he was with Sludge as they picked up the Trail where the track turned north-eastward toward the Jackson’s Grove wood stretching along part of the lane.  On their way back from the path with no Dust on, Mr X, My Lil’ & Sloppy Seconds passed by Spillage & Jody as they were now going to take Koda off home that way, except Koda was being stubborn & he wanted to follow the Hash & didn’t seem that he wanted to go the shorter way home!

Now being Dog free, Pepé le Pew was up with front of the Pack, as was Kylie for the first time on the Trail. At the CHK by the south end of Jackson’s Grove wood a CHK, Sparky chose to stick with Wood lane & headed away toward Swades Farm, fortunately for him he was called back by the Hare just as Sludge began to call “On!” off to the west, on a path back to Ware.  But before reaching the playground field on the edge of Ware, the Dust took him off of over a small bridge & in to the corner of the next field to the north.

Sludge was well away down the west edge of the field, he certainly had the bit between his teeth as he ran on by the earthen crossing in the ditch to the opposite field.  The Hare called out “On Back!” but Sludge must have thought that this was meant for Sparky again? 

Sludge continued on his own, even when Ewok & others of the Pack called him back.  It was only when they took to the permissive footpath in the west field that he looked back & realized his mistake.

Sparky & Mr X led the way along the field’s edge, along the way Sparky asked Mr X if any of the Hash had given up anything for Lent?  Sadly, most Hashers couldn’t give up anything for 40 days [Especially Pebbledash! – Ed] but ironically there was the time that Fergus did give up drinking for Lent & that was the very year that Ireland won the Grand Slam for the first time in 40 years!

Sparky then asked Mr X if he wanted to get by him on the single track path?  The RA declined as he was now suffering a bit after the previous nights watching Saracens win against Ulster, saying that this pace was fine.

 The Trail came out through a gap in the corner of the Hedgerow to the dead end of Beech road, this was the last stretch of the Hash as the Trail made its way along Cozens road to the point where a footpath heads off of the end of Elder road, & out by the stables on Fanhams Hall road, but it wouldn’t take to this route.  Instead the Trail would turn off at the start of the marked footpath & crossed over into the fallow field to the west of the proper north bound footpath.

The going around the perimeter of the permissive path through the fallow land was slightly bumpy as it made its way to the western corner, through another smaller fallow field before the Dust took them to the corner & out through a shiggy ditch in the hedge, fortunately there was an abandoned utilities company’s plastic cordon barrier chucked in there, this acted like a stepping stone.

The Trail came out on to the green area by the newer flats & apartments of lady Margaret gardens, behind the Water Tower on Tower Hill, which is inaccessible when there is the slightest dusting of snow & the locals are marooned up there for weeks at a time!  The Dust then led over to the Fanhams Hall lane, taking the Pack opposite the Ware youth Football Club & down to the start of Musley Hill road.  A left-hand turn would take the Hash up the shorter side of the hill & up to the On Inn of the Crooked Billet.  The RA arrived just as the Landlord was opening the doors!

For the Family le Pew, they had the luxury of popping in to their home to change& leaving Koda behind before reaching the On Inn, Pepé had his named jacket on, while Pebbledash had now ditched her ‘Grumpy’ shirt & was sporting an all pink affair of polo-shirt, jacket & bottoms!

The Pack were all back Inn around 10 minutes after the hour, even Hyena was in before the other two of his drinking buddies had time to get  in the usual second pint before he arrives!  2-1-2 Maureen was also back within plenty of time.

While Sloppy Seconds went to fetch his car up the hill, the conversation soon degenerated as the subject of Beavers came up & of course Pebbledash had a field day.  She wasn’t alone!  As the RA grumbled that he could never forgive the BBC producers for the misleading title of ‘Kate Humble’s Beaver Watch’ [Wasn’t what he hoped for expected! – Ed] anyhow, having enjoyed the first of several really good Ales, it was time for the Circle.

The Hare was rewarded for a good Trail that was around the Hour Mark.  Amongst the other misdemeanours were Fartin Martin & Dragon’s Den for their return after a long absence; Jody this week’s Virgin for her First Herts Trail; Mr X for loosing & then getting back his Railcard the previous week; finally the Hashit went to Sludge for going ‘the extra mile’ on this week’s Hash!