Date =                           9th June 2014

Run Number =           1561

Venue =                       The Green Man

Location=                    Widford

Beer =                          Adnams, GK IPA

Hares =                        Sloppy Seconds

Runners =                   11

Virgins =                       0

Visitors =                      0                                        

Après Hashers =         0

Newies =                       0

Hounds =                      0

Total =                          11

Membership =            Chasing a Live Hare, for a hundred yards!


                The rumours that this place had shut years ago, mostly coming from Paxo, were unfounded & the Pub was found to be open & still trading, the Bell was the Pub that was long gone.  Some of the Pack actually read the weekly email, where the Pack were asked to park up around the corner on Benningford Road, the exception being TBT OBE & Paxo who entered the small Pub car park & then came out after they found there were no more spaces available, “Where are we supposed to Park?” they moaned to the RA, who pointed them around the bend!

The Pack gathered outside of the front of the Pub, with the exception of Hyena, who was going for a McShit* & would be missing for quite a while.  The skies had clouded over, but the grey clouds weren’t that dark & in the distance there were gaps of blue. *McShit: Using the Toilets of a well-known Burger joint, then leaving without buying any of their food!

Having finished ‘Dropping the kids off at the Pool!’ [This tickled Ewok later on when she heard this expression] Hyena returned & the RA informed the rest that Hyena has a large family.  The GM finally got the Circle called, with Kylie & Mumblehead being the last two to arrive just as it was forming.

The Hare’s introduced the Pack as ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ which prompted Ewok to say this was the second time that day she was called a ‘Lady’, the RA enquired if she had been stopped by the Police?

Anyhow, it was the usual spiel about what the Hash could expect, there was a bit about a long part of the Hash being on Tarmac, “But it would be worth when you get to the end!”  Ewok said he always says that!  There was a bit about taking a short cut on what could be a private road, which was a bit vague at the time but would make sense later on.

It was noticed in the Circle that the Hashit was back, with Kylie wearing the now very mouldy Hamersley shirt, it was now certainly blacker than its original day-glo lime green, he was wearing this over a knitted jumper.

Without further ado, the Hare pointed over the street to a parked up van, he said that the first CHK was underneath this stationary vehicle!  Sloppy Seconds would mark the Trail for any late comers, not that there were any as the gathering clouds must have scare off the lightweights!

The Trail began by heading slightly west off of southward up the High Street from the bend in the main road, the Pack passed through the speed reducing street furniture in a direction toward Hunsdon.  Fliptop & Mr X led the way to a point not far up this route, to where a footpath sign pointed the way eastward through a farmyard, Mr X peeled off & on to this route, while Fliptop continued down the High Street.

Hyena called Mr X back from the farmyard, but then there was a change of heart for the middle order of the Pack as the High Street option was a Falsie, Fliptop was now on an about-turn.  The RA began following the Dust out of the yard & along on the footpath around the contour of the field to the east & then around to the north, the rain now began to fall but at least it was light & pretty warm. 

The path on the edge of the crop field would lead on to a small enclosed paddock, over the stile & across the green space then out to the single track lane of Nether Street.  A CHK was found over by the wall for one of the nice properties along this rustic lane.

When it came to resuming the search, the main consensus from the RA & GM was to head off to the east, as this was away from Widford.  It was the correct choice & the Trail was picked up on the hard-capped stretch lane, the GM was a little suspicious of a footpath the Trail passed, it was tempting to look out over the fields to the south, but the RA was convinced that this would be too early to turn, Mr X was correct.

The Trail led up to the end of the tarmac-capped part of the lane, on the way passing by several nice properties, all of which seemed to have a resident barking dog.  A CHK was found where there were three options, My Lil’ chose to continue on the almost eastward bound path through the crop fields, while Mr X thought that he would take to the north-eastward option up the edge of the crops, the RA would be right once again.

Out of the crop fields & the dirt farm Track brought the Hash out on to the gravel track running by Owlett’s Corner, the Hare was pretty much up with the Keenies at this point, which wasn’t hard as there wasn’t much of a pace on this sultry evening.  The Rain began to ease.

Although there was more than one option from outside the buildings at Owlett’s Corner, the Hare had placed arrows heading away on the north-easterly choice, the gravel route arced around to the west & then came to a Held CHK just a short way at the Junction with a footpath heading the Hadham road.

With Hyena coming around the corner, My Lil’ was eager to get on with things & asked the Hare to let the Keenies continue, the Hare obliged & even kindness was shown as he marked the Trail away to the North.  This Track would turn by a few degrees & arrive at a T junction with an elbow to the northwest that this Bridleway 11 follows, it was here that the Hare showed the way on to a green track running between a nice cottage behind a tall hedge & a horse paddock to the west.

Ewok admired the property, saying it was perfect place with Horses in the adjacent fields.  The new ‘unofficial Trail’ would cut out a loop out on Bridleway 11 to come around on to the Bourne Road, instead the new course would soon pick up a dead-end of a tarmac lane which would come down a slight hill to Bourne lane, right by the entrance to the ornate hall there.

Up behind this Hall it had been noticed that there were the red brick walls of an old walled-gardens.  Tent Packer & My Lil’ both chose the correct option on Bourne lane, though it took them a while as no Dust was seen for some way along there.  Later on they would find out why this was.

The Hare was still the scene with the Keenies & he called Mr X back from going off in the opposite direction, Mr X turned around & headed up the lane that runs by the wooded, deep ditch the Bourne runs through.  It led up to a point where a footpath comes off of the bend in the road, here another Held CHK was found but at this one there would be a sweet stop!

As the FRBs waited for Kylie & Mumblehead to catch up, they could watch a couple of cars come toward each other at the narrow bend.  It was noticeable that the one with German Plates was not going to back up as this driver forced the other car to squeeze through a very narrow gap!

Paxo peered over the wooden footbridge in the wood & noticed that the old brick bridge had collapsed down in to the Bourne, the RA was more concerned at the sign on the opposite side that warned of ‘Dogs on Patrol!  Enter at own risk!’ 

The warning signs were because the Hash were now on the edge of the Henry Moore Trust grounds at Perry Green, & unfortunately in recent years a couple of statues there have been stolen from the grounds.  TBT OBE was one who recalled that one bronze had gone, never to be seen again, while the Sundial was recovered by a local Scrap-dealer when two lads tried to sell it to him.

Out in to the field of wispy grass to the north & the Pack could glance at one of Henry Moore’s Statues, this one being titled ‘Upright Internal/External’ bronze could be seen towering over the pond beside it.  At first sight most thought that this was a feminine representation. [Must be hard being a woman? – Ed]

From one grassy plain to another as the Trail headed over to the adjacent field to the west, this one contained more wild grass & several large but squat concrete rings filled with pebbles, the RA jokingly said that these weren’t Henry Moore’s best creation. 

The Hare warned the Pack that they may have trouble in finding the Trail in this field, but it was fairly straight forward for those with ‘eyes peeled’ to run up to a CHK just through a gate in to a grassy track enclosed by a hedge on one side, & on the west was the long strip of woodland, Mill Wood.  My Lil’ went wrong by continuing in to the wood.

The RA was on to the correct route from the CHK, Paxo, Ewok, Tent Packer & TBT OBE followed on as the enclosed path just off of true west, the footpath passed through lots of nettles before returning to the end of the woodland.  TBT OBE disagreed with the RA when he stated that the Nettles wouldn’t sting when they’re damp, there were a few Ouches & cursing from TBT OBE as he made his way in amongst the pine trees!

The Hash where led westward upon the top of the high tree lined ridge above the Bourne below, about 20 yards from the lane they were on earlier.  Peeking through the pine trees there was a view back over to the walled gardens the Pack had already seen on Trail.

Just before leaving the wooded area the RA noticed something sticking out of the path, it wasn’t a root that could trip up TBT OBE but a metal & plastic Survey marker.  Does this detect the number of people walking on this path?

Another Held CHK, as predicted by My Lil’, was found as the path came down out of the pine trees to the junction of a couple of Paths near to Hadham Mill.  The Sweets went around for a second time, this time there was a choice of the less sour coke bottles for some softer sweeter jellies.

While waiting at the CHK, a seemingly lost black Labrador came up to the Pack, being an animal lover, Mumblehead was concerned about the pooch & called the number on the dog-tag.  It turned out that the pooch was from the nearby cottages at Hadham Mill.

Suddenly the Hare announced that the Pack had to turn around to face the way they had come down from the east, then everyone had to count to thirty as Sloppy Seconds set off to lay a bit of ‘Live Trail’, which was probably the first time that had ever happened on a Herts Trail.

Everyone ignored the track up to Hadham Cross, as it was obvious that even with their backs turned to him, that the Hare had gone off on to the lane.  Sure enough after the count the Pack were soon on by the cottages at Hadham Mill.

Dust led on to Hadham Mill Junction with the Widford road, dust was spotted on a couple of trees in the hedgerow, between these the Trail went away on a footpath heading through another fallow grassy field, it was believed that everyone was now running in a south-westerly direction on a course that would come alongside the hedgerow with the river Ash behind it. 

It was a fairly long trot now as the route curved around the hedgerow beside the rivers course, but the Hare, Mr X & TBT OBE were all concerned as to why they couldn’t see anything of My Lil’ & Tent Packer up ahead of them, it was now assumed that they had gone up the Hadham road toward Widford.

Was it for the benefit of Hyena that the path the Hare had chosen to take the Pack on would pass by the Water Treatment Plant?  At the point where the lane to the Sewage works comes down from the Hadham road, My Lil’ & Tent Packer were suddenly found again, they had already been spotted on the footpath away to the southwest but had failed to see the Trail on this.  They were put right by the Hare had to search it again!

The rain began to come down again, this time it was much heavier & the Hare was heard to say “Stay off rain, just for another 15 minutes!”  A CHK was found at the corner of the field, there was a small area of bushes & trees at the end of the hedgerow coming down the hillside from the east.

TBT OBE called “On!” as he headed up by the hedgerow on the grassy hillside toward Widford, this saved the others from searching the other two options in the bottom of the valley.  My Lil’ moaned about it being an uphill route, but it was heading back in to Widford, he also put a few digs in about the RA not getting the weather right as the Rain got heavier.

                Soon the Pack came out on to the backstreet of Benningford Road, the footpath sign declaring it was ¼ Mile to the High Street was too tempting, so the Keenies took to the alleyway as the sign directed.  Paxo & TBT OBE stopped to look at some kind of markings that were pretty much washed out, not that it matter as the alleyway emerged out only a couple of yards away from the Pub, which meant Paxo & TBT OBE had to walk back around to Benningford Road to get back to their parked car!

The Pack sheltered behind the Pub to get changed, with the exception of Ewok, who decided that she didn’t need a change of clothes & would treat the chaps to a wet T-shirt contest!  Talk of the D-Day Celebrations, & Chris Tarrant were discussed, then it turned to the Braughing Wheelbarrow race.

The Down-Downs saw the Hare rewarded for a Trail that took an hour to get around.  Ewok was out for ‘Wet T-shirt’, while Mumblehead received hers for not being in the Hash Book!

Fliptop was out for the D-Day 70th anniversary & the final Veterans parade coverage on BBC TV, the RA had spotted Sis in the crowd but, the viewers had to wait to see Fliptop & as the TV camera panned on to him talking to a D-Day Veteran, Chris Tarrant said of the two “I wonder what stories these two veterans can recall?”

The RA received his for the rain on the Trail, before attention was turned to the Hashit, Ewok was quick to chuck some old Ale on the shirt when the RA said that the Hashit’s new holder was a man!  It went to Hyena for going for a McShit in the Pub before the Trail, & not purchasing a Drink!