Date =                            21st April 2014

Run Number =             1554

Venue =                        Chez No Eye Deer

Location=                     Letchworth

Beer =                           Sawbridgeworth Brewery Gold

Hares =                         No Eye Deer & Paul

Runners =                    24

Virgins =                        1

Visitors =                       0                                        

Après Hashers =         1

Newies =                        0

Hounds =                      1

Total =                          26

Membership =            Barbequeing!


                What a start to the day for those travelling to the outskirts of the World’s first Garden City, the experience was that of pretty thick fog from Stevenage up through Hitchin & on in to Letchworth.  Most of the fog began to lift as the time edged toward the hour.

The RA arrived early, he sat inside with the Hares where he solved one mystery for No Eye Deer, one that she couldn’t get answers to at her work, when he mentioned that others were away on the F.U.K Full Moon in Spain & that the Easter holiday moves to the nearest weekend to the first Full Moon (The Paschal Full Moon) after the March Equinox, as it is believed that Christ was Crucified on a Full Moon, there is a possibility of an Eclipse blacking out the sun!

Anyhow less theology & back to the Hash, No Eye Deer came out of her front door as Kylie arrived with the Ale & Cider for après Trail Barbeque, she was surprised to see that Sloppy Seconds was already parked up on her drive & exclaimed “There’s a toy car on the drive!”  Sloppy wasn’t happy at his ‘Fanny Magnet’ being describe so!

Sloppy Seconds then said “There’s Mr X!” as he too came out of No Eye Deer’s home, it turns out that Sloppy had been therefore some time & was sitting in his car as he thought the Hares were out setting the Trail!  Mr X was then questioned as to why he wasn’t in Spain with the F.U.K Full Moon, as Sloppy had turned out in the belief that he would be holding court & RAing at the après Trail circle!

Porky Pie briefly appeared as he dropped ARP off, he was a tad over-dressed for a Hash Trail as in fact he was off to work & heading out to Sharm el Sheikh later that day!

The Trail had been set the day before, pretty late in the day in fact, as it was left until after quite a deluge had finished around these parts of Hertfordshire!  As more of the Pack began to arrive, there was a sudden burst of an awful odour that at first was thought to be a stink-bomb being cracked out on the pavement, as Flanders called out “You shoes stink!” it soon became clear that this stinky haze was the GM’s Hash shoes, which he had left in the plastic bag from last week & they were still soaking wet from the River-crossing!

While the GM tried to blame last week’s Hare for taking him through the River Chess & therefore the state of his shoes, Pepé le pew had spotted a couple of Crème Eggs perched up in the silver birch in No Eye Deer’s front garden!  The Hare’s said that the Easter Egg hunt would take place on the Pack’s return, the previous day’s weather conditions had paid to any foraging for confectionary anywhere else.

It was a good turnout for a Bank Holiday & this week saw the return of Skip, Psycho & Party Animal, so there was a lot of chat to two of them about there trip out to Grenada & the West Indies, not to mention Pstcho’s twisted ankle!  Meanwhile Party Animal let slip that she was on a low-carb diet that also meant no alcohol, the RA enquired whether this lack of alcohol effected her Karaoke?  Seems not!

The Guy with the stinky shoes then called a Circle to order, Sludge got the Run Number correct as the Pack were eager to get on with things, mainly due to the pungent smell hanging around the area!  The Hares were called forward & they explained that the Trail should have survived overnight, that there was a Held CHK & usual Herts Markings applied.

Without further ado, the Pack were ushered away from the CHK right outside No Eye Deer’s abode, as the RA led the way over to Greenways it soon became apparent with the grumbles & groans that a lot of the Pack were suffering from aches & pains, of which some like the GM’s bad finger were self inflicted!  {You’ve still got seven more! – Ed]

The Trail weaved its way around the curling Greenway cul-de-sac (which means bottom of the bag in French!) to come out via a short alleyway to the end of Letchworth lane, a CHK was found by the edge of the road.  Zebedee had also turned out this week, since he doesn’t live too far away, this cheered up Mr X as he now knew that he would not be FRBing on his own as the GM claimed he was also suffering from a bad back!

Zebedee soon picked up the Trail as it headed southwest down the Willian road, away from the edge of the village for a short trot along the roadside to a CHK by a farm gate to a field to the south of the road.  A CHK was found just within the field & Zebedee was soon off to the south on the footpath that leads down to the edge of the small Willian Nature reserve’s arboretum, he would be eventually be stopped by a T!

Back to the lane, were Sludge & Mr X could see Puddles & Spillage making their way up toward them, so it was now a case of looking on the permissive path on the inside of the hedgerow lining the roadside.  It took a while before the Dust was finally picked up that way by Zebedee, who hadn’t wasted time in getting by Mr X & Sludge.

The Trail led out to a CHK on a new hard-capped permissive walking route.  Zebedee was soon off along this tree-lined permissive path heading over the crop fields toward the Wymondly road to the south. 

Again Zebedee had chosen the wrong options as Sludge & Mr X, who were not so keen, followed the curving route back toward the edge of the Willian road & continued down to a CHK by the sad, faded & worn memorial to someone’s son who was killed on the road accident there, the tree that was planted in his memory is now no more than a dead broken sapling.

The Footpath option form the CHK was one running by the tributary that heads south-westward in to the edge of Hitchin to join the Purwell.  Zebedee & Sludge now considered this path to Hitchin, while Mr X was less enthusiastic as he searched up another permissive path, this one westward along the roadside hedgerow.

Munjeet had now joined the Herts RA in the search & these two found the Trail & called “On!” Further on along the way the Herts RA explained to Munjeet what the Herts Hash markings meant [You’d have thought that being married to Zebedee that he would have explained this before the Trail started? – Ed]

The Trail led up to the solitary white out-building of Longwood, were an arrow directed the Hash out through the hedge & after a quick dash straight over Willian lane on through the next hedge to join a another capped walking track, this one starting at the small wooded area of ‘the Orchard’.

From the CHK by the start of the capped path, the Trail was found heading north-eastward up to the only Held CHK on the Trail, halfway along the path at a point beside the open grassy area by west edge of the Letchworth Hall Golf course. 

Spillage, & then Puddles were up with the FRBs at this point & noticeably ahead of Pebbledash & Pepé le Pew, the girls had to join the others FRBS in waiting for walking wounded of Psycho & Fliptop, with Sis, Flanders, 2-1-2 Maureen to come in to sight.

No Eye Deer entertained those gathered at the Held CHK about some encounters with some not so friendly canine’s around this area, at least Henry was no hassle when he arrived with Lofty.

When the search resumed, Zebedee, Mr X & Sludge all looked in the grassy area with the few picnic tables [I am sure there were more there last time we ran through this part? – Ed] but “On!” was called by Pepé le Pew back out on the hard-capped track as it leads up between the hedgerows & away to the northeast.  There is no longer an exit through the hedge further up in the grassy enclosure, so there was a quick trot back to the a gap in the hedge for the stranded Keenies.

Out on the track & Fliptop said that he didn’t expect to see the RA running after Sarries had a win the day before, Mr X said that as it was up in Newcastle so he stayed at home & listened to the win on the radio.  The delay in getting on to the capped route had one benefit as it allowed the FRBs to be far enough behind to see the No Eye Deer mark the CHK at the split in the Path, just as it comes up toward the A505.

The Trail was marked on to the right-hand fork in the footpath & led along by the fenced off area were a huge amount of mulch is being stored there, a change in direction from northeast to northwest would lead up through a somewhat awkward path on the edge of a wooded area behind the Sport, Fitness & Well Being centre on the A505.  [Were the Hares taking the p*ss?  Health & Well Being Centre! –Ed]

Sludge lost the Trail as he wandered through the end of the tree line, while Mr X picked up the Dust on the wooden posts of the fencing in the centre’s car park.  The Trail made its way around the buildings to emerge on to the edge of the A505, an arrow pointed the way north-westward back toward Letchworth.

Along the A505 to the edge of the housing in Letchworth & a CHK was found on this south side of the road, opposite the small garden & benches on the north side.  Zebedee continued back into Letchworth & was soon out of sight due to the curve in the main road.  Sloppy Seconds was tempted by the footpath to the north & had crossed over the road to look on the start of the footpath leading away down the hillside farmland to the west of Letchworth. 

Mr X & sludge decided that as Zebedee hadn’t come back, that he was On Trail but couldn’t be heard calling, Sludge wondered if he was calling at all?  Whetehr Zebedee was vocal or not, this turned out to be the correct route as these two also discovered the Trail.  Mr X & sludge made sure that those behind would know that they were ‘On Trail’ by indicating the fact with arms raised & hollering “On!” back to Sloppy Seconds before following the curve of the road to be out of sight.

The Trail left the busy A505 to take to a southward journey down Pasture road, this route was marked at the start with a dead-end sign by the tall hazel hedges sheltering it from the sight of the main road.  At the end of the Pasture road, the Packed passed through a gap in the low stone wall, the Dust now led down through Garth road which curves around to the east.  This pleasant road has nice green verges with stones of about three foot in height dotted along them, the RA said it looked like a graveyard!

The Trail came out to Letchworth lane, right near the bend in the road where Letchworth Golf Club sits.  Mr X & Sludge saw Zebedee coming down from Letchworth lane toward the Golf Club, claiming he had seen a Bar CHK up the slight hill! 

The RA knew different & ‘spilt the beans’ to Sludge admitting that he had actually walked this next bit from the Station before realising he was doing the Trail backwards, he knew that up Letchworth lane there would be an arrow pointing (not a Bar CHK) directing everyone over from the footpath side & up an almost hidden footpath in the wooded strip of land between two exclusive properties!

When the Pack emerged from a Path never run by H4 before, to come out on to the Glade, it looked as if they had stepped foot in to the garden of a Stately Home with its manicured lawns & tree line avenue, set back on the left-hand side was a large solitary established house, the place looks a lot older than most of the homes in Letchworth, it’s probably older than the Garden City itself.

The Pack would find that they were now on a cunning loop back up to the A505, with a right turn on the main road the Trail which would lead away to the northeast.  Passing by another narrow private drive, the Trail led on to a CHK by the start of Muddy Lane, of course those with ‘local knowledge’ believed that the Hash may follow this to where it becomes a footpath through to Aubries, they shouldn’t have pre-empted the Hares as there was no Dust down there.

By now Zebedee had caught up with the other two FRBs & dashed by them as they came back from finding nothing on Muddy lane, as they tagged along behind him on a A505 they were just far enough behind Zebedee to avoid running in to the Bar CHK as he did!

Sludge & Mr X were soon off down Barrington road as it leads on by the local recreation ground & out in to the grounds of St Christopher’s School.  Zebedee was soon back in front again as he led the way through the grounds of this unique School.

St Christopher’s was founded in 1915, it is famous for having a vegetarian meals & a policy of ‘Self-governance’ with the ‘Major Officials’ (St Christopher’s name for Prefects) involving the pupils in decision making, but the Headmaster has a final veto.  Pupils here call the teacher by the first names!  Michael Winner was a student here!

The Trail led through a gap between two of the main buildings, once out on the other side, the Pack would see a tall building that looked to be from the days before Letchworth was created, the main tower looks like it has been added to over the years to resemble something out of a Harry Potter story!

Having run the short length of the second part of Barrington road to come out on to Willian way, an arrow directed the pack down to the south for a short way to reach a split in the Trail, with a Short Cut being marked straight down to the south & the Longer Trail heading away off along Whitehorne lane to the east, Zebedee was straight off down the latter option & quickly out of sight, not to mention earshot.

The RA claimed his knees were aching now, & he chose the shorter option, Sludge tagged along to keep him company.  [Nothing to do with a barrel of Ale ready to be tapped in No Eye Deer’s Garage? – Ed]

Puddles, who was next along to this point also chose to take the short route Inn, as the Short Trail led on by the entrance to the small Par-Three Golf course on the right. At the southern end of the road the Dust took to the alleyway there, just one of the myriad of footpath alleys & cut-throughs in this part of Letchworth.

The On Inn was found as the Pack made their way out to a small green open area at the junction of a meeting of footpaths, this would be where the long Trail came Inn to join the rest in following the last blobs of Dust in to another part of Greenway.

Back at No Eye Deer’s, Sludge & Mr X found Party Animal & Flanders were already there in the back garden!  Paul was also there, as he had the job of lighting the Barbeque.  The garage was opened up, so the RA & GM went in to get themselves a well deserved drink of Ale, except the Beer-Master had left the Tap & Spile in the back of his locked car! [There were some choice words said about Kylie! – Ed]

The Pack all came back in just over the hour, as most had done almost all of the Trail (excluding the last loop) then once Kylie had dawdled up to his car to retrieve the Tap & Spile, the who had worked up a thirst could enjoy the Ale.  Ewok arrived as an Après Hasher, she had been working & this meant that she had to water down the Cider!

The Pack got to search for the rest of the Easter eggs, some were easier to see than other & the RA said that instead of placing ones on the bird feeders, he would have placed them inside to perplex the Hash!  Once all the eggs (supposedly) were found it was time for the Down-Downs before food!

Down-Downs went to No Eye Deer & Paul for a good Trail that covered ground that H4 haven’t been on before, plus Sludge called in Mr X to join the as he didn’t get his reward for setting the previous week’s Trail, after his early exit to watch Rugby!  Then the RA took over to call out (in no particular order) Sludge for his damp & smelly shoes which the Hash tried to avoid out on the Trail & on had the RA trying to keep up-wind of him at times!

AR P was out for her & Porky Pie buying a new House, she confirmed that there is a now a supply of plaster-board to mark Hash Trails with as they have managed to break two panels of gypsum!  Kylie was out for forgetting to tap the barrel before the run.

Zebedee was out for going awry on the Trail, while Puddles & Spillage were called forward for keeping up with the FRBs!  Pebbledash & Pepé le Pew were charged for being left behind by their offspring! 

The Hashit went to Sloppy for bemoaning the RA’s presence!