Date =                            26th May 2014

Run Number =            1559

Venue =                        Three Horseshoes

Location=                     Willian

Beer =                           Boatwright; IPA, Abbott; Holdens

Hares =                         Mr X

Runners =                    14

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =        4

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      2

Total =                          20

Membership =            Getting Quizical!


With this weekend being washed out at times, the Hare wasn't expecting too many to make a show, things didn't seem any better as the rain began again as he walked from Letchworth station to the venue.  He knew that the Hare Raiser wouldn’t be there, & after the Bicester Weekend neither would Hyena, someone’s bed sores were in need of a top up?

Once the Hare arrived at the Three Horseshoes the precipitation had ceased, & he was confident enough to discard his waterproof before going out to set the Trail.

The Hare returned as Sis & Fliptop were the first of the Pack rolled in.  Sparky was seen driving on by the side-road the Three Horseshoes sits on, he disappeared out of sight as he left the village but he would return.

For No Eye Deer & Zebedee they had the luxury of being able to walk to the venue, the latter was spotted running to the Pub, after a slight detour in crossing the road on his way to post a letter at the local Post Office in the village.

There were a few groans from the gathering Pack as they believed that the new GM would be absent from his first Hash with his new position on the Hierarchy, seems his message was that he would miss the start of the Trail as he was stuck in Cheshire.

In the Honourable GM’s absence, Paxo stepped up to introduce the Hash to the correct run number, after the RA had looked it up online!

The Hare was called forward.  Mr X informed those present that the Trail would be normal Herts markings, though there was a T out there that should be a Bar CHK.  He also warned of roads to cross & lots of dog turds littering stages of the Trail.  With that shit out of the way the Pack were ushered away up the hedged-in path out to the Baldock road, where the Keenies would run away to the north, up the rustic lane out of the village.

Zebedee led Sludge & Sparky up the rising Baldock lane, this would terminate at a Bar CHK & they would be on their way back into the village.  While Sludge thought of searching the option of footpath further back on the west side of the village, Paxo & Sloppy Seconds loitered across from the start of Willian Church road, Sloppy Seconds made some strange body postures, before taking the plunge to search this gravelly driveway by the cottages & around behind All Saints Church.

Dust was indeed found over the Baldock road & off down the Church lane, a third of the way around this arcing lane, a CHK was found on a drain cover.  Sloppy Seconds & Sparky choose to search down by the Churchyard, all to no avail.  A Noticeable feature of the Church tower is it only has three clock faces, local legend says that this was so the farm workers couldn't see when to stop working out in the fields!

"On!" was called by Zebedee as Dust was found on the northbound footpath out between two of the properties to the fields to the north.  As he passed by Mr X, Sloppy Seconds said to the RA that he knew that the Trail would go this way, which led to Mr X wondering why Sloppy Seconds went off down by All Saints?

Anyhow, Sludge was now getting a little suspicious of the Hare & he slowed up to see Zebedee come to a halt up ahead of him when Zebedee stumbled upon the T which should have been a Bar CHK.

Zebedee came back to join the rest in taking to the eastward footpath out through an enclosed paddock, though progress through the gate was slowed up by Skip, who was trying his best to avoid the puddles on the opposite side.  Even 2-1-2 Maureen told him not to be such a wimp!  [Man-up, Skip! – Ed]

The FRBs soon weaved their way through the middle order, to get to the front & were first out of the paddock to find a CHK in the corner of a crop field.  From there they all chose to head off in the same direction on the northward option up the edge of the field.

No Eye Deer & Paxo would fare far better when they took to the south-eastward direction of the path would, with their back turned to the real Trail’s direction the FRBs were oblivious to the fact until they would be stopped at a Bar CHK.

Looking back, the Keenies could just see the others dropping down below the top of the crop as the path dipped down on the undulating terrain on its way behind Manor Farm.  A CHK was found by the end of a long, tall, thick hedgerow stretching out over to the A1(M) in the east. 

While Paxo passed down by the end of the hedge, No Eye Deer searched along the north side of the natural green barrier.  No Eye Deer would come back as there was no Dust on that side of the hedge, meanwhile Paxo had found Dust but didn't know that he was luring some down on the hard capped track down to the front of Manor Farm on what was going to be a Falsie.

Having caught back up again, Sparky now seemed to be perplexed on as to where the Trail could go, until Zebedee ran off down the south side of the hedge where he would pick up the Trail on a straight trot over to the A1(M) in the east.

Near to the east end of the hedge, Zebedee, Sludge & Sparky all stopped to have a peek through to the other side through a couple of narrow gaps in the leafy barrier, even though the bright white fresh flour could be seen some way back up the Track.  The FRBs bunched after a quick search on the north bound side of the track beside the north bound carriage way seemed to yield little for them.

Sparky would come back to look on the southern option, there he would pick up the Trail at a point the path splits into two.  While Sparky followed the Trail down & under the motorway, braving the wet & shitty Shiggy under the motorway, Sludge & Sloppy Seconds hung back a bit & were acting a bit reluctant to go in to the darkness of the bridge. 

Meanwhile, Zebedee had taken the right-hand split & was on the right track before he stopped to consider coming back.  After the hesitation, Zebedee was soon back on his original track as Sparky found the Bar CHK on the opposite side of the motorway.  The Pack were pretty much together as the Trail led on beside the motorway, with the Trail being marked upon the pine trees that line this edge.  The only Held CHK of the Trail would be found before the crop fields began to rise up hill.

Once everyone at the Held CHK, the Hare would allow the search for Trail to begin once more.  Sparky was the only one tempted to go off westward toward the wood the middle of two fields separated by a hedge, Zebedee had already mentioned to No Eye Deer that these were other permissive paths, No Eye Deer said she hadn't walked these & nor would she today as there was no Dust down there.  The Hare did say that it was a short-cut option, but since everyone was at this point before half-past there was no need to utilize it.

The third of the three options, the one not on either side of the hedgerow, was a climb up a wide & steep grassy track continuing southward by the motorway.  The climb up the hillside slowed Skip, Psycho, Sis & 2-1-2 Maureen, while the Keenies led the way to a CHK up on to the level at the end of the crop field on the hillside.

Zebedee & Sparky would go wrong, taking the southbound & westward respectively, Sludge on the other hand was still suspicious of the Hare & this would pay off for him as he took to the northbound path along the west side of the hedge, he found the Trail & called "On!"

It was a nice long stretch on a grassy permissive path, along here Buster was let off his lead & came bounding by the Hare at a fair old rate of knots, Mr X warned those ahead of him of the "incoming" hound, but the curly haired pooch put the brakes on as soon as he had caught up with Fliptop.

A CHK was found where the grassy path emerges on to a wide earthen track next to the Old Stables 7 the Lodge of Roxley Court, a former convent shrouded within woodland.  Sludge headed off down to the west, on the wide drive like track & he would go a long way out to the west without finding any Dust. 

Meanwhile Sparky & Paxo were fruitlessly searching the end of Roxley Court lane where it starts within the woods, they too would find no Dust.  It was down to Zebedee who was on the third option of the permissive path on the wide fallow strip running parallel to the tree lined lane & the crop of wheat, but even he seemed to fail to locate the Dust.

Somehow Zebedee had missed the Trail hidden in the edge of the crops & was on his way back just as No Eye Deer & Sloppy Seconds were embarking down the route Zebedee was on, so after seeing the Hare with the others it was a quick about-face for Zebedee.  He would finally pick up the Trail once more.

Zebedee's calling of "On!" lured Sparky & Paxo out of the woodland by way of a gap in the tree line, neither returned to the CHK point & their short-cutting didn't go unnoticed by the Hare.

It was a long trot down the hillside, as Trail came down behind the car park off of Roxley Court lane.  Arrows directed the Hash over the bottom corner of the field that has been worked on but is bare of any crops, then it was through a wooden gate to the old lane.

The final CHK was found by the puddle strewn entrance to the small car park.  Those with knowledge of this area didn't get caught out at all, finding the Trail on through the car park to a grassy area with information boards about the Willian arboretum being set out on 1908 by the likes of Ebenezer Howard, father of the Garden City.

The Trail followed the serpentine like path by Manor wood & leading westward through the long strip of nature reserve.  On the way though the little bit of reserve, the Pack passed by a large wooden carving of Telford Moreton (1916 - 2001) who was a local with a passion for nature.

The Trail came out the Wymondly road, there Mr X was surprised to see that Sloppy Seconds was hanging around by the entrance to the Arboretum, especially as there was a large arrow beside him on the grass verge, this was pointing away from the Arboretum & in a direction back into Willian.

Sloppy Seconds told Mr X that Sludge had mistrusted this marking, believing that Hare was going to try & catch the FRBs out for one last laugh.  Well the joke was in Sludge, for the arrow was pointing out the true direction of the Trail.

He of little belief (Sludge) had managed to lure No Eye Deer Paxo off in to Arboretum with him, fortunately they were too far away & heard Sloppy Seconds calling then back, while Sludge ran around in circles within the area of woodland to find no Dust.

The end of the Trail came up the verge of the junction on the bend in the road, another arrow pointed the way westward, away from the end of Roxley Court lane & Manor Farm.  The Pack were now moving from the edge of Willianbury into Willian itself, this village gets its name from the Old English ‘Wilie’ [Whoa! There Pebbledash! – Ed] which means Willows.

After a short trot down the lane, the Pack were taken up a step at the end of the footpath to come up on to the edge of the village green, all that was left now was to cross the green opposite the duck pond & get by the Fox (Formally the Fox & Duck) to find the On Inn outside of the Post Office.  Both the Fox & the Post Office are reputed to be haunted, amongst the five hauntings in the village.

The Pack changed, just in time before a little rain began to fall, Sludge arrived back after his extra curricula activities around the arboretum!

Once in the Pub the Hash settled down in the upstairs' room, where after the food & Down-Downs a quiz would take place.  These proceedings were delayed until the family le Pew had arrived, as the last round was especially for Pebbledash!

The Hare was rewarded by the JM for setting that Trail that morning, especially after getting back for the Bicester Hashes 40th Birthday weekend the night before, plus watching Saracens loose the Heineken Cup final in Cardiff!

Just as the RA began his spiel, a hot & damp GM came in after completing the Trail after a late start, Pepé le Pew was correct at recognising the GM's transport out in the car park.  Tent Packer received the next Down-Down for his late arrival, then the RA turned His attention to Paxo, who was called out for calling the RA up when he was stuck in a very long queue, for 45 minutes in the pouring rain outside Cardiff station.

Among the Down-Downs: Sludge received his Hit for disbelieving the Hare's markings with the arrow pointing away from the Arboretum.  Sparky & the Haberdasher were out for the replacing of the leaky tankard & the Haberdasher being re-elected!

The Quiz of six rounds took place, the teams were Maureen's boys, No Eye Deer's Men, Qatar & 69! The quiz master gave the teams a big clue that in most rounds there would be answers that could relate to Hashers who may or may not be at the Quiz, or something that these Hashers may know about.

Well, there was certainly some competition with Qatar & No Eye Deer’s Man vehemently competing for the top spot, while Maureen’s Boys & 69 were vying for the bottom spot [Now then Pebbledash! – Ed].  In the end there wasn’t anything to split the top two teams, so after several Tie-breaker questions, it was agreed by both teams that it would be called a draw…………..until the next time! The Quiz master was awarded a Down-Down for his sterling effort in setting & reading out questions.



How good would you have been on the Quiz?




1)       What is the Home town of the World’s First Commercial Jet Liner the Comet?

2)       Which Prolific writer used to reside in Camfield Place & is buried within the grounds?

3)       Name the place where ‘Peter the Wild Boy’ is Buried?

4)       Name the Location of the Church of England’s First General Synod?

5)       An assassination attempt in 1683 on King Charles the Second & his brother James led to demise of this House?

6)       Both Hertford & Royston have a connection with which notorious & disbanded medieval religious group

7)       Named after the first English Christian Martyr

8)       Which famous group played their first Concert in 1972 at Balls Park, Hertford?

9)       Name the Village once home to the Rayments Brewery, the UK’s longest Ford can be found here?

Where was England’s first Paper Mil set up?




1)       What food product was the ‘Secret’ Payload for the successful first launch of the Space X Falcon 9?

2)       In 1932, after two years of illness, which American industrialist’s final words were “My work here is done!”

3)       What is the difference between a village & a hamlet?

4)       What does the translation into English of the French Cul-de-sac mean?

5)       What objects did Don Quixote believe were giants with arm spans of two leagues?

6)        What famous A1 Class  locomotive engine originally numbered 1472 was later renumbered 4472?

7)       What is the world’s oldest commercial airline?

8)       What was the name given to the winning chronometer designed by John Harrison to win the Longitude Prize in the 18th Century?

9)       Which Royal Navy Rank falls between those of Captain & Rear Admiral?

It’s sad to see it go, but what did the XP mean in the Windows XP operating system?




1)       Which football team originally began life as Dial Square in 1886?

2)       Claire Taylor in 2009 & Charlotte Edwards in 2014 are the only two women to be included in what 151 year old sporting list?

3)       Czar Nicholas  II coined what two word title for elite chess players?

4)       Which Neil Diamond song has now become a tradition to be sung at the Boston Red Sox’s Fenway

                Park, especially at the start of the eighth innings?

5)       Which European football team play their home games at Allianz Arena?

6)       Who won the inaugural Women’s tour of Britain?

7)       Which is the only Olympic sport (Not Discipline) that is competed by women only?

8)       How many times has London hosted the Olympic games?

9)       At how many home different ‘home-grounds’ did Saracens play at during the 2012-13 season?

The Vardon grip is used in what Sport?


That’s Entertainment


1)       Which Actor played the part of Detective Greg Medavoy in TV’s NYP Blue?

2)       What is the name of Zak Brannigan’s downtrodden subordinate officer in Futurama?

3)       In 1975 Alex Mitchell, a Norfolk Builder laughed himself to death at a ‘Kung Fu’ Sketch on what TV comedy show?

4)       Name the sixth track on Ultravox’s iconic 1980 Album Vienna?

5)       What Fleetwood Mac Track is used for the Formula One theme on BBC?

6)       Chuck D & Flavor Flav front which pioneering Rap group?

7)       Which group had an early incarnation as Kilburn & the Highroads?

8)       The 13th Duke of Wymbourne, Louis Balfour, Arthur Atkinson, Rowley Birkin QC & Patrick Nice were among the regulars on which TV show?

9)       Which Theme Park is located on the edge of the Smokey Mountains at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA?

Not afraid of superstition, what infamous band released their self-titled debut album on Fri 13th January 1970?

Eat, Drink & be Merry


1)       Kaiser Willhelm II called what sweets the greatest creation ever?

2)       What natural food substance does not go off?

3)       Which Real Ale gets its name from an ancient form of local government in the North of England?

4)       Which Vodka Brand was bought for £2.2 Billion in August 2004 by Bacardi?

5)       Which chocolate bar containing nougat & peanuts was re-Branded after the Mars family Horse?

6)       On what day of the week do all packets of crisps pass their sell by date on?

7)       What Snack food launched in 1978 was the “Biggest snack that pennies can buy!”?

8)       A hero to many Hashers, Adam Richman is host to what show of gastronomic overindulgence?

9)       Originally created in Shepton Mallet, what was the first Alcoholic drink to be advertised on British TV in 1957?

        From what Country do Croissants originate?


Pebbledash Special


1)       What is the name of the Shakespearean character is given the head of an ass in a Midsummer night’s dream?

2)       What name is given to the Chief of the Clan Gordon?  It is also the name of a P2 Locomotive engine & a Pub in Hertfordshire?

3)       In the General Synopsis on the Shipping forecast, which area comes between Tyne & Fisher?

4)       What Planet discovered by William Herschel in 1781 was originally going to be named George?

5)       What is the title of the famous Victorian melodrama written by Michael Sadlier in 1940 which, became a 1944 film with James Mason, Stewart Granger?

6)       Which Norwich City Footballer was named Elm Lobo (The Wolf) when he played in Portugal?

7)       Name Saracens’ South African internal Scrum-Half?

8)       In Gilbert & Sullivan’s the Mikado, Ko-Ko is the Lord High Executioner of where?

9)       Which 1971 Film Blaxploitation film stared Richard Roundtree?

As well as portraying Brian & two Wise men in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, which other part did the late Graham Chapman play in the film?

Quiz Answers